It Might Be You

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Chapter 23

Chloe had forced Rainie to assist her for the make-up. Rainie had not wanted to but Chloe had insisted and told her that Rainie could not have helped herself for the make-up.

Well, in some cases, Chloe had been right. She was clueless in art of make-up department.

So, here she was, sitting on the bed with only wearing a fluffy bathrobe, inside of the bedrooms, the smaller one, not the one where she shared her bed with Draven at the cottage while Chloe hovered around.

Chloe had done her hair. She had made Rainie’s long brown hair to be tight up into a bun with soft curls touched the sides of her face.

She did not know why Chloe had insisted to do her hair like that but she did not bother to ask. Actually, fighting a rather over-enthusiastic Chloe about hair and make-up was something Rainie just was not up to at the moment. For the last six hours she not only had not been able to block out that the last conversation she and Draven had at the beach but also the strange conversation between her and Whitney.

She really did not know until know what had gotten into him, or into her in some extend. Rainie had understood why admitted that she had been wrong to poke the secret, he had not wanted to share with her. However she would not have poked him and would not have been so bold to even ask him about his past the aftermath the death of Amanda if not because of what Whitney had told her during their cut-off conversation before Draven had interrupted them.

It had seemed though, Whitney had spoken very politely, Rainie had sensed the warning within her soft tone. Well, she had understood also the protective side of Whitney. She had just wanted to protect her cousin. But Whitney had been mistaken in one thing. She would not hurt Draven. There would be when the hell had frozen if she had the gut to hurt him. As a matter of fact, he would be the one who hurt her in the end.

Besides, there was no relationship between her and Draven. Was it?

Rainie sighed, and Chloe, who was busy applying foundation, ticked her off for moving.

But she was too busy to regurgitate of last night.

Had he really meant what he had said last night and the morning after? Sure, she had astonished at first, she had even told him that she had believed what he had said to her in that spur of moment.

But now, she really did not know what to believe. It was not as if she did not believe him. She believed him in certain way, but not about his feeling. She had doubts that it was only for temporary, albeit Draven had told her that she would have always have his heart.

How could she hold on to that kind of statement? He was Draven Knight after all! How many time she had to repeat that name in her head that he was light years away from her.

Even when he had been inside her last night, it seemed he had so far from her. Oh, she had been happy last night. It had been one of the happiest moment in her life, she would have never known she would have felt that kind of contentment again. And she owed him that much. She had to admit that he’d brought her self-esteem back into the certain level. She didn’t deny the wonderful feeling she had when she was with him.

She had told herself to certain level, since every time she had thought about him, her self-esteem plunged to the deepest abyss. She could not have never been with a man as a caliber as him.

Obviously he had noticed that. But why? Why he had convinced her that he had really liked her? What had been his motive? Really?

Rainie had theories, but no concrete facts. Sympathy? Because he was a nice man? Because they had connected on some level? Or simply because he had been bored with all those girls? He had told her that no woman really had understood her, so she had presumed since she had at least known him for certain period, she was the nearest available woman that he could have a little rendezvous and also had a conversation. But had not all his women been so smart and refined?

No matter what happened right now in this place, she knew there was no future between a man like him, he multimillionaire and an ordinary girl like her. Well not only ordinary. She was a second-hand girlfriend, a second hand fiancée. And she knew for a fact that Draven did not do second-hand.

So, Whitney’s assumption was totally wrong. There was no chance that she would have hurt him. Whitney worried too much.

“Rain, will you stop with the ceaseless sighing!” Chloe snapped. “I almost poke your eyeballs with the mascara brush.”

Rainie blinked. She returned to the real world. “Sorry.” She apologized.

Chloe nodded, did not say anything as she went on putting the make-up.

“It’s done yet?” Rainie asked without even taking a breath. She was afraid even a slight movement, Chloe really would took her eye out with the mascara brush.

“Ssss…” Chloe shushed her, making a last little flourish of the mascara wand. “Be quiet. Now close your eyes.” She then instructed.

Rainie obeyed. There was nothing she could do except to comply with her.

