It Might Be You

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Chapter 22

“So how was it?” Chloe asked, taking the stupendous proportions of food from the basket. She looked as if she had stepped right out of some magazine ad for summer clothing line. Though the temperature was a little bit chilly, she was wearing a yellow dress and thin fabric sweater that could keep her warm enough.

Rainie looked at her best friend and wondered how on earth she had to be stuck with her again now. Chloe had been buggering to have another picnic since this morning to her before Jason’s party started. And Rainie had not had any choice to follow. In a simpler word, she had been forced to have picnic with them again, while all she had wanted was to enjoy her time with Draven on the bed, listening of his story, taste his touch on her skin and…

Chloe snapped her fingers in front of Rainie’s face and when she had focused on her properly she apprehended Chloe was giving her one of her looks.

Rainie took a deep breath and picked the glasses. Holding her hands around them she pondered how much she wanted to divulge. “What?”

Chloe snorted, placing two enormous pizzas boxes on the picnic cover cloth material. “You’d better not pretend, girl. Because I know there’s something going out with you two, isn’t it? So how was it?”

Seriously now, Rainie simply loathed herself to have agreed at first place picnicking on the beach which Barbie just like usual had organized the eight of them had a lazy day out. Which unfortunately had been agreed by the seven of them, Draven included!

Essentially, it had not been such a bad idea, Rainie thought.

And that had been her first thought.

Because now, at midday, while the boys were playing volley and the girls were preparing the picnic, the first question Chloe had had to ask was ‘how was it?’ As if that simple question was a simple question after all.

Nothing was so simply when Chloe had asked the question while Paige and Whitney were literally snooping at her as if she were the best website for searching engine having lots of information.

Rainie sighed and stopped taking the glasses from the basket case. She looked at her and pretending hopelessly to not understand. “What do you mean how was it?”

Chloe rolled her eyes. “Come on, after what I told you about Jason, Draven’s face suddenly changed. I’m sure that both of you talked after we all went back to the cottage?”

“Is there something we’re missing?” Paige asked, puzzled. She exchanged the look to Whitney was also in the dark side of this conversation.

“I don’t know.” Rainie shrugged, sorting out glasses which had been halted moments earlier. “I’m sure you all know that Chloe can tell you fairy-tale story.”

“Hey!” Chloe shrieked. “I’m not telling you a fairy tale story!” The ponytail bounced violently as she shook her head, protesting. “I’m telling you a real story of Draven and Rainie.”

“What’s the real story of Draven and Rainie?” Whitney winked at Rainie, giggling while Paige followed her suit.

Rainie growled in desperation quietly. There was no way…No way that the three musketeers like them would release this subject and her in this case, so easily. “There was nothing of real story about Draven and Rainie!” Rainie growled.

“Oh come on, Rain, this is us you’re telling, not someone else…” Paige cajoled sweetly.

Exactly! Since it was them, she could not tell anything.

But then again, Paige was really good in persuading. Rainie did not know was it she had the ability to find every person’s weak spot or she was simply having a beautiful, genuine smile that could melt even the coldest, the most introvert person in this world heart to open his or her story to Paige just like that.

“Yes Rain, I know you two have something now. I can see it.” Whitney linked, cocking her head to one side while she tackled the bottle with the corkscrew. “It’s so obvious the changes between the two of you.”

There were actually lots of changes between the two of them. Started from having arguments to the straightening, to the exchanging the tongues and then the making love and finally to revealing of his feeling.

Rainie’s lips softened, warmed at the memory, and recognizing that they were watching her, she snapped back to now. From the contour of her face, the three ladies in front of her could read the story anyway. But a girl could have a secret right? Those witches did not need to know the detail no matter how perfectly well-written on her face, she would not say a word. “You girls really got nothing to do last night but talking about me? How did your men feel?” She said guilelessly.

Chloe dismissed Rainie’s brisk comment with a wave of her grace hand. “Don’t change the subject, kiddo. Besides they even talked actually and we continue to put up the puzzle this morning.” Her arm then came around Rainie’s shoulder and she could smell Chloe’s perfume. “Didn’t you feel that you ears were burning?”

“Nope.” Rainie abashed. “My ears, like the rest that attached on my body were sleeping.”

“Not alone, I bet.” Chloe, remarkably ingenious in finding the means to get her own way was undaunted.

Ugh… Thanks, Chloe! She really knew how to corner her.

“I’m not telling that.” Rainie pushed Chloe’s embrace playfully.

