When I First Met You

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Chloe is the new girl sass, and independent, she doesn't let anything or anyone stop her. Logan the king of the school the classic bad boy. What happens when the 2 meet? teaser expanded. Is Logan really as bad as he seem, or is he just misunderstood. Can Chloe open Logan up to the possibility of love outside of 1 night stands or will he shove her out like he did everyone else who tried to get close to him. Well you'll just have to wait, and see.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


Chloe Wildman: Maddie Ziegler
Logan Jones: Peyton Meyor
Mason Valdez: Ricardo Hurtado
Aiden Monroe: Leo Howard
Hunter Peterson: Kevin Quinn
Sarah Jones: Sabrina Carpenter
Mackenzie "Kenzie" Blye: Ronni Hawk
Ariel "Ari" Dumout: Bella Thorne
Kate Wildman: Liegh Allyn Baker
To Be Continued...
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