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Episode 18

Episode 18

The two alpha males walked away and she knew this wouldn’t be a calm departure.
Stepping around her room she was thankful nothing had been taken or moved. Nobody had been in here since she’d left which was good.

The picture of her true mate lay on her desk, staring directly at her.
Her wolf tucked tail, laying her head on her paws. Her reaction to her mate had lessened, where once she would have broke, now there was only a small wound but nothing worse for wear.

Artemis was her medicine, he was healing her and she doubted he even knew it. She found it odd that he’d never inquired as to what had happened.

“Evangelica?” A dark male voice asked. The floor boards near the door creaked and a light knocking tap reached her ears. She knew he’d made noise for her sake, as to not startle her. Guardians were stealthy beings, trained to be the very best.

Whipping around she stared at Zedrick, the guardian who had until now stayed stationed outside of her bedroom door.


“The luna wishes to speak to you” he said distastefully. She wondered what Marissa had done for Zedrick to react like that.

“Um, can you give me like ten minutes? I need to get dressed” she said glancing down at Artemiss oversized clothes on her body.

He gave a curt nod and closed the door behind him.

Evangelica pulled on a clear pair of underwear and a grab bra before jumping into a pair of blue jeans and throwing on a emerald green flowy blouse. She ran a hand through her dark hair, knowing she probably looked like crap.

She faced the door doing her best to stand her ground, “Ok, send her in” she called out softly knowing the two guardians would be able to hear her.

The soft click of the knob turned, the door flew open and there stood Marissa. Beautiful as ever.

The smell of their joining was like a toxicity to the air. Evangelica practically choked on it.

Her dark chocolate colored hair was pulled back away from her face in a high ponytail. Her face was soft and angelic looking, her eyes were a heavy hazel with more green than brown. Her willowy figure was covered in a salmon colored spaghetti strap sun dress, her jean jacket covered her arms from the bitter chill outside.

Marissa assessed Evangelica as well. Her eyes roaming her from head to feet, “I suppose i underestimated you” she said, her light pink lips lifting a silent snarl.

“Underestimated me?”

She gave a curt nod, planting her hand on her hip, “I thought because I’d been with Elijah before you’d come along that he’d have no problem leaving you behind. He hasn’t been quite the same since your little... get together with that male at the club.”

Evangelica didn’t bother to hide her surprise, she’d known she’d smelt of Artemis the morning she’d come home but it had been so early she hadn’t thought anyone had been awake, other than Elijah and the few guardians that had, had to hold him back. Unless he’d told her of course. Which he very well could have, but why tell your chosen mate you’d gone into a blind rage because your true mate smelt of another male?

Marissa suddenly look sad and vulnerable, she eyed Eva, taking in her surprise, “Males talk to Eva” she said shrugging, “I overheard our beta talking to Elijah’s parents. Explaining to them what had happened. Since then, Elijah has become withdrawn, his wolf is becoming more demanding and... reluctant”

Evangelica couldn’t understand why Marissa was confiding in her. They’d never been friends, nor even good acquaintances. In fact, she considered them enemy’s as Marissa had been clear that she’d wanted to get rid of Eva.

“I don’t understand why you’re telling me all of this” she said.

“Because... I feel that this whole ordeal is ridiculous and if you went through all this trouble, by making him jealous with another male just so you could get him back well... it worked because you’re all he thinks about now.” She sighed her earlier aggression vacant, “I thought we could get through this. That he could move on from you, i mean you’d only taken one glance at each other. A few stolen moments with each other, nothing serious but apparently I was wrong. The mate bond is stronger than i imagined.”

Evangelica blinked at the female before her. This wasn’t what she was expecting at all. Marissa had completely pulled the rug from beneath her feet.
Maybe there was hope for the future that things wouldn’t always be so bad between them.

“You smell of Alpha Steele even now, his scent is all over you. You hadn’t even stepped out of the vehicle before Elijah was storming out of our bedroom, he’d smelt you the moment you’d approached the pack house”

Evangelica felt heat rise to her cheeks and into her neck, she hadn’t realized. She’d been so affected and slightly irritated by their scents intermingling that she hadn’t thought about herself permitting the same retches scent to her mate.

“Marissa, I-”

A loud roar echoed through the halls. Everyone heard it, including Evangelica. Her ears twitched, her skin prickled with awareness and she knew exactly who it had come from.

Leaving her luggage on the bed, she ran from her room with Marissa on her tail. Loud footfalls sounded from behind her.
She weaved around standing pack members, quickly making her way through the halls towards Elijah’s office.

The guardians maneuvered around her before she had a chance to push the double doors open. Teeth bared, bodies shaking with the need to shift, Zedrick and Ryan blew the door open, the wood crashed into the wall and they all stepped into the room.

Her wide green eyes took in the scene before her. Her heart hammered hard in her chest, feeling as if it were going to burst forth at any minute.

Her wolf snarled, the territorial possessive sound filled the contents of her mind.

Artemis was positioned behind Elijah, his hands wrapped around his head ready to kill the male wolf.

