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Episode 11

Episode 11

Her wolf pulled back into the dark confines of her mind. She let out a whimper as she retreated.

Evangelica didn’t understand why Artemis didn’t want her exploring deeper into the woods. This was his territory, it wasn’t as if she was stepping across any boundaries. She’d just wanted to explore the odd smell that lingered towards the east.

She trotted in front of him before deciding she was going to find out one way or the other.

She turned sharply, passing him by.

She could see the break in the tree line, and what looked to be a corner of a house. What was he hiding?

She ignored the warning growls and grunts. Her paws hit the dirt as she pushed herself faster. He was right behind her.

A sharp set of teeth clamped down on her tail and she let out a startled yelp. She reached out, trying to swipe him with her paw. She missed and a dark glint entered his eyes.

She tugged but he wouldn’t let up. She turned and snapped her impressive canines in his face before lowering her eyes to the ground.

His body pushed against hers, sending her backwards.

She eyed him wearily.

He nudged her side with his head, urging her away. She gave one last look at the opening before turning and running away.

Evangelica wanted to howl with frustration. She’d overstepped her bounds and now was going to have to pay the consequences. This whole ordeal had obviously been a bad idea.

Whatever had made her think giving her virginity to a stranger and then coming back to his pack with him was beyond her. She normally didn’t make stupid decisions, this male was messing her head.

And her heart.

She’d known him a total of a little over two days and she felt herself actually liking him. She hadn’t gone to the club that night to look for anything other than a one night stand. So how was it that, that one night had turned into this?

Nearing the small opening where they’d first shifted, Evangelica made her way towards the sweatshirt she’d folded and left behind.

She let the flow of the change wash across her skin. Golden fur retreated slipping back beneath her skin as her paws shifted. Her fingers broke only to be re broken as her hand became human. She panted heavily, lying on the forest floor as her back cracked, her spine lengthening as her tail disappeared. Letting out a small whimper, she dug her fingers into the earth as the pain began to slowly recede.

Long dark hair hung around her face like a waterfall, her green eyes scanned the small clearing before grabbing the sweatshirt.

Artemis was nearby, she could smell him.

Evangelica glanced down at her body and waited until the raw like skin turned pale and soft. She pulled the sweatshirt over her head once more, letting it drop down around her thighs.

It was then, that he padded out, his dark cloudy grey fur looked thick and rough. His eyes were guarded as they watched her.Her arms came around her waist, hugging herself.

“I-I think I should go home,” she said. Suddenly feeling unsure and a bit afraid of him. He’d hurt her, although she’d provoked it, she had no idea why he’d do such a thing.

He gave a curt nod before his form began to waver as his shift began to take place. She only watched for a moment before she turned away her teeth biting down on her lower lip.

She listened as the rustle of his jeans slid over his powerful legs.

“Lets go” he said striding past her.

She followed behind him out from the treeline. The immediate sounds of other pack members could be heard and she nearly tripped over herself as she realized she was going to have to face them all as the piece of ass the alpha had brought home.

She wondered how often he did this. How many women had they seen do the walk of shame.

As they rounded the pack house, all conversation ceased. Evangelica watched in amazement as they all cast their eyes to the ground, no matter what they were doing. Nobody even glanced at her.

He must do this a lot, she thought to herself as she trailed inside after him.

They took the three flights of stairs in silence. Both of them surrounded by their own tension. As they entered, Evangelica went straight to where her dress lay in a heap of soft silk on the floor. She pulled the sweater over her head, tossing it onto his bed before letting the silk once again slide down her body.

Her back ached, the sharp tug on her tail from the harsh bite he’d delivered. She winced and turned towards him, “I think I should head home. This was a mistake. I don’t really know you and you don’t really know me. I should have never come here to begin with”

He stared back at her with his hands clenched into fists at his sides and his jaw ridgid.

“It wasn’t a mistake” he said. She could tell he was trying his best to stay calm and collected. He didn’t seem like the type of wolf to lose his calm facade as often as most.

“The sex wasn’t a mistake, but thinking I could go through with being intimate with someone and not develop any sort of feelings was idiotic. I apologize for putting us both through this but I think it’s best if I leave” she said truthfully.

Artemis ran a hand through his hair before he dug into his back pocket and pulled out his phone.

“Clayton” he Barked into the receiver, “I need you to give Evangelica a ride home”

Striding towards the large windows, she stared out into the vast forest that lay beyond the house. It was such a breathtaking sight. The autumn tree tops swayed slightly in the breeze, the sun was peeking out through the clouds, attempting to warm the chilly air. Her mind eased for a moment, letting her take in the sight without the stress of her situation.

“Clayton is waiting for you out front” Artemis said from behind her.

Reluctantly, she pulled herself away from the windows and walked out of the room. Artemis kept his distance from her, which was a good thing, she had a feeling she’d try to kiss him one last time before she left.

