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Episode 13

Episode 13

Artemis sat against the headboard of his bed with Angel in his lap as she flipped channels on the television that he never used.

Her small body was nestled between his spread legs, her rear warming his already semi hard cock.

As she found something to watch she leaned further into him, leaning her head back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her hair.

“Quit it.” She said swatting at him, “that tickles” a small giggle slipping past her pink lips.

He chuckled and buried himself deeper into her hair. Her scent invaded his senses and wrapped securely around his heart. It was a smell he’d never forget, should she ever be in trouble he’d have no problem picking it up and finding her.

“Artemis ” she whined turning her head up to glance at him.

“I can’t help it. Your scent is so addicting. Please don’t take this away from me”

Her eyes softened and she turned back to her show, her teeth pulling at her bottom lip as she secretly smiled.

They sat together watching whatever she wanted. He’d left the room only briefly to grab food before bringing it back to her and feeding her it by hand. The act was intimate and in the way of wolves it was a sign of caring for one’s mate.

His mind flickered back to small memories of Emily but he found himself pushing them away. Something he’d never done before. Normally he clung to those small moments where he could relive and remember her and the time they shared but as he fed his female, he couldn’t find a reason to dive into that darkness.

In turn, Angel fed him as well. Plucking grapes off the small vines and feeding him one by one. She’d pick up cubes of cheese and repeat.

As Artemis’s mind brought up his mate, he wondered about Angels mate.

“Angel” he said watching her pop a purple grape into her mouth, her pink lips opened, sucking on the small fruit before she devoured it.

She made a small sound of acknowledgement as she continued to watch the television.

“I’d like to ask you a personal question”

“Ok” she said nonchalant, he knew she wouldn’t stay that way for long.

He second guessed himself. Did he really want to do this? Could he bring up the past knowing she’d want to know his back story as well? Was he ready to speak of it?

“When is your first heat?” He found himself asking instead.

His wolf snarled at him. His wolf was very curious as to why the young alpha would give up such a radiant beauty such as Angel.

Her back went rigid and her hand halted halfway to her mouth, holding her next grape. A dark pink blush stole its way up her chest, to her neck, across her ears and into her face. Her entire being screamed of embarrassment.

Females were so sensitive about these topics. He’d never understand why. It was a natural thing.

“I-ah- I’ve already had it” she said peeking at him from the corner of her eye.

Artemis felt his wolf give a mighty push and he let out a loud territorial growl before quickly repositioning her so that her back met the bed and he had the ability to hover over her.

He had no right to feel betrayal but that was the one emotion that stood out the strongest. He hadn’t smelt another male on her when he’d met her or when he’d seen her again at the gathering. Unless she’d scrubbed her skin raw, which she very well could have.

A dark possessive glint entered his eyes, his wolf peeked out and stared back at her. She was his, only his!

“Who serviced you?!” He snarled.

She gaped at him. Serviced her?!

“Serviced me?! What the hell is that? Are you asking if I’m some cheap whore?!” She raved at him, planting her hands on his chest she gave a hard shove. Artemis didn’t move an inch, her attempts at moving him were for nothing.

“When did you have your heat and who was there to relieve it?” He said between clenched teeth.

Evangelica watched as his entire body shuddered with anger and obvious jealousy. Her panties dampened, a secret thrill went through her. She harbored a secret turn on, possessive jealous instincts within males. Even though his question pissed her off, she loved that he cared and was willing to kill any male who touched her.

“A week after I left your pack my heat arrived. You’re the only male I’ve been with Artemis. My mother locked me away in our basement” she said reaching up to stroke his cheek, her thumb caressed his skin feeling the slight stubble beneath.

He let out a harsh breath and cringed, “I’m sorry Angel. I know that must have been very difficult for you, I’ve no doubt that you were hurting but I won’t extend that apology for being happy that you went untouched while going through it” Artemis leaned down and planted an open mouthed kiss on her collar bone before moving up creating a trail of open mouth kisses on the column of her neck.

Evangelica arched her neck and turned her head to the side, giving him better access.

“How did your mate resist the call of the heat?” He asked moving across her cheek.

“He didn’t” she said turning her head back to look at him before placing a single kiss on his lips, “He tried his hardest to get to me, but my mother and father wouldn’t let him. They called the beta and delta to come get him. I heard they had to chain him to the post in the infirmary for the entire three days that my heat had taken over. There’s a small room that was specifically designed for wolves who go berserk and in this case, Elijah was willing to kill to get to me, so they collared and chained him”

Artemis grunted and Evangelica wondered what he was thinking.

