It Might Be You

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Chapter 7

Where am I? What am I doing here? Were Rainie’s first thoughts on awakening in semi-dark bedroom that was definitely not her own. Am I in heaven? She immersed when she felt the pool crush of satin, pillowed her cheeks then cascaded over her body. She looked down and was somewhat surprised to see that she was clad with over sized white tee shirt and short. Faint strains of In Divo serenaded her from somewhere nearby, the light noise contradicted the pulsing confusion of her heart.

Then slowly her breakdown memory returned on how she ended being like this. Well, certainly she was not in heaven.

She growled and swore that she would never touch another drop of Tequilla as long as she lived, if she could live through the day The way she felt at tis moment, such an outcome will likely desirable. Moaning took too much effort and breathing took too much attempt.

Great, this was the ticket for being drunk. She could just die and put herself out of this misery…No even dying took too much exertion.

She rolled over into the plump goose-down pillows, which were infinitely fluffier and more luxurious than her own rather Spartan mattress. They also had some masculine-scented that teased her nostril.

“Damn!” This time she whimpered, closing her eyes again. Either that or the music sound was mourning her already. She loved Il Divo, yet if she could have killed them to sing now, she would.

The sound kept on pounding in her head as if some barbaric blacksmith was playing right on her ears. Because no one was in the room and she could not possibly to get up, in addition since she had not actually opened her mouth, her curse came out more like a gurgle. Yet, it was enough for whoever was on the other side of the room, for the door creaked open or was it her skull? And a voice, although was not loud, to her it sounded like her eardrums would explode.


She reluctantly opened her eyes and it was to see Draven entering the bedroom wearing naught but a pair of dark blue cotton pajama bottoms. A tray was both on his hands.

“You!” She gasped. “I mean, Draven…What…” She snatched up the counterpane to her chin as he crossed the room, settling himself to sit on the bed next to her. “What…” She began to demand, nevertheless her parched throat still incapable of delivery anything beyond a strangled croak.

“I’m bringing a very strong coffee. You have to drink this and you’ll feel better as trivet in no time.” He ignored her previous question.

If feeling like a stiff, lifeless trivet, were the best she could do, she would decline. But she could not She need something strong to make her completely alive, hopefully soon.

Rainie nodded, which set her head to spin once again. She collapsed back against the pillows. “I can’t do that…” She groaned. “My head hurts. Just let me die.”

“Tsk…Tsk… Come on, you’ve to drink this.” He persuaded softly.

“No…” She shook her head, which was immaculately a huge mistake. “Aww…My head!” She complained meekly.

“That’s why you’ve to drink this.” He poured out two cups of coffee and carried the steaming brew to her. Drowsily, she eyed the carafe of black coffee and two simple white mugs.

Without a sound she sat up, looking mistrustfully at him over the rim of the cup. Soon, after she tasted the warm of the bitter coffee, her memory returned and also her agony. No amount of drink could have made her this wretched.

She started to recall the previous evening on her mind, skipping the argument she had with Jason was far more painful than the headache and far more lasting, she feared. Instead she began to remember her arrival with Draven at the club.

Draven…Yup…He had been with her the entire evening and not only had to see how Jason had humiliated her, also how she’d humiliated herself.

In the pale filtering through the half-open window blinds, she had her first good look at him in dishabille. Insides, she suddenly turned to warm butter to see the first sight in the morning…He was breathaking…Such a sight!

She blinked, trying to focus her attention more on his…Well, to his broad, naked chest that was dusted from shoulder to shoulder with dark-brown hair that hmmm…Enticingly arrowed downward only to disappear into the waistband of his pajama pants. His belly was flat and as firm as a washboard, just like she had imagined. His arms were corded with muscle and sinew, the tresses of his that was adorably rumpled and the eyes those were lit with warm affection.

“Feeling better?” He asked, is voice was rich rumble of contentment when he set the half empty cup on the bedside table.

Oh, yes with that view, she felt better…But she would not admit it.