“Don’t open your eyes, until I say so.” Chloe told her.

“Okay.” Rainie replied and soon there was a silence between them, only the flick of small container of make-case made the sound.

“Have I thanked you for helping me?” Rainie asked after a while, her eyes shut closed since Chloe was still applying the eyeshadows on her.

“You can thank me when I see the way Draven looks at you.” She replied. “And I’m telling it’s gonna be priceless.”

Rainie smiled hearing the satisfying tone from her best friend.



“Can I ask you why you fought this afternoon?” Chloe suddenly asked. “Stay close.” She commanded the moment Rainie wanted to open her eyes hearing the question. Normally just everybody else, if someone asked them a question when they closed their eyes, they would innately open in astound. But then again Chloe was had a quick radar. She would know even before Rainie had planned what she’d wanted to do in her mind.


“It wasn’t a fight, bars and it was actually not much.” She began carefully, playing the band of her bathrobe. Part of her wanted to talk to her but the other part of her, she couldn’t tell her best friend about Draven. How could she when she did not really know completely what had happened?

“Why did he leave?”

Rainie stiffened. Well, she should have seen this coming. Definitely that would have been Chloe’s next question. She was after all a woman with a twenty-one questions.

“He only told me that he needed to pick up something.” Rainie eventually replied. Well at least that was the truth.

“Oh, okay.” Chloe replied indifferently.

Which was another surprise. Well, when it came from Chloe it was a total surprise. Rainie had expected this make-up session was also a questioning-answering session.

Rainie frowned. “That’s all?”

“Don’t frown!” Chloe’s edict was a little higher. “And what do you mean abut that’s all?”

“I don’t know.” Rainie said. “Because you’re usually a busy-body.”

“Hey!!!” Chloe protested, pulling the brush from her eyelid just right in time since Rainie could not hold the contain of her laughter.

“Don’t be so aggressive…” She opened her eyes eventually and could witness sulking mood of Barbie’s feature.

“Do you want me to look good or look like a clown?” Chloe threatened. “Because I’m telling you, Rain, the brush and make-up could be a lethal weapon!” She added, hissing.

“Hrrrmmm…” Rainie gusted. “Okay I surrender.”

Chloe rolled her eyes but she gave in. “Fine now, close your eyes again.”

Rainie once again abided by the command. She simply did not want to make her face look like a clown just because of Chloe’s wrath.

“You’re lucky that Draven isn’t here, right now.” Barbie stated after awhile. “Otherwise I’m sure that I’d definitely create a make-up clown on you.”

“Alright…” Rainie said with a slight of irritation in her tone. “I’m thankful for you for not doing that and thankful that he’s not here.”

Thankfully he’s not here?!

What a hypocrite! Even though he’d abruptly left with the confusion lingered for her, she still yearned for him to be here. Every cell in her body was aching to see him again. She did not know for what but for sure she wanted to explain her wanton behavior towards him.

Despite the fact that he had told her that he had liked her, it had not meant she had the right to question his face. It had not meant she had started to change become an old lady who was fussed over his past!

Well, that’s what you are, Rainie, she scorned herself spitefully. No wonder Jason really had enough with her. Perhaps she was indeed despicable.

Now everything had said and the damage had done and the only remaining thing she still needed to do was to get herself ready for the Jason’s party. It was not something she look forward to from the beginning but something she had rather needed to do while her head felt like fudge.

Her brain actually had done its best to argue that he had the right to fleet just like that, she would if she were him. Once again who would want to be with a woman like her? Pessimistic, whiny and indecisive. But then again all those reason vanished and she was outnumbered with her own heart. She still wanted to see him. Period. As easy as that. Yet not so simple as it sounded was.

Fortunately, her girlfriends had helped her through this misery hours.

Paige had prepared for her the accessories. She even had lent her the shoes for her to wear. Rainie had been overwhelmed with her kindness. She had not known what to say when she had handed her a pair of Christian Louboutin silver color stiletto. She would not even have wanted to go guess about the price. At first, she had been hesitated, but Paige had forced her. So after few small rejection, Rainie had given in.

