Alpha Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 2)

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Chapter One

Hunter watched in silence as Rage entered the castle. The moment the doors opened, Willow had rushed to him, her very pregnant body unsteady as she ran for her mate. Her smile was pure, warming his chest uncomfortably.

Over the months she had been here, she had been nothing but sweet and caring, even more so now that she was mated and pregnant with twin pups. Everyone smiled when she was around, her smile contagious to most. She was like a little star shining among them, bringing hope and happiness throughout his pack.

He was thankful for that, his people needed something to think about other than the war that was being fought across the states. Willow and the coming of the pups was a perfect distraction for them. Even though his mother repeatedly told him everyone would be even happier if it was him and not just Rage settling down. Each time he found a way to evade her words. He had no time for a mate with the war and a pack to run, not to mention the fact that he didn’t want a mate yet, did not want pups and a female to worry about on top of everything else.

Though he could not help thinking that maybe fate wouldn’t give him a choice. His brother had not wanted a mate, had not even wanted a pack, yet here he was, arms wrapped around his female, carrying not one but two pups. He had come home from war, from the pain and bloodshed that he enjoyed, to be with her for the last months before the pups were to be born.

Hunter stood back as his mother pulled Rage into a hug as soon as his lips parted from Willow’s. His mate giggled as their mother gripped him tight, his arms pinned to his sides but the females only smiled. Despite the cold, irritated look on his twin’s face, Hunter knew Rage was happy, he may be the only one that could see it, but it shined in his eyes no matter how hard he tried to hide it. He could spot the spark he had when he was around Willow, the slight softening of his face at the mere mention of her. Then again, Hunter had seen Rage and Willow interact, truly be himself with her. Though he had only seen it a few times, he had seen it.

He understood why the female made his cold brother feel, made him soft when she was there. She had pulled him into her light and Hunter had to admit that he probably would not have wanted to leave her either.

“Welcome back, brother.” Hunter greeted as his twin approached him. They nodded to each other but did not hug.

“Damnit Rage, did you have to sprint all the way here?” Ally asked breathlessly as she entered through the door. Rage did not respond as Ally was pulled into a hug by her aunt.

“You brought Ally?” Hunter asked with a raised brow. He had not been expecting her, Rage had not stated she was coming when they spoke the day before.

“She decided to come at the last moment.” He said with a shrug. Hunter nodded slowly, watching as the females interacted. When Willow let out a small yawn, Rage turned to him and wished him a good night, stating he would debrief him in the morning.

Dispite the late hour, Hunter made his way to his office. He had so many things to take care of and not a lot of time.

Two hours later a knock on the door drew him from the mass off papers scattered across his desk.

The door opened without an answer to reveal Daryl, a displeased look on his face.

“You need to sleep.” The elder male said, striding toword him. Hunter only shook his head, turning back to the papers and computer.

“I need to get this done before I leave.”

“You do know that Rage is completely capable of running the pack while you’re gone, right?”

He didn’t bother answering when his uncle knew that he knew. Rage was his twin, trained beside him for most of their lives. Actually Rage had more training than Hunter, he trained with Daryl, learned things that Hunter didn’t need to nor want to know.

He stared at his computer, not seeing the screen while his tired mind began wondering. When he looked up from the screen he found that Daryl was gone. He hadn’t even heard him leave.

He shook his head and glanced at the old grandfather clock his father had placed near the door. Six in the morning, he knew he should go to sleep. At least a few hours before he had to meet with Rage and probably Ally.

He made his way to the main hall and up the first set and than the second set of stairs. The third floor was his home, he had always lived on this floor, the same suit since he was fifteen.

It had taken he and Rage months to convince their mother to let them move out, not like it was far, just down the hall. Five brother’s and three rooms, it was too crowded.

Hunter pushed to door open, the gold pack on it shinning as it caught the light. It was still new, still shinning unlike the one before it.

The place was the same as he left it. A single leather couch sat in the living room accompanied by a coffee table and a TV mounted above the fireplace. His kitchen was bare, the two chaired table rarely used, besides his bedroom and office, he was never in here, never had a reason. The place was too big for just him. He didn’t need four bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and so much empty space that he had no need for.

He made his way through the living room, passed the kitchen and cut through, an empty room that was supposed to be the dinning room.

Like the rest of the house, his bedroom was minimal, one bed, two nightstands with twin lamps placed atop and his single digital alarm clock.

He didn’t bother turning on the light or changing his clothes. He flopped onto the bed and was asleep in a matter of minutes.

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