“What are you doing here?” She asked and soon she corrected it. “What am I doing here?” She scanned the room. The mahogany sleigh bed was surrounded by all manner of luxurious furniture, from the matching wardrobe and armoire to the richly patterned rugs scattered about beneath. The wall was painted in a deep light brown, adorned here and there by oil-on canvas renditions of abstract human figures. The effect, on the whole, was one of enormous wealth and lush hedonism.

“You’re in my apartment.” He emphasized the word of apartment. “Precisely, in my room.”

A momentary panic shook she as she looked frantically into his face. “Wh…What?” She stammered. “Why did I end up here? How could possibly…”

“You’re drunk last night.” He informed her, chuckling. “Quite bad.” He added, sounding very inch of the bored town beau.

Oh God, she groaned silently…The fragment of her memory started to assemble into a complete form. She remember now that she had said something like to have sex with him!


The heat of her recollection warmed her entire body. Had they done it? She looked with her big brown eyes to him and noted the way his pants were tied so haphazardly and so low on his hips. He definitely did not seem to be feeling particularly modest at the moment. As a matter of fact, if that sly little smile playing about his lips was having any indication, he had every intention of…

Oh Heaven, did they really make out?

“Draven…” She called his name in a timid tone.


“Did we…Did we…”

“Did we what?” His eyebrow went up. “You mean did we make love as you provocatively suggested?” As if of their own will, his eyes wandered to her flawless neck. “We had fun last night, didn’t we?”


She did not notice his casting up her accounts in fact he looked fresh and deliciously sexy, from what she could see through bleary, bloodshot eyes. Her mouth opened and closed as she tried to think of a retort or denial. Unable she contended herself in the most repressive schoolmarm tone. “We’re not. Although I barely remember what I said or did, I know we’re not doing that.”

“Can you describe ‘that’?” He whispered, perilously close.

She drew a shaky breath. I was just the cost of too many drinks, she assured herself. This had nothing to do with his nearness. “Can you tell me honestly that we had sex or not?”

He smiled. The smile he bestowed upon her was tremendous. “What if we did or didn’t?”

“Don’t play with me.” She held up a hand. Really, this conversation almost defied belief, Rainie reflected. Whatever she expected would transpire if they were alone in the bedroom, it was not like this, especially with this man. “Just tell me the truth.” She put a hand to her head. “This is all too much for me.” She complained.

“Do you want to know the truth?” He huskily asked, teasing every fibre of her system.

“Of course.”

Draven shrugged indolently. “As much as I wanted, I couldn’t make love with a drunk woman.”

“Good.” She nodded, feeling contented though the feeling was not last. “Eh? What do you mean?” She enquired as her mind was pondering what he intended. Did not he intend that she had been that disgusted, drunk woman?

Draven looked at her pale face tenderly and in a low, level voice he told her. “It wouldn’t be fair for you. When I make love to you, I want you to have the satisfaction also.”

Her lips parted softly in surprise that he revealed such a thing so freely.

Oh God, no…Don’t. Don’t tell me anything that’ll make me like you more than I do already. She immersed desperately.

“I want you to feel me also and how you feel when you taste me.” He added.

No, please don’t. Please don’t.

“Because once I start, I won’t stop until you couldn’t even remember your own name.”

Oh, Draven…

He seemed to sense her distress, since his smile fell as he asked further. “Or telling you all that, is frightening you?”

Her languid pulse kept on vibrating like a kettledrum with every soft, seductive word he said. She swallowed hard. “Uh, no.” She replied with some difficulty. “That’s uh…Fine. I guess.”

His smile returned and this time more confident and affectionate and also very, very appealingly sexy. “Then should I tell you that you’re a good sight to see in the morning?”

Had she thought her pulse was rapid before? Heavens, she had no idea her blood could rush so fiercely through her body without making her unconscious.

“I was drunk.” She stated. “And why didn’t you bring me back to my apartment?” She asked, proud to herself that she managed to ask a realistic question.

“I had no choice. Chloe went with Nathan. Who took care of you?”


