It Might Be You

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Chapter 20

“Excuse me?” It was the very last thing she had expected Draven to say. “What did you say?”

“Oh, why suddenly your hearing ability has gone astray? It was obvious that you still could hear properly, especially the moment Chloe has told us about Jason’s engagement?”

“Don’t joke with me.” She muttered under her gritted teeth.

“Who said I was joking.” He counterattacked. “You’re the one who turned into deaf.”

“Who said I’m deaf?” She asked vehemently.

“Didn’t you hear what I said?” His gaze had sharpened and she knew her reaction to his declaration was not what he had hoped for. “Or you pretend not to hear?”

“Oh, I heard what you said. It’s just…”

“It’s just what?” He demanded. “It’s just you don’t believe what I said is true? Or you don’t believe that someone is able to like you regardless your circumstances or should I say, your, so low self-esteem simply couldn’t take in the information that how loveable you are?”

Rainie was too shock to even open her mouth to deny. Digesting the information, his questions and the change of his face within split seconds was too much for her poor little brain to handle.

“How many times should I give you clues, that I like you?” He continued when she did not answer him. “I keep telling myself that I give you ample time. However it seems I made a wrong judgment. I always make a wrong judgment when it comes to you. And believe me, it’s very rare for me to be wrong when judging people! So you have to bear that I like you and you have to accept the information, you got that?!”

Rainie stared at him who was still trying to fight the composure his breathing as if he had been running twenty miles per hour instead just talking to her like that.

Is he serious?

Anyway, whether he was serious or not, for a second, okay, perhaps two seconds, hell no, it was for absolute ten seconds, he had managed to take her breath away, literally. The pulse of her heartbeat skipped.

“Rain?” He called her name. The control in his voice returned. “Are you still with me?”

A jostle like a thousand volts shot through her as he had asked her. She blinked, sadly being late to realize what he had just said. And when he kept staring at her with his tiger’s eyes, the warm glints seemed to glow brighter. Now, after her heart had stopped for a split second, it started to pump faster than was strictly necessary.

Clearing her throat she asked him. “Why you like me?” Okay, it was a very, very silly question. From all the questions she could ask, it was the first things come up in her mind.

She saw his eyes dimmed briefly before a smile formed on his handsome face. “Is there a reason to like someone?” He asked her but before she even opened her mouth to reply, he added. “Of course you need a reason, a million reasons actually. It’s only ridiculous to believe that you don’t need a reason. Otherwise what’s the point?” He prodded. “I like you because of your smile, because you’re charming. Crazy but charming, though.” He stepped closer, still locking his eyes on hers, making her impossible to turn away. “I like you because you’re witty, easy and fun to be with. You excite me, enchant me and fascinate me. I like you because you’re loyal with your feeling despites that you’re betrayed. I like you because you keep me wondering what’s in your mind, making my brain have to work harder than I usually do when I’m around you, thinking what you’d do next, or what you’d say.” He was already standing in front of her. Tilting his perfect head he asked her once more. “Should I keep going? Or have I made myself a crystal clear?”


It was the first thing came cross her mind. The words were one thing, the meaning behind them was another.

And the crazy part?

It was worse than every times he had teased her or even kissed her.

Standing in front of her, watching her within close proximity, he was devastatingly good-looking, well, a little bit smug as he’d told her those words, but still good-looking. And if he had expected she could forget about Jason immediately, he was tremendously succeeded.

At that moment, puff…Jason had not even been in her mind as if he had gone into the deepest hell and had not chance to return.

However…The real mind-boggling was, was he serious?

Of course not!

The sensible part of her brain told her that. The waves of tingles started to subside and cold reality crashed in, replacing, sweeping everything else away. He was Draven Knight for God’s sake! The man who not only had everything but the best of everything. And whilst the kisses, his tease and his word had been as near perfection as she could imagine, this…Wasn’t real.

Draven only was trying to butter up her ego, or even if he was not, he might have tried to console her, to purse what both of them had planned, spending the night together. And the trouble with him was, he didn’t want her body, she admitted that far. He wanted her to be with him, psychically as well as her mind. He was the man with it all, thought it did not alter the fact whatever crossed between them after this weekend would end.