Well, she had to, since Paige had the help and support from Whitney and Chloe.

Whitney who had been the donator of her gown, also had forced her to wear some of her exquisite pale pink clutch despite the strange conversation they had earlier. At first Rainie had had to reject, but still Whitney with the full support from the other two, had won again.

And now after the two girls had left her cottage to go to their respective rooms, she was only with Chloe how had voluntarily offered to help her doing the make-up. So here she was with her mind had branches from one event to the others letting Chloe powder and brush. And that only made things worse, actually. With nothing to keep her distracted, the rational side of her was, once again, overpowered by the side of her she had tried to ignore.

What was he doing right now? It was almost time for them to go to the party.

“Okay, we’re done.” Chloe announced. “It’s time to get dress.”

“You don’t make look like a clown right?” Rainie teased and stood up from the edge of the bed, staring at her best friend.

Chloe was standing in front of her in the sophisticated Chanel couture haute long-length evening gown one shoulder sleek emerald color satin that features an ovular cut-out on the side that is adorned with snake pendants. A front slit completed the appearance. The four inches silvery stilettos that finished off the look would make grown man goggle and weep. Well in this case, Rainie bet after those man ogled, they would weep with the punch Nathan would gladly lay his fist to whoever stare at his girlfriend for more than five seconds.

Nathan was a possessive man and Chloe loved the possessiveness of her boyfriend. She loved the attention Nathan bestowed upon her. Well of course she loved it, otherwise she would not have worn a dress that could any man in the room turned their head twice.

“Wait.” She said, recollecting the mascara container. “Need to touch up. Look up please.”

Rainie did what she was told and Chloe made a last little flourish of the mascara wand for a second. She then stepped back to survey her handiwork, creating dangles of her diamond and emerald earring.

“Fabulous. I’m so proud of myself.” Chloe told her smugly, ignoring the teasing. She was in the good mood to be serious with her job.

However Rainie still wanted to pull her leg.

“Are you sure?” Rainie asked pretending to look doubt. “How do I know that? You didn’t even let me to sit in front of the mirror.” She added sarcastically, remembering when Chloe had insisted to order her to sit on the bed in other room of her cottage instead sitting on the dressing table with a half-body mirror at the corner of the room.

“Trust me on this.” Chloe retorted, brushing her let-loose jet black hair aside.

Rainie tilted her head upward toward her. She was really beautiful tonight, Rainie immersed. There was a pang of discomfort to see her like this. It was not as she was jealous with Chloe’s fortunate life. Well, of course most of woman in the universe would be jealous to Chloe. She had everything every girl wanted. Good looks with brain to compete. She had a nice job and a very handsome and wonderful boyfriend. She had a very exceptional balancing life.

Not like some of women, for example herself. Her life always imbalance, wobbly and weighed down just like her eyelids that seemed to be credence down with more gunk than usual after Barbie had applied her the mascara.

“I think I’d better get dress now.” Rainie stood up from the bed. However Chloe stopped her.

“No…” She said. “You’ll wait here. I get the dress.” She walked towards the other room where Rainie and Draven occupied. “Don’t you dare to look at the mirror!” She bellowed from as she was dashing to the door.

Soon she heard a rustling sound from the other room. Rainie smiled at her best friend behavior. Chloe was like a runaway train tonight. But she was grateful having such a wonderful friend like her and also the other two.

Less than two minutes, Chloe reappeared with Rainie’s gown on her hand. “You get change here and I warn you for not peeking until the dress and shoes are on. I want to see the full effect.” The ever-so-bossy Chloe told her again as she hung the dress at wardrobe threshold.

Rainie nodded obediently and was literally trotted by Chloe into the corner of the room.

“I’ll leave you for 3 minutes. It’s show time!!!” She grinned at Rainie. Her behavior despite her sophisticated appearance made her look like indeed a show girl!

“Alright, I hear you.” Rainie snapped a bit.

A tug of self-satisfied smile appeared once again on Chloe’s face. “Oh, you’ll be thankful to me later on. And don’t forget to apply the lipstick later on, okay. I intended to apply it later on as soon as you get dress.” She stated and turned around with the brisk of her gown rattled on the floor to close the door and leave her behind.

