Alpha Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 2)

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Chapter Three

A knocking sound drew Sara from her sleep. She opened her eyes to find herself in her bed, her jeans scratching against her skin as she shifted.

She wasn’t surprised to be in her bed, alone. Jay usually brings her to her room after she falls asleep.

Another round of knocks on her door brought her attention to her headache and she groaned. She didn’t turn when the door opened, it could only be a couple different people bothering her while she slept.

“Sara?” Sam said, pushing her way through the door, making her way to her bed. The mattress dipped before a warm hand rubbed her back. She barely felt it, but it was a comforting jester from her older sister.

“Sara, I need to tell you something.” She groaned at her sister, not wanting to talk, “Sara, the High Alpha is supposed to be arriving soon to replace the Commander.”

That drew her attention. As she sat up and looked at her sister. The High Alpha was coming here? For the war? Why would he come and not send the Commander back, it’s not like he hadn’t left before.

“Come on! We need to prepare!” Sara was roughly pulled from bed by her wrist, causing her to stumble and nearly fall.

“I need to get dressed.” Sam tisked and rolled her eyes.

“Hurry,” she scolded before rushing out the door.

Sara did not even want to think of what the pack was going through to prepare for the High Alpha. It’s not like he is inspecting their pack, she saw no reason to go overboard.

Though, the rumor was that the Wulf Pack lived in a castle. Their pack house was never going to compare to a castle, no matter how hard they tried.

The two-story building was by no means small. It contained twenty bedrooms, over half occupied at any given time. The first floor was more like an office building than a house, the kitchen is the only room not made to accommodate meetings, gathering or audiences. The two offices next to the kitchen were the only rooms of normal size, separated from each other by only a set of sliding doors.

She was glad that they rooms contained their own bathrooms, it made everything much easier to live in such close quarters.

Once showered and changed, Sara made her way down to the first floor using the back staircase. She tried to avoid the main staircase, being on the mezzanine always made her feel like everyone was watching her. It was, after all, where her father used to make announcements while the pack crowded the open area below.

The kitchen was buzzing with noise, females rushing about fretting about the preparations that “needed” to be done.

Sara sighed when she hit the bottom step, freezing everyone in their place. She frowned, did she miss something?

“Sara!” an older woman gasped, rushing over to her as the others began returning to their tasks. “You missed the meeting.” The woman informed her in her warm voice. There was no scolding, she never raised her voice.

“Trish, what did I miss?” she looked at the kind woman’s face, she was like a second mother to her, stepping in to help take care of her and her sister when their mother passed away.

“The High Alpha is coming!” Sara made a face at the pitch her voice hit, clearly, she was panicking.

“Why is everyone freaking? It’s not like he is a King.”

“He might as well be!” Trish’s exasperation had Sara fighing a laugh. She was being very dramatic this morning. “His ancestors were Royals! The first of the Werewolves!”

“If that was really true, why isn’t he called “The Werewolf King” or “Alpha King” or something?” Sara asked, raising an eyebrow. She really hoped that this will blow over and everyone will go back to acting normal.

“He is called “The High Alpha” maybe they didn’t want to use something so... medieval?” She couldn’t hold back her laughter at the older woman’s words. Fairytales, that’s what they were. Sara was too old for fairytales, there was no way that magic existed. Scientists had proven, a long time ago, that werewolves were a product of evolution. Their genetics were nearly human, enough to pass for one under the microscope anyway.

“It’s true!” Trisha scolded, she did not like being laughed at.

“And unicorns and fairies are living in the forest.” She replied sarcastically, making her way through the last of the females rushing about, to open the fridge.


“Come on Trish, everyone knows the tale of the Original, but it’s just that, a Tale. Have you ever met a Witch? Has anyone?” When she didn’t get a response she shook her head, “exactly.” She concluded pulling out a plate with her name on it, a bright yellow sticky note marking it like a few other’s plates around it.

“So tell me, what would you like me to help with to prepare for the HIGH ALPHA’S arrival?” She asked, popping a grape into her mouth from the now uncovered plate.

“The task light is here.” Trish nodded to the large chalkboard where chorus were posted.

Grabbing a piece of cold bacon, Sara walked over to the unusually crowded board. She found her name at the top, just below Sam’s. She was to oversee the tasks given outside of the pack house. Of course Sam was overseeing everything in the pack house, probably to make sure that it was done to her standards.

She scanned over the other tasks, taking not of the pack members she would be working with and the tasks they were assigned. Who ever made the board today had outdid themself. Everything from cleaning the guestrooms to scrubbing the ceilings were covered.

Lola, Grace and Faith had been assigned to clean the gym from top to bottom. She wouldn’t have to worry about them, she knew they would do their jobs. Adam and Teri were assigned to the training field, while Mary, Anna, Maria and John were on grounds duty, assisting the day-to-day workers.

The note at the bottom made her laugh. Three of the troublemakers were assigned to clean the jail cells.

The only thing she was worried about was Victoria and Kate who were assigned to help with the gardening. They were very girly and did not like to get dirty. She wondered if her sister would trade them for someone else. Doubtful.

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