So how could she ever hope to hang on to every word he said? Had not she said to herself that if she hadn’t been enough for Jason, how could a man like him would be attracted to her?

But, as she dragged her gaze to him, she thought it was not so bad to join this little scheme of lie. Or was it? The two of them at least would have the benefits. None of them would take a fall or dent on each other egos.

Who got to lose? Obviously not from her part. She could hang on to this little lie that he might actually attracted to her until he would meet some who could supplant his love.

She then smiled at him. “I like you too.” She finally said convincingly, though she did not know to whom she had to convince to.

“Really?” A dubious sound came from his mouth while his eyes slit into suspicious. Instead of being joyful of her answer, he looked shock as if she had said otherwise.

“You don’t believe me?”

“What kind of question is that?” He asserted almost harshly.

“Well, it’s just a curiosity.” Her response was rather weak as her eyes welded to those particular dark eyes.

“Curiosity?” He dealt her long, slow, sardonic look.

Damn! Thousand fucking damn! She cursed silently. What a nice word to say, idiot! Draven, besides being famous as an excellent lover, he was also well-known to have a very sharp mind. He would absorb every single detail word and try to find the meaning behind those sentences. People around him had known his ability.

Yes, duh…Otherwise he wouldn’t become this successful as he is now!

Silently smacking her head, Rainie formed another speech and at the same time tried to salvage a little part of her pride. She shrugged what she hoped was a careless shrug. “It’s only a pure curiosity but if you don’t believe my motive of my question, then I just bid you goodnight.” She sauntered to the cottage direction. However before she could even take a walk, quick footsteps sounded against the sands followed behind her and before she knew what happened, steely fingers of Draven closed about her wrist, jerking her to turn around abruptly without any warning.

“You can’t just walk away from me.” He presaged in her ear arrogantly. The air of his breath tingled all the cord of her nerves. “And one more thing,” He told her, Shifting his position from imprisoned her with his hand, now with his muscular body. “Don’t ever question my trust in you, okay. Because there’s no point to like someone when you don’t have trust in them.”

Rainie guzzled her saliva as his gaze enchained her. “Is that a threat?”

“Do you feel threatened?”

“Why you asked that question?” She demanded feverishly while she felt as if she was melted in his embrace, bringing her adjacent to the heat of his flesh and the sensation of his body. One way or another of its volition, her body angled into his. Then somehow her hands were sliding on his broad chest.

“Hm… I don’t know.” He said casually. “Curiosity?”

Laughter burst out of Rainie in a steady stream. “It appears that you’re the one who have a very limited selection of word, Mr. Knight. It was my word you used.”

“Well when it comes to you, Ms. Yang, I suddenly have a very limited in any sources.” One of his hands lifted to touch the nape of her neck before it slid along her jawline, sending a rocket of desire roaring through her body.

“Are you blaming me?” She tilted her head to look into the familiar passion of his eyes.

“Yes.” He said in a husky voice. His mouth grazed hers and their breath mingled. “I blame you.”

“Hey!” She objected. “You’re such a bad person to accuse me for your abilities.”

“And you talk too much.” He teased her, silencing her speech with a finger onto her lips.

“What? I…”

“Gosh, I guess it takes a lot more of effort to shut you up.” He told her and slowly for the length of heartbeat, his lips closed over hers.

Immediately, her will to keep being angry felt to crumble the moment their lips met. Oh, he had kissed her so many times in the past, however never this passionate. There was a trace of hunger and yet at the same time insecurity. He had never kissed her the way he poured himself so wholeheartedly into something such this kiss. Rainie was paralyzed beneath his touch, so inviting, so seductive and so unbearably gentle.

And he kept on kissing her. By degrees, she was on fire when her lips obediently parting, feeling the warmth of his mouth. Her breath rasped in her throat when he delved and skimmed until she was burning up at every point of contact with his. The heat ambushed of that wide, sensual mouth and now nothing had ever felt so essential when the longing clawed up through her with such greedy force made senses reeled and yet at same time they lived from one second to the next on the single tarrying thought that he might stop.

But he did not.

Raven with wild excitement, Rainie stretched up on tiptoe and looped her arms around his neck to pull him and press herself into his hard male frame. She, then angled her head back, letting the erotic plunge of his lips fed from the sweetness of her mouth while her fingers were ranging up and spearing into the silkiness of his hair like a rainstorm.