Rainie shook her head before she collected her gown. She took it out of its protective cover and slid on over the insanely expensive underwear that once again Whitney had insisted to pay with the gown at their last minute shopping last week. Well after the gown, she had not actually needed to be forced that hard and she had not had a chance to decline also. Whitney had reasoned at the new underwear would have done something to the gown justice.

The gown went on effortlessly, zipping up at her side then she reached out for the shoes, Paige had prepared for her. Silver, rhinestone bead stiletto sparkled as she took them from the box. The pink of her gown reflected in the clear heels as she held them, making them seemed almost fascinated.

She sat on the edge of the bed and slit the shoes. For the first time she felt that she was Cinderella…Well Cinderella with three god fairies that had lent and bought all of her attire, to be exact. But she could not help to feel that she was a princess.

A soft thudded came from the door.

“Come in, Chloe…” Rainie stood tall, collecting the clutch from bed that Whitney arranged for her also. Twirling around, she was expecting to see a self-satisfied look on Chloe’s face. Rainie knew that Chloe liked to think she was queen of the makeover.

Nevertheless it wasn’t Chloe who was standing at the threshold.

It was Draven!

And he was looking ultimately gorgeous with conservative midnight black fine-tailored suit and white pristine silk shirt minus the tie. The illumination in the room accentuated the perfect plane of the contour his sun-kissed face. A glimpse of his well-polished shiny black shoes materializing the complete look.

Her throat clog and felt the air betrayed her lung.

Oh my, she might have had a heart attack and she would not have minded if to see the angel like him. And this archangel in front of him just stood there with his infamous indifferent expression. However at least he did not look angry anymore.

He simply stared at her, unmoved from where he was standing.

And now after her Draven-struck gradually ebbed and sanity took over her once brain-freeze, Rainie was confused.

Why did not he say something? Had really Chloe put the make-up clown on her? She wondered in puzzlement.

“Hi…” Finally she breathed breaking the silence between them.

“Hi…” He replied softly. A tiny smile formed on his sensuous lips while still his smoldering eyes stayed on her. It seemed the pair of those beautiful inferno orbs could have even burned the iceberg in Antarctica. His leaning attitude lounging on the threshold was a total deceptive indolence. He was far of being indolence.

“What time did you come?” Rainie asked, moisturizing her suddenly dry lips. Somehow she felt a little two-dimensional with the appearance she had not even managed to look at herself!

“Just now.” Draven replied, placing both of his hands on each pocket of his pants when he walked in, approaching her with his slow, fluent measured pace.

The feeling of delirious lightness morphed into something dark, something potent. Deep inside her a smoldering hunger blazed into desperate life at the hard-honed angles of his handsome face, the air of power and command that controlled his compelling masculinity.

“Urhmmm….” Rainie nibbed her lips nervously, feeling a shiver run through her. “I didn’t know you’re coming.”

“I got in the moment Chloe went out from the room.” He explained. He made a complete halt once he stood a breath apart from her. “I got change first before I searched for you.”

And though that Rainie was wearing four inches stiletto, she still felt like she was a midget in front of this lithe elegance, lean and stunning dark good looks person.

“Oh….I see…” She replied softly. Seriously with this man in front of her, looking at her the way…Well the way he was staring down at her right now, her ability to speak suddenly seemed vanished and her tongue had tied tight by itself.

Draven said nothing. His sparkling eyes were leisurely caressing her face then still with thorough gesture graze to her shoulders and the lower part of her body before returned to her face again. His eyes delved into her soul and the warmth glints seemed to glow brighter.

Her heartbeat was pumping faster than was strictly necessary. Rainie swallowed apprehensively being scrutinized like some kind of microorganisms under the microscope.

“Umm…” She stammered. The equilibrium of her emotion was simply imbalance. “Why are you looking at like that?” She asked. “Did Chloe really make my make-up like a clown?” She consciously touched her lock of her hair.

