It Might Be You

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Chapter 16

“Rain...” She heard her name was called. “Rainie...” The voice called her name again and this time a warm hand was touching her cheek with the gentlest pressure. “We’re here.”

It took a few split second for her to realize that she was sleeping and had been asleep for not sure how long, through all the journey. She pushed back her eyelids only to find Draven’s perfect face just inches away from hers.

“Hello sleeping beauty.” he smiled showing his snow-white teeth. “I hate to wake you up, princess, but we arrived.”

She blinked twice, turning her head around, to adjust the surrounding. She belatedly noticed the beautiful scenery in front of her. A shaft of golden sunlight beamed and shone coming through the window. Vaguely she could smell the scent of the fresh salty sea breeze filled in the car. The sky was ominously blue without a cloud in sight. The sea was a glittering turquoise sea and the huge waves crashed against the white-sand beach serenely with seagulls were flying above completed the picture perfectly. 

“Wow...” She sigh her appreciation, totally forgotten where she was.

This place was an ultimate paradise.

“What a beauty isn’t it?”

Rainie looked back at him and he found he was staring at her, measuring with his smoldering dark eyes. She swallowed. “Indeed.”

Draven smiled wider and once again she was under the spell when he flashed his gleaming teeth. “We can walk on the beach later on if you want to.” He offered lightly. “But in case of the sudden dropping temperature, you’ll need to bring a jacket.”

“I’d love to.” She replied eagerly. It didn’t matter for her as long she could spend time with him. Plus with the last conversation they had during the lunch. It sounded a good prospect for her.

“Shall we?” He asked and without waiting for her reply, he emerged his lithe form from his driving seat before he slammed the door quietly. He then collected their overnight bags and helped her out of the car almost simultaneously.

The gentle wind ruffled the soft curls of her hair as soon as she was outside the car. She stood still for a moment savoring the clean sea breeze, feeling refreshed after sitting in the car for about three hours, well not sitting, but sleeping to be precise. “This is lovely.” She told him while inhaling the rare fresh warm breeze before closing her eyes to savor the tranquil ambiance.

“Yes, it isn’t something you see everyday, right?”

She lifted her eyes and titled her head to face him and saw that he was smoothing his expensive outfit that seemed sheathed elegantly on his sculptured-look body as if it’d been made on him.

Oh yeah, she agreed silently, a man in front of her was something she did not see everyday in her ordinary life. He really had this uncompromisingly distinctive predatory profile and now even the beach scenery was overshadowed by his powerful shoulders. He looked vibrant and virile even after taking long hours of driving.

And it’s really, really hard to stop staring at him.

Then his eyes flicked on her with high speed, caught her gawking at him, literally.

His beautiful eyebrow arched and a smugly smile formed on his lips, but he did not say anything.

She cleared her throat nervously and looked away although they had closed the deal but, she was still anxious. “Do you think everybody’s here?” She said trying desperately to keep it light.

“No, I guess not.” Draven shook his head, locking his vehicle. “You know Chloe and Nathan, they’re the laziest creatures we’ve ever met.”

She laughed heartily. “You’re probably right.”

He shrugged indolently but did not reply instead he took her hand and then started walking together with her towards the cottage area. The gesture seemed so natural as if they’d been a couple for some time. Draven did not look awkward; as a matter of fact he was at ease.

Rainie could not resist peeking at him constantly. She noticed how he walked with the fluid, measure pace of a very self-assured male.

His charisma had attracted females of all shapes, ages and sizes within ten miles radius. Women gravitated and attracted towards him. And further more besides his devastating looks, he also carried the title and the prestige of being one of the most successful men below forty.

There was no surprise, she immersed, that having such those compelling qualities he was excellent in almost everything, including how to treat women. Being called as a heartthrob playboy was not without reason, ostensibly.

He was in another level of playboy. He did not have to act to treat a lady. He had been born as natural gentleman, a lady killer. There was no need to think. It was just like breathing. People breathed without thinking, right?

And it happened again today as they were approaching the tranquil anteroom of the cottage and was being greeted by the tall and unnaturally blond receptionist. The woman suddenly became a pool of hormones at his feet, giving him a palpable admiring look. And she welcomed him a little more warmly than she supposed to do.

“Good afternoon sir, how could I assist you?”

“Yes, good afternoon.” Draven replied with his alluring voice, whether he did it on purpose or not, Rainie did not know. “I’ve booked a cottage under name of Draven Knight, please.”

