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Nerdy girl and the hot football player. SO cliche, right? I thought so too until it happened to me. And not just 1 but 3. How is a girl supposed to choose when all 3 are perfect in their own way? Chrissy is a smart girl who has made bad choices in guys. Jacob is a popular football player who has every girl he wants, including the head cheerleader. After Chrissy gets stood up and decides to hang out with her old flame and his friends, she meets Jacob and they start a relationship. It isn't easy on either of them since they have different ideas of how this is supposed to work. They trip and fall several times before finding a smoother path, but is that path going to lead them to happily ever after?

Romance / Drama
Kysha Plante
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“Why is the cover $15? It’s always $10.”

“Better bands,” the door girl shrugs.

“Yeah right,” I laugh. ‘Bradley better be here’, I think. “Liza, Ashley, where’s your brother?” They both look at the ground and not me. “Are you kidding me? AGAIN!”


My fists ball and I know my face is red. “Damn him!”

“Want me to call him?”, Liza asks.

“No, if he wants to be a fake jock, let him. He obviously isn’t into me anymore,” I exhale trying to hold back tears, “If he ever was.” I turn around and see a group of Lions letter jackets. I smile when I see Shane. “I found something better to do.” I grin at the girls and start towards the maroon group.

‘What are you doing Chrissy? You’re not supposed to talk to him.’ I stop and take a deep breath. ‘It’s been 2 years. I’m not in love with him anymore and he’s not in love with me. He has a girlfriend. I just need the Hays people to see me with someone else.’ I continue slowly to the group.

A cute guy with Jones on his jacket smiles at me. I smile back. Another guy, Litton, winks at me. “Shane,” I say softly. He turns and his eyes are huge.

“Chrissy! Damn you look good!”

I blush and laugh, “You too.”

“What are you doing here? You alone?”

“Yeah I got stood up. Again. Can I hang with you?” Several of the guys say “stood up” at the same time. I shrug, “Yep, 3rd time same guy.” I laugh, “Guess I need a new boyfriend.”

Shane smiles, “Sorry Chrissy I got a girlfriend.”

I raise my lip at him, “I wasn’t talking about you.”

Litton stands up “I’m single.”

“So am I,” Jones says reaching for my hand.

“Thanks guys but I’m not in the market tonight. I would like to dance though.”

Before anyone else can take my hand, Shane grabs me and pulls me on the floor. “It’s been 2 years, Chrissy.”

“I know, Shane. I’m not into you anymore.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah I am.” I look up at him. “Where’s your girlfriend?”

“Tonight is just the guys. Our girls went to a movie.”

I pull away from him. “Oh no. I’m sorry I busted in on your guys night. I’ll leave.”

Shane pulls me back. “No way! You haven’t met everyone yet. There’s 8 guys here and only me and Moultrie have girlfriends.”

I laugh. “Okay. Is your brother here?”

“Yeah and he’ll definitely want to dance with you.”

I shudder, “Matt freaks me out, you know that.”

Shane laughs, “You haven’t seen him in 2 years. He might surprise you.” I stick my tongue out at him.

After 2 songs we go back to the table and 4 more guys are there. Shane introduces them all. ‘Damn Moultrie is hot. But Shane said he has a girlfriend,’ I think as Jacob Moultrie shakes my hand. As I stare at his crystal blue eyes, a large hand squeezes my butt.

“Long time no see Chrissy. The guys said a hot girl was at our table but dang.”

I suppress a gag as I turn around. “Matt I told you…”, now my eyes are huge. Matt is as gorgeous as Shane but taller. “Damn!”

He smiles, “What did you tell me?”

I shake my head, “I told you never to touch me.”

He laughs and hugs me. “You sure about that?”

I’m blushing as he pulls me out on the dance floor. I can hear Shane laughing as we twirl around the floor.

“So why haven’t I seen you in 2 years? My bro and you were pretty close.” Matt looks at me questionably.

“Uh our moms didn’t want us around each other,” I stammer.

“Oh,” Matt laughs, “So it had nothing to do with you two getting caught having sex?”

“We weren’t having sex. We were just kissing”, I growl.

“Oh my bad”, he laughs again.