“But what really happened Rain?” Paige asked seriously, straightening her blue knitted outfit before she chewed a cracker. “I mean last night I saw Draven was a little bit different. He hardly talk, I mean it isn’t like he’s a talker, if you know what I mean. But he was just so different. So distance.”

Rainie hesitated, pressing her lips together she then looked skyward. “Actually we had an argument last night.”

“Are you serious?” Paige asked, her mouth hung open in shock with exaggerated alarm. “What did you fight about?”

“Why didn’t we know?” Whitney wondered, her face puzzling while she finally pulled the cork and poured the golden liquid of champagne into the glasses and handed each of glasses to them.

“Is it because of Jason?” Chloe persisted urgently, casually cut the slice of pizza, and lick the cheese off her thumb.


“Is it Rain?” Whitney interrupted her. Strangely, her usually buoyant and smiley face changed into a frown almost annoyed even livid. “Is it because of him, you had a fight with Draven? Why?” She persisted, staring at her so intently.

Rainie stiffened in sullen defense. What the heck were the questions supposed to mean? Why suddenly Whitney was upset? What did she have to do with Jason?

“What do you mean because of Jason, Whitney?” She began, lowering her eyes to the sparkling liquid glass before her.

Whitney’s gesticulation somehow bothered her. Whitney never looked so distraught since she had known her.

“Did both of you have a fight because you want to go back to Jason?” Whitney took a sip of her drink, her eyes narrowing on Rainie’s wondering face. “Jason is engaged, in case you forget about that fact.”

“Rainie…” Paige touched Rainie’s upper arm, making her to turn around her face. She saw her pretty face creased with worry. “You know that Jason’s engagement break-up is a faux.”

“Girls, the fight it’s not what you think.” Rainie rubbed at her eyes, thinking how to explain everything to them. “You’re right, Whitney,” Rainie diverted her gaze back to Whitney as she decided quickly to add, lest they got any wrong ideas. “We’d a fight about Jason but it was only for temporary. We...” She shrugged. “Well, we’re kinda okay since we stopped arguing.”

“Hmm…” Chloe fixed her with a best friend frown. “Okay of what?” She pressed.

“I told him that I’m not going back to Jason!” Rainie reared up at the possibility.

“So what was a fight about?” Chloe was looking at her a little oddly at her outburst.

Rainie bought her time by biting a cracker with enough force to reduce it to spraying fragments. “It wasn’t really a fight.” She began. “When you told us about Jason last night, of course the thought of going back to him crossed my mind and…”

Chloe gave a squeak and sat bolt upright. “Are you crazy?!”

“Would you all listen first?!” Rainie growled. “Gezz…You don’t make it so easy, do you?”

“But you said…”

“Please shut up and listen to me first okay?” Rainie elicited, her face tight with desperation being bombarded by her. Chloe had the tendency to be rather overbearing and hung onto the subject like a leech until she was satisfied. She didn’t even wait and give her give her a chance to tell the story.

“Chloe, Paige could you please leave us alone?” Suddenly the attention went to Whitney. Chloe stared at her, puzzled while Paige’s face was unreadable. No one spoke for a split second.

Until Paige nodded, placing her glass on the picnic cloth. “Sure, I need to get exercise with the boys anyway.” She cleaned up the crumbles of cracker from her dress before turned her head to Chloe who was still sitting unmoved. “Let’s go Chloe.”

“Alright.” Chloe finally said and stood up, followed by Paige immediately and without saying another word the two of them left Rainie and Whitney alone.

As soon as Whitney thought that they were out of ears dropping zone, she turned to look at Rainie. She took her time by pouring her glass again with the champagne.

She then proffered Rainie. “Do you want another drink?”

Rainie shook her head inadequately then she peered up at her stylish but a sudden bizarre behavior friend across her with vaguely confused eyes. She had never seen Whitney like this stage before.

She was classy and sometimes could be very calm but never, never this troubled.

“Come on…You should drink more, okay?” Whitney insisted, refilling the champagne into the half-empty glass of Rainie’s.

“Thanks.” Rainie said, taking the glass and sipped the drink gingerly. “Hmm. So what do you want to talk about?”

“About Draven.” Whitney fixed her with a firm frankness.

“Alright.” Rainie nodded though she didn’t understand where this conversation would go but at least she knew the subject. The question was why Whitney wanted to talk about him?

