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Episode 9

Episode 9

Artemis stepped in behind her, he pressed his body against her back, leaning his head down his nose trailed down her hair towards the curve of her neck. He inhaled her scent and his body gave a shudder.

His wolf howled with pleasure.

“Angel” his hands came down to rest on her silk clad hips, the material was thin and it was no wonder as to why she’d been so cold before.

He could feel the thin line of her underwear and wondered if it was one of those small string pieces that he could easily rip off.

“No attachments ?” She whispered into the dark room.

Artemis hadn’t bothered to turn on the lights, they could both see with no problem and it helped that his large windows let the moons light inside.

He actually hesitated before answering, he cared for this female, that much was clear so agreeing to the no strings attached agreement was a little more difficult than before. Would his feelings for her grow as time went on? Probably not but he’d always care for her and that alone put her under his protection.

They wouldn’t put a label on this.

“Agreed” he said before flicking his tongue out to taste her sweet smelling skin.

She let out a breathless moan, her arm coming up so that her hand could hold his head. He sucked lightly on her skin. His nostrils flared as he inhaled the scent of her wet pussy.

“You should know, that I’ve come to care for you but just know that it’ll never be anything more than that” he spoke against her soft creamy flesh.

She let out a sensual sigh, tilting her head back against him, “I-I’ve come to care for you to and you don’t need to worry, I don’t believe in love” she said.

With those words spoken he pulled away and spun her around, his hands gripped her dress and pulled it up and over her body. She blushed as he stared hard at what he now considered his for the time being.

He didn’t know how long this thing between them would last and he didn’t really care, all he cared about was enjoying the time they spent together.

He stepped forward, molding his body to hers before his hands gripped the swells of her ass and hauled her up.

She responded immediately by wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She leaned down slowly, her breath fanned across his face before her lips pressed against his.

The kiss was gentle and yielding as she let him take control. He licked the seam of her lips before pushing his tongue past and tangling it with hers. He walked them toward the bed before dropping them both down, he kept his weight off of her so he didn’t hurt her.

He shifted and hovered between her parted legs.

He cupped her bra covered breast, molding it before tugging the cups down and catching her perk nipple with his thumb and finger.

Her body melted and she moaned into his mouth.

Artemis let a satisfied smile across his face even as he kissed her. She was so reactive to his touch.

His dress clothes felt too tight and snug against his frame. He retreated off of the mattress stepping back to shed his jacket, shirt, tie, pants, socks and shoes.

Her hooded green eyes watched him, she drank him in and he couldn’t help but want to puff out his chest and howl to simply impress the beautiful she wolf that lay back upon his bed looking like an exquisite goddess.

His heart thumped against his chest and he watched her eyes drop down to his cock. He was standing proud for her, ready to dip into her heat.

“Take them off” he said.

Her hands moved to the fabric around her hips, she pushed the thin piece down revealing her smooth mound. She tossed her panties aside before leaning forward to unclip her bra, quickly shrugging out of it.

Her breasts were large enough that they filled his hands just right, her dusty rose areolas surrounded the hard darker pink nipples. Her pale flat stomach led down to the small curves of her hips, showcasing her pale pink pussy lips.

His cock twitched, her eyes caught the movement. The sweet aroma of her want for him had him taking deep lung fulls of breath.

She spread her legs and laid back against the bed. Artemis was ashamed to say he almost came right then and there like a young pup who’d gotten his paws on a female for the first time.

He was also ashamed to say, he’d never had this reaction with Emily.

He shook off the thought. He wouldn’t think of her now, not when he was about to fuck another she wolf.

“You’re so fucking beautiful” he growled stalking forward.

Angel swallowed thickly and her tongue came out to lick her lips.

He snarled diving forward, catching himself on his hands. His mouth fell against hers and he sucked her tongue into his mouth. His body thrummed to life as she moaned into his mouth.

“I-I think you’re very handsome as well” she stuttered shyly pulling back from him, ducking her eyes down to avoid his.

He chuckled pecking her lips, “thank you Angel”

He wondered if she’d ever come out of her shell around him.

His lips met her neck, placing open mouthed kisses and trailing down to her breasts. He took one hardened nipple into his mouth, rolling the nub between his teeth as his hand came up to play with her other breast.

She inhaled sharply as he began to suck. Her hands came up to tangle in his hair, holding him to her as if she were nursing him. The action only spurred him on.