I slap his chest, “It’s not funny. I was embarrassed and heart broken.”

“So was he Chrissy. He was upset for a long time.”

“No he wasn’t. He got with Amy the next week and they’ve been together ever since.”

Matt shrugs, “Mom forced Amy on him and after a couple of weeks he started to like her.”

Now I feel like an ass. “Oh” is all I can say. As the song finishes, I break away and head back to the table.

Jacob takes my hand, “Let me show you how to dance.” His smile is so bright I actually squint a little. We dance several songs before Matt cuts in. Jacob scowls but relents. Once the band takes a break I head to the restroom. All that testosterone is giving me a headache.

When I come out of the restroom , Shane and Matt are talking but the conversation doesn’t sound friendly.

“Matt just stop. Dude she isn’t going to want to go out with you. She still thinks of you as a freaky little kid,” Shane was saying.

Matt smirks, “Didn’t look like she thought that when she first saw me. She cuddled right up to me on the dance floor too.”

Shane grumbles, “Just let it go. Mother won't let it happen anyways.”

Matt shakes his head, “Just because you can’t have her doesn’t mean I can’t.”

“Yes it does.” Shane puts his hands on Matt’s shoulders. “And Jacob wants her.”

Matt shakes Shane’s hands off. “He has Kelly. He doesn’t need Chrissy too and you know he’ll just use her and ditch her.”

I dart through the crowd to the other side of the dance floor and make my way to the bar. “What happened with your new boyfriends over there? They decide there isn’t enough of you to go around,” a blond girl, I think is friends with Ashley spits at me.

I ignore her. “Sprite please” I say when I get to the window. I take my drink and head to an empty table across the floor from the boys. The Hays group is laughing in my direction. ‘Great more humiliation!’

When I look back at the guys they are all scanning the crowd. ‘Looking for me’, I think, ‘Surely not.’ But then Jacob spots me and points. Litton and Jones start my way but Shane stops them. He crosses and plops down in a chair next to me.

“Whats up? You look sad now.”

I shrug, “I don’t want Matt or Jacob,” I look down and sigh, “or Litton or Jones or anyone else.”

Shane takes my hand, “Not anyone else?”

I look up at him. He looks hopeful but his face is tight and a little sad. I shake my head. “I heard you talking to Matt. I just want to have fun tonight not cause a fight.” I smile a little, “And I don’t want a new boyfriend right now.”

Shane chuckles, “Come on, Chrissy, lets dance.”

I take his hand and we head back onto the floor. Dancing with Shane feels familiar and safe but also wrong. Jacob cuts in in the middle of slow song. I laugh at the faces the boys make at each other. They look like wolves tugging on a moose leg. I almost lose the beat as I shake with giggles.

“What's funny?” Jacob frowns at me.

“You two. You look like wolves fighting over a moose carcass.” He wrinkles his nose. “I’m not interested in either of you by the way.”

He pulls me closer. “We’ll see.”

I shake my head, “You dang boys just don’t get it.”

Around 1:30 a.m. I tell the boys I’m leaving.

“Why?”, Jacob asks.

“Because my 2:30 curfew is really lenient considering I just started driving a month ago and I don’t want to push my luck.”

All the guys nod in agreement except Jacob. “But you could stay a few more minutes”, he says.

I shake my head no and turn to Matt and hug him. “It was good to see you again,” I grin up at him, “I feel sorry for the girls at Lockhart high.”

He smirks at me, “Why?”

“Must be terrible to be in the presence of all the Dawson hotness.” We both laugh and he kisses my cheek.

“Goodnight gorgeous. Don’t be a stranger.”

Shane moves in front of me. “Chrissy don’t wait 2 years to see us again. Give me your number. I want you to get to know Amy.”

“I’d like that,” I say and rattle off my cell number. I hug Shane and wave to the others as I head for the door.

A hand grabs my arm and stops me. “Hey you shouldn’t walk out there by yourself.”

I push the hand off, “Do it all the time.” As I start walking again I can hear his footsteps behind me. I ignore them.

“Bye Chrissy.”

“Bye Jack.” I wave to the security guard as I leave the building.

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