Raine said his name with a shaken moan of surrender. Oh…Draven…”

“That’s right, baby…” He spelt out, groaning, his breathed fanned her cheek. “That’s my name. It’s me who’s with you right now. And it’s me who’ll be in your head. Got that?” He commanded before sealed his words with another kiss.

Oh, yeah she got the massage vividly! And she would oblige his command without any hesitation as long as he kissed her like this.

Draven really tasted of the sweetness of champagne and the air held the salty scent noted of his perfume, the wave of his body heat. He infiltrated beneath the jacket and as his grip tightened around her, desire’s siren singing its song through her vein, she answered the silk of his tongue with everything in her that was female, intuitive.

Then he glided his mouth to her cheek, her brows and to her lower eyelid, teasing her with feather-light kisses making her to strain up to him even more. “I want you.”

“Oh, I want you too.” She responded with an aching sigh.

“How fast?” He contested as his hands went down to her hips and his fingers curled around the slenderness of her frame.

Rainie grinned. “Now?”

He slit his eyes, groaned some meaningless lexis. “You’re such a demanding minx, you know that?” He muttered, tangling his hand in her hair fiercely before his mouth descended with abrupt, hungry insistence of a starving man who’d found himself unexpectedly offered a feast.

And as the thrust of his tongue started to come into a force, compelling her head back, a shiver ran down her spine. Once again she melted to the boiling point in seconds as he made love to her mouth with an intimacy that shook her.

Suddenly he drew back his embrace for split second and lifted her in his arms before he started to carry her like she was weightless.

“What are you doing?” She shrieked breathlessly. Both of her arms automatically clutched at his neck, nearly strangled him.

“Making you mine.” He said, dropping a kiss on the crown of her head.

“I’m heavy!” She protested, her eyes widening with horrified fascination and entirely missing the impressive point of what he had just said.

“Shhh…” He silenced her meek protest. “Don’t you know when to shut up, darling?” He ordered in her ear. His nose lightly brushed her cheek whilst his breath puffed her face steadily.

She laughed, intercepting the sensual appreciation of his rough manner. “You know how.”

“I do.” He agreed, angling his face to capture her lips with his gentle kiss. It was short, no tongue. His lips just slowly mouthed hers for a second before he took his steps again.

“Seriously, I’m heavy.” She declared. “You don’t have to carry me like some a caveman.”

He groaned in frustration and expelled an impatient breath before halted in his way. “Seriously, you really need to learn when a man has his needs, nothing could stop him. So please be a dear, and be quiet. It’ll be very helpful if you’re so concern about me carrying you like this.”

“I’m not trying to delay.” She said, brushing her fingertips over the velvety warmth of his mouth. “As a matter of fact I’m trying to solve the problem.” Rainie then grazed his lower lip then his upper lip, over and over again.

He fluttered his eyes close when her caresses multiplied. But he stayed still. “Then what’s your suggestion?”

“I suggest that you put me down this instant so we can make a run to our room instead you carry me and walk with a slow pace and not to mention losing your breath by the time we reach there.”

He lifted his eyelids then immediately helped her to her feet. “Damn, why didn’t I think of that?” He quibbled enigmatically and swiftly took her hand and started to drag her literally, half-running to their room.

With a guffaw that was closer to hysteria than laughter, Rainie obligingly followed him. They stumbled at each other steps or the path they were taking, however none of them would care. Once every ten seconds, Draven kissed her and every time he did that, there was a stillness about him that seemed to spread to the air around them, and the world in this case, that was earlier before had filled with small noises such as owls chirping with annoyance at some disturbance, waves crashing the shores, people who were staring at them as they passed them by, and Chloe’s shrieking voice in her head with her gossips suddenly turned silent, fading into insignificance.

The only thing she heard was the rhythm of their heartbeat when he held her in his arms. And the only thing she saw was the small enthusiast spark radiating from his dark golden eyes. They shimmered with unashamed satisfaction and really, really worked like some kind of magic charm.

And so did his navigation skill.

They were already in front of their room and he dissolved her against the steel of his body while the other of his hand tried to open the suite.

“Damn!” He cursed as the door failed to open.

Rainie giggle hearing the frustration in his word. “You’ve to be patient.”

