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Episode 1

Episode 1


Tapping his foot impatiently he pushed off against the wall running a nervous hand through his short dark hair. His sterling gray eyes shifting back and forth from nurse to nurse as they bustled in and out of his room. The ones that came in carried clean white towels with dark wooden bowls filled with clean water.

The ones that came out, carried the same towels that had previously gone in but were now coming out soaked in blood. The smell of iron trailed down the hallway after them.

Nobody was telling him what was happening. He’d demanded to know and they all had the nerve to disobey their alpha. They wouldn’t look him in the eye, they’d mutter under their breath about having to hurry and how it’d be over soon, then they’d scurry away.

He was sick of hearing that response!

He drove his already bloody and cracked fist into the wall, creating yet another large hole in the soft yellowed wall of the living room. It only added to the five other holes that were punctured throughout. He rarely ever lost his temper, but right now the situation called for it.

His hands dove into his hair, tugging relentlessly. The pain at his scalp was nothing compared to the pain his mate was in. This was his fault.

The sound of his mate screaming echoed through the walls of their home. She’d been wailing for almost twelve long hours, he couldn’t stand here anymore!

He didn’t think twice as he flew past his beta who was stationed at the foot of the stairs to stop him. His body rammed into the wall as he pushed himself to take the stairs three at a time.

Emily was crying for him, he could hear her. She wanted him and he was coming for her.

Something wasn’t right. He could feel it in his gut and in his heart.

Just as he reached their door, the sounds of her cries stopped. The smell of her blood filtered from beneath their door.

As he smashed their bedroom door off its hinges, a sharp sensation went through him. He growled, a low ferocious sound that had the doctor and all the nurses shaking as they stood around his bloody bed.

His heart stopped, coming to a sudden halt as he dropped to his knees. The pain that swept over him was taking a part of his soul. It was as if sharp claw like daggers had dug themselves, piercing his flesh, digging deeper as it tore out chunks of his being.

The part that belonged to her.

His mate.

His Emily.

He could barely keep his eyes open as the pain continued to course through his body. But they managed to settle on the still dead form of his mate. Her matted blonde hair swirled around her, her face was so very pale, he loved when she blushed, when that pink tint would steal its way into her cheeks whenever he bent down and spoke to her lovingly.

He let his tears flow, the air was still and cold as her death lingered in the night.

Her lips were parted and chapped, her green eyes that often reminded him of the springtime grass were glazed over and lifeless.

Her white nightgown was bunched around her hips, blood soaking the lower half of her as well as the sheets beneath her. Her long thin legs were parted, blood was smeared down the inside

It looked as if someone had come in and tore her apart.

But that wasn’t the case.

He swung his murderous eyes towards the doctor, the man who was supposed to take care of his luna, the man who was supposed to deliver their pup.

Wide brown eyes gazed back at him before he dropped to his knees, baring his throat.

“Bring her back” Artemis roared earning scared shrieks and small whimpers all around him.

The doctor visibly shook in his overly large white coat, his balding head staring back at the alpha, “you-you, know I c-can’t do that” he managed to say.

The sickly smell of fear wrapped around Artemis like a warm blanket, urging him to kill for his mate. To avenge her death and the death of his pup.

“Alpha I-I’m so sorry, but there’s nothing we can d-do. The Luna and your son didn’t make i-it” a nurse stuttered as she cowered against the wall.

Artemis let out a hoarse wild cry as he slammed his fists down onto the carpeted floor. The house seemed to shake a moment for settling.

Bones cracked and thick dark misty gray fur broke through his skin as he continued to cry out for the loss of his mate and first born.

Why was the universe punishing him? What had he ever done wrong?

He’d been kind, and gentle with every single one of his pack members. He’d taken out contenders when needed but other than the occasional threat for the title he was pleasant and warm.

No longer.

This is what he gets for trying to lead the right way?!

“Get out!” He roared, the words coming out were grated and almost unrecognizable as he shifted.

The nurses bolted, their feet thumping against the carpet as they flew out of the bedroom door and rushed down the stairs to the front door.

The doctor stayed, with his knees on the floor, his forearms pressed against the carpet and his head bent waiting. Waiting for his punishment.

“What happened!?” Again the words that came out weren’t recognizable but the doctor knew what his alpha was asking.