“Why you did you ask that?” His voice was low and deep and resonated through her bones like symphony. One of his hands lifted from the pocket and with the backs of his fingers he stroked tenderly down her cheek.

Rainie breathed in exhalation before she shook her head slowly trying to aim for levity from shimmering tensions he created from his touch. “I don’t know.” She said. “The way you look at me, I just that I’m…”

“Mesmerizing.” Draven interjected giving her one last intent look before he encircled his other arm around her body, to secure her in his embrace, to let her fingers touching the powerfully built chest and to let her feeling his devastatingly exciting lean body against hers. Then with slow gesture, he bent his head to taste her mouth with unrestrained passion. His lips explored hers caressingly, slowly and gently.

A tiny sigh escaped from her lips. Soon a jolt like a thousand volts shot through her rejoiced within her. The feeling she had always felt every time his lips met hers. All the doubts and random thought about this strange relationship seemed a million light years away from her mind. She was simply mindless.

There was nothing but his lips were on hers. He tasted of sinful pleasure, of erotic excitement, of smoldering sexuality focused completely on her.

She kissed him back, met his lips. Their tongues danced around each other with equal sweetness. This kiss was a kiss of fairy tales. Just like her, being a Cinderella. She had a perfect dress, she was wearing a perfect shoes and she was kissing her prince.

Her arms moved from his shoulders to lace around his neck. Her fingers winded, threading through the thickness of his hair, pulling his head even closer. She breathed in his now-familiar scent, felt the heat and need in his skin.

Still with absolute tenderness, a moment later Draven extricated himself. His lips glided, moving away from her lips, traveling along her jaw, to her eyelid before landed on the temple of her head.

“Sweetheart, if we continue this, we won’t be able to attend that blast party.” He whispered as he rested his forehead against hers. His breath came in short gasps.

Rainie sensed rather than felt him smile, being too close to focus properly. “I don’t mind.” She replied. She did not care anything at this moment. She just wanted to close her eyes and forget they had to go and she had to stop this, well whatever it was, this feeling…

“Argh…Rainie…” The way he said her name with rough desire sent hurtling thrills though her. “What about the party?”

“I said I don’t care.” She drew him for another kiss. “Can we not go?”

Draven groaned and kissed her again. Both of his hands moved over her silky gown until she writhed against him. He once again took control. He slowed the pace, nuzzling her mouth and whispering between brushing kisses. “As much I want not to go, I think we do need to be there even for five minutes.”

Disappointment jack-knifed through her. “But why?”

Draven kissed her hair tenderly. “Don’t you want to get Chloe’s wrath?”

Rainie’s eyes lifted up, for a moment she considered the question. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. She probably kills me for ruining the make-up she has applied on me.”

He chuckled, the embrace for a second was tighter before he loosened. “She probably kills me also then.” A finger touch her mouth. “Though I must say that she really did a marvelous job to make you so beautiful like now.”

A rueful grin touched her mouth. “Actually I haven’t seen myself completely.” She admitted. “She told me not to look at the mirror before I dressed up.”

“You look amazing tonight.” He stated, kissing her nose. “But I why don’t you see yourself?”

“Actually I don’t…”

Draven swiftly took her hand in his and pushed her gently in front of the full-length mirror.

Rainie felt her jaw hit the floor. The woman in front of her…The reflection of the woman on the mirror was herself.

It was unbelievable how an ugly duckling like her could have turned to be swan with only Chloe’s magic wands which had been a full of make-up case tools.

Rainie had been dressed, had been put a make-up…But honestly she had never, never been so beautiful like right now.

The gown was so exquisitely beautiful and the color, it made her skin look like porcelain. Her hair…Her dark brown hair was pulled up with classic style with only fringe and few locks frame her heart-shape face.

“I think I should really to thank to the girls after all.” She breathed still vacillating of her appearance.

Draven stared at her through the reflection. “I’ll also personally thank them but especially to Chloe. I don’t know that she had other capability besides being fussy over something.”

“Tell me about it.” She twirled around to face him. “I’ve been her friends since I was in the school and until this moment I didn’t know that she has another talent.”