“Not, when it concerns you.” He muttered, placing his hand which had been at her back to her neck and plied his lips again on hers briefly but still passionately.

He tried for the second time to open the door and when he succeeded, Draven immediately pulled her to enter the room, kicked the door behind them and swiftly trapping her against the wall and his hard frame, giving no room between them. He did not even bother to turn on the light.

“Hmm, so where were we?” He howled into her neck and pressed forward.

“The part you’re doing right now.”

“We don’t miss a thing?”

“Not as I’m aware of.” She bashed out without hesitation.

“Excellent.” He muttered before he started to lift her up again and carried her. They were waltzing, twirling around in the darkness except the dim silver light of the moon shadowing them through the curtain-less window.

She did not know how they could reach the bed without bumping into something. She did not even bother to think.

All of her focus now, the seconds he stumbled her onto the huge bed among the scented sheets and pillow, was him and his expertise teasing her. He continued his sensual onslaught. His mouth roamed randomly all over hers face like a languid summer breeze, murmuring such words of passion and so did his hands. They spoke for him, seeking, exploring her greedily and creating such a raw and primitive need.

Then as he found the knot of her sarong, he loosened it with a splendid speed and tossed it aside, revealing the silkiness of her legs.

“My…My…” He muttered in appreciation, tracing a path down the side of her legs with his fingers. “Where the hell, I’ve been all this time?”

“Perhaps you’re busy adoring other legs?” She teased, taking every bit of his appreciation with fulfillment she was so desperately wanted to hear.

“No.” He disagreed, kissing her collarbone with such gentleness that made her giddy. “I’m not a big fan of legs…” He whispered throatily against the hot flushed skin of her face. “Until now.” Under the dim light of the moon, she saw him grinning when he lifted his face to meet her eyes. “You’ve such very sexy legs. So sexy, that you could turn me into a fetish from now onward.”

Rainie gave a ladylike shrug. “I’m glad that I can make some changes for someone.”

He laughed, sliding her nose with his finger. “You’re really a little minx.” He said then started to kiss her again. His hands slowly went down to the side of her body and he didn’t stop there.

They kept maintaining their journey until somehow, his hands stopped at zip of the jacket she was still wearing. “Darn this jacket.” Suddenly he cursed under his breath. “Why the zip stuck?!”

“You’d better not rip it. It belongs to Paige.” Rainie giggled.

“I’ll buy her a new one.” As soon as he had said that, the jacket’s zip poorly ruined.

The air whooshed from her lungs. She had to admit that she loved his style being impatient. She used to think that this barbaric but romantic style like he was doing right now, could only be found in some too-much-to-be-real novel or in the movie but never, never in her own reality life.

“My God Draven…”

Shhh… be quiet.” He commanded then now attempting to undo her one-piece swimsuit. “And now can you tell me how to undo this blast swimsuit? Or should I rip it also?”

“No!” She protested. “Not this one. It’s my only piece. Besides,” She rushed on. “Anticipation is half the pleasure.”

Draven smiled. “Alright.” He drawled huskily. “I’ll do gently with this.” He slowly pulling the stripes of her swimsuit, relishing every moment with such tenderness, so totally different compared to what he’d done few minutes earlier. And in every inch, her body started to be revealed, he kissed them as if she was precious.

“Oh Draven…” Her breath came in gasps as he stroked his palms down her sides.

“Rainie?” Her name was a soft question, not some kind of stipulation. Somehow she sensed that he was giving her a choice. A chance to rethink or to back away. But that thought right now was millions light away from her.

Please don’t stop…” She arched against him. “I…” Her voice died on her the moment she saw his dark eyes blazing.

He smiled tenderly and understood her even before as she spoke. He then caressed and tasted her until she lost the last remnants of restraints. They were so good. Everything in her life had come before her seemed to fade away in briefest moment of time.

Letting her body speak for her, she was more than elated when she pressed herself against him valiantly, though, there was no room to spare between them. And she did not know how long she kept doing it. Who cared? Who on earth counted how many seconds tick at this situation, she thought briefly within her shutter mind. Obviously not her!

Suddenly, she felt, he loosened, leaving a trace of his mark in her nerves and immediately caused some protest from her, all over her.


