Alpha Wolf (The Wulf Pack Book 2)

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Chapter Eight

Hunter was exhausted. He hadn’t even been here a full day an he was already dealing with ambushes, making battle plans and setting up meetings with the local Alphas.

The last one was important. The pack had no one that could run this pack. It was barely holding together as it was. And he sure as hell wasn’t staying to deal with the mess if he didn’t have to.

Running a hand down his face he made his way to the second floor, ready for a good nights sleep that probably wasn’t going to happen.

Moving down the hall he caught the scent of the female from earlier. Sara, Dare had told him, the Alpha’s youngest daughter. The Scent grew stronger as he stepped own the hall, the iron tang of blood mixed in came from under a door.

He paused, he knew he should have kept walking, should have gone to his room. But he couldn’t. Some deep instinct wanted him to make sure she was okay.

He lifted his fist, knocking softly. Part of him hoped she didn’t answer, that she was asleep at this ungodly hour.

His breath caught as the door opened, the scent of male and sex proceeded the petite blonde before him.

He gulped, he really should have just gone to his room.

Sara had been awake when she heard the soft knock on her door. The bane had wore off and she was left drowning in her thoughts. Her eyes drawn, again and again to Jay’s naked form asleep beside her, in her bed.

She still couldn’t comprehend what had happened. She couldn’t believe she had slept with Jay, had given her virginity

to him. Not that she had been saving it, but she had slept with her best friend, had crossed the line she had been toeing for a while now. And she bearly remembered it.

This had been a huge mistake. One she knew she couldn’t take back and possibly, probably, ruined her relationship with her best friend. Her best friend, for gods sake!

She got out of the bed, grabbing her underwear and a tshirt, Jay’s she realized as she pulled it on, shrugging at its length. It at least fully covered her butt.

I was probably just her sister anyway.

She pulled the door open, eyes widdening as she looked up at the towering male at her door. A momentary flash of confusion rushed through her before she recognized him.

He was the male from earlier.

Her face flushed red as she remembered what happend.

“I just came to make sure you were alright,” he murmured in a deep rumble that made her want to hear him say something else, anything else.

She shuffled nervously as his sharp gold eyes lowered to her arm.

“I’m alright.”

" Good.” he said with a nod meeting her eyes. She gasped as she saw them, the gold beacon of his ancestry.

Her face flushed again, out of everyone, he had to be the one in the hall at that exact moment. The gods must hate her.

Jay watched Sara from her bed, his heart checked as she shifted and squirmed nervously before the male at the door.

He couldn’t see him, the male that desided to visit her at one in the morning but he could see Sara. He had never seen her act like this, so nervous and shy.

He didn’t recognize the scent or the voice of the male so Jay knew it wasn’t someone from their pack.

He stopped himself from getting up and finding out. The male’s words sunk in as she lowered her head, tucking some of her hair behind her ear. Something she always did in uncomfortable situations. But he didn’t get up, didn’t move to protect her from the situation. The male had said he was making sure she was okay. Had he been there when she did that to her arm?

He felt sick just thinking about it. Those long scratches down her forearm, to witness her doing that to herself.

He was surprised that the male even came to check on her, he probably thought she was crazy.

Sara’s face was tomato red as she held her arm out to the male without protest.

Jay pushed down the possessive urge that rose at the male touching what was his. Seeing her standing there in nothing but his tshirt made him want to lunge, yank her arm from the male’s grasp and show the male who’s scent she wore, the male she had taken into her bed, her body, the male she gave her purity to.

But she wasn’t his, he reminded himself, reminded the deep instinctual part of him that tried to claim her. She wasn’t his and she wouldn’t be no matter how much he wanted her to be.

Hunter tried to ignore the fact she was nearly naked as he took her arm. He wanted to inspect the damage now that the bleeding had stopped.

She was covered in a males scent, he reminded himself, forcing his eyes from her bare legs to focus on peeling the bandage gently off of her arm.

He was surprised her male had not come to the door yet. From the of occasional growl from inside the room he knew the male was awake, knew that Sara was speaking to another male in a very short shirt and such a short time after having sex, from the smell of it. He was surprised the male wasn’t trying to rip his arm off and maybe his eyes out. The gods knew any male he knew would have.

The marks on her arm were begining to crust over, no doubt by tomorrow they would start to scab.

After glancing at them, taking a deep breath through his nose to smell for infection without being to obvious, he sofly brushed the bandage back into place and let her pull her hand from his.

“It seems to be healing nicely and exceptionally quick.” he said, looking at her. Dispite the flush of embarrassment her face was a cool mask of calm, a show of control and strength Hunter had no doubt she had. But her eyes... her deep sapphire eyes... they revealed the pain that he had seen, the pain and broken side she hid from everyone. Those sad eyes made his heart ache, he wanted to take that pain from her, that soul crushing pain that hurt more than clawing her own arm open.

But he couldn’t, he wouldn’t even know how. It wasn’t his place to try, she had a male, that lay inside her room this very moment.

So he bid her good night and walked to his room, trying to get the image of her crystal blue eyes, out of his mind.

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