Whitney put aside her drink nonchalance and looked at her directly. “I know it’s not my business whatsoever but I just have to tell you.” She paused for a split second then carried on. “Draven used to have a girlfriend, she…”

“I know.”

“You do?” Whitney said, looking at her in wonder.

“He told me.”

“About Amanda?” Whitney asked and repeated the question. “Draven told you about Amanda?”

“If you mean the girl that Draven told me her name was Amanda, well yeah…Means we’re in the same page.” Rainie said in sotto voce.

“How much did he tell you? Because you used the word was…It means you know that she was in the past, and not only regarding the relationship.”

“Yes.” Rainie divulged with a little bob, discomfited by the intensity of the conversation. “Draven told me about her and how she died.”

“But didn’t he tell you about the post-term after she died? How did he cope with her death?” Whitney urged, although she exhibited no more than a casual tone.

“No…” Rainie said placing her glass next to Whitney’s. “He only told me about the girl that he liked. That’s all.”

“That’s it?” Whitney gave an astound squawk, the exclamation then followed with an ironic smile forming on her soothing beautiful face. “Do you have any idea how he put through?”

Rainie’s eyebrows rose quizzically. “Why? What happened?”

Whitney measured the contour of Rainie’s face. She threw her a darting, dismayed looked before she asked. “How much did he tell you?”

“Not much.” Rainie shook her head, made a little moue at Whitney and played her glass distractedly. She then recited of what Draven had told her. “He only told me that he met her in some kind of office environment. Somehow or rather, they became close but the girl had kind of trouble heart, like she didn’t believe his attention was pure and suddenly it went from bad to worse when she got accident.”

“Is that all?”

Rainie sighed heavily, running her fingers to her hair. “What do you me want to tell you more?”

There was a pause. She wondered what Whitney was thinking. Honestly as she looked speculatively at her friend, she had not seen the point why she wanted to talk about Draven with her at first place and even dismissed Paige and Chloe for having a private conversation with her.

“Rain…” Whitney began hastily. “Don’t get me wrong about what I’m going say, okay. And I don’t have any intention to demean your feeling and your pain towards Jason and your break-up but… ” There was another pause as she looked at Rainie in almost pleading gaze. “Please don’t hurt Draven with your confusion of your emotion.”

Rainie grimaced. “Excuse me?” She asked. “What do you mean?”

“Well… I know that we’ve been pestering you to get…You know being here with Draven and…”


Whitney continued to look at her in that searching way of her and then shrugged quite dolefully “I love him. He’s like a brother to me for all intent and purpose. He’s been there for me and spoiled also whenever he can. And because he’s treated me that way, there’s in me that I want to do something for him. Though I had no idea how since as you know, Rain, he always does everything by himself even keeping his feeling reserved only for him. And when that incident happened I wanted to help him, then again I didn’t know how. I could only watch him drowned into sadness.”

“Sadness?” Rainie asked almost gasped. “What do you mean sadness?”

“He was devastated and the worst part, he blamed himself totally for drove her life to the end. Since then he’s so afraid to get too close to anyone. I could see that if he’s attached to someone, he would end up hurting her more.”

Whitney’s sonorous voice sounded on but for Rainie everything went silence. She felt that her feet trod numbly. Her body was numb only her mind started to recollect the conversation between her and Draven last night on the beach.

Being me it’s not always easy, Rain. Sometimes I only do what I’ve to do and not what I want to do. Where I’m going, who I’m going with there will always be news for media and not to mention of my surrounding. I hate being scrutinized by people yet I couldn’t do anything about it. I was born in this path and no matter what would do there’ll be some people don’t like it. I want someone to look at me for me, not for my money, my status. It was a simple as that, Rainie. But somehow it seems the hardest thing people do. Aren’t you going to ask me what another thing I fear the most? The woman I want who deserves so much more than I can give.

“Listen,” The second Whitney called her name, her mind returned to the conversation they were having now. “I shouldn’t say this to you but he’s drown with his own sadness and ridden by guilt perhaps even fear. Though he didn’t tell me but I could sense it.” Whitney tossed a lock of her shiny jet black hair did not realize that for a moment that Rainie had lost in her own thoughts. “He made himself worked harder than usually did. And when I asked him to go out having fun, he just did what I’ve asked him.” She then shrugged giving a reluctant laugh. “Of course he took my advice a little too much.”

“So he had his fun back?”

Whitney perfect eyebrow rose. “You don’t really know a man, do you?” She asked, looking at Rainie’s face as if she had not believed the remark Rainie had spoken.