“Hmmm…” Draven nodded, taking a step back. He had unfastened the hold of embrace on hers. “Though Choe has done a marvelous job. It’s still lack of something.”

Rainie frowned. “What is it?” She asked curiously.

Draven tilted his head. One arm was on his chest to give the support of the other hand that was resting on his chin as if he was in deep thinking.

“Draven?” the perplexity about the way he spent inordinate amount of time looking at her with his heart-stopping gaze was really filling her inside.

“Something’s missing here.” He announced softly.

“What?” Rainie asked in baffle puzzlement at his cryptic word. “What do you mean?”

Draven, once again placed both of his hands inside his pockets. “Close your eyes, please.” He instructed in such an undercurrent of tenderness.

Rainie had heard that kind of demand before from Chloe, but nevertheless this time from different voice, she would do more than willing to abide.

Placing her clutch to the nearest table, she fluttered down her eyelids and really did not know what to expect from him. In darkness of her vision, her other four senses functioned triples than usual knowing his propinquity. Her nose smelt the masculine aftershave scent that only belonged to him. Her ear felt his breathing around the nape of neck. Her tongue still tasted the alluring of their kisses. And her skin felt the warmth touch of his palms as he gently clasped both of her hands.

Suddenly she sensed another thing on one of her hand. It felt like there were two small objects with roughness around the edge.

Confused, she lifted her eyes only to see a pair of pink diamond teardrop earring on her hand. They glittered beautifully under the lights, almost as if blinded her.

Rainie gasped and flabbergasted as she looked up to Ken who was staring at her with his intense eyes. “Draven…” She murmured. “What are these? Why?”

His soulful eyes delved into hers, analyzed and made her disable to look away from him.

“Why?” His suave deep voice that always caused her heart to flutter echoed. “What do you mean why?”

“Because it’s…” She stammered, quivering. “Because it’s too much.”

“Too much?” He intoned startlingly as he folded his hands on his chest. And with intrinsic grace, he stared at him, sending her a winging glance from beneath heavily lidded eyes.

She shook her head vehemently, creating the chignon of her hair moved unevenly. She looked down to see the sparkling diamonds earrings on her palm. “I can’t accept. These are too expensive.”

Unfolding his arms, he reached out to smooth the stray of her back from her face. He then let his fingertips glided down the line of her cheek and sweep under her chin only to tilt her gaze returned up to his. He did not say a word in ten steady ten seconds. “It looks beautiful on you. I chose them for you because I know that you look stunning with these.”


“Please, Rainie…” he pleaded, persuading her as he captivated her face with his warm of his hands. His stunning dark features stamped with gravity. His eyes were impenetrable. “Wear this for my salvation pride for choosing the earrings.”

A small smile painted on her lips at hearing his speech. “You make me feel so guilty.”

“If what it takes to make you wear them, then I’ll take it.” He stated. “Now please wear them.” He released her face, pulling away two steps away from her, giving her a chance to wear the earrings.

Hesitated at first, she then clapped one earring to her ear and another one.

Draven was right, she thought as she saw her own reflection breathlessly. The woman in the mirror, looked so glamour. The earrings were not only enhanced her appearance but also they made her glow. Against her translucent skin, the pink diamonds seemed to spark brighter.

“I told you, you look stunning.” He commented softly, mesmeric dark eyes glinting like the diamonds. He was standing behind her, while his arms wrapped around her delicate waist.

“I still couldn’t accept them.” She felt her protest was getting weaker, as she leaned back against the warmth of his body.

“I’ll tell you what.” He said sultry in her ear. “You keep them until you find a good reason why you shouldn’t have them, okay?”

Rainie only nodded. It was useless to refuse him. He was such a persistent man when he wanted to give or to do something.

“Good, now smile.” He told her through the mirror. “I’ll give you another present.” He drawled one of his arms and fished something in his pocket.

“Another one?!” Rainie was just about to twirl but Draven with his strength was undaunted. He held her tight.

“Steady.” He said huskily before he drew one of his hands and fished something from his breast pocket. “Now, don’t you think that the earrings would feel lonely without the necklace?”