“Shhh… He cut her in. “I just need to get rid this bloody shirt. It’s getting on my way.”

“Are you going to rip it also?” She queried, teasing him of what he’d done before.

“If I’ve to.” The moment he had told her, he with no hesitation to wrench back from her to tear the shirt in one impatient movement and also the remainder of his clothing, while Rainie was still struggling to get the air back into her constricted lungs.

Heaven, she was totally transfixed. She breathed with abraded conviction as she absorbing the picture he made against her. Piercing eyes, like shooting stars, his torso could only be vied with a Greek God, his wide brown shoulders, rippling pectoral muscles roughened by a tantalizing of black curling hair and very, very strong, limb legs.

“I think you owe to Seth also his cloth.” She said after somehow manage to find her voice. “He might just kill you.”

He chuckled, framing her face with such gentleness hands. “Over a cloth? I don’t think so.” He said, a little bit smug. “But let’s argument shake he did that, I’d be gladly to die.”

“Why?” Breathlessly she asked, though she didn’t understand why she asked him.

“Because I’m already in heaven, right now.”

Rainie studied him. “Really?”

“Yes really.” He told her. “Now can you please shut up and let this man do his work, hmmm?”

Her mouth tipped up slightly. “Then what should this woman do?”

“Touch me.”

Oh, she was more than glad to obey him. As a matter of fact instinct had taken controlled of her body. Filled with almost unbearably overwhelming feeling, she raised somehow her trembling hands and brushed over the velvety warmth of his exquisite mouth with such tenderness then slowly her fingers clumsily and feverishly trace down to his naked but strong chest.

It’d been so long for to feel this way. Feeling this close to a man. Perhaps she had forgotten the intensity of the feelings, the exigency, the need. Perhaps it was only the novelty, the peculiarity. Or perhaps it was none of those things but simply something more. Well, whatever it was she wanted it all.

And He had not stopped to give this painful indulgence. He leisurely kept continuing to divest her swimsuit away with an easy expertise. And every time he passed part of her body, he also gave his butterfly kisses as if wanted her body to know who was undoing the outfit.

Rainie mimicked his movements. She caressed, he stroked. He kissed, she nuzzled. The two of them just were just like an endless exotic love story.

“Oh my…” She mumbled incoherently. Her voice strained. “God… I…”

“Shhhh… Rain…” He whispered, already leant over her again. His long, lean body was golden and tight with leashed power in the moonlight. His brilliant eyes savored her quivering tension.

“I want you…” She urged. “I want you now!” The violence in her voice might startle her later on, but right now her mind totally closed down itself, stripping away anything beyond this physical sensation. Shutting her eyes tight, she let the excitement took hold of her like a bushfire, blazing out of her power. The erotic mastery he unleashed with the tug of his mouth, his hands dragging her down so fast into a world of pure sensation where she was lost in it. She twisted, moaned, feeling hotter than she could bear.

“That’s right, my beautiful Rain…” With dark, driven groan of satisfaction, Ken whispered. “Say that you want me…Say you’re mine.” He ordered, half lifting her up to him with his two powerful hands and ravaged the tender interior of her mouth with a raw, demanding passion. “Say it, Rain! Say that you’re mine!” His beautiful shaped mouth hardening as he starred down into her hectically flush face. His spectacular bone structure was ferociously taut.

“Yes please…” Staggering, losing her breath as if she’d run ten thousand miles, she murmured. Her body and soul now became one gigantic different kind of pleading ache. “I want you. I’m yours…I’m…”

Suddenly her voice trailed off before she gasped with exhilaration when he with his conquering male, thrusting her. Her nails were digging into his shoulderblades and her breathing was fast and wild. With every driving invasion, he sent excitement hurtling through her at storm-force effectiveness. Hot, aching pleasure was all over her. She had not had any clue such intensity of pleasure could exist but then the fierce rhythms with the core of her became all-consuming and he took her to a place she had never thought could exist when a release came in a shattering rapturous surge, jolting her in every fiber of her being. Then within seconds, as his world also teetered on the edge of bliss with a shuddering groan, Rainie cried out and wrapped her arms around him, sharing the same heaven they had together.