“Never mind.” He interrupted her effectively. Suddenly he climbed into bed and prowled like a predator toward her before seated himself cross-legged upon the mattress before her. For a moment he said nothing, only studied her with much interest as if he were trying to decide what to say next.

“What are you doing?” She asked uneasily and almost laughed at herself at the sheer of ridiculousness of her behaviour.

“You don’t really remember what you did last night, do you?” A lock of hair fell across his forehead, his scruffiness of his tousled hair somehow was endearing.

She forced her voice to steadiness. “No, not everything.” Her body was tense as she said it. What was her little escapade she had done?”

“Do you really want to know?” He asked with a glance that brought warmth to her cheeks, immediately the feeling of him next to her went from slightly comforting to something else entirely, as the heat of his hand leisurely skimmed his fingertips across her arm seemed to burn through the fabric of her clothes.

His tender touch, so seemingly innocent yet so entirely arousing, made it impossible for her to think clearly. “If say ‘no’ that would be a like, wouldn’t be?” She capitulated simply.

“You danced on the bar last night.” He said before stretched out alongside her, propping himself up on one elbow, cradling his head in his palm.

“Really?” Rainie winced. “Just danced?”

He shook his head, a grin appeared. “Nope.” Then added with a hint of amusement. “You sang.”

“What song?”

“I Will Survive.”

“Did I really sing that song?”

“Loud and clear.” He stated plainly.

“Oh, no…” She closed her face with her palms. In the first instant, she decided that she should have been swallowed at the bottom of the earth. Why when it came with Draven Knight, she had always been humiliated? “I want to die…” She moaned.

“Well, you just mentioned it. Life probably looks more appealing after this you know.”

She didn’t reply as she kept on hiding her face. Later on, once she was a whole again she had to confront another humiliation though selective amnesia would have been nice, but she then again now as he had informed her, she could recall in horrifying detail every syllable and every sultry pout her lips formed. There was a strong possibility she could never appear in public again without a brown paper bag over her head.

The story of Rainie Yang gotten drunk on her former fiancé engagement evening would probably become legendary. “I loathe myself with that...” She broke off, as she heard when Draven effectively took the wind out of her sails by throwing back his head and barking with laughter.

“Oh, Rain.” He said. With his free hand he reached over and took hers before locked them firmly there. “It wasn’t as bad as you thought.”

His hand was beautifully shaped. Exactly like the rest of him, she noted belatedly, studying it as if from outside herself. It was warm, with slightly callused palms and long, capable-looking fingers.

She firmly pushed away the memory of those hands stroking her face when he had kissed her at the lobby. “Thank you, but I know it’s a lie.” She coped to say with a reassuring amount of fraught. “As you can I see now, how lunatic and pathetic woman I am.”

He raised his hands and gently stroked the back of hers. Rainie ignored the sweet sensations his action provoked. “I’d never lie with such thing. And what I see right now is an independent woman who has stood up on her ground.” His thumb already caressed the inside of her wrist, sending little quivers through her arm. “That’s why I loved it when you sang.”

“Really?” She raised a brow up.

“Yes really.” Then gradually he beamed. A slow, sexy, dangerous little beam that ignited a spark of heat deep inside her. “You’re an amazing woman.”

“Are you sure?” She asked blithely, starting to enjoy sparring with him, especially as she was so firmly and so very improperly felt the sensation of his touch.

“Definitely.” He told her gently. “Now, will it be proper to have a morning kiss?” He suggested.

“What?” She gasped at his sudden question.

“I love to feel the woman’s kiss in the morning.” He said lazily. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“What if I do mind?” She asked and somehow the idea was so appealing. She did not mind either to kiss him in the morning. In. Every. Morning.

“Will you?” He observed the mirror convulsions with a disturbing smile.

“Well I...” She took a deep breath trying to collect some of her strength. “Actually, I do mind.”

She observed his lopsided smile turned a little disappointment as he considered he asked. “Why?”

Rainie formed a smile on her lips. She decided to play along with his games. If he had wanted to have a little play with her, she surely be glad to join it. “Because...” She said slowly and in husky lower tone. “I haven’t brushed my teeth.”