“Certainly sir, please give me a moment to check the reservation, please.” She smiled before sliding herself slightly a far from them, checking on her computer.

Draven’s eyes moved to Rainie. “So do you want to share a room with me?” He asked her softly.

Rainie was off-guarded for a while. She was surprised to hear the question. Well of course she expected that they would spend this weekend together, Draven had told her or at least they had agreed on that term but his question really puzzled her. Did he really have a second thought? If he did, that would be very depressing. “Do you want me to share the room together with you?” She asked back, did not dare to raise the hope.

“The ball is in your hand.” He said smoothly. “I don’t want to give you a pressure that you have to share the room with me. It’s your choice.”

That was good, she thought. Quite decent gesture, if she wanted to admit now. At least he asked her opinion and showed her that she had the right to choose. “I’d like to share the room with you, if you don’t mind.” She said daringly. If she wanted to make it perfect, she would not expect less than this. Besides, when would she spend another time with him alone? Not until her next lifetime, she figured.

“No turning back?” His eyes stayed fixed on her face. “I don’t want you to regret your decision.”

“No.” She replied, dumbfounded by his solicitousness. “I won’t regret my decision. We’ve agreed, remember?” She reminded him.

“Oh, vividly.” His face twisted up into his usual perfect crooked smile, leaving her breathless. “But I just want to tell you that whatever we’ll do is for your pleasure and I hope you tell me if there’s something bothering you, understand?”

“I will.” She said after she could breathe again. “Don’t worry about me, I’m a big girl you know.”

His eyes wandered to her figure for a long while and then returned to her face before that irresistible smiled tugged at his mouth. “Oh, I agree about that.” He said huskily. “But so much in different form.”

She shook her head, failing to compose her feeling. “Please stop that.” She requested helplessly.

His eyebrows drew together, puzzled. “Stop what?”

“That.” She accused. “Stop dazzling me like that.”

He titled his head to one side, his eyes were inquisitive. “Do I do that? Dazzle you?”

Fortunately, before she could reply, the receptionist returned with a piece of paper on her hand. “Sorry to keep you waiting Mr. Knight.” She said, flipping a strand of her hair behind one ear. She gave another unnecessary warmth of smile to him when she added. “We have your reservation and it’s the suite cottage at the left wing of the complex area.”

“Alright.” Draven said. His eyes had not left Rainie’s face. “So do you like that room or you have another preference, Rain?” He asked, surprisingly again, her opinion, as if it really counted.

“That’s fine with me.” She said simply. It did not matter for her where they would stay anyway.

Draven nodded and shifted his eyes to the waiting receptionist. “Alright, is the room ready now?”

“Yes, Sir. The room is ready.”

“Perfect.” He flashed his gleaming smile, dazing her momentarily. “Where should I sign?”

“Hmm...It’s...It’s here, Sir.” She stuttered awkwardly handed him a piece of paper she had been holding before. “I need your credit card also, Sir.”

“Certainly.” Draven said, then fished his wallet from his jacket before he flashed his Centurion credit card. “Here you go.”

“Thank you.” The receptionist walked away to the cashier counter while he was signing the paper.

A Moment later, she returned with his card. “Here’s your card, Sir.” She said little bit tremble still reflecting the effect of Draven’s smile. “And here’s your key. The cottage number is fifteen, it’s at the end of the alley at the left wing.”

“Could you bring a picnic packet of champagne and strawberries to my room?” He requested.

“Yes certainly.” She replied obviously did not want give up her chances and pushed her luck even there was Rainie next to Draven.

“Shall we?” He then asked Rainie before taking her hand casually.

“Yes.” Rainie said.

“Have a nice stay, Sir. Your luggage will be sent shortly.” She said one last time trying to give her another inviting smile but Draven did not see her as he thanked her.

Rainie suppressed a smile. She liked the fact that Draven ignored the receptionist and he was really a gentleman for not even trying to flirt to any woman. But she also felt sorry for the receptionist of being ignored by him.

“You did it again.” Rainie criticized when they were walking to their respective room.

“Do what?”

“You know, charm people like that.” She told him. “Probably now she’s hyperventilating behind the desk now. Poor creature she is.”

Draven was really so confused and she was not convinced any longer whether that he did not realize his obvious raw sexuality or not. For sure, having grown accustomed to those kind of attentions, he should know the effect he had. Or perhaps, because it happened quite frequently, he could not define them anymore.