“You’re right.” Rainie clarioned. “I don’t.”

The beautiful lady in front of her gave her a beatific smile before her expression turned earnest after a moment of contemplative silence. “Rain…” Whitney pursed her pretty lips and stared at Rainie with dawning comprehension. “Men heal their wound in different ways. Not like women, they don’t talk to share their pain. They could only do whatever people perceive about them being men which are either being work alcoholic or womenholic or even both when they’re down.”

“Gosh, I really don’t know how bad his situation is.” Rainie sighed in regret after commenting sarcastically of Draven’ situation. She rubbed her eyes, frustrated. “He never mentioned to me prior this morning though I think he tried to give me some clue during our talk last night.”

“Hmmm….” Whitney fixed her with a friend frown and gave a school-marm nod. “He’s like that. It’s difficult for him to reveal his emotion. He’s been trained to be what he’s now. And that includes socializing.” She added as she put an arm around her shoulder.

“So are you saying his habit of changing women is because of his sadness or because he has to do what he has to do?” Rainie ventured. “I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s a noble thing to do despite the fact that he’s trying to heal his pain but causing another heartbreak of a person isn’t right.”

“I’m not saying what he did was right.” Whitney admitted, breaking their closeness and twisting her hands in her lap.

“And now you expect me to pretend that it’s okay for him to do like that?” Rainie pressed.

“No.” She urgently replied. “Of course not. I want you to understand his motive or his reason.”


Whitney rolled her eyes impatiently and groaned in frustration. “Gosh Rain, are you that silly? Of course it’s because he changed the moment he met you.”

Rainie stared at Draven’s cousin as if she had never seen her before. “What?” She startled barely whispered. “What are you saying?”

“Can’t you see?” She asked, unperturbed, a look of chagrin was forming on her face. “He’s in…”

Out of a blue, a shadow of figure crept both of them, and they both whirled their heads round. Draven was standing erect in front of them. He stared at them with knit brows and an arrested expression while Rainie gazed up after him from the foot to his face.

“What you’re guys talking about?” He asked, hunkering down next to Rainie but his gaze was still at Whitney as if he had sent a mental note to his cousin.

“Nothing.” Whitney replied, pulling her legs and rising impressively to her feet. “I just want to tell Rainie about what I need to say.”

“Which is?” Draven posed. The contour of his sinewy face unreadable.

Whitney smiled mysteriously at Draven. “You do the rest, kiddo. I only do my job.” She said with a conspiratorial twinkle. “Now if you excuse me, I want to smooch my boyfriend.” And without waiting any reply from any of them, she left leaving two faces in gawk.

Well at least only one face that was gawking…Because the other steelier granite-hard, face still remained impassive as he looked at Whitney with a dark, rather glowering frown.

Then Rainie turned her attention to a striking man next to her. “Draven…” She prodded.

“What did Whitney tell you?” Without a warning Draven returned his eyes to Rainie. He looked persistence, although he exhibited the question no more than a casual interest.

“Excuse me?” Nonplussed Rainie sputtered, trying to force her mind to function on the question. Apparently her unfinished conversation with Whitney had taken complete concentration.

“What did she say?” Draven repeated, pulling himself down completely and staring at the mess in front of him with detached interest.

“Not much.” She replied, only half the truth.

Draven turned his gaze, surveying her through slits of brilliant golden light for a moment or two, his face expressionless. “Are you sure? Don’t you care to share?”

Rainie looked down at her fingers, unsure how to tell him and when she lifted up he face and stared at the rugged profile, he had not even altered his gaze. Honestly did his eyes actually get darker when he wanted to get his way? Was he a picture perfect of the art of persuasion? “She told me a bit about you and Amanda and how…How you were devastated losing her.” She managed.

“Damn…” He muttered under his breath. The slab of his belly muscles became noticeably concave beneath his grey shirt. “She shouldn’t have said anything to you.”

Rainie creased. “Why?”

“Because it’s…” Draven recessed as if trying to form a sentence that could be accepted by her and when he did not succeed he sighed. “Because it’s personal and I don’t like her to talk about me. It isn’t her place.”

“She only concerns about you.”

“It’s not her business.” He charged firmly. “It’s obvious she was trying to do something.”

“Based on what?” Rainie inquired staring at him in a full of incomprehension. His amazing chocolate eyes glittered with the expression she couldn’t read. “She only told me about your past relationship with Amanda and how sad you’re when…” She paused as if there were lumps with size of tennis ball preventing her to say another word.