Draven lifted a brow as he heard the answer. He raised his hand and twined her single brown curl around his forefinger. “I don’t see it as a problem.”

She hesitated only briefly before assuring him. “It’s for me.”

“So what’s your suggestion, hmmm?” He unwound the curl from his finger and then brushed his bent knuckles lightly along her jawline. “If I kiss you here?”

Rainie let out a shallow breath before she asked him. “Is it okay?”

“I don’t mind.” He replied hoarsely. He grazed the back of his hand down the slender column of her throat, then turned it to dip his pointed finger in the delicate hollow at its base. “This one is also good for me.” Oh, he was so good to see by the depth of her eyes that his nearness was affecting her. Opting to press his advantage, he reached and placed his lips tentatively on her jawline. Gently, very gently.

Soon, he moved slightly and his lips explored to her translucent skin of her neck.

Reluctantly she started to enjoy his kisses. Oh no...This is wrong, absolutely wrong, Rainie told herself. Besides what was the point to play the fire with this kind of man. He knew how to tempt woman, he was an expert to seduce woman.

Draven made a little noise in his throat, and when his firmly muscled arms pulled her closer, she was already on the seventh heaven.

“You taste so good.” He groaned. He pulled her body almost on top of his and lay, feeling her through the tee shirt, so slight and yet so lusciously curved in all the right places, stretched out along the firm, lean length of him.

She lifted her head slightly and looked down into his eyes. She felt as though as her body were inhabited by another person. She turned like a wild person without regrets or qualms even though she had to say differently when she replied him. “I’m not sure that I’m your favorite flavor.”

“I doubt that.” He said with conviction. Then he reached her again. This time when he pulled her back down, he rolled them over so he was now on the top of her. With absolute gentleness, he caught her full lower lip between his teeth, and she gasped with pleasure, her lips parting for him.

His hand went to her hair and then traveled down her back, stroking her, molding her body. When her eyes met his, there was an expression she’d never seen there before. Flames seemed to course through her body, and her limbs felt strangely heavy.

I’m powerless to stop this. It’s wrong but I want it. This may be the only chance to feel him.

However somehow he stopped. Rolling over onto his back, he lay next to her, breathing raggedly.

Great...Now what? He finally realized that my breath was really stink or that he’s come to his senses and he couldn’t possibly want me, even a fling. Rainie thought bitterly, numbness flooding her where there had been only heat a moment before.

His next words sent feeling through her again. “You’re wonderful. I’ll probably regret what would happen if I don’t stop, but I can’t make love with you now.” His smile was slightly twisted. “When I make love with you, I want you to be with me and not being shadowed by your anger and frustration.” He rolled to his side and lay gazing down.


Draven sat up. “Not now.” He added, still serious. “Next time, I won’t stop.” There was a husky promise in his voice. “Next time we’d get through the night and day.” He murmured as lips found her earlobe. Just as the languorous fire threatened completely to consume her again, he disengaged himself and stood up.

“Where are you going?”

“I’ll get ready at the other room.” He said. “My maid has prepared the clothes for you.” He informed as he pointed out at the other end of the room that she presumed led to the bathroom.

“You keep all your women clothes here as your collection?” Her words were sharp, but when he bent his lean feature and kissed her temple, her body seemed to melt.

“I don’t keep my women’s clothes here. There are Whitney’s. When she travels to here from Europe she preferred to stay in my condo not at her parents’.”

“Oh thank you...” She replied meekly, wishing she did not feel so bereft and started become so possessive over him. He was her nobody. She should not start to feel that way. She liked him, she admitted that far but definitely jealous was out of her book.

“Take your time.” He advised. “I’ll be in the living room later then we can get something to bite, what do you say?”

Frankly she could not say anything but nod. So it meant he wanted to spend another time with her? Well whatever it worked for her.

“Good.” Draven said. He was pleased, then gave her a teasing wink that left her heart pounding in her ears before he vanished out the door.

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