Alpha Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 2)

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Chapter Five

Hunter frowned as the tiny she-wolf took off.

He had no idea what had just happened.

She had bust out the door and slammed right into him, almost falling on her ass. Then she freaked out, crying and hyperventilating and clawed her self.

She had fucken clawed her own arm! And it didn’t seem to phase her!

He was still stunned at her actions, the ease at which she had done it and the calm way she spoke after. Her voice didn’t hide the pain she was clearly feeling, but she hid it well. If he hadn’t witnessed what happened he would have never suspected.

He glanced down at the blood, surprised that there wasn’t much on the ground. He had gotten a good look at the marks, they were deep and would take a while to heal.

He silently went back to his room to grab a towel and a jug of dreaded bleach someone had left in his room. Something told him she didn’t want people to know what she had done to herself.

It had only taken a few minutes, to wipe the puddle of blood off the ground.

Just as he was righting himself from whipping the floor, a female exited the door the she-wolf had come from.

The blonde looked at him with wide bloodshot eyes. She stood frozen, fear washing over her, the sweet smell reaching him, overpowering the cleaning solution.

Had this been what Wrath ment about Rage “intimidating” everyone? Was everyone this scared of him?

Hunter watched the female waiting for her to respond. He wasn’t up for dealing with a spooked female at the moment.

The resemblance between she and the other she-wolf was clear. He guessed sisters, the one before him the elder, even though she was shorter.

When the females mind seemed to process that he was not his brother, her eyes roaming over him once, twice, before she figured it out, she gasped.

“Alpha!” quickly swiping her hands over her cheeks in an attempt to brush away the dried tears, “I am sorry for my appearance, I did not expect to run into you in the hallway.” The female tried for a smile that made Hunter uncomfortable. She looked like a clown.

When Hunter didn’t respond, she finally took notice of the bleach jug in his hand and the bleach and blood soaked towel in the other.

“Oh my goodness! Did something happen?” She gasped, rushing forward to take the items from his hands. He knew what she was thinking: Alpha’s didn’t clean, especially the High Alpha.

Hunter only shrugged, he wasn’t sure how much the she-wolf kept secret so he didn’t say anything. It wasn’t his place or secret to tell.

“Who was hurt?” Her blue eyes scanned the empty hall before falling on him once more.

“It was only a scratch,” he said with a shrug, a very deep scratch but he wasn’t going to tell her that.

“Oh okay,” she mumbled, glancing down at the bloodied rag. Hunter knew she wouldn’t question him, no matter how much she wanted to.

“If you’ll excuse me, I am going to freshen up before dinner.” She stood before him until he nodded and then she scurried off down the hall.

He mentally rolled his eyes, this place was treating him even more formally than the castle.

The dining room was more like a meeting room, the office like look confused Hunter as he entered. The people seated was the only thing that told him he was in the correct place.

Wrath, Dare and Ethan sat on the far side of the table, facing the door while The beta and a younger version of sat across from them, their backs to the door, heads pressed together as they whispered about something. Not really caring Hunter moved slowly to the head of the table, where he always sat. The chair at the other end of the table sat empty, a respectful gesture for the sick Alpha. No one would sit in his seat until he passed.

“Good evening Alpha.” his family greeted as one, causing the two males to stop their conversation and take notice of their High Alpha. They watched as he lowered himself into his chair, watching them from the corner of his eye. A good Alpha never let’s down his guard, always vigilant of his surroundings.

Her scanned over the chairs, noting the three other empty chairs.

“Are there others joining us?” He asked, turning his attention to the older male sitting on his far left. He looked older than he probably was, wrinkles creasing his face, his brown hair, dusted with gray.

The male nodded.

“The Alpha’s daughters should be joining us shortly.”

As if on Cue, a petite blonde entered the room. Her pale blonde hair was pulled into a Simple bun, baring her face.

Hunter wasn’t Surprised that she was the Alphas Daughter. What did surprise him was that the other female was probably as well.

Dots Connected as he slowly Concluded What may have Caused the She - wolf to do what She did. He may not understand but he Could see what was going on. He was by no means oblivious to mental health and the way it affected Wolves and humans alike.

The female smiled when she noticed his eyes on her Thinking She was what caught his attention.

He did not return the gesture, uninterested in the lust and power hungry female she probably was. He had Plenty of those to deal with at home, he didn’t need one here, the Alpha’s daughter no less.

" Good evening Alpha, nice to see you again.” She greeted, her Smile never faultering dispite the dull look Hunter was giving her. It did draw the attention of his family but he ignored the soft gasp from Ally.

" My Sister will not be joining us for dinner, She is not feeling well.”

Hunter held back a snort, he knew why She wasn’t coming down, She had claw marks up ther arm to hide.

the female took the seat beside him erning a slight snarl from Hunter before he could stop himself.

Rage had been right about her, She was ballsy. though he had said She could not handle power, Yet she chose to sit next to him.

" How are you liking your stay so far?” she asked in a sickly Sweet voice that made his stomach turn. was she really doing this? That purpose would kissing his ass do for her?

" I only arrived a few hours ago. I have not had a Chance to See much.” he answered only out of curtosy, his Mother would have kicked his ass if he was rude to ashe-wolf. Even one acting slutty.

He gritted his teeth as she set her hand on his arm. He really did not like to be touched.

" I can show you around after dinner,” She offered, her blue eyes shining with hope.

" That wont be nessisary,” Ethan Cut in saving Hunter from having to reject her offer. ” We will be having a meeting. Addressing important matters, like THE WAR.” a few Chuckles Passed around the table.

It appeared none of his family was fond of the female.

" Let’s eat.” the beta’s Son grumbled, Shooting a pointed look at the female.

This was going to be a long dinner.

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