It Might Be You

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Chapter 12

She eventually dreamt about him. Until her alarm clock began caterwauling, forcing her to wake up from a deep dream sleeping in the next morning.

She opened a bleary eye. “Shut up.” She growled frustrated by the noise intruder. But the sound kept on blaring. She stuffed a pillow over her head. She did not like morning as the best of times, especially after failing to sleep and only managed to be drifted for only couple hours last night.

Then she heard someone banging on the front door joining the noise with the alarm clock. She moaned and pushed away the blanket, succeeding in knocking the clock to the floor and it made a squawking sound in her ears.

Not the most peaceful start to a weekend morning, after all.

She dropped her head back on a pillow, wondered when her comfortable life had become inadequate.

She counted from one to ten before she picked the clock and turned off the alarm. For a few split seconds her universe fell into blessed silence. However it was only a few split seconds. Soon the noise came from her apartment entrance returned.

Rainie grumbled as she reached for her big fluffy robe and pulled it on over her skimpy nightdress. “Why Chloe always forgets her keys!” She complained while knotting the belt firmly before she walked to the front door. Still dazed with sleep, she didn’t even stop to brush her hair.

“I’m coming!” She said, flinging the main door open.

“Hi.” Draven was on the doorstep and he grinned at her, one hand holding out some bags, the other tucked into a pair of faded jeans. “Good morning.”

She felt like a dormouse brusquely awoken from hibernation. Part of her was still in the dreamland, another part of her had to see the reality in front of her. Whoever said that dream was better compared to reality was totally wrong.

Holly cow… She stared and felt breathless of how difference casual clothing could make. He was wearing a dark fitted blue jumper that seemingly emphasized his shoulders. The shoulders that seemed even broader and more muscular now were not covered by expensive suit. He looked ruggedly so handsome, more relaxed and altogether extremely sexy.

Somehow she could not get her mouth to work. Thoughts were hurtling through her head, but they didn’t stay still long enough to know whether there were worth putting words on. Even a simple replay seemed to elude her.

“Rain?” He called her name. “Is something wrong?” He asked, puzzled.

Trying to pulled herself together, finally Rainie managed to find her voice, albeit huskier one than usual. “What time is it?”

“Quarter to nine.” Draven said as though everyone was up by then.

She brushed back a lock of hair from her face. “What so early? I thought we leave before noon.”

He held out the bags in front of her. Thankfully she managed to tear her gaze from his face. “I bought us some breakfast. It’s such a beautiful day to waste, isn’t it?”

“I haven’t showered.” She protested weakly whereas he looked as fresh as daisy.

“No?” He considered her with warm eyes. “You look nice. I like when woman tousled and sexy.”

She probably looked as a sexy as if she had been pulled throughout a hedge backwards. She stood aside to give him way entering her apartment. “Come in.” She said reluctantly. “I’ll make the coffee for you.”

“There’s no need.” He followed her behind and suddenly took her into his arms before she could protest. “Don’t you think that you forget something?” He gazed into her wide eyes.

“For…Forget something?” She stammered nervously. This close to him, she could smell vaguely the aftershave he favored. It was so light it hovered at the edge of her consciousness.

“Where’s my good morning kiss?” He asked then did not wait for her reply, he kissed her thoroughly. He kissed her in such a way to wake her up fully…Fast.

Jeez…No wondered it’s so good to be a snow white. It’s really a nice way to wake up.

Soon she was free again before she could really understand what had happened. He went through to the kitchen, calling over his shoulder. “I brought warm croissants and jam. I’ll make the coffee while you’re taking a shower so we’ll have ample time for the journey.”

She only nodded before she walked back to her room. She made up her bad and then went to shower. All done in ten minutes flat. Once she had done taking shower, she dressed quickly; long sleeves black tee shirt and jeans. She then brushed her hair, looped it into a high ponytail on top of her head. It would have to do. If he wanted a fully coiffure, perfectly full of cosmetic women he usually dated, he should not have arrived unannounced.