She yawned and stretched beneath him.

“We’re not done talking but I think you could use a nap and i have a few things to take care of with Clayton so make yourself at home , rest, and I’ll be back”

She smiled at him and nodded. Artemis stood from the bed and immediately she missed the warmth of his body and the touch and taste of his kisses.

He walked over to his closet and pulled a shirt from the hanger before handing it to her, “I assume you want to change out of that dress” he said.

Grateful once again for him loaning his clothes to her she gripped the shirt and worked hard on not burying her nose deep into the cotton fabric as his scent was strong and calling to her.

“I’ll need to grab some clothes from my room at my pack house either later today or tomorrow” she said. Evangelica desperately wanted a bath, she felt disgusting as she hadn’t bathed since before the gathering almost two nights ago.

“We’ll figure it out after you rest” he said before walking out of the room.

Climbing from the bed she shimmied out of her dress and pulled Artemis’s shirt over her head. Her wolf purred as his scent was bound to cling to her skin. She was going to smell like him for awhile.

Crawling into bed, Evangelica pulled the comforter over her and snuggled deep into the warm heat that was left over from laying a top the blanket. She twisted and turned until she found the perfect position and her eyes slowly shut as the images on the television blurred out.

Lightening flashed and thundered across the velvety night sky as Evangelica flew from her bed, falling face down onto her hard floor.

Her skin was drenched in sweat, her usual oversized shirt and shorts were in shreds. At some point in the night she’d clawed them. They’d rubbed her raw sensitive skin like a bad itch.

Her bare body shuddered and spasmed as the muscles beneath her pelvic area spasmed and burned. Her lower region creamed, juices slipped from her, the sweet smell of her nectar clouding the small confides of her bedroom.

Evangelica tried to focus through the pain and tears that trekked down her face. Her heat was here, it had come full force.

She had never had a heat before and if it was going to be like this every time she didn’t want it.

Her ears perked up as she caught the sound of feet thundering across the pack house hallway.

“The males”,she thought beginning to sob even harder. They wouldn’t care if she said no, the call of the heat would be to strong and they’d fight to the death to take care of her.

Crawling across her floor, she held her breath hoping to hold off the pain for just a moment.

Reaching up so managed to lock the door and scrambled back as various pounding began to shake the door.

A wave hit her hard, she bit down hard on her lip drawing blood as her insides twisted and turned. Her nails dug into the wood floor and she began to claw, leaving deep embedded nail marks.

When the pain subsided she was tired and her eyes began to shut, the sound of her door cracking had her eyes flying back open.

The males were working their way in.

Evangelica pushed herself to her feet despite the pain and crashed into her small side table, clumsily grabbing her phone.

She dialed her mother.

The thunderstorm shook the night sky, large blasts of lightening lighting her room.


Evangelica opened her mouth to answer but before she could a scream crawled up her throat and out of her mouth as another wave hit her, harder that before.

“Eva is that you?!”

“Mom” she choked out as splinters of her door fell into her room. Loud primal snarls and growls came from the other side, the males were moments away from entering her room.

“Rick get up now, Eva’s in trouble” she heard her mother say. “Eva lock yourself in the bathroom, it’ll give us time to get there”

Eva nodded and whispered out an “ok” before shuffling into her small adjoining bathroom and locking the door.

She tried to wrap a towel around herself but it just wasn’t possible. The moment the material touched her skin it seared her like a hot brand.

She didn’t want to chance shifting, as her wolf would have more power to take over. There was no telling what her wolf would do, she could easily trot out of the room and offer herself to any and all males to take away the pain.

She shuddered in fear and revulsion at the thought.

The sound of her bedroom door completely breaking down could be heard from her hiding spot. She could smell multiple male wolves as they prowled her bedroom in search of her.

A paw slid down the bathroom door and the wolf crouched, placing his nose at the bottom of the door, sniffing. He whimpered alerting the others he’d found her.

Evangelica drew her knees to her chest, the small stand up shower was the last thing to protect her and she knew it wouldn’t take much to get inside.

She flinched as the sound of gun shots sounded and held her breath, listening as foot steps entered her bedroom.

“Eva are you ok?” Her mothers voice was as shaky as she felt.

She swallowed thickly and clutched her abdomen as the heat began to take over once more, “it hurts mama” she whimpered.

