It Might Be You

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Chapter 5

As he led her down a long corridor pass the hotel lobby to the ballroom, Rainie heard the faint strain of symphony drawing nearer. The music played with the instrument such as violin and piano. The classical music.

Typical of Jason. The wannabe social climber!

She reminded herself that the wannabe social climber was her ex fiancé. She had been in love head over heel with that man. If she could turn hand of time would she feel the same way about Jason?

Duh! Probably not!

Really? She asked herself again as she silently leered at the man next to him. Of course she could say that she would not feel the same way if she could turn back the time, since right now, right this minute there was so much better man who was holding her hand!

What a comparison!

It felt like she compared the sky and the earth. They stayed at the same universe but so far apart.

Oh God why she had to compare Draven to Jason?! Draven was beyond comparison! And why she was so jumpy and in irritable mood suddenly!

Probably because in the few minutes you’ll see the saddest movie of the year, idiot!

She took a deep desperate sigh.


She raised her head and found the quizzing look from the fathomless eyes of Draven. “Yes?”

“Are you okay?” He asked softly.

“Uhmm hmm.” She nodded and as she wanted to assure him she added. “I’m perfectly fine.”

“Are you sure?” His eyes slit, showing the fact that he did not believe her.

Of course she was not. If she perfectly fine she would be on one of the television show.

Why could not life be like TV? She wondered, not for the first time. On TV, people always got what they wanted, either to buy perfect shoes like Manolo Blahnik in the Sex And The City or find a perfect man just across the hall in Friends. In the TV, people always found true love and profound happiness, too. Most of them had dream jobs, chic apartments and fabulous clothes and adoring families. Well, Television was a fantasy, nobody in reality even got what they wanted.

She gazed up to Draven who was still waiting for her answer and she had not given him the answer for ten seconds or more. She stood there like some pathetic who could not even reply yes or no answer.

“Yes I’m fine.” She finally said and pulled his hand. “Come let’s go. We’re already late, you know.” She added hastily.

Less than a minute they found themselves in massive, enclosed colossal ballroom door. The receiver asked them for the invitation card and as soon as Draven handed her it, he signed the on the guest list book then as if by magic, the wooden door clicked open.

Weird! Was her first thought. She had no idea why Jason would have this kind of party as like this.

Probably it was one of his ways to get the higher position in the socialite society. Then again, Jason was one of the desperate wannabe. If she recalled, it had happened since Nathan, Draven, Paige and Whitney had walked into their lives. Jason, who had always wanted to show them he could have been like them. The way he sat, the way he walked and heck the way he talked! Like he knew anything about those jet-setter lives. Presumably Nathan and especially Draven had mocked him silently.

They made their way down a lit corridor pulsing with the classic music that came nearer until they reached room.

She stared studiously at the people inside the room and kept her eyes fixed on them. Suddenly the anxious that had gone came back on her. She paused at the corner of the table.

You can do this, Rain. You can face Jason and say congratulation then go back to your apartment and think how pathetic you’re to keep thinking about him and his bitchy fiancé who steals your happiness with bottle of Vodka as your best friend!

“Rain, are you sure you are okay?” Draven asked her huskily. It was already the third time he asked the same question.

Somehow she was so sick to hear those questions. Why did he have to treat her like that...Like some kind of invalid woman?!

“Yes!” She snapped irritably.

“You don’t have to pour it on me.” He sarcastically told her in a soft tone and she regretted. He was right, it was not his fault. He had done nothing but to help her and of course the kiss....

Get a grip, Rain! It’s only a kiss!

Yeah right, who am I kidding?!

It was not only a kiss, at least for her part. It was...What was the word? Intimate?

“I...” She faltered. “I’m sorry.” She apologized genuinely. “I shouldn’t blame it on you.” She swallowed hard, not only her saliva but her pride also as she continued with a shaky voice. “I’m just trying to get myself together.”

Leisurely a smile molded on his opulent lips. A very charming smile. “You’re forgiven.”