When she walked through the kitchen it seemed he did not mind with her outfit. Instead he gave her a slow captivate smile as his eyes travelled from her tee shirt and went down to her jeans.

“You look beautiful” He commented genuinely. “Even you haven’t taken shower, you’re still beautiful.”

Rainie did not know how to answer for his compliment. Was a simply word of thank you would be enough? Her reaction to him was as instant as a puppet’s to the jerking of its strings. She tucked her hands into the pockets of her own jeans. “Thank you.” She finally said and added for in hoping he could take it as politeness sake. “You look good also.”

He gave his slightly lopsided smile and a trace of amusement crossed his lips. “Nice tee shirt.”

Awareness ripped through Rainie, and her tee shirt suddenly felt too tight. She glanced down at her own tee shirt The More I See Men The More I Like My Dog emblazoned across her chest in blazing green-lime.

“My favorite tee shirt.” She explained as she looked up and met his eyes.

His mouth curved into an inane grin. “I like the sentiment.” He regarded. “Very appealing.”

“Thanks.” She said brightly. She determined to keep things low, light and uncomplicated. She didn’t want him to know her feeling. She needed to keep distracted by his charm. Once again she reminded herself why she had to do this. Survival technique.

She glanced at her tiny kitchen table, which was covered with plates of fresh fruits and striking-looking cold meat several types rolls that were still warm. There was also a jar of honey and as well as the croissants he had mentioned it earlier.

Her eyes widened. “You bought all these?” She asked. It was definitely an absolute feast.

“I assumed that you’re hungry.” His brow wrinkled attractively. “Try the croissant with the honey. It tastes delicious.” He indicated the serving dish he had put, complete with glasses of apple juice.

Rainie found herself astounding of the way he had taken over. She did not understand him at all! At one certain period he had been so ignorance towards her and now he had taken control not only her feeling but also her breakfast and her household!

“Thank you.” She murmured, nodding her head at the coffee pot. “I think I’ll have coffee first.” She added pointedly.


The trouble with mornings, in her opinion, was that they happened too early. She needed at least a couple of coffees in her system before she was ready to face the day. In her case today was to face nonetheless Draven Knight.

“You know, you don’t have to bring me the complete set of breakfast.” She said flatly. “Just coffee would be good for me.”

Draven shook his head, grinning. “And let you starve a whole morning?”

“If you mean that I’ll faint for our journey, you don’t have to worry.” She grinned.

“I don’t worry about that.” He’d been pouring two mugs of coffee as they had spoken and now he gave her the coffee. “I just feel that’s part of my duty.”

“Your duty?” She hadn’t expected to have his tale.

“Yes of course until both of us satisfied with what we want.” He said, studying her intently.

“Then after that?” Her mouth quirked with suppressed smile. She didn’t know how far he could tease her like this but might be…Just might be she could enjoy this.

He gave a considered glance. “Why don’t we sit in the living room while we have our breakfast?” He suggested. “Or you prefer to have it here?”

“Living room is perfect.” She said softly and regretted a minute later when she felt the closeness of the big male body sitting next to her in the warm sunshine. The little sofa bench was just right definitely the comfortable for two.

His tight was pressed adjacent to her and she felt the heat of his muscled flesh through her outfit, his arm out stretched at the back of her along the seat bringing her into the circle of his body although he was not overtly touching her. With the nearness like that, she failed to concentrate on anything than him. She was wrong to follow his seduction game. If she thought as it was…

The coffee was scalding hot however she sipped at it nevertheless, trying to dispel the vibrations pulsating from the core of her. When he was near like this, her brain stopped functioning and words went out of the window.

“You asked me what happened after we have what we want.” He said after a while they had seated next to each other inaudibly.

“Did I?” Her voice sounded breathless, even to her own ears. Her throat had constricted so much it was difficult to get any words out at all.

Rainie felt his light touch on the small of her back. “Yes you did.”

God! She could not do this. She could not sit and talk with the feel and delicious touch and smell of him making her legs weak and her pulse race.