“Oh come on...” She said dubiously. “Surely you’re not blind by her reaction.”

Draven frowned. “I do that again?” He asked.

“You didn’t notice that? She was obviously dazzled by you.”

He chuckled and his frown was smoothened replaced by charming wrinkle at the corners of his eyes. “Then what about you?” He asked, his voice sliding into huskiness.

“What about me?”

He halted suddenly and turned to face her. “You haven’t answered my question.” He said softly, looking at her in such a way that her heart began to trip again. “Do I mesmerize you? Do I have an effect you like that receptionist woman?” His voice was so caressing that she could have sworn he was touching her.

She gulped nervously, drawing a shaky breath. Really, she wanted to deny, but it seemed she couldn’t. “You know that’s a yes.” She admitted in a low voice and crimson crept on her cheeks.

Quite often, She added, muttering to herself.

He leaned towards her and without she realized she was imprisoned in between the warmth of his body and a wooden door. He stood very near, too close from her. She could smell vaguely of the aftershave Draven favored. It was so light it hovered at the edge of her consciousness, engulfing her senses. An inch closer, she knew she would faint and it wasn’t so charming to faint because of that. She doubted there were any etiquette books detailing how to look beautiful when she fainted in front of him. Well, of course it happened, only in some soap opera drama on the television.

So, Regardless how weak her heart was to him, she could not afford to faint. Not yet, well at least not now...That would be embarrassing moment and she already had a list of her embarrassing moments when he was around.

Draven cupped her face with the utmost gentleness, a speculative look came into his eyes “Hm...Now I think I should try another of my effect on you then.” He murmured and Rainie could smelled peppermint in his breath. “I really want to see that.”

He then leaned perilously closer, bending his head to hers. His mouth when came down on her lips was warm and feather light. She gasped with pleasure. Her lips parted for him. Flames seemed to course through her body and her limbs felt queerly heavy.

Oh, my...So this was how it felt to be teased and seduced by an archangel, she immersed before her mind went totally blank when she felt the long, lean firmness of his muscles and the warmth of his body through the fabric of his clothes. His left arm held her against him tightly while his right hand, he gently rubbed her back. Then he brought his hand around and slid it caressingly up her side. She moaned against his mouth, but was so lost she could barely hear it. She had never imagined sensations like this. At least not when she had been with Jason. But really she had never had like this. Ever. Even when Draven had kissed her earlier that time it had been different. Back then, there’d been a gap, a distance. They had been so careful.

Now, there was no boundary between them anymore.

Few second later, he lifted his head, disengaged their kissing only to leave her heart beat erratically. “Now, Rain, is the effect getting stronger?” He murmured softly. His fingers had moved, now tracing lightly the contour of her lips.

“Much stronger.” She confessed, twining her fingers into his thick hair.

A crooked smile, she loved to see appeared. “Good.” He said, satisfied. “Luckily we’re in front of our room.” Without letting her go, he took the card key from his pocket and opened the door. He pushed her gently, keeping their closeness as he kicked the door behind with his legs without even bother to see it.

“That’s very impressive.” She commented lightly.

He laughed delightedly. “I have to maintain the standard my charm for you. And I’ll keep up my standard.” There was a husky promise in his voice. “As long as it keeps you satisfied.”

The notion was really indeed satisfying and very, very appealing.

His lips closed hers again gently and deepened his kiss. “Hmm...You taste so good, Miss Yang.” He murmured, still exploring her mouth.

“And you’re really a good kisser Draven Knight.” She murmured back, helplessly could not bring herself to pull away. She was intoxicated by his kiss.

In reply, he stopped kissing her mouth and trailed light kisses down her jaw to her ear before pausing to whisper in a voice that sounded so intimate. “I’m doing my best to please you.”

“Oh you are.” She told him softly, lost in the moment as he stroked his fingers down the line of her jaw, sending shivers through every fiber of her body. “You’re very good at it.”

Draven leaned his forehead against her. “Glad, I’m up to your standard.”

Suddenly there was a bell at their door and they froze to the spot. He tilted his head away. “Damn.” He cursed softly. “Hold that thoughts.” He ordered as his lips found her earlobe. Just as the languorous heat threatened to consume her more, he disengaged himself to approach the door.

She saw a porter came in from the entrance. He greeted her politely before placing their overnight bags he carried on the sofa where Draven pointed him to put them away. He then thanked him and gave him an amount of tip and closed the door behind him after the porter left. Then with slow measure steps, he retraced back to where she had been standing motionless waiting for him.