The older man swallowed thickly, gripping the plush white carpet beneath his fingers, he was going to die. He knew that, he’d lost their luna, their alphas mate and he was going to pay with his life, “L-Luna Emily was trying to p-push, but the babies umbilical cord wrapped around its neck. He died before we could deliver him. ” he said, Artemis again roared as the shift set in, he towered over the doctor on four paws. He watched the doctors eyes lift for a moment settling on him before looking over at the small bundle at the foot of their bed. “Luna Emily had a uterine rupture, her heart rate increased and her blood pressure dropped. There was so much blood...” he said trailing off.

A part of Artemis knew this wasn’t the doctors fault but something sinister snapped within and he wanted retribution.

He stalked closer and let the man feel the heat of his breath on the back of his neck. A low sickening growl vibrated throughout his body and only increased as the doctor whimpered.

His mate was gone, his pup had never even lived to take its first breath and he was stuck here, to rule over his pack alone.

Artemis attacked. His jaws opened and clamped down on the back of the doctors neck, the man scrambled as his arms and legs flailed until Artemis bit down, enjoying the sickening crunch as the doctor went limp.

The hot stench of death hung in the air of the small room.

He dropped the body and walked away, towards the bed. He hopped up being extra careful to step around his lifeless mate. He sniffed the small bundle at her feet.

Past the stench of blood he could smell his pup, the sweet divine newborn scent. He nudged it with his nose and let out a heartbreaking whine.

The bundle was still and lifeless.

Artemis through his head back and let out a loud heart shattering howl. Soon his pack mates joined in. They sang their loss to the moon. While Artemis cursed the moon to the deepest pits of hell.

He curled around his bundle, his fur touching his mate and he drifted off, knowing he’d never be at peace again.

Evangelica clutched her books tight to her chest as she hurriedly pushed herself through the vast bare hallway. She was going to be late for dinner with her parents if she didn’t hurry.

Once again she’d spent hours upon hours coped up in the packs library. The musty smell of old books made her heart melt. It was her favorite place to be, nobody ever bothered her there. It was also a place to escape, to enter a reality that wasn’t her own.

She could be who she wanted, and not the female of a mate who’d wanted someone else. Someone better.

The pitying stares of her pack mates bothered her the most, there was no sympathy, no kind words of “oh you’ll find someone much better” or “you deserve someone so much more than that male” instead it was just the look of pity as if she’d be alone and depressed forever.

She jogged down the wooden stairs heading for the exit when a hand shot out, gripping her elbow in a harsh clamp and tugged her behind one of the long dark rows of the history section.

Heat flared beneath the simple touch.

Elijah Zarek stood staring down at her with his dark chocolate brown eyes, his dark blonde hair slightly tousled. He had a strong jawline, his nose was slightly crooked from being broken a time or two and he had a well trained masculine body. He was handsome and she’d thought she’d hit the jackpot when they’d found each other the day he had come back from training.

Evangelica looked at him in surprise as he hadn’t paid her any mind since he’d turned his back on her to be with the one he “loved”. Apparently this female had been waiting for him when he got back, she’d been told they’d dated through most of their teen years and when he turned eighteen he’d been shipped away to train until he turned twenty one, until he could earn his right to challenge his father, the alpha for the title.

“Eva” he rumbled stepping into her personal zone. He was too close, she could smell his aftershave and she could feel the heat from his body as he pressed close to her.

The bond was still so strong, they were like magnets. Their bodies wanted to be closer to each other, even as they continued to fight the resistance.

She took a step back and bumped into the dark wooden bookshelf, it wobbled a bit and she held her breath hoping it didn’t fall. Thankfully it didn’t. She put a hand out to stop his advances, “stop” she said hating how her voice trembled, she was so weak, nobody would blame her though, resisting your mate was hard to do.

Although he’d made it look easy.

He advanced another step and her wolf howled in victory at being so close to him. Her wolf loved him despite everything. Which made it overbearingly difficult to stop thinking of him, and to simply try to take a step forward in moving on.

“You smell so damn delicious Eva. Your heat is coming, I can sense it.” He purred dipping his head to press his face into the crook of her neck.

Her heat was indeed swiftly approaching, she’d never gone through one before but that was simply because your body didn’t ready itself until it recognized its mate.

She felt the hot wetness of his tongue as it scraped across her neck.

This was not good.

“There are so many things I want to do to you” he said, his voice like a silken melody.