She faintly moved her body towards the table, put her cup before took the basket of croissant. She tried to buy more time to get herself out of this distraction…Fast. Very fast, she thought spreading the honey on her croissant. Cool, calm and composed. That was what she was aiming for.

“Well then since you reminded me.” She bit into her croissant. “You could start to enlighten me what happen next.”

“After we get what we want, I’ll stop sending you all of this.”

Her stomach fell something like three feet and her body temperature plummeted. What did he mean? Why have he said that? Had she become a burden for her eventually? Had she embarrassed him by too enthusiastically accepting his offer, his kisses, his touches? Her mind conjured up an image of the way she had melted against him. Mostly, why she had felt so disappointed?

Oh, God. Please no. She had not mumbled incoherently nor showed any feeling toward him, had she? She was going to die of mortification if he thought of all. She had enough of embarrassment she had and known her feeling widely open in front of him would a disaster for the rest of her….

“Replace it with something else.” He interrupted across her panicked thoughts. “If you don’t mind.”

“I don’t understand.” She frowned.

Draven smiled. “Someday you will.” He said mysteriously.

“So now you only help me to get through my misery by bringing me my breakfast?” She asked a little defiantly. “You don’t have to do that to me, you know that. I can survive without anyone.”

“Ah…But you need someone you can rely on.” He drank his coffee in one gulp. “Everybody does need someone when they fall. He leant forward slightly and every nerve in her body responded. “Even the strongest man in the world, when he endures something so terrible he needs someone to lean on, to share his pain and sadness. That’s life and this is a real world.”

She looked back at him, an echo of the old anguish streaking through her briefly. “I didn’t know my biologic father while my mother passed away when I was six.” Her voice was so low he had to lean further forward to hear her. “Since I could remember, I moved from another house to another one until I finally settled to the only parents I know now. But even I love foster parents…” Her voice held a note of sadness for a moment. “I still keep on depending on me. They’re old when they adopted me…” She shrugged. “Now I’m their only hope to take care of them.”

“That’s one of the good things to do.” He stated kindly. “But who takes care of you when you need someone the most?”

She stared at him and her eyes were huge and shadowed. She was bewildered at how much she had opened up to him when she had determined not to. “I did give myself to rely on Jason for a while.” The little catch in her voice was vague. “I just guess that some people are more gullible than other.” She sighed. “I didn’t think that was like that but must be. Otherwise how could I stuck with him for such a long time and didn’t have a clue what he was really like? I’ve never thought that my fiancé left me and engaged to another woman.”

“That’s possible.” He reached out and touched her mouth tenderly with his finger. His voice was deep. “Though, nothing got to do with being gullible. Jason was a bad man. He’s without morals and principles. You’re unfortunate to have met him in your life, but you’ve the courage to stand up. He won’t thrive.” His mouth twisted into a wry smile. “People who know him won’t respect him. Eventually any woman he gets involved with will see him for what he is.”

“You don’t know that.” She shook her head, her voice was shaking.

“Karma really works.” His voice was firm and warm.

Despite everything she felt a bubble of laughter start somewhere in the pit of her stomach. Being with he was an exhilarating experience. He could make her feel mellow at one time and in the next minute he amused her. “You believe in Karma?”

“There’s no reason why I shouldn’t believe it.” He shrugged lazily.

“I just never thought that you’re kind of person.”

“What kind of person do you think I am?” He frowned in puzzlement.

“I always thought that you’re a realist, didn’t believe in that kind of…” She paused for a split second finding the proper word to describe him. “You know, believe in superstitious.”

He gave a hard laugh. “Being happened to believe in karma, doesn’t make one a superstitious, I believe when you do something either good or bad, there’s always price to pay.”

“You think so?”

He nodded. “Yes of course, although in this world there’s no way you see people either black or white.” He regarded. “Even the kindest people have the evil side and so in the other way.”

“So in your opinion there is no angel or demon in people?”

He gave her a crooked smile before he said. “I didn’t say that.” He stood up in front of her, pulling a hand through his hair. She watched, fascinated, as a smile twisted his sensual mouth. “I said both of elements exist in any single human being.” He added as though to emphasize the truth, then walked passed her. “I’ll take one more coffee, you want also or you want the apple juice?”