She wasn’t affected by the scene in front of her, this was normal for wolves especially male wolves as they were highly territorial and possessive they often had knock out drag out fights and often enough it led to death. What affected her the most was the look of utter blood lust on Artemis’s face. His eyes were narrowed into thin slits, his grey eyes were a ghost like, almost a soft blur as if he weren’t truly himself.

She’d never seen him like this. The male before her was a completely different wolf.

What had happened in such a short amount of time for him to have reacted so violently, so strongly that he’d opted to kill Elijah?

The guardians stilled, their bodies tensed, ready for anything. They stared at Artemis, ready to do what was necessary to keep their alpha alive.

Marissa was the first to cry out, her eyes wide with shock “Elijah!” With her heart in her eyes she began to shake in fear as her chosen mate was about to be taken from her before her eyes.

Elijah sniffed the air, his eyes dangerous as they locked onto Eva. His pupils dilated as he was mere feet away from his true mate.

Not paying any attention to the male who was close to death, she stepped forward her eyes locked onto Artemis. The brilliantly violent male that watched her with a burning territorial passion.

Ryan reached out to her, attempting to stop her. His hand landed on her wrist, giving it a tug. She turned, her eyes blazing as she snarled at him. He was interfering, she had to reach her mate.

Baring her teeth she snapped at him. He held on until two loud male growls warned him away.Ryan let go, ignoring the warning from Elijah but taking care with Artemis’s threat.

Evangelica had never been so brave in her life. She was usually one to shrink back, away from the danger. She was a weaker wolf because of it, until now.

They all watched on as she strode forward aware of the many eyes upon her.

“Artemis” she called standing but a few inches from him, the aggression that rolled off him chilled her to the bone, hackles raised she tried to keep her eyes from casting to the floor. The dominance the two male wolves pushed out was almost to much for her to bare. “Artemis, what happened” she said keeping her voice light, comforting.

He snarled, revisiting whatever had made him angry, “The young alpha thinks to keep you from me, for himself” he said clearly becoming even more agitated.

A hard sob came from Marissa, her eyes filled with tears and she ran from the room. Evangelica felt almost guilty, she shouldn’t but she couldn’t help it. She was responsible for everything that was unfolding.

Looks of disbelief passed across several pack faces as they watched their Luna run off. Evangelica wouldn’t be surprised if after this, Elijah’s alpha position was challenged and /or Marissa’s Luna’s position was challenged as well.

“That won’t happen Artemis, because I’m with you, always” she said truthfully. She wouldn’t leave Artemis. He was her savior, where her mate had turned his back on her, Artemis had fought for her. It hadn’t taken them a month to realize what between them couldn’t be dismissed but hadn’t stopped the want, and need to be with each other.

Artemis was more of a mate than Elijah could ever be.

He blinked at her, his grip visibly tightened around Elijah’s neck before he let go, dropping him to the floor.

Artemis pulled her into his arms, his nose buried deep in her hair. His chest was heaving and she knew he was having a difficult time. His hands stroked her back against the softness blouse.

Elijah was clutching his throat, where Artemis had gripped tugh rly, he was pulled into a coughing fit as he tried to stand. His eyes sought hers, his wolf peeking out at her before filtering away.

She felt her own wolf shine through and instead of calling out to her true mate as Evangelica had expected, she’d warned him away.

The souls of their wolves were not meant to be together.

With than thought in mind, she knew what she had to do.

“Artemis” She said attempting to pull away. He clutched her tighter letting out a low disapproving growl as if he were scolding a pup.

She had the urge to smack his shoulder but she refrained as he was still alpha, he was highly respected and feared, she wouldn’t put him in a bad position in front of another pack and his guardians. She met the eyes of Malcom over the tall heads of Ryan and Zedrick, her eyes betrayed her as she communicated silently with the delta.

He read her like an open book and knew exactly what she was going to do, which would require a bit of help. He gave her a silent small nod, hardly noticeable.

She let out a sigh, “Artemis, I need to speak with Eli- Alpha Zarek”

He shook his head, “Don’t let go” he quietly, only for her to hear.

“Never” she replied immediately, “But I need to do this... please.” She pleaded quietly enough for his ears only.

She watched as he straightened, his head held high once more. He brought his shoulders back, he hadn’t appeared weak in fact he’d done what most wolves wouldn’t have been able to do. He pulled away from an obvious, easy kill.

His dark head of hair brushed across his eyes and he gave her a heated look before lifting his lip in the direction of Elijah before striding towards the door.

The gathering pack members quickly departed, their heads cast to the floor as they went. Artemis said something quietly to Malcom before they disappeared.

Evangelica tried to hold strong even as her hands shook with a great force. She hadn’t been in an enclosed room with her true mate ever. The bond between them was still there but her feelings for him were diminishing so the bond was slowly withering.

Walking over to his desk he pulled open a drawer, withdrawing a large bottle of whiskey and two small cups. He nodded at her, “Want one?” He asked.

She practically leaped for the cup, “Yes” she said. They were going to have to finish the entire bottle just to take the edge off.