It was a good though. Swallowing a bunch of tennis ball would have been a better choice than she had nothing inside her mouth preventing her to blabber.

“When Amanda died?” He finished the sentences that had been abruptly halted. “Is that what you are going to ask, Rain? Are you that afraid that I’d break down again every time you or someone mentions her name?”

“I just thought…”

“I understand what you’re thinking.” Draven interrupted. “So please don’t, okay?”

He was looking straight at her then he played his poker face player, baring nothing of his emotion.

“Draven please…It’s not like that.” She argued miserably. “Whitney only told me the things that you said last night.”

“Only she added few more spices, didn’t she, eh?” He anxiously pronounced. His head slightly tilted and the way he looked at her in the eyes, the way he did it, somehow quite distressing, like he was piercing through her whole façade by just staring.

“She just told me the truth.”

“She doesn’t know anything!” He crushed.

“Perhaps she knows you more than you realize.” She stated softly. “She’s a woman, and woman sometimes could be more sensitive about the subject of heart.” Then Rainie laughed forlornly, shrugging. “Well most women though, because I’m an exceptional of those quality.”

Draven seemed to consider the word she had put but still not a single puzzlement or wonderment on his face. He only asked. “What does that mean?”

Shaking her head randomly, Rainie replied. “Nothing. It doesn’t mean anything. I just want to tell you that what she meant is well. And instead of judging of her intention, please be reminded that she cares about you and she just wants you to be happy.”

He smirked. “No one knows someone’s else happiness, Rainie expect that person itself.”


“The conversation between you and Whitney was completely hideous and utterly not necessary.” He interjected icily.

“What do you mean?” She could not deem what he’d said. Shock was detonating through her in a dawdling motion. “Do you think your cousin’s concern isn’t important?”

Silence reigned for split seconds and when she looked at him trying to decipher his emotions, not surprisingly she found nothing. Really, he was too good at remaining deadpan, he should have been in the poker table instead changing conversation between them, since she knew well who was the losing end eventually.

“I didn’t say that.” He began after a while. “I just don’t want her spreading gossips about me to you. I’ve enough with the media frenzies. I loathe them with their report as if they know me. For them as long as their medias on the top rate by just writing about me, they simply don’t care.”

“Well, Whitney isn’t some strangers and media who want taking advantage of your background.” She argued almost heatedly.

“I know that. But though the intentions are totally different, still I don’t like what she was doing.”

“Why you don’t like her talking about you?” She countered. His calm manner really started to send her temper soaring. “Is there something you hide that you don’t want me to know like a top secret or you have your own Pandora box?” She prodded, though knowing the fact she was pushing herself to cliff-edge.

For a brief moment Rainie barely saw a glimpse of uncertainty registered searingly in the depth of his proud eyes.

But it was only briefly.

Yet a muscle throbbed at his temples. “I…” Draven began agitatedly. “I don’t have some top secret or pandora box. I just don’t like the fact that Whitney told you something that’s so private.”

“Let me tell you something.” She said, pointing at his chest with annoyance. “She didn’t tell me bad things about you. She merely told me that I’ve to be more considerate with your feeling…”

“Considerate with my feeling?!” He spelt out with contempt that made Rainie receded her finger in shock. “Believe me, I don’t want your consideration or whatsoever about my feeling.”

“She told me that you’re almost drowned by sadness and I understand completely what you said last night about what you fear the most.”

Draven was mute yet more crack appeared at her resolve. There was an expression forming in his face now. The emotion which was dominating on the contour of his face was the pain.

Oh, she regretted to put that expression on his handsome face. True, she wanted some expression but not that one.

Rubbing her tight neck she told him morosely. “Listen Draven, I’m really sorry…”

“Now do you feel sorry for me?” He immediately interjected icily.

“What?!” She squared her shoulders, horror-struck with the accusation. “What makes you think that I feel sorry about you?”

“Do you think that your past could make me pity you? Do you think of me so low now?” She asked, disbelieved. Her eyes had flown open as she thought the allegation had hurled at her. Seriously it wasn’t fair. Draven Knight wasn’t fair at her!

It seemed her questions had hit the target. His lips turned into a thin line and the caramel orbs turned into that of a stormy sea. He did not say a thing before he abruptly getting up to his feet.

