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Leia Alford is just a simple girl living a dream of being a pop star on one hand while balancing work and school in real life on the other; she never - in a million years - expect that her life would take a different turn after meeting two boys at the same place where she expects to help her dream come to reality. ~BOOK 1~

Romance / Other
Leila Dumanon
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||Sneak Peek||

In no time we finally arrived at this beautiful twenty-story building. Alexander beckoned me to follow him.

We entered the lobby and into the luxurious elevator which is obviously designed by a highest-paid architect.

When we arrived at the destined floor that I unfortunately missed, he opened the door with a number 21 on it with his key card and I stare at it with awe... I wish I have that in my own apartment.

He closed the door behind us and unclasped Perrie’s collar around her neck.

“Make yourself comfortable.” He said before turning around to peel off his T-shirt, revealing his broad shoulders and muscular back.

I already am. “OK.”

I crouch down and unclasped Dipstick’s leash before he ran along with Perrie.

After Standing up. I took a look around my surroundings.

His apartment is pretty big, with three room doors, large living room, a large flat-screen TV on the wall, and a doorless kitchen.

My attention went to the picture frames on his shelves and walked towards it.

He has plenty of pictures of him as a kid, smiling confidently despite him having a huge gap of missing teeth, his blonde hair was long back in the day and it reaches his neck. Then I turn to this another picture of him and his family.

I believe Alexander’s thirteen at the time. Judging by the shortness of his hair, and body structure. He was standing behind his smiling parents with his little sister Stephanie who’s sitting on her Father’s lap.

I felt his presence behind me. His breath hot on my neck.

“You look good here.” I commented. “Why aren’t you smiling?”

“I was wearing braces.” His breath caressed my neck each time he spoke. “I didn’t like it captured in photos.”

I beamed, picturing a hot guy like Alexander wearing braces. “How long were you wearing braces?”

“Five years.” He simply replied. “Since I was eleven, until I was sixteen.”

“That’s a long time.” I winced. “Did it hurt?”

“Very.” I jumped at the deepness of his voice and at his lips brushing at my bare shoulder.

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