Alpha Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 2)

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Hunter doesn't want to be Alpha, doesn't want to be the unforgiving Alpha that he is expected to be. Even among his family, he is cold, wearing the mask that is required to rule, to lead. He watched her from the window. Had he made a mistake? She didn't seem to mind that she would be leaving soon, mating with the Alpha of the New Moon. She would be leaving her sister, her pack, her life behind. She would be leaving him behind. The kiss replayed in his mind, for the uncountable time. That's all he seemed to be able to think about. Her soft body pressed against his, the passion in the kiss as she fought for control. He growled at himself. He needed to focus on the war, not the she-wolf that was leaving. That he was making leave. Not for the first time he wished his brother would return. He would much rather be home than here leading the fight against the rebellion. But Rage was home with his mate. He knew he would not leave her until the pup was born. He turned from the window, missing the she-wolf glancing up from the yard, catching his back as he stalked away from the glass.

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“No!” The man yelled, yellow eyes wide with fear.

“No, no, no, no, no!” He stalked forward, hoping he was wrong, hoping that his eyes were playing tricks on him.

His long strides stopped as his eyes fell on the face of the woman he loved.

Her hair was matted and sticking to her, body covered in sweat. If he couldn’t hear her heart, he would have thought she was dead.

“Why?” he fell to his knees, bowing his head of dark curls.

“Don’t be angry my love,” the woman whispered, that raw from screaming.

“Who did this?” He growled, though he knew, the moment he smelled her, the change in her scent, the smell of decay coating her body.

“Don’t be angry,” she repeated, her gray eyes fluttering open. She raised her hand to cup his cheak, only to stop when she saw the mark. It was bloated and red, oozing pus from the crusted puncture wounds.

“I wanted this, you already knew that,” he snarled and looked awa, angry at himself for allowing this to happen.

“I feared you would not survive the bite,” when he turned back, his gold eyes were filled with tears, “and I was right,”

He growled, slamming his fist into the ground. He never wanted this, never wanted to loose his wife, the mother of his sons.

“You know how I felt, my love, you, my children, all something I was not,”

“Had I ever made you feel less? Ever made you feel forgotten? Anything else besides loved?” He could not hide the whine in his voice, or the whimper he released. He didn’t even try. He had learned long ago that he could not suppress his feelings, his animal nature wouldn’t allow it.

She tried for a smile only to choke, blood coming from her.

“I can not loose you,”

Grief filled him as he watched the light dim in her eyes, the smile on her face falling as her body expelled her last breath.

He screamed out in pain as his heart broke, His body shook, heart pounding, blood boiling . His human body no longer able to contain his emotions. Fur sprouted from hair follicles across his body, growing, lengthening. His bones sifted, joints snapping, his scream morphing into a howl as his body changed into the beast he was cursed with years ago.

Red filled his vision, a thirst for blood caused him to drool from his muzzle. He was going to kill, to rip apart the one who caused this, the one who started all of this.

The Witch.

He was going to bathe in her blood.

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