He ground against her, his cock slipping against her wet folds. Her juices coating the tip before slipping down the length.

“Please” she begged pushing her hips up.

He released her breast and reached over to his nightstand withdrawing a condom, he slipped it on effortlessly.

He nudged the opening of her lips before driving forward.

Angel arched her back and screamed.

He froze, afraid he’d hurt her.

Her nails dug into his back and her wild green eyes shined up at him, “Don’t stop” she pleaded.

He thrust deep, driving back and forth, occasionally bumping against her cervix. she was tight, and was gripping him like a well fit glove.

The head board knocked against the wall with each thrust.

He knew she’d been trying to keep quiet before when they were walking down the hallway but he didn’t have to be quiet, and he didn’t want her to be quiet. He wanted her to scream out her pleasure, to scream out his name, so that all the other male wolves around would know, she was his.

His cock slipped in and out of her, her hips rose to meet his demanding thrusts.

He bared his teeth at her, the dominant wolf in him coming out to play. He wanted her submission.

Slowly she turned her head to the side, baring her neck, letting him dominate.

Artemis had full control and he loved it.

Sparks flew between them as he felt her clench around him as his balls drew up tight to his body. He was so close to release but he wouldn’t let go until he knew she was taken care of.

She whimpered, her head thrashing from side to side until he grazed her cervix and she exploded around him.

“Oh, Artemis ”

He bent down burying his face in her neck as his cock pulsed, releasing his cum into the condom. He hid his smile of satisfaction.

He stopped moving and lifted up on his arm. Her eyes were heavy and tired, her lips were puffy and dark as they’d been thoroughly kissed. Her hair was in a disarray all around her.

Sleep clouded his train of thought and he knew it was late, definitely well past two A.M.

Artemis pulled the condom off, tied it off and tossed it in the small trash can next to his night stand.

He let out a deep sigh before grabbing her waist and pulling her back, her body molded to his, shaping in the best way possible.

“Goodnight Angel” he said kissing the back of her head, listening to the soft sound of her heartbeat.

“Good night Artemis” she replied snuggling back further into him.

She awoke to the distant sound of talking. The sound of singing birds considerably drowned out by the two male voices going back and forth.

She cracked her eyes open, ignoring the searing heat as she did so. The sunlight streamed through his open windows, caressing every inch of the room.

The smell of Artemis wrapped around her and she cuddled further into his blanket. He smelt so masculine and so much like a wolf. Pine and fresh rain, along with a small hint of sandalwood.

Her heart began to quicken as she recalled the shared passion between them. He’d treated her like a queen, like she actually mattered. He’d touched her with care.

The familiar strong ground breaking feelings began to arise deep in her chest and she pushed it down. Those feelings couldn’t come out to play. She didn’t want that.


The voices stopped and the door slammed shut.

Evangelica bit her bottom lip wondering if she should pretend to be asleep or not. She wasn’t quick enough as he turned around and caught sight of her wide open eyes.

She watched his steel gray eyes soften, flecks of gold dancing in them. She noticed that a lot last night. His wolf had wanted to say hi. She wondered what his wolf looked like.

It had been a few days since she’d last shifted, she needed to stretch and run.

Her wolf agreed.

“Good morning” Artemis said.

Evangelica gave him an appreciative once over, her eyes caressing his skin. His abs were toned, enough to make any woman drool. His dark jeans hung low on his hips, and she knew all too well what he held behind the dark thick fabric.

He smirked, knowing exactly where her thoughts had gone, “Are you wanting to play this morning?” He asked, his voice coming out as a rumble.

She almost whimpered, she was always so hot and ready for him.

“Um,” she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear self consciously, “Actually i was wanting to shift today and explore... with you” she wondered if he’d deny her, after all he was the alpha and she was sure he was busy with the pack.

He took a seat on the bed next to her before leaning down and kissing her lips. She pulled away, she had terrible morning breath and didn’t want to offend him with it.

He growled at her in warning.

She covered her mouth with her hand, “I’ve got to brush my teeth”

He nodded but stayed seated, “To answer your question, yes I’d like to explore with you. I’m also curious as to what your wolf looks like. My wolf is very curious as well, he’s rather anxious”

She laughed, “I was just thinking about what your wolf looked like.”

“Great minds think alike” he said.