Now she was sure that she had the heart attack. With those charming smile who would not have?

“Thank you.” She said softly.

“You like to use that word, don’t you?” Draven commented huskily.

“What I...”

“Now smile. Don’t frown.” He commanded and halted her.

Reluctantly she smiled, and this time not so attractive. She wasn’t smiling. She was grinning.

“Oh, Rain, you should see yourself at the mirror.” He chuckled softly.

“Hey!” She complained. “At least I’m trying here!” She said crossly. However she was glad she found no mirror inside the room. “And you’re not helping either!”

Draven now was laughing. He was laughing quite hard as his head was back and made few people turned their faces around them. The laughter was not the phony-baloney sarcastic ones to which she realized he accustomed to plaster.

“Shh...Can you please lower your voice?!” She petulantly retorted. Nevertheless it was good to see him laughing like this.

Wow. That felt really good. Sooooooo good.

She could not honestly remember the last time he was laughing because it was funny. Because he enjoyed it. Because, it was because of her, he was laughing like that and it was great that she made him happy.....This zealous...This keen...This real...

“Sorry.” He finally said after his laughter subsided but the twinkled in his eyes stayed. “You know,” He began again. “I hate to say this but you’re really cute.”

Cute? Me? Damn! Now he thought that I’m cute. It’s sort of compliment from the uncle to his niece. Heck...Cute! Just compliment that I look beautiful is enough but no...Big no, no for cute!

“I’m not cute!” She annoyingly replied.

“Oh, yes you are.” He said in very low tone and somehow he moved a step closer. It was too close since she could feel his breath fanned her face softly and the way his hand moved to her slim waist to pull her. There was no space between them. They were merely an inch apart from each other. “And you’re adorable. So adorable....” He said softly before he bent his head down.

Oh, boy, he’s going to kiss me again. She informed her dysfunctional brain and definitely could not stop his movement either. She felt all over her body was invalid to do anything. Oh yeah...She wanted the kiss so bad also.

So engrossed anticipating of the kiss, she did not even see the man walking past, a dark scowl on his handsome featured as he stopped to stare at two of them.

“Rainie?” He questioned uncertainly as if he could not believe the woman in red dress, a woman who had obviously just about to be kissed, was actually her.

She stiffened before looking at him. “Jason!” She greeted him distantly, feeling rather than seeing Draven as he moved to stand beside her, his arms curving possessively about her waist. She glanced up at him, a shiver running down her spine as she saw the narrow eyed look he was giving to Jason. “Thank you for inviting us.” She dismissed with deliberate lightness, quite happy of that lightness as she saw Jason’s scowl deepen.

The word ‘us’ seemed work to get Jason’s attention on Rainie then on Draven. The scowl changed into stun within space of blink. “Draven?”

“Hi.” Draven smiled and shook his hand. However somehow the smile did not reach the coldness in his dark eyes. “Congratulation for the engagement.”

“Sure.” Jason nodded, receiving the shake hesitantly. “Thank you for coming.” Finally he managed to hide the surprise on his handsome face.

“It’s our pleasure.” She smiled then turned her eyes towards Draven. “Let’s get some drinks.” Rainie put in determinedly as she saw the light of questions that appeared in Jason’s eyes. “If you excuse us.” She added dismissively, not giving him a second glance as she turned and walked in the direction of the centre of the ball, Draven at her side and his arm still encircled firmly about her waist.

Heaven! It was not quite the way she had envisaged the evening starting! But then she had not expected Draven to kiss her and another one who had just come if not Jason interrupted their moment.

Stop it there girl! She told herself. Why on earth she felt that Jason’s sudden appearance distracted! Amazingly she had felt absolutely nothing as she’d looked at him just now.

Why did it all mean...?

Where the love she had possessed for Jason, or claimed that she could not have lived without him? Where all feeling had gone, when until ten minutes ago she had been so scared to face him?

Yet as they joined the throng and Draven was greeted effusively by her acquaintances with their admiring eyes, she knew she had have to get back to that particularly puzzling questions later!

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