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Bad Intentions

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Chapter 2

Hope. A word that I’ve quickly come to despise. A word that means absolutely nothing to me. But like every other human, even I sometimes do the mistake of expecting. Latching on to the very little I have, to want something more. Something better, even though I’m almost always in for a ride to disappointment.



The wind hits my face with full force as I run the trails of the park, my hair constantly irritating my bare back, but I could care less. I’m in my own world with music turned up loud, dreaming of what could be. Running has always been my favourite part of the day. It makes me feel free, like I can do anything and everything, like my life is under my control until the harsh truth hits me in an hour that nothing is in my control.

As I make my way towards the bakery shop round my block, I notice the Halloween decorations already being put up, cut out pumpkin faces and witch dolls were being set up by the windows.

I stop at Bitter Sweet for a raspberry scone before heading home again.

After the longest 30 minutes spent showering in warm water, soothing my nerves, I make my way to the dining table to make the call I’ve been dreading all morning. I live in a small, two room apartment near the city centre of Richmond, Virginia and though it’s small, it’s just home. Fresh out of college, right now, the only source of income for me is the club I work at every night. Mike Caruso, my boss and the closest thing to a father I’ve had in as long as I can remember, isn’t someone I like to disappoint but from what I’ve learned, fate takes amusement in causing me misery and hence, my fear of this particular phone call.

I quickly dial his number and wait for him to pick up.

“Happy Birthday darling, how’s my favourite girl in the world doing? 21 eh? You’ve grown old”

I laugh at that, “Thanks Mike, I’m fine”

“Something the matter, girly?”

He always knows when something is wrong. What had I ever done to deserve him?

“I’m sorry Mike. I’m so sorry. I didn’t get the job. I tried, I swear I did.” At this point, I couldn’t stop the tears rolling down my face.

“Girl, what are you sorry for? That means I get to have you here longer. Now stop with the crying, dress up and show your pretty face here. We have shots waiting for us.”

“Dress up? You know how I hate the scene!” I exclaim.

“It’s your birthday honey. Reason enough to drink, plus Samantha made sure to book the VIP lounge for tonight. So you gotta dress the part. C’mon chop chop!”

Samantha Greyson, my best and only friend, is a blonde, dark eyed dream who also happens to come from a loaded family, is a wild party animal and likes to drag me everywhere out of my comfort zone. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone bitch”, that’s what she always says.

“Alright alright. I’ll be there”

“Good good. See you then.”

“Yes. And Mike, I love you, I hope you know that”

“I love you too Claire bear, like the daughter I’ve never had”

And with that I hang up. Even though life can be a cruel bitch sometimes, these are the moments that has me standing and not giving up.

The door opens with Samantha falling in, shopping bags flooding my hall.

“What on earth are all these Sam?!” I ask devastated. There were about 13 bags with spilling clothes and make up brushes on the floor.

“Women stuff.” She mumbled, followed by “Help me up will you?”

Pulling her up, I start rummaging through the bags.

“Sam, this is way too much. I can’t take all of these, and are those... lingerie?” I asked shocked, pulling it out.

It’s not only lingerie, but sexy, black ones with corset, stalkings and a garter belt.

“Yep, that ones yours. I’m already wearing mine and no you’re taking them and yes those are for tonight. Don’t talk back. Now go go wear the black dress.”

She pushed me in my room, closing the door on her way. I roll my eyes at her childishness and decide to inspect the dress.

It is, simply too revealing for my taste but knowing Sam she’ll force me anyways so I decide to go with it. It is a black dress falling right above the knee, with spaces above and below the breast line made of only net. Yeah too damn revealing.

When Sam comes in the room, she forces me to sit down while she fixes my hair into loose curls and cakes up my face with God knows what.

After spending about 900 years on my face, she declares done and I couldn’t be more happier. Knowing all too well how I look, I don’t bother checking, put on my silver mesh heels and grab my coat.

“Done?” I ask her.


Samantha knows how much I hate birthdays, so she never wishes but always gets me way too many gifts.

We drive there in her Hyundai Tucson and after spending 10 minutes, looking for a parking space, we finally get in the club and greet Mike.

He hugs me and I hug him back making a wish to always have him with me.

“Looks like I’ll have to fight off horny boys tonight baby girl. You look beautiful. Happy Birthday.” He lightly kisses my forehead and ushers us towards the VIP lounge.

“Sam how many have you invited? Do I have to bring my gun with me?” Mike jokes.

“No Mike, only a few friends.” She replies with a smile. A little too forced smile.

“Sam....?” I ask suspiciously.

“Calm your titties babe, it’s just Jeremy and one of his friends.” she replies.

Jeremy is Sam’s long time on and off boyfriend, more like friends with benefit but it’s really none of my business. He bringing a friend though is. All of Jeremy’s friends I’ve met in the past are pigs and quite frankly I could live without having to deal with them.

Sam notices Jeremy and waves frantically, making her way towards them and dragging me with her. I give Mike an apologetic smile and walk away. As we go closer, I notice two things, one, Jeremy’s friend has a blonde bimbo on his lap, with fake tits shoving up his face, and two, he was the most gorgeous guy I’ve ever seen. Well, fuck me sideways, won’t you?

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