“I-I don’t understand” Evangelica said, a sudden rush of oxygen left her as his body pressed against hers, the hard ridge in his pants poking her jean covered thigh. His lips touched hers and she melted into him, her wolf urging her to mate.

“I need to be the first to have you Eva, nobody else can take that from me. You’ll be mine until I say otherwise” he said pushing to deepen the kiss.

Her eyes flew open, the wonderful peaceful feeling she’d almost had wrapped around her was gone, shattering on the floor like a piece of broken glass.

She planted her hands on his broad shoulders and shoved hard, effectively moving him a few inches backwards.

She stared at him with all the hurt and despair she was feeling hoping he’d take it back and tell her she was going to be his one and only and not just territorial male who planned on using her on the side while courting another female.

He sighed, his eyes betraying nothing.

And just like that it was happening all over again.

Evangelica huddled beneath the two person umbrella with her friend Isabel as the rain pelted down. The clouds were a dark and ominous grey as more pack members gathered around the training circle waiting for Elijah, the alphas son to arrive.

The challenge had been given yesterday as Elijah stated he was ready to take over the pack.

However he’d have to prove his worth. His father would not go easy on him despite their blood relation. It was imperative that he earn the title. He must be strong to lead the pack otherwise they’d falter.

Evangelica wrapped her arms around herself, her tan faux leather jacket doing nothing to ward off the October chill.

The sound of tires rolling over the loose gravel could be heard from where the entire pack was standing.

Alpha Benjamin Zarek stood completely drenched waiting for his opponent. The alpha was tall, with an impressive build. Almost all wolves had a similar build as it was required to train and be at your best at all times.

Evangelica avoided training, she’d much rather read than run.

“That’s him” Isabel said nodding towards the silver SUV rolling down the driveway.

“I hope so. I’m freezing. After this I say we head back to my house, warm up some hot chocolate and watch the rest of our series” she said sticking her hands into the creases of her elbows seeking warmth.

Isabel laughed and nudged her with her elbow, “When this is done, we should run to the store and grab a few snacks and something to make dinner, then we can finish our series while drinking hot chocolate” she said pulling on the end of her long blonde ponytail that lay over her shoulder.

“Deal” she said.

Everyone watched as the SUV parked at the edge of the crowd. The door swung open and a jean clad leg stepped out before the rest of the him stood under the pouring rain. His dark blue shirt began clinging to his upper body, his abs becoming defined. His arms were strong and muscular like the rest of him.

His dark brown eyes scanned the crowd looking for someone. As they swept across Evangelica, he stilled , his eyes darkened as his wolf recognized his mate.

Evangelica felt her heart leap, her wolf pranced and preened wanting to show off to her mate. A new purpose filled her as she’d found the one destined to be hers.

She watched as Elijah looked away sharply and strode through the crowd, his jaw set and his eyes locked onto his opponent.

“He’s just waiting until after the battle” is what she told herself.

She could feel the push from her wolf, wanting to get out and claim her mate. She refused. She’d wait until after the challenge.

Her wide green eyes looked onto the battle as both son and father shifted. The entire pack watched with anticipation, everyone was wanting to know if Elijah was worthy of being their alpha, of running an entire pack.

His golden brown wolf was larger than his fathers, he looked to be a size or two above a Great Dane. His fur was full, his tail long and bushy.

His father held a darker brown coat, like wet mud. His fur was thinner from his age but he didn’t hold back, he took a piece or two out of Elijah’s hind quarters.

In the end, there was a mixture of fur and blood on the ground. Their fur was soaked with rain and blood. Benjamin yielded, his belly hit the wet ground before he rolled over, showing the ultimate sign of submission.

She watched the faces of the pack as they seemed extremely pleased with the turn out.

She looked back to Elijah ready for him to claim her. But what she saw tore her soul in two.

A small petite dark haired female was wrapped around him. Her legs were wrapped around his nude waist, her bottom hid his privates. The female was staring up at the male in love and obvious adoration, but what killed her the most, her mate, this male, was staring back at the female the same exact way.

There had only been a few times after those moments, once when he demanded to know who she was, what her name was. And the second, when he told her she would never be his. That he had a female already and that he could never love Evangelica.

She looked up into the eyes of her mate and bit back tears before side dancing him and bolting out of the library. She didn’t look back. She didn’t need to, she knew he’d never follow.

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