My Twin Masters

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Chapter 9

“Please don’t fight, I don’t want you guys to fight.”

Sean glare seemed to be unforgiving as his eyes moved slowly from Sebastian to Juliette. She seemed to be so tired, her physical physique seemed to be excluding a sort of aura. Sebastian's eyes softened up as he stared at her.

“Please it’s neither of you guys fight, you couldn’t have known that would have happened. You both were distracted. Just please instead of fighting, can we just go home.”

Sebastian nodded his head before going to the driver side and starting the car. Sean sighed before kissing her forehead, Juliette let the pleasure run through her body before a violent shake took hold of her skin. Her mind replaying the scene that just took place at the club. Tears filled her eyes and she only wished for her pills to make them go away.

Sean was shocked at the reaction before he closed the door and got into the passenger seat. He wouldn’t dare look at Sebastian without the urge to tear his throat out. Sebastian began driving, making it home in no time.

Juliette sat back, her body had stopped shivering as her mind fought against the fear that still clung to her body. She couldn’t stop replaying the violent images in her mind, couldn’t stop wondering why her masters couldn’t get to her quicker. Before she knew it tears were once again leaking. She didn’t want to question her masters, she had absolute faith in them, so why did it feel like she had somehow failed them.

“Juliette...” Sebastian voiced entered her mind and her eyes slowly came to his. He gave her a slight smile but she couldn’t find it in herself to give him one back. She took the hand that was offered and Sebastian helped her out of the car. “Come, love, let us get your pills. Ok?”

She could only nod as she followed behind him. Her mind was in a whirlwind as her hands shook. Sebastian could feel the vibration but only walked faster. He hoped the pills would calm her down enough so that she could sleep. She had enough for the night and he still couldn’t stop the taunting voices in his head that called him a bad boyfriend, worst of all a bad master.

Floating into the house the pair went towards the kitchen. Sean was right behind him, with the bags of clothes they had retrieved just before going to the club. His mind couldn’t process what happened. It refused to accept that his kitten went through that. He knew something bad was going to happen to go to that club. ‘God.’ He thought to himself. Why did he let his brother convince him into letting them go?

Yes, his brother, the one he wanted to rip the throat out. It makes him sad for feeling this way to his flesh but sometimes brothers do stupid shit that makes you want to kick them in the balls. This for one was more than stupid, this was idiotic. Walking into the kitchen his eyes landed on Juliette, who was gulping down water. He watched as Sebastian put her pills back into the cabinet, taking the keys and locking it.

After what happened tonight, he didn’t want anything close that could harm her. Her mind was already suffering and they didn’t want to give her any ideas on how to make the suffering go away. “Come on love, let’s go have a bath.” Sean took her hand before leading her up the stairs.


Her voice was fragile and Sean almost stopped from the shock of it. “Yes, my love?”

“Did I do something wrong? Should I have not had went to the bathroom?” Sean turned to find his kitten looking down and tears silently falling down her face. He pulled her close into a hug, Juliette body shook violently as he rubbed her back. She felt safe in his arms but for some reason, she could feel her trust in them fall a little.

“You did nothing wrong love, absolutely nothing. You had to pee right?” He asked and she nodded her precious eyes staring up at him. “And if you have to pee what do you do love?” She looked away but he wouldn’t allow it, scooping her chin up he looked her in the eyes. “What do you do love?”

“Go to the bathroom.” He nodded his head before kissing her cheek softly. “It is nowhere near your fault and will never be. You are absolutely innocent in this situation kitten. Let’s go wash that dirt off of you. Ok?”

She nodded slowly and he pulled her along to the bathroom. The bathroom was simple really, they preferred a bath because they loved washing their kitten's hair and her being able to completely relax and hopefully go into subspace.

There were two sinks, the boys shared one and Juliette had the other one. They didn’t mind especially after seeing all the different hair products and makeup laid on her side. They actually wanted her to have the other sink seeing as if they didn’t, they would never be able to get to their sink.

Walking into the bathroom, Sean guided Juliette over to the toilet seat and sat her there. Walking over to start getting the water ready, he poured some bubble bath in. Cherry, which was her favorite and he hoped would lift her moods. Walking back over to her he stood her up and slowly took off her clothes.

She stood naked in front of him and for some reason, she wanted to hide away from him. She didn’t want him seeing her body, her dirty body. Her arms came over her, covering her body from him. Sean didn’t comment on it, not wanting to make it worse.

He guided her to the tub and she sat down, her body engulfing in the water. She leaned back and relaxed, willing her mind to shut up. She felt fingers in her head and allowed her self to just let go. Sean knew she went into subspace as he massaged her scalp and saw that she had finally began to relax.

Sebastian looked into the bathroom and smiled as he shut the door. He didn’t want to disturb them and walked over to his office. Deciding that some work needed to be done and he’ll talk to the both of them in the morning. Seeing as once Juliette bath was done, Sean would put her to bed. Her day has already been stressful and she needed a goodnight sleep.

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