Alpha Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 2)

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Chapter Seven

Jay’s figure rounded the door. His lean body taunt as he drew closer.

Sara was relieved to find it was Jay and not her sister. When his eyes landed on her he Cursed, rushing to kneel beside her.

" What did you do?” he asked, not really expecting an answer.

She stayed silent as she let him remove the dreached Cloth from her arm. He let out a stream of Curses as the blood gushed from the unhealing wound.

His brown eyes met hers and her heart Clenched at the pain She saw in them.

without uttering a word the ducked his head, Slowly draging his tongue along the Scratches. Wolf Saliva had healing and antibacterial agents that helped Speed up the healing process.

Over and Over his tongue brushed over the each mark until the blood began to slow.

Neither Said a word as he Stood, pulling a Clean washcloth from the Cabinet and running it under the faucet.

Kneeling once more, he used the Corner of the cloth to Clean the old blood from her arm, her hands, brushing gently around each mark.

Sara’s eyes were locked on his movements, each Swipe around the marks Sending a twinge of pain over her Skin. She didn’t Care, the pain was welcomed after what happened today.

Jay Stood, rinsing the rag in the sink before returning to her. She let him take her hand, kissing its’ back and meeting her eyes.

Her heart chenckeld at the look in his eyes. Worry dominated, yet just behind it She couldent miss the pitty. Even he could not hold the look back, couldn’t stop himself from pitting the poor weak little she-wolf that couldn’t handle the emotions She felt loosing her father.

" Is he that bad?” He didn’t have to ask Why, he knew every way she Coped, he had always been there.

" His heart gave out. The doctor said his body is not getting enough oxygen, even with the breathing tube.” She paused, fighting back the tears and the growing lump in her throat.

" How long did they give him.”

" A week,” She Sobbed, fighting the breakdown she felt coming. She was going to break and She wasn’t sure if she would survive the pain of her father’s death.

" If his heart doesn’t Stop again.” She added with a whisper, not even sure he had heard her. His nod Conforming that he had.

He silently pulled the first Aid kit from under the Sink and set to Patching up her self inflicted marks.

When the gauze was securely taped to her arm, he placed the box back under the sink and moved closer. She tried to fight the urge to flinch away from his touch.

She knew that nothing would happen, but in moments like this, moments of weakness, ones She felt raw and exposed. Even her best friend’s touch bothered her.

She faught her instinct, letting him wrap his arms around her and lift her from the bloodied tile.

He placed her onto Her bed, the Softness a warming Comfort. But She needed more than the fermilanty of her bed.

The moment Jay’s arms Slipped from around her, She leaned for her night stand, pulling the drawer open and retrieved the baggie of pills. The green Capsules Calling to her with the promise of the numb that she could only otherwise get from pain.

" Princess, do you think that is a good idea?” he asked, watching her pitty again in his eyes.

She only Shrugged popping three into her mouth. She wanted More than just one Could give her. She wanted time to stop, the world to stop so She Could have a moment of blissful peace, even if it only lasted a moment.

" That’s too many.” He gasped, lunging for her as he registered how many she had just swallowed.

He was nowhere near quick enough to stop her, Snatching the bag from her hand.

" What the fuck are You doing?” he growled Causing Sara to frown. In all the years she has known him, he rarely truely growled. She could Probably Count on her hands how many times and none of them were at her.

" Damnit Sara,” the growled throwing the bag Scattering the remaining pills accross the room. ” What were You thinking?” He laces his fingers into his hair, tugging in frustration. ” first your arm, now this. You’re being too reckless.”

" What does it matter? Who gives a damn if I die, I sure as hell don’t.” Her blue eyes steady as she Stared at him, a cold look skidding over her eyes and face as her walls snapped back into place. A warm feeling washing over her as a cold feeling rushed through her Veins.

" Thepack will,” She snorted, they wouldn’t, they barely knew her To them She was nothing more than the Alpa’s youngest daughter. “Your sister would.” She only Shrugged. Her sister cared about her, Sure, but she was so wrapped up in herself She barely acknowledged her existance. ” I would.”

His whispered Confession made her chest tightened. She had no doubt he would miss her, the only one that would probably truley miss her.

It was probably the bane fogging her mind as she moved forward, slipping off of the bed to approach him.

He didn’t move almost holding his breath as she placed her hands on his chest, softly skimming her hands over his chest, his shoulders, her eyes following the movements. It almost felt like she was watching herself from the back of her mind, her mind quiet as she laced her fingers in his hair, finally raising her eyes to meet his.

“Show me.” She whispered, before pressing her lips to his.

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