The moment he was in front of her, he slipped his arms again around her and pulled her against the solid wall of her chest. “So...” He gently said while his eyes penetrated into the very depth of her soul. ”Where were we?”

Rainie cleared her throat. “Well...We’re kissing.” She told him, her breathing was uneven.

His dark eyes smoldered “Ah, yes.” He said, “Shall we continue or you want to walk on the beach?” He asked. His sweet breath fanned across her face while his fingers now were tracing patterns across the skin of shoulders, sending delightful goosebumps.

“I’d prefer we continue.” Rainie replied, throwing her arms around his neck pulling him closer.

His hand went to her hair. traveled down her back, stroke to mold her body. “Oh your wish is my command.” He whispered softly and he started to kiss her eyelids, her nose, cheek and chin, until finally his lips returned to hers to continue their sweet exploration.

He kissed her with such passion that she could barely hear her own pounding heart and she wanted more. She returned his kiss with equal passion.

Perhaps he sensed he need or simply acted on his own, she did not know and the question faded as the kiss deepened impulsively.

Then his kiss slowed, his hands came up to clasp her shoulders. She reluctantly let him go.

However he only kept their distance still touchable. His face hovered over hers. His lips curved into a tempting little smile. “Wow, Miss Yang, you’re so such a sinful indulgence.”

“You mean like a chocolate?”

Draven grinned his trademark playful smirk. “Oh, much more irresistible than chocolate.”

She lifted one hand to thread her fingers through his thick and silky hair. “Like you’re still blinded by the effect you have on me.” She told him honestly. “Surely you know by now.”

“So you admit, you’re intoxicated by my charm?” He quoted a little bit smug with the revelation.

Rainie sighed. “Well, I thought I made it so obvious.”

His eyebrow arched. He considered her statement briefly. “Hmm…Shall I show you another of my charm?” He asked sounded pleased, a triumphant smile slowly carved on his face. “Or it would be unbearable for you to handle?”

“How many do you have more?” She mused.

Draven smiled widened over his brilliant teeth. “Shall I explain it or show it?” He gently spoke, his nose gliding to the corner of her jaw. His hand slowly brushing her hair with a feather touch before his lips caressed the hollow beneath her ear.

“Well...” She said, trying to exhale. It was hard to coherent a word when he was doing this to her.


“I’d prefer...” She began again, nevertheless his fingers were slowly tracing her collarbone and she immediately lost her train of thoughts let alone to breath.

“Yes, Rain?”

“I would...” Her voice trembled. “I’d rather you to show me.”

Gradually he lifted his face but the trace of his kiss lingered. “Let’s say it’s considered granted.” He wrapped his arm around her waist. “Now let’s go to the beach.”

For a moment she was stunned with the change of their topic. “What?” She gasped quite disappointed that they didn’t continue what he’d started. I thought…” She paused calming her not-so-cooperative heartbeat. “I thought you want to continue...” She looked down, suddenly embarrassed with her own word. Now, she was a complete fool to show her urgent need!

Draven put his hand under her chin and tilted her face so she was looking square at him. “It doesn’t mean that I couldn’t do that on the beach.”

“At the beach?” She responded. The longing of him teasing her like that resurface.

He nodded, now touching her nose with his fingertip. “Yes, what would be another perfect ambiance.” He told her. “The beach, the champagne, the sunset and of course the best part will be when I apply the oil on your sensitive skin.”

“If that’s what you want.” She said faintly. “I won’t argue.”

He leaned his forehead against hers. “Glad that you’re so acquiescent.”

“I’m trying.”

Draven chuckled. “Hmm...It really makes my plans easier.” His voice was teasing. “But I like it.”

Rainie smiled at her reply.

Then a second bell rang.

“Ah... Just in time for champagne.” He dropped a gentle kiss on her lips. “Why don’t you get change while I’m preparing our picnic on the beach?” He suggested as he walked back to the door.

Rainie screened the room with a swift glance. For the first time, she realized the room, was not really a room at all. They’d been kissing in the living room. There were two doors that probably one of them led to the bedroom.

“Where should I get change?” She asked before he opened the door.

He turned his head around and smiled. “Just go to the bedroom, I think there’s a bathroom there.”

“Okay.” She said collecting her bags and skipped to the bathroom attached to the bedroom.

Once she was inside the impressive bathroom, she sat gingerly at the edge of the cold, white marble bathtub edge. She peeked out through the long windows looking out the beautiful beach.