“Draven where…”

“I’ve got to go.” He announced in cold of rebuttal “I’ll see you later, okay Rain…” He then jerked around to pace away from her,

Wobbling, Rainie followed his suit. “Draven!” She shouted, competing the voices of waves and the noises around her was not really her best effort. Not to mention also, her squeal had made all of her friends turned their attention to them. However she didn’t care. “Where are you going?” She urged seeing his rapid movement.

He did not reply, did not even pause as she watched in frustration the way he sauntered from her with every unfeasible long stride.

“Draven please…” She begged in a breathless voice she barely recognized as her own pleading out. “Don’t go. I know that I was upsetting you, but please stay and I won’t demand your answer.”

The moment he heard her almost audible pleading, suddenly he halted completely. It seemed it was perpetual to stare at his back, taking every little detail of the masculinity of his posture until he slowly swung around.

And if Draven a moment ago had displayed an inconsequential of his tension, this time he face had returned to impassiveness as if the emotion Raine had witnessed earlier had been only her imagination.

“Please don’t do that.” He drawled with his measure cool. The incisive dark eyes resting bestow upon her without any perceptible expression. Now they both stood with an ocean of room separating to each other. “I’m not upset, you don’t have to do something you’re forced to do that.”

“But why…”

“Sshhh…” Abruptly Draven retraced his steps back towards her and closed their distance, then stopped. “I’m sorry for being rude to you moments ago, you don’t deserve that.”

A glint of tears formed in her eyes. She really started to hate Draven for his measured-cool attitude now. She wanted him to reveal his feeling, his emotion and not just a his suave, charismatic charm of his signature he always displayed. She wanted him to let her see his vulnerability for once.

“I don’t care of you being rude.” Tears had choked her. “I want you to tell me.”

Draven shook his head slowly. “I told you how I feel last night.” He stated huskily. “But I can’t tell you more until you realize your own feeling. And I know that you’re still confused. I don’t want to complicate and mix altogether of your emotion into one basket.”

“I can handle it.” She stubbornly stated.

He chuckled lightly despite wretched atmosphere between them. “Oh, Rain…” He placed both of his hands on either sides of Rainie’s face. The tip of his index finger wiped away the tears at the corner of her eyes. “Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t trust your capability to handle your emotion but I want you to sort things out slowly. Emotion and feeling aren’t science and math. There aren’t and will never be accurate.”

“But I know myself.” She insisted, staring up at him, still didn’t quite comprehend why he thought that she was fragile.

“Sure… “ He agreed earnestly. “But slowly, okay…” He brushed his lips across the top of her head. “We’ll take it slowly until you’re absolutely certain about your feeling towards me.”

“I thought you said that feeling is never certain?” She tilted her head mused.

“Smart girl.” He commented, his smile momentarily waned. “Yet somehow you just know your feeling to a certain person.”


He nodded gingerly and told her in no more than a feathery whisper. “Yes really Rain. I’ve to remind you that I’m a selfish person. I want it all.”

“You have…”

“Shhh…I think I should hush you now because there’s nothing I want to do but kissing you…” And before Rainie was given another chance, Draven lowered his head and soon his luscious lips already explored hers, nibbling affectionately.

And he took his time as he kissed her while Rainie sensed the group of their friends were staring at them in awe. Prior to this point, they have not really seen them kissing so openly like this.

Heaven, she did not even bother right now. She only wanted to kiss him again and again…

Slowly but in measured movement he released his embrace. A Strange expression crossed his face. “I really have to go.”

“W…What?” Confused, Rainie looked at him.

“I’ve to pick up something.” He explained.

“Pick up something?” A mixture of perplexity and nerves made her gaped literally at him. She was too stunned to ponder the change of hi sudden demeanor.

“I won’t be long.” He kissed the tip of her nose. “I Promise.”

“But what about the kiss?” She protested, not realizing a pout etched on her blooming face. Why he had to stop when she wanted more from him?

“I’ll be back before you know it.” He appeased her. “And you’ll get what you bargain for.” He pledged mysteriously.

“What about the party? I don’t want to walk to the reception alone.” She reprimand him, still rambled with his maneuver that literally driving her insane.

“Oh, I’ll be here. Don’t you worry about this okay? I just have to do something.” He stated giving her another feathery kiss on her lips.

Then he wordlessly walked away without turning back or even loitering to excuse himself to everyone there, leaving Rainie still the pure trepidation after another session of his kiss plus their unresolved misconception, and their friends with their lingering confusion facial after witnessing like a drama television scene.

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