She rose from the bed, wrapping the blanket around her and headed for the bathroom but not before looking over her shoulder at him, “Um, do you by chance have a spare toothbrush and maybe a shirt or something I could wear?”

“The toothbrush is already in there for you and I’ll find something for you although I don’t know why, you won’t be wearing it very long” he said giving her a devilish look.

She caught onto the double meaning and scurried into the bathroom. She brushed her teeth, combed her hands through her wild hair before opening the door.

Artemis was leaning back against his desk, his hands planted on the hard wood behind him, as she emerged from the bathroom he looked up and smiled at her.

She gave a small smile back, “I have another request” she said.

“Which is?” He questioned.

“May I borrow your phone to call Isabel and tell her I’m alright? I may need to call my parents as well”

He nodded before pushing off of the desk and pulling his phone from his pocket. He crossed the room and handed it to her. “Here”

He passed by her and disappeared into the bathroom shutting the door behind him.

She dialed Isabel and tapped her foot impatiently waiting for her friend to answer.

“Hello?” She sounded hesitant, probably because it was an unknown number.

“Isabel. It’s me, Eva” she said walking over to the bed to sit down, the sheet was still clutched around her.

“Oh my god Eva!” Her friend yelled from the other end, “What the hell happened last night?! Why didn’t you tell me you had a sexy alpha stored away for safekeeping?!” She screamed at her.

She laughed and curled her toes at the mention of her gorgeous new friend, “I tried. I tried to tell you that the guy from the bar was there but you were so worried about Elijah seeing me that you pulled me away before I could say anything”

Suddenly the line on the other end went quiet.

“Isabel?” She called.

“Sorry Eva, I’ve got to be careful. Elijah has people watching me, he wants to know when I have contact with you. He’s instructed me to give him all the details,” she admitted, “Don’t worry girl, I won’t, but I thought you should at least be aware. He went crazy last night after you left. He even kicked Marissa out of their room. She ended up sleeping in the pack house”

Her wolf perked up at the mention of their mate but Evangelica wasn’t impressed.

“Elijah got what he deserved Eva, don’t doubt that ok? He treated you horribly. No wolf should be denied their true mate for some petty reason as the one he gave you. He’s a messed up wolf” Isabel said.

Evangelica felt her heart bloom, Isabel was her best friend for many reasons, one such as this moment, “I love you” she said to her.

“Don’t get all sappy on me.” Isabel teased, “I love you too. I’ve got to go, someone is coming, call me when you can!” She said before the line went dead.

Evangelica stared at the phone in her hand and felt the urge to cry.

She shouldn’t be going through this. She should be at home with her mate wrapped around her and their pup warm in her belly. But that wasn’t the case and after everything, despite him kicking Marissa out, she’d never take him back. She was nobody’s second choice.

“You done with that?”

She let out a startled squeak, coming quickly to a stand.

Artemis was leaning against the doorframe watching her with weary eyes. She wondered what he was thinking about that had him so guarded.

“Yes, thank you” she said making a note to call her parents later. After the call with Isabel she needed to get out and let off some steam. She handed the phone back to him and was startled when he tugged her up from the bed into his arms. He kissed her lips sweetly before setting her back.

“Did what she said bother you?”

“A Little” she watched his face for any kind of indication for how he felt with her answer, but his face was a blank mask, ” Only because the entire situation is messed up.”

He nodded before leaning around her and grabbed a large gray hoodie, “this is all I have, it should fit you like a dress.”

Graciously she took it. She hesitated before dropping the sheet. She stood naked before him and watched as his nostrils flared and a dark heated look entered his eyes.

A deep possessive growl fell from his lips and her body instantly reacted, her body thrummed to life.

She slipped the sweatshirt over her head, it dropped down to the middle of her thighs. It was really loose but it would do. She pulled her hair from beneath the fabric before letting it drop down her back in messy waves.

A large hand wrapped around her hair, pulling her gently yet unyielding towards him. She looked up into the eyes of her lover as he lowered his lips onto hers in a demanding kiss.

He pulled back and smirked, his nostrils flared taking in the smell of the cream that leaked from her, “Now we’re even” he said before letting her go and walking towards the door.

She watched his backside as he walked away.

What a gorgeous backside it was. She let out a soft sensual sigh, shifted her legs to ease the ache and followed behind him.

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