Alpha Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 2)

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Chapter Six

All movement freezes as the dinning room door flies open, both Beta and son shoot to their feet in sync with Dare, Ethan and Wrath.

Hunter slowly rises, looking at the young wolf hunched over, hands on knees, wheezing.

“They caught... brought...” the male tries between heaving breaths.

“They caught who?” the male shakes his head, still trying to catch his breath. Where had he come from? He should not be this winded if he was anywhere on this pack’s land.

“They caught... trackers...” Hunter frowns, who’s trackers?

“My tracker’s” he asks, suppressing a smirk as the male’s eyes widen in recognition.

The wolf stiffens, still breathing heavily he manages to lift his chin and square his shoulders, like a good Soldier.

He answered with a curt nod, his eyes trained ahead, not making eye contact.

The room was silent as the news sank in. Months of offensive moves, collecting information, months of inactivity now they are making their move.

“I want a full report, the wolves, their mission, the information they may spill if tortured...” Hunter demanded, eyes roaming over the males around the table.

“Yes, Alpha.” His family chirped, stepping around the table and exiting the room.

Hunter bit back a remark on their actions, he knew it was a show of respect in front of the other pack, but it still bugged him, they never addressed him as Alpha at home.

“Is this something really bad?” the female asked, her faux innocents, earning her a sharp look from the beta’s son.

Hunter turned away from the attention seeking female. He could see right through the big blue eyes she was looking up at him with. She was trying to act nieve but wasn’t pulling it off. Not with him.

He made his way out of the room, following the scent of his family to a small office down the hall.

Voices could be heard through the thin walls as Wrath questioned the wolf that interrupted their dinner.

No one looked up as he entered the room. Wrath nearly nose to nose with the male as he rattled off questions faster than they could be answered.

The wolf was shaking under his stare, head down, neck beared in submission to the larger wolf towering over him.

Hunter moved silently, taking a seat in the leather chair behind the desk.

He watched his brother work. Dare and Ethan stood behind the male, blocking his escape, if he was dumb enough to try.

“Tell me exactly What happened.” Wrath finally asked When the got only Stuttering from the male.

Wrath didn’t move as he towered over the wolf, standing over a head taller than the male.

“We were scouting, like usual, when Ben said he had to piss. We had been sitting out their for almost nine hours without eating, drinking or going to the bathroom.”

Hunter raised a brow when the male’s eyes caught his. He jumped and Hunter thought he might pee himself.

“When he didn’t come right back Matt and Seth went looking for him, leaving me to watch the entrance to the camp.”

His voice cracked, the four of them must have been good friends.

“A group of males exited the camp, had to have been a dozen or so.

“I tried to think of a way to worn them. I had no idea where they were. I shifted as quickly as I could and look off after their scent. But they saw me and gave chase. When I reached the rest of the team Ben was laying dead on the ground and Matt and Seth where surrounded by at least ten wolves. They killed a couple of them but there were too many and I had lead more right to them, ”

“You ran.” Wrath deducted, staring down the male in discust. He had made a cowerdly move, leaving his teammates, his friends to take on two dozen wolves.

The male nodded, body barely standing as he is swarmed with greif. He knew exactly what he did. His friends may not even be alive.

The I move were bleeding wouldn’t stop. Three drenched hand towels later and her arm was still bleeding.

Sara growled at herself. She had got herself good and deep, probably nicked an artery or something. She could still flex her fingers, still feel them, so she knew she would be fine.

She just wished it would at least stop fricken bleeding. At this rate she would have to have the pack doctor look at it, maybe even have stitches.

She growled again, she felt stupid. She knew it helped her, the pain flushing her mind of thought, her body of panic, but every time she hurt herself she regretted it. She didn’t like doing it, didn’t like needing to, her brain needed something or she was going to go crazy. She couldn’t let herself fall into the darkness, not again.

Only Jay knew what happened after their mother died. He didn’t know the extent, the emotional break she had, but he knew that Sara had spiraled out of control. Sam knew some, but not too much but had had her back, helped her keep everything from their father and the pack.

It was Jay who finally drew her from her darkness, months later, pulled her from her grief and reminded her what life could be. She owed him her life but she couldn’t give him the one thing he wanted: her heart.

She was too broken to love with the shattered thing she called her heart. She had never recovered from her mother’s death, she wondered if she would have a heart after her father passed? Would her heart be left as dust to blow away in the wind?

Fighting with her mind, trying not to think about it all. If she let herself think, she would end up...

No, she couldn’t hurt herself again, not while still trying to get her arm to stop bleeding.

The draw of the pain was gone, her mind no longer racing, her panic no longer consuming, now she was just irritated with the blood.

She sighed, leaning back against the wall of her bathroom. She wasn’t sure how long she had been sitting on the cold tile, when there was a knock on her door.

“Who is it?” She called without moving from her spot, she was really considering sleeping right there.

She frowned as the doorknob turned and her bedroom door slowly opened. Who the hell...? She mentally cursed herself for not locking her bedroom door, she usually did, and really hoped it wasn’t Sam checking on her.

Her eyes widdened at the sound of heavy footsteps that couldn’t have been her sister. She tried to catch the person’s scent but cursed when all she smelled was her own blood.

The floor creaking with each one as they drew closer to the bathroom. Her heart began racing. She did not like no knowing who was in her room, didn’t like the silence and definitely did not like that the bathroom had only one door.

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