She really needed her time to return the beat of her heart to normal.

But for sure, there was nothing normal when Draven was concerned.

She groaned as the rush of blood pounded through her vein and heat flashed across her skin.

She knew she made a decision to spend the entire weekend with him. But she forgot one thing. She did not know how long her heart could manage. Having a short-romance with him would definitely bring her life back into its perspective and what about her feeling?

Rainie took a couple of deep breaths and then went to the mirror hung above the counter. The face in the mirror was practically ordinary.

“Don’t fall in love with him.” She muttered and yanked her hair from her face. “I only relish what I have now with him.” She decided then opened her bag to collect her toiletries.

She brushed her teeth and splashed her face with water from the faucet. She was indeed trying to breathe normally but just like usual it was a noticeable failure.

Giving up, she then collected her swimsuit from her bag and that led to another dilemma she had considered. Her swimsuit was not really a goddess swimsuit-like, if a goddess really wore a swimsuit. It covered her body decently and the last thing she needed was being decent!

How could she look sexy when her black swimsuit made her look-liked a polite school girl?!

Just my luck.

She sat down on the cool tile floor in her black sarong and put her head between her knees. She prayed Draven would still seduce her, tease her.

So much hope at the stake. And she freaked out with the revelation.

What could she expect? She did not have much experience with man. She was afraid what would he think when she walk out from the bathroom, looking so innocent.

How did women could look so sexy even when they were wearing a rug?

And it was Draven out there waiting for her. Not some ordinary man who probably liked a decent woman or care any less with what they were wearing. He was a man who was surrounded by beautiful women. Obviously, his trained eyes knew the difference between her and them. He knew what a beauty like. He noticed a sexy woman look.

And she was not really at that league.

She gave a resignation sigh before scrambled to her feet.

She should face it now than later. He was waiting for her and to prolong would be a waste.

With a high-speed she changed her outfit into her swimsuit and one more time she challenged herself to look at the mirror.

And honestly, the reality bit, she thought when she looked at her reflection in the polished surface. She swallowed and whispered the word that reminded her to keep herself at the ground under her breath until she accepted.

She hitched the towel that was hanging at the railing and tightened the sarong around her waist before she marched alertedly from the bathroom.

And he was in the middle of the room and he had changed to. Well, not completely. He was wearing only grey Bermuda pants. His white tee shirt was still on his hands she walked out from the bathroom. A devilishly enticing smile formed and slashed deep grooves around his mouth. His dancing eyes were directed at her and leisurely took in every inch of her appearance.

Apparently, what he saw pleased him as an immense look of satisfaction showed in his eyes.

“Very adorable.” He said softly, approaching her. “No one should look so tempting like this.” He murmured in her ear. “And it’s not so fair.” He added still with a slow and soft tone looking at her that made her breathing started to accelerate again. “I’ll be the envy of every man.”

Her eyes widened stunned. Was not he aware of his own sex-appeal? His broad-tanned smooth lines shoulders, his thickly muscled torso gleaming like oiled silk, his dominant strong arms, and the way the tiny pulse beating his strong dark neck were in the flawless shape.

Alright, perhaps her judgment was a little bit biased. She was not used to being around man that much and with his look like this, it only sent her libido into stratosphere causing her blood to heat.

“Rainie...” He pronounced her name in a soft note. “Are you okay?” He observed and soon she felt the shivers of something affectionate trickled over her nerve-endings.

She looked up and smiled awkwardly. “Well I’m fine.”

“Good.” He pressed his lips delicately to her forehead. “You should stop staring at me like that.”

“Why” She demanded.

Draven shook his head. “With your eyes like that, it’s so desirable, you know that?” It was obviously a rhetorical question. His fingers traced slowly down her spine, his breath was against her skin.

Suddenly her hands limp on his chest and she felt lightheaded. Only he could do the magic trick like David Copperfield with her nerves.

“I think we should go now.” He released his embraced slightly away from her putting on his white tee shirt. “Otherwise we would miss the sunset.” The gentle brush of his lips on hers sent a warm glow over her.

“Okay.” With the sweet smell of his breath made her impossible to think that was the only word she could mutter.

“Shall we?” He proffered his elbow while the other hand he took the rattan basket.

“Yes.” She said, resting her hand lightly against the crook of his arm and inhaled a deep breath, readying herself to be fallen under spell of this mesmerizing angel.

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