It Started With An Impulse

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"When you send your parents with a proposal for Odin but they end up proposing Thanos, that's when it happens." What could go wrong in the company of five hot, handsome, rich, famous brothers who every girl wanted a piece of? Well, everything... What Rynah didn't expect was the Raivardhan brothers sauntering into her life just like that. And who was she to complain? She had been daydreaming to meet them all since her cousin explained her about them. Well, except Viaan Raivardhan, everybody loved her! While he watched her every movement like a hawk. Something regarding his trust issues. Being friends with them wouldn't be so bad, right? But that was until Viaan flipped and impulsively reacted, accusing her of something that she had no idea about. And then everything went downhill in her life, until he decided to change it all over again by re-entering her life in a much more tamed way. But was Rynah ready to go with his flow? He always got what he wanted without asking, and what he didn't get readily, he knew how to take it. And all he wanted from her was her forgiveness which she wasn't so keen to give him. With the crush gone wrong and the urge of strangling each other all the time, what was bound to happen? Book 1 of Raivardhan series The Raivardhans © 2019

Romance / Thriller
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The darkness swallowed me when my eyelids slowly raised. The warm and sticky air kind of suffocated me already. My breathing slowly started to turn ragged. Panic flooded my body. What scared me more was the realization that I couldn’t react. I couldn’t move my body. I didn’t know why, but my body felt numb and heavy. My head dizzy. My vision blurred on the edges and I so badly wanted to throw up.

A lone tear slipped from the corner of my eye before I shut them close again. The slumber overpowered me.

A little more sleep couldn’t be so harmful, right?

But I guess that was wrong. When I next opened my eyes, I had been laid on an unfamiliar bed and when I tried to move, I still couldn’t. My brain started to focus on the surroundings rather than the emotions that were threatening to burst out of me.

I still couldn’t feel my body, it was so numb that I started to freak out. The new surroundings gave me palpitations. I was in an unknown place and couldn’t even feel my fingers. I wanted to go home, I wanted to go home to my family so badly.

I was scared. No, I was terrified.

The movement on my right caught my attention, my vision still blurred from the drowsiness but the silhouette was oddly familiar. I tried to be brave, not wanting the other party to know how badly he affected me but still, that didn’t stop tears from escaping.

My tongue rolled around slurring my words, “W-Who...are... you?”

“Oh my darling, I have waited for such a long time to have you. But now, now you are exactly where I want you to be.”

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