“Draven this is…”

“Lovely on you.” He interpolated still in the same husky voice while the hand that had been on her waist moved up to the nape of her neck.

Rainie felt the coldness of the stone around her neck. It was lovely, she did not deny it. The chocker pink diamond necklace looked perfect on her halter neck pink gown as if they had come with the package.

But it was too much. Too much for her to handle. It was insane and surreal for her to wear something this precious, something so exquisite.

“Draven...” She breathed vaguely.

“You look so beautiful.” He whispered in her ear as he looked at her through the mirror when he had assertive, it reminded her of the big crackling flame of a log fire, seducing them with their dangerous flames lick that turned logs into ash.

His hand skimmed the back of her neck with his pad thumb, so gently, so sensually tempting. Subsequently he planted a very sweet kiss on her nape. “I’ve been dreaming to see you like this…” He added quite raggedly into her ear.

His lips wandered down her neck, nuzzled her collarbone with gentle butterfly kisses but the heat like a passionate blaze. While his hands settled around her waist, his fingers brushing against the smooth fabric of her gown, creating a slow, sliding friction that drove her even crazier than she already was. It was so sensual and wild to see herself in the mirror being seduced by him.

Excitement clamored through her as his fingers traced up teasingly at her bare back body and one of his hand rested on her neck before gently forced her face to turn at him.

He sealed her lips with the desiring kisses. Rainie forgot to plan each move of her lips, of her hands. She failed to remember to think about what she should be doing to make it better or to concern about her not being enough for him. With him, she felt wonderful and she just dissolved into the moment, losing her sense of self completely, utterly and then some finding it again, reflected back to her in each brush of his lips, each multiplied tenderness caress of his hands.

Rainie made a full turn. Her body was against his. She ran her hands up his arms, looping around his neck and dragged him closer until there was no room of separation between them. The shape of his hard body purled through hers like a languid summer breeze. He overwhelmed her with an intensity that was so strong it almost her soar to seventh heaven.

Then slowly, very slowly Draven put his hands on her upper arms, bracing himself slightly and pulled away. “Honey, if we don’t stop, we won’t go…” He hoarsely told her.

“Don’t.” She said, still too lost with their kisses. “We don’t have to go.”

“Ah….We kind have to.” As if he could not help himself, he ran his hands up her neck until he was cradling her head only to stare at her. “Besides, we promise, remember?”


“By the way I have one more thing for you wear for the party.” He took a step back, enough to give a small space between them. “And forgive me if not the corset of rose that I bought you before.” He smiled enigmatically before he fished another thing from his breast pocket with one of his hand, while the other, stayed at her loin, imprisoned her to be in his arms.

“Draven you don’t have to…”

Fascinated, Rainie’s voice trailed off as soon as she saw another glittering object. And this time was bracelet adjourned by few pink roses around. They were not real flowers, they’re pink diamonds that were created into few petit roses buds.

“It wasn’t as beautiful as the real rose, but I hope you still like it.” He articulated casually.

But for Rainie those things were too far from being casual.

Who on earth a man would give a woman fine, rare, not to mention luxurious diamonds like these? Especially since they had just started dating, if she wanted to call them in dating terms.

“Draven…” She began, somehow managed to release herself from his embrace and walked further away, giving the gifts should stop here. “I really can’t accept these.” She pointed out her neck and both of her ears.

“But you agreed the last two.” He did not move as he spoke. His gaze never wavered.

“No…” She said placing on hand in the air. “You forced me to accept these.”

“You don’t like the gifts?” He demanded eloquently.

Rainie rubbed her temple in frustration, did not really know how to make him understand. “Of course I like the gifts…”

“So what’s the problem?”

Rainie could see the rigid control he was exerting. Oh, she comprehended completely that this man wasn’t used to be rejected but this wasn’t about his ego…It was about something too much to splurge these lavish things to her.

Dreaming being a Cinderella was one thing, but experiencing like one was the other things. Cinderella had had a wonderful experience when prince charming danced with her until a midnight had struck. Her short-lived fairytale had ended abruptly with limited time.

