Alpha Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 2)

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Chapter Four

Dispite knowing everything at home would be fine, Hunter was anxious. He hadn’t left the pack since he became Alpha, not that he left often before that.

It didn’t help that the pack house he was now in was small, it smelt of too many people and freshly used cleaning supplies. His head hurt already from the overwhelming scents he was stuck smelling.

Wrath was silent as he walked beside him, the old beta was taking him to the room he would be staying in. The Beta rambled on about the pack and how everything was going with taking down the Rebels. Hunter ground his teeth in annoyance. He wasn’t interested in anything, thirteen hours to get here, he wanted to rest.

The brothers almost trampled the Beta when he abruptly stopped and turned to them, before opening a door and pushing it open to reveal a simple room inside.

The first thing that Hunter though was that it resembled a nice hospital room. Everything was white, everything brand new or bleached clean, the smell hung thick in the air, he was feeling light headed from the doorway.

He vagly heard the Beta say something about dinner and resting before scurrying off back down the hall.

“I swear, none of them can smell!” Wrath threw his hands up and stalked to the far side of the room, throwing all of the windows open.

Hunter watched in amusement as his brother rambled about the assault on their noses. It was not every day that Wrath acted so care free. He hadn’t been himself for a while now. It’s true that a broken heart will change someone.

“What?” Wrath asked as he spun on his heels from the now open windows to look at his brother. Hunter didn’t respond, raising his eyebrow in question. “I’m glad you’re here.”

“And why is that?” Hunter asked, moving to drop his bag near the dresser. He wasn’t sure if he was even going to unpack.

“Because you’re level headed, and I’ve been going crazy with the banter between Ally and Ethan and Dare’s introverted self and Rage’s brooding, walking around...” he paused, looking at his Alpha, he needed to be careful of how he spoke of Rage to Hunter, ”intimidating people.”

By the look on Hunter’s face, he knew he said the wrong thing.

Hunter took a moment to take in the sight of his brother. He was the stocky one of them. Where Rage was a wall of muscle, Wrath was muscle. With the body of a weight lifter, he wondered if he was the one being intimidated by their brother. Or was Rage really scaring the shit out of everyone and Wrath just didn’t want to admit it. He knew Rage carried his power and authority for all to see. It was one of the things that kept him from becoming the Alpha, even though he would have been great, better than him.

“How’s mom?” Wrath asked, trying to divert the conversation from his fuxk-up.

“Good, excited for the pups.”

“Still bothering you about settling down?”

“Of course.”

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