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Episode 2

Episode Two

At the ripe age of twenty five despite how young he was, Artemis found it hard to look forward to anything anymore. He felt as if he’d been through it all, time and time again.

He spent more time in his office and running in the pack woods than he did in his actual home.
Simply because it didn’t feel like such a thing anymore. He’d lost that when he’d lost her.

His position had been taken from him shortly after, an alpha male wannabe saw his weakness. He’d challenged him for the title and had won. Artemis had given up. Afterwards he’d run into the woods, found a small den in the ground under some large rocks, he’d curled up and didn’t come out for almost five months.

The five months he’d been gone, four different alpha males had tried taking over the pack.

When he came back, Artemis had challenged the male that had claimed himself the new alpha and had won, reasserting himself as the true alpha. Since then, only a few challenges had been made but eventually they’d all died off. Artemis began leaving none of his opponents alive. He fought the old way, the fight to the death.

If you challenged him, and you lost, you simply weren’t fit to be alpha and you weren’t fit to live. He applied the same rule to himself, if he was challenged and he lost, he wasn’t fit to be alpha and he wasn’t fit to live.

As of recently he’d had a problem concentrating as his urge to release, to simply fuck, over took all his thinking. For five solid years he’d never thought of having sex with another. As his heart still loved his mate.

However his body was rearing to go.

He needed something simple, someone he could use without attachments. Someone who wouldn’t assume she’d gain the title of Luna simply because his cock had been inside of her.

A female such as that was rare to find. Even after all these years even he knew that.

He picked up his cell phone and called his beta. Clayton was always coming into the office smelling of different females, surely he’d know where to start.

Artemis stared at himself in the mirror. He hated this, absolutely despised it. But he had to scratch his itch, or else it would never go away. The club Clayton had brought him to was packed full of human and paranormal alike, something that didn’t happen often seeing as the paranormal world was hidden from the human eye.

“Just this once” he told himself, “just once, then you can go back and finish the financial report that’s been building up the last two weeks”

He cringed, he hated paperwork. He’d make a bonfire out of it all if he could. But it was a necessity, the pack couldn’t function without the income and outcome.

Unyielding gray eyes stared back at him, his wolf nudged the back of his mind urging him to leave. He ignored it, continuing to stare at the man looking back at him.

His body was solid, as he’d been exercising more often, he’d done just about everything to get his mind out of the gutter.
The black button up short sleeve over shirt felt too tight around his shoulders, the white shirt beneath was already sticking to him as the bar was packed full tonight. The body heat of everyone in there was cranking up his core temperature. He’d worn dark blue jeans, now he realized that was a mistake as it only added to keeping him overheated.

His dark hair was slightly grown out, brushing across his forehead, sweeping down across his ears. He’d almost cut it but had decided against it. He’d kept it short for her, now he kept it longer.

The bathroom door banged open. The raunchy smell of desire and feminine juices trailed after them as they entered a stall.

Artemis scowled at them before storming out. The music pumped loudly into his overly sensitive ears, he didn’t understand how Clayton did this to himself every other night.

He pushed past bodies becoming more aggressive as people refused to move. He growled and breathed through his nose trying to calm himself as the body odor of several individuals cinged his nostrils.

He pinched the bridge of his nose as he came to stand beside the large oval booth that Clayton and two females currently wrapped under each of his arms occupied.

“Alpha, is everything ok?” He asked shrugging the females off. The females gave him a pout before giving Artemis a sinful look, a dark sexual promise lingering both of their eyes.

He snapped at them watching as the back off, shrinking back into the velvet booth.“Fine.” He said looking back up, his eyes scanning the crowd. There were many women to choose from. Tall, short, thin, curvy, busty and flat. He hadn’t talked to another woman flirtatiously or sexually in a very long time, he wasn’t even sure if he remembered how.

A hand landed on his shoulder and he stared at it before looking up into the smiling confidently cocky face of Clayton. The smile slipped and he removed his hand awkwardly shifting away.

His pack respected him and trusted him completely to take care of them but that didn’t mean he was friends or pals with any of them.