She was exactly like her Cinderella. She knew her time was counting. She simply could not trust her heart on his hand. She could only give this moment to him and she knew too well that he would feel the same way. Everything had happened or what would happen until tomorrow was kind of spur of moments epoch. That was why she just wanted to live this moment to the fullest.

And he should not have known that giving presents was not part of their deals.

“The problem isn’t the problem.” Rainie stared at him, clasping both of her hands tightly. The knuckles were white and she was holding herself so awkwardly her spine ached. “I love spending time here with you, getting to know you but giving expensive gifts are not in the agenda.”

Draven was just about to say something. But she was determined to pour to clear things up.

“Perhaps I got carried away and swept away with these wonderful things, but I know myself, and I don’t want to be in that position again.”

“You mean the position when you’re devastating when Jason ditched you, hm?” He shot her the question. And though it was softly but she sensed the combative tone tumbling down from the lips of this powerful man.

Rainie sighed heavily. Her hands limping on her sides. All the excitement she had felt when she was in his arms suddenly vanished like those kisses had never existed. And she knew that she had to stop this conversation now. It was a dead end discussion, the same subject about him and Amanda. “Look can we drop it please?”

“How can I?” He inquired. “You always bring the subject about you and Jason and how you feel that you don’t deserve gifts. I thought that you…” He breathed in sharply. The slab of belly muscles became more noticeably concave. “I thought that you get over your self-esteem. The way you responded to me, I thought you’re…”

“My response to you is a mutual understanding. I guess that what I thought.” She said unconvinced. Hoping that at least that was what he had also. “But not with the gifts. This isn’t right. I don’t think I’m not that worth enough, we’re not close enough for you to give this presents.” She flung her hand wide, sweeping all over her body.

“That’s nonsense.” He simply said, black brows meeting for second as he looked at her, running his silky hair with his hand. “And I don’t want to hear those words coming from your mouth again. You’re worth enough for the gifts and I think we already passed the acquaintance part, in case you forgot.”

Rainie blushed a little. She did not need a reminder about her wanton behavior, but it was her need and she thought that had some kind of understanding in that term, until that understanding was slightly derailed from the track after last night. All she had to do right now was returning this high-speed exhilarating right back on its rail.

Why he made it so difficult for her?

“Look…” She started again, on the contrary of her not wanting to go behavior earlier, now she was desperate to go to party and avoiding this conversation for the rest of her life. “Can we drop now, please? We have to go to the party. You said that we have to be there soon.” She used the words he’d said earlier.

She had no choice, she knew she was a cowardice to avoid this but she was not healed hundred percent from her previous heartbreak. Gaining another confusing attention from him, was the last thing she needed right now.

Draven had it in him to dig his heels in hard, and she prepared herself. He was going to fling objections at her, and she was going to have to bounce them right back.

“Alright.” He said as a matter of fact. And for once she was surprised. “Let’s go now.”

Rainie gave a huff of relieve. At least he agreed with her for time being. Whatever would happen later on after the party, she could just shut him up with desire and the next day they would return to reality and their own lives. Of course they would meet time to time but she was sure she could manage her heart and her mind by then.


Oh-oh...What now?

“You have to wear this bracelet.” Draven stated with edge of his voice.

“Oh Draven…”

“It’s a complete set. It’ll be a waste for not wearing it also.” He told her corrosively, destroying her objection. Especially as he took her hand and gently clip the bracelet on her lower arm.

Rainie closed her eyes for a moment. She would never win to fight his stubbornness, she needed to walk other way. “Alright, I’ll wear it.” She gave in, feeling the warmth and the coldness from both of the stones and his hands. “But only for tonight.”

“Ah…No, it doesn’t work that way.” He pulled her body once again into his and engulfed her with his warmth. “That’s come with the package with the earring and necklace. You will keep these until you find a good reason why you should give them back to me, deal?’


“Now… shall we?” He said, giving her once last time a peck of kiss on her lips. “We don’t want to miss a thing, do we?” He then entwined her hand with his.

“Okay, let’s go now.” Rainie finally said, taking the clutch from the nearest table and walked next to him with trouble mind in her head.

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