He poured the liquid contents into the glasses and handed her the glass, their fingers touched and the glass slipped through his fingers. An electrically zap traveled through the tips of her fingers straight to her heart. The glass crashed to the floor, spilling the whiskey onto the rich red carpet.

She gasped and stepped back, his hazel eyes locked onto her wide, green ones. She tensed, expecting him to surge forward.
Instead he tossed back his drink and poured another.

“Sorry” She said trying to get her brain to function correctly. She bent down to pick up the glass before setting it on the table, she didn’t want to hand it to him as she didn’t want to risk touching him again.

“Do you wanna try again?” He asked setting the bottle back onto the desk.

She didn’t think twice before reaching for the entire bottle, putting her lips on the opening and throwing back half of the bottle. The liquid was like fire as it flowed down her throat. She cringed but kept it down.

He gave her an astonished look before a sheepish knowing look passed across his face.

“Eva, I-”

She held up a hand before settling the bottle back down, the liquor hadn’t been enough to truly affect her, it gave her liquid courage though, “No wait-”

“Eva can you just listen to me for once?” He said his eyes becoming heated.

Irritation crawled up her spine but she ended up nodding silently.

He let out a lung full of a sigh, running a hand through his dark blonde hair , “Eva, first and foremost I want to apologize. I’ve gone about this all wrong. You’re my mate, my true mate, I shouldn’t have left you standing in the rain. I should have come to you, accepting you. I admit I was foolish, my decisions from that point forward have been foolish.” He said pinching the bridge of his nose, ” I need to start over, I want my mate back. My true mate. You, Eva, I need and I want you to take your place by my side”

She gaped at him in disbelief before righting herself, soul touching anger courses through her veins, “Are you kidding me?!” She couldn’t believe this male. The nerve of him. He thought he could just say a few pretty words and expect her to fall at his feet.


He blinked at her clearly taken aback by her reaction.

“You can’t just-just ugh, I’m so angry right now” she raved unable to form a true sentence. She curled her hands in fists, she wanted to hit him. That wouldn’t solve anything though.
“Elijah, the moment you made your decision, the moment you let Marissa into your arms after the challenge with your father, that moment sealed out fates. At the time, I was a broken wolf, I had considered letting go. I didn’t want to live without you but... then I met Artemis. He’s healed me, he’s everything your not.” She said completely ignoring his irritated growl, his wolf shined through his dark brown eyes angry that she’d disrespected him, but she continued on, this was something he needed to hear and it was something she needed to say, “I’m letting go Elijah. Slowly but surely, and Artemis is helping me. I know why you chose Marissa because I now know what it’s like to feel loved and to love that person in return. We were never meant to be a thing. You need to move on, let go. Stop pushing Marissa away and live the life you’ve chosen. Be a strong alpha wolf and stand behind your actions”

Elijah regarded her with a look of amazement and pride, he took another sip of his whiskey and licked his lips, “So this is it?” He asked.

She nodded.

He shifted on his feet, his brows furrowed and he gripped the glass in his hand tighter, “Tell me Eva, do you know who Alpha Steele truly is?” He asked , “Do you even know what happened to his true mate?”

Evangelica tried hard to not let the words dig deep. She tried hard to let them sink to far into her mind.

It was to late, they nestled deep, creating doubts and fears. What had happened to his mate? Was she still around? Did he still long for her?

Elijah watched her face fall and his eyes darkened to near black, a shadow crossed his face as he realized Artemis hadn’t told her.

“I’m sure at some point he will” she said, her voice betrayed her as it wavered slightly, showing how insecure she was about that statement.

A small voice in the back of her head kept whispering to her, you shouldn’t be discussing anything personal with Elijah.
She knew the voice was right but she was also curious. Artemis hadn’t opened up about his mate, she hadn’t even known he’d met her, so of course she wanted to know.

Wait for Artemis to tell you , that same voice whispered. Her conscious was making itself known. Knowing how bad and guilty she’d feel if she found out from Elijah.

She wondered just how bad it was for him to hide it. To hide her.

She looked up at Elijah, his brown orbs were warm and almost caring. She did her best to not be drawn in.

His lips moved and all the cards were on the table, “She died. He killed her”

She blinked up at him, her mouth parting slightly in disbelief. Her body stilled and the thunderous sound of her heartbeat and the rushing of her blood was all she heard. His lips kept moving, but she’d quit listening.

It couldn’t be true, she thought to herself. She couldn’t imagine Artemis killing his mate. Evangelica wasn’t even his mate and he treated her far better than expected.

It just couldn’t be true.

Elijah was just trying to get beneath her skin. He wanted her to change her mind about Artemis. That was all. Even after her speech he was still trying, unable to take the rejection, the same kind of rejection he’d dished out.

Shaking her head she narrowed her eyes on Elijah and pointed a finger at him, “Listen to me Elijah, very carefully, there is and never was anything between us. I don’t want you anymore. I would choose Artemis a thousand times over you. Go back to your chosen mate and never, ever, contact me or Artemis again” she turned on her heel and walked out of the office. As the doors closed behind her she braved a giant stressed filled sigh and began walking back down the hallways towards her room.

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