It felt like a long time before she could move or even open her eyes and when she finally returned to earth and her breathing returned to normal, Rainie pressed her lips adoringly to a satin-smooth shoulder damp. Both of them were now already cocooned under the thick white cover. She then gazed up at him and brushed his lips with her fingertips. “Thank you.”

Draven looked at her while he held Rainie firmly in his side. “That’s supposed to be my line.”

“Woman can’t be grateful?”

“You should let the man do what he has to do.” He suggested, pulling her even closer as if there was still gap between them when it was not. “You always beat me when it comes with words or even with action.”


“Don’t get me wrong.” He interrupted. “I’m not here trying to discriminate the gender between man and woman, but for once please, you should let our species be useful.”

Rainie grinned, intoxicated to hear the slow heavy beat of his heart and the rough feel of his body hair against the smooth silkiness of her skin. “Ahh, so you like to be useful.”

“Of course.” He said, propping his head on one elbow so he could look down at her before he told her with conviction. “Oh and by the way I’ve to warn you, starting tonight you’re mine.”

Rainie tilted her head up. The line from his last sentences played on the loop of her head. For a second lost for words, she did nothing but stared at him. And when finally she gained her reverie, she raised her eyebrow and parroted. “Starting tonight I am yours?”

He nodded with confidence. “Yes, and I suggest to you also make yourself familiar with the concept. What I’m saying…”

Rainie suddenly pushed herself up from the mattress. His confidence somehow irritated her. Her heart pounded, every nerve ending shrieked and he laid there acting like Mr. confident. Alright he was after all Mr. confident but it did not mean that he could own everything in this world. “Excuse me, Sire, but you don’t owe a people. Love and people aren’t possession. Believe when I said this, because I was in it and I don’t want to make a detour to the same place.”

His expression froze for a moment, a curious chilling blazed in his dark eyes. “Can you enunciate please what’s that supposed to mean?”

Rainie sighed helplessly. “Draven…” She began. “Jason told me the same thing last time and I was more than willing to accept that concept, as you described.” She paused studying his face whether he understood the sarcasm in her tone and by the look of his face, he did, but she did not care. She was tired of being someone’s else belonging. “And look what he did to me? He dumped me like I was one of his old shoes ready to be replaced by a new one. I don’t want to be in that place anymore. I don’t want people, especially man owns me as if they own my life.”

Draven had already followed her suit, he had sat instead of lay down but he reclined lazily against the headboard. “I’m not Jason.”

She squared her shoulders, her brown hair framed her face, tousled. “I know, you’re not. I’m not blind to see the difference…”

“Yes you are.” He interjected forcefully though still in the calm manner. “You can’t differentiate between one men to another.”

“Then why you said the same thing just like Jason did?” She challenged him. “Men are all the same, they say one thing and do another thing.”

Draven’s eyes darkened the golden turning into that of a stormy sea. “I’m a man prone to keep my promise. And if you just let your mouth to shut for another few second, you’d hear everything.”

“And what would it be?” She countered, pulling herself away from him to put much-needed distance between them.

“You’re mine starting tonight that’s true. I’m that possessive when it comes to you. I’m a keeper. But I also don’t want to lose your independency, your wittiness. I like you just like you’re right now and I don’t want you to change into somebody else, just like Jason did to you…”


“I’m not finished.” He snapped in a whisper. A muscle throbbed at his temple as if he tried to cool down his temper. “I think you ought to know the difference of sentences between you belong to me, and you belong with me. In this case, I want to say is that you belong with me, tu comprends?”

“I….” Her voice cracked.

“Now, why sitting so far from me?” Gently, he brought her back and hauled her in his arms. “You know it’s very taboo to argue after we made love?”

Rainie knew she should resist but somehow seemed powerless to stop herself being drawn into the warm circle of his arm. Besides why was the point to argue when they were in this blissful haven, like this? Talking about possession? No harm could possibly come if what he had said was true or not. They were only words. Words came from a man who had his desire fulfill tonight with her and she also was not in the lost side either.

“Okay, no further discussion.” She said giving up. Well, she had to give up, especially when he languidly show that irresistible tugged at his mouth. A slowly, sexy, dangerous little grin which started igniting the spark of heat deep inside her.

“Great.” He sealed her with his kiss. “Now shall we start again?”

“Again?” Stunned, she asked him.

“Oh, yes again, Rain. I always want to do it again with you…”

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