“No, you go a head. I still stick to this one.”

“Okay, suit yourself.”

When he disappeared into the kitchen, Rainie thought what he said. She assumed, Draven, did not care about anyone. Oh, she already had known that he was warm towards her in some way though behind that beautiful face and charming personality, he also had his own dirty little secret.

For one thing why he had never dated seriously with one woman? Did he have a great expectation? Did he want someone who would be able to see beneath the beautiful veneer and love him just as he was? It was so strange that he was so adamant, never get involved with someone less than one month. Most people hoped that one day they might find someone to share their life with. Did not they? It was unusual not to want to find their soul mate. Did not he feel a need to be loved and share his life with someone? Or actually she made mistake. He actually did find his soul mate, he just did not wish to tell to all of his friends.

Two minutes later while she was still pondering her capriciousness, Draven returned and she had to watch him as carried in his coffee. She wondered if there was a special woman in his life or at least had fallen in love. What kind of woman he fancied? Uncomplicated? Or high-maintenance? Did he like blonde hair? dark? Or red? Curly or straight? Should she be tall or short? Slim or curvy? What kind of personality in woman would he love?

“Why are you looking me like that?” Too late Rainie realized she must have been staring at him and the piercing dark gaze was now trained on her face. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Rainie forced a smile to be caught up in the act. “Nothing’s the matter.”

His beautiful eyebrow arched perfectly. “Really?” He asked disbelieved. “I don’t buy it.” He said evenly. “What were you thinking?”

And as she was a woman who always said before got some thinking, replied swiftly. “Have you ever loved a woman before?”

Draven seemed to hesitate for a while before he shot her the question. “Why do you want to know?” He crossed back to the sofa and sat down before he asked. “Are you applying to become one of the candidates?” His expressive eyebrow lifted faintly.

Rainie bit her lips, trying to figure out if he joked or not, then she decided he probably only made some joke to her. “You wish! Remember you’re only here to help me, not to invite me to become one of your candidates at your long list of girls.”

Draven burst out laughing. “Ah, that’s right, I forgot about that.”

“Oops…” She shot him a mischievous smile. “Occupational hazard, huh?”

“Yes.” He said softly, his eyes watched for her response. “I get carried away with err…Situation.”

She felt a vague sense of disenchantment and somehow was more self-conscious in that moment that she’d done in her entire life. Every instinct was to fluff her hair and hold her stomach muscles in tight. What was he seeing when he looked at her like that?

His hand waved in front of her face, waking her up from her reverie. “Earth calling Rainie…”

Rainie stared at him flushing and tried to hide her awkwardness by standing up and telling him swiftly. “Do you think we should hit the road soon?”

“Do you want to go now?” He followed her movement. He stood up only an inch apart from where she was. He then squared his broad shoulders and she had to gulp to hold her breath.

He was lean and strong. A rugged Adonis with a charisma that was so much more powerful than mere handsomeness.

She nodded. “So we won’t be late.” She said, making a real effort to keep her voice light.

“Ah…Can’t wait to see Jason or to revenge?” Draven prompted ruefully.

None of it, she replied silently. She was desperate to get away from him and her wildest imagination about him, being naked here in the sofa alone with her. Ridiculous, but she could not help to wonder how it felt to be in his arms right now, alone. Just the two of them. Flesh to flesh. But then she had seen hundredth times naked man before, for goodness’ sake! Jason had not been diffident about showing off his body. For sure she had seen Draven, partly clothed few days ago and the affect to her a hundreds time more than Jason had ever done totally in the buff.

“Perhaps both.” Rainie rubbed her hands down the legs of jeans. “And as your job now is to become my witch to grant my wishes, right?” She gave a rich chuckle as she turned around. “I’ll get my overnight bag.” She murmured and walked inside her room.