The bathroom door blew open and her mother stepped into view, still in her bedclothes with her hair askew she took in her daughters shriveled up form, “Oh Eva baby, come on let’s get you home. I have some medicine to ease some of the pain and your father and I will make sure nobody bothers you” she cooed.

She didn’t think she could walk, her legs felt to weak to hold her weight especially for the walk to her parents home.

“I- I don’t think I can walk” she said sweat dripped down the curve of her back as .

“That’s ok darling” her mother scooped her up, despite the added weight and length, without hesitation or struggle and carried her daughter from the room.

“Where did they go?” She asked glancing hesitantly around her destroyed room.

“Your father leashed them all, with the help of a few mated males, he and the former alpha took them somewhere until they calm down” she said stepping out of the room and heading towards the front door.

Rain pelted down on both of them as soon as they stepped out into the night. Evangelica clutched at her mothers shoulders and let out small painful whimpers as her insides twisted. Her mothers clothes rubbed against her and she tried to leap away.

“We’re almost there, hold on. I know it hurts” her father came to their side as her child hood home came into view.

“We need to get her inside now Claire”

“I know Rick”

“No, Claire. Like right now” her father said a sense of urgency lacing his tone. He glanced around them as they stepped onto the porch, the same moment a territorial howl filled the night.

Her mothers eyes widened and fumbled with the lock, finally pushing their way in. Her father stayed outside, standing in front of their door as her mother closed it.

Fear and despair hung off her mother in thick waves and Evangelica knew her mate was coming for her.

Claire Roads hurried down the basements stairs and placed her daughter on the small one person bed before grabbing the cold hard iron collar and slipping it around her neck.

Evangelica stared up at her mother wide eyed.

“It’s for your protection. Should your wolf take over, you’ll be chained and she won’t be able to offer you up like a gift basket”

She gave the chain a good tug, the iron ringlets jingled, clanking together but the chain held firm as it was bolted into the stone wall.

“I’ll be a sitting duck if he manages to get in” she whispered through the next onslaught of pain.

Her mother watched her as she rode out the next wave of pain before leaning forward to stroke her daughters soft hair, “We won’t let him. I promise. You’re safe” she said so sure of herself.

A commotion outside could be heard by both females and her mother glanced at Evangelica hesitantly before scurrying up the stairs, “I’ll be back with the medicine” she shut the door behind her and slid the various bolts into place.

For the next three days this was to be her room, the bed was small but the sheets were clean and comfortable. The room smelt of freshly sprayed febreeze and bleach. Her mother had prepared the room as discussed with Evangelica, however the collar was something her mother hadn’t mentioned.

Her wolf paced back and forth, she was burning with the need to mate. She knew Elijah was close and was trying to push Evangelica back so as she could call out to her mate.

Eva refused, she wouldn’t let her take over.

Grinding her teeth she let out a pain filled scream as her insides began to boil.

The heat was meant to be this intense, it was meant to push you to mate as it ensured reproduction. The species would never die off so long as their was a female in heat and males to service them.

A terrifying panty dripping roar sounded from outside of the house.

He was close, so close.

She could hear him snarling and snapping at everyone who was trying to keep him from his mate.

It was a dangerous game, keeping a male werewolf from its mate. Especially a hot blooded alpha.

Her mother returned with the medicine, a tiny bottle of high dosage Tylenol. However it wasn’t your normal dose, as werewolves bodies fought the human medicine, an average amount of overdosage would help for about an hour or so before their body burned it off.

Moments ticked by and the growling and pacing stopped. Silence followed and Evangelica became antsy.

Where was he? Had he hurt anybody? Was he working his way in here?

She glanced at her mother who sat in the small wooden chair next to her bed, she gave her a questioning glance.

“They’ve managed to sedate him and chain him. He’ll be chained the entire time you’re here Eva.”

As the medicine began to take its toll, her body relaxed into the mattress, her entire body screamed in protest as her muscles had been bunched and strained, ready for anything. Her abdomen was red and swollen from her internal trouble.

Her heat had arrived early, otherwise she’d had already been in her mothers house camping out in the basement. She had planned to move in temporarily, only for a few days, next week. The estimation of her heat had obviously been very wrong.

“Is everyone ok?” She asked.

“Everyone is fine Eva.”

She nodded and closed her eyes.

“You’ll be ok now” her more said before she began to hum the soft tune of a familiar lullaby.

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