She figured he was angry with her. She’d assured him that there would be no strings, no feeling and yet things had began to blossom the moment he’d touched her intimately, the moment he’d spoke to her, she’d been a goner. She hadn’t known the touch of a male until he’d come along. Her first kiss had been stolen by her mate, all peacefulness had vanished when he was around and yet as soon as Artemis had stepped into her life, he’d been able to bring it back.

How could a stranger give her something her mate should be giving her?

Shaking her head she walked through the entryway, the chatter of the wolves ceased until they stepped out of the house.

Artemis was right on her heels as she descended the steps and walked towards the truck. She turned and eyed the alpha male in front her before second guessing and throwing open the passenger side door and hopping in. She slammed the door, staring ahead.

Her cheeks flamed as the many eyes of curious wolves peeked at her.

Clayton slid into the car, glancing behind him through the small glass window.

Evangelica tensed as Artemis banged his hand down on the top of the truck. Clayton pulled away, kicking up pebbles as he went.

“You ok?” He asked giving her a side glance.

She found it a bit odd that his blue eyes held flecks of gold. His wolf was also inquiring about her well being. She didn’t get the impression that Clayton viewed her as a possible romantic interest but then again she’d only associated with him a time or two.

“Yep. Fine” she said glancing out of the window , her eyes focusing on the trees as they passed.

“Such a pity that you couldn’t have spent more time with the alpha” he said.

Her head snapped towards him, her eyes boring into the side of his face, “a pity?” She questioned.

He shrugged but said nothing else and continued keeping his eyes on the road. Which left her to ponder over what he’d said.

Forty five minutes into the drive, she tensed as they neared the road that merged with the humans. The back roads were their safe zone, the highways were a free for all, humans and paranormals alike. Evangelica wasn’t a fan of humans, she’d heard of the terrible things they were capable of. They were a threat to the entire paranormal world.

“I hate this road to” Clayton said easily picking up on the smell of her fear.

She nodded as the end of the road came into view.

She glanced down at her lap and plucked nervously at her dress. Her hair fell forward cascading around her. Her wolf prodded at her, wanting her to turn around and go back.

“Fucking hell!” Clayton yelled.

Evangelica lurched forward as he slammed down hard on the brakes. The seat belt tightened around her, the edging dug into her skin and her hands came out, hitting the dash a she caught herself. Her heart thumped widely against her chest and adrenaline shot through her quickly heating her veins and boiling her blood. Her eyes were squeezed tight as she waited for impact.

She was too shocked to even cry out.

Clayton let out a nasty growl, slamming his hand down hard on the steering wheel. His eyes went from the road to her.

He grumbled something beneath his breath, it didn’t sound too nice.

“W-what was that?” She asked opening her eyes as she realized they hadn’t crashed into anything. Tentatively she sat up, a shaky hand went to her heart as she focused on calming her nerves.

Her eyes went wide as the cause of Clayton’s quick stop stood in the middle of the road. Clayton let out a few more grumbles, silently cursing his alpha.

Artemis stood stark naked, his chest heaving, his fists clenched at his sides as his eyes bore into hers. She wet her dry lips, and wondered what was so important he’d risked killing her and his beta.

She tried really hard not to let her eyes stray down his body.

Clayton threw his door open, the door creaked and groaned from the force. He strode over to his alpha, both of their bodies were tense and they whispered back and forth. Eventually after a bunch of hand dramatics from Clayton and stoic expressions from Artemis , Clayton’s body relaxed.

Evangelica opened the door and stepped out onto the gravel road, the rocks crunched beneath her slippered feet as she strode forward until she came but a foot away from Artemis.

His scent enveloped her and she held back the sigh that threatened to slip. She was supposed to be leaving the temptation, not standing here staring at it in the face.

“Did you forget something?” She asked planting her hands on her hips, trying to stay calm.


Suddenly he was in front of her, his chest pressed against hers, his arousal thickened against her silk clad thigh. His hand gripped the back of her head and pulled her to him.

She sucked in a sharp breath, this shouldn’t be happening, it was only going to make matters worse.

His lips brushed against hers, despite his solid and urgent appearance the kiss he gave was soft and delicate. She’d expected him to claim her mouth with force, instead he kissed her slowly and softly, letting his lips move against hers in a sensual dance.

Her stomach knotted and her toes curled.

“This can’t happen” she said even as she continued to kiss him back.

“Yes it can,” he said.

“I won’t be able to stop myself” she whispered. Her heart was on the line, her broken, tattered heart was basically sitting on a silver platter for this male.

She wanted to tear her hair out in frustration, this wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

“From what?” He questioned.

She pulled back, her eyes stared up into his, she wouldn’t look away from him this time. He needed to see how serious this was for her, “From falling for you”

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