Once she scampered into her bedroom, she leaned against the shut door for a moment or two to compose herself. She lifted her hands to her hot cheeks. Thank goodness he could not read her mind. He would think she was the original sex-starved female. Might be she was at that. Now she had found the on button of her libido she did not seem be able to turn it off. She smiled wryly, her sense of humor coming to the rescue. Despites all the troubles and disappointment in her life, the one thin that had emerged intact was her sense of humor.

He was his normal cool urbane self when she joined him. “I packed our breakfast, perhaps when you’re hungry, you can eat later on.” He informed lifting the paper-bag contained the food.

Rainie nodded. “That’s very thoughtful.” She said then added. “Shall we go?”

He threw a warm smile and her mouth automatically curved in response. For no reason it felt good to be smiled at. It was one of those smiles that made her feel as if something intensely precious was being given to her. She had had trouble to keep her emotion intact, yet one smile seemed to put everything back into kilter.

Very, very risky. A little voice whispered in her head.

“Yes.” He said and reached out for the bag she was carrying. “That’s heavy. Give it to me.”

Rainie wanted to argue, but only the width of her overnight bag was between them. His large hand was braced near her own slender one. The comparison made her feel feminine. His nearness made it so intricate to breathe…Or to act…Or simply to think or to know where to look without looking into his eyes or staring at his mouth. And arguing might prolong the discomfiting proximity. Well…At least that was what she told herself.

After a moment of hesitation, she let him take it and walked beside him. Was this how he treated woman in his life? He had successfully diverted their conversation about his love life earlier and kept her to wonder again. He seemed did not want her to know if there was a woman in his life.

If there were a woman, why she would not get mad to him being with another woman? If she were his woman, she probably would tie him up in bed for so long, never allowed any woman to touch him, leave alone to see him!

“So how long does it take to get there?” She asked before turned around and locked her apartment door. Her heart was racing hard and she hoped she did not look as flustered as she felt.

“About three to four hours without stopping by.” He replied lazily and led they way down the lift.

“That far?” Rainie was certainly looking at him wide-eyed.

“Yes.” He said then as soon as the lift doors opened, he leant in before added quietly. “And if we want to have a very long lunch later on it’ll take more than that.”

“Oh, re…Really?” She stammered staring at his immensely sexy dark eyes.

He gave a husky laugh. It ripped through her senses as much as the light masculine scented aftershave that hung above him. “That of course depends on you.”

“Depends on me?” She repeated foolishly. She went limp and she knew she was trembling. She hoped he had not noticed. How had he made her feel that way?

“Depends on how you’d want it to be ended.” He took her hand and laced her fingers through his as they began to pass the lobby.

“What do you mean?” She swallowed. If he was saying what she thought he was saying....

“You know exactly what I meant.” He countered hoarsely. “So now, as we get to know better, do you change your opinion about me?” He asked as he held the main entrance open for her.

“Why suddenly my opinion about you matters?” She stopped causing him to halt too and look at her. “I’ve to admit that I’ve to revise my previous opinion about you.”

“Ah, yes.” He chuckled. “That I’m a spoilt brat who spread my sperm to any women I meet.”

“I said I changed my opinion about you!” Rainie retorted shakily.

“Alright. You changed your opinion about me.” He grinned. His devilish eyes gleamed. “So now what’s your new opinion?” He asked stood at the curb in front of his posh car.

“If you want my opinion.” She said as she stared at him. “I think that you’re sexy.”

She closed her eyes briefly. Had she actually said the word ‘sexy’ out loud? She had not meant to do that! She suddenly felt a bit faint. In her adult life there had probably been a few of occasions where she had wanted the ground to open up and swallow her a whole. Although most of the occasions were when he had always been around.



There was no backing away from it now. She pulled a smile into her eyes, searching for the ground between the casual and complimentary. Something that made him think that she was not some kind of woman who hunger of sex with gorgeous man like him “I think so…” She winced realizing that she failed to do so.

He just looked at her for a moment and then he laughed. “You really have to make my occupation harder.” He said before finally ushered her into his car.

And you make my life also difficult by being kind and sweet. She said silently as she watched his profile turn on his car engine and drove his car away from her apartment complex.

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