Clayton was as far as he’d get to calling anyone a friend.

“I apologize alpha” he said casting his eyes to the floor even as various bodies shoved past. Artemis shrugged and waved him away.

“Enjoy yourself, I’ll find my way around” Artemis said even as his eyes scored the floor below. He watched as bodies, male and female, moved sensually with each other to the music.

Then he spotted her, a female about a foot shorter than him, her dark as night black hair curled in waves about her bare shoulders. The tight deep purple dress she wore clung to her milky flesh, showcasing the delicious curves of her breasts, her hourglass waist and slightly curvy hips. Her small feet were encased in black heels and he watched as she teetered slightly as she laughed with a small blonde female next to her. Her smile was full and real. Her lips slightly plump and a darker shade of pink.

He had to have her. There was no questioning that as he sped through the throngs of people, his prize heading towards the large bar on the first level.

He strode down the short VIP steps and stepped into an even greater crowd.

His cock stirred as her image flashed before him in the back of his mind. His wolf perked up wanting to know more about the female.
Artemis was deeply surprised, his wolf had never so much as twitched an ear at another female let alone lift his head.

Strictly sexual, no strings, he reminds himself and his wolf.

He spotted the perky ass of the female as she leaned her stomach against the bar calling for the bartender who was all the way at the other end. He could see the dark area between her thighs and unconsciously licked his lips.

Yes, he needed to itch this immediately.

He cleared his throat and stepped next to her, leaning casually against the bar. Giving her subtle sideways glances. He was close enough that he could smell her, she smelt of magnolia, creamy, sweet and innocent. He could also smell the fresh hint of pine, a true scent only werewolves carried. Which was a plus for him as he didn’t want to deal with a human.

She must have felt the weight of his stare as she turned her head and locked her beautiful green eyes onto his.

Artemis froze, her eyes were beautiful and they reminded him of Emily.

Shit, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea , he thought to himself.

She blinked at him, her eyes darkened as she squinted up at him, “can I help you?” She slurred a bit.

He eyed the bartender who was making his way towards them, “Maybe you don’t need another drink” he suggested leaning in closer. The smell of booze that surrounded her disgusted him but he wasn’t going to leave without her.

“Eva!” The blonde female yelled coming to halt beside her friend.

Eva, he eyed her from head to toe blatantly. He didn’t see her as an Eva.

“Isabel!” Eva squealed, collapsing against her friend in a drunken fit of giggles.

“I found them!” Isabel shouted completely ignoring the fact that he was standing there staring at them.

“Found who?” Eva asked glancing at him from the corner of her eye. He watched as her gaze traveled across his body from head to toe before doing so for a second time.

“The males who are going to take us home and ravish us tonight!” The blonde female said with excitement before glancing behind her and blushing. Artemis followed her eyes and zeroed in on the young pups who obviously thought they were scoring tonight.

“Eva” his voice came out as a rumble but it caught her attention as she looked away from the males back to him, her face scrunched in confusion.

“Do I know you?” She asked as she sidled closer to him. Her friend watched him wearily and he prided her on not leaving her friend with a strange man.

“No, but I’d like to get to know you” he said, the line coming out from somewhere deep down. It was old and cheesy but when she flashed him a smile something deep fluttered in the darkness of his heart.

“I think- I think I’d like that to” she said, then she turned to her friend, “go ahead without me I’ll be fine”

Her friend Isabel looked between them doubtfully, she especially stared at Artemis rather harshly and he growled at her not letting her get past forgetting her place, she bowed her head. He may not be her alpha but he was still an alpha and all alphas held more power and authority over those who were weaker by nature.

“Please be kind to her,” she muttered.

He gave a swift nod and watched as she turned to walk away.

He sat at the bar and pulled Eva to a chair helping her sit down gently. She let out a groan and he knew the alcohol was slipping from her system. It took a lot for werewolves to get drunk and it took an even greater amount for them to stay drunk.

“Don’t drink anymore” he said before asking the bartender for a glass of water.

“Tell him to add a lemon to it” she said placing her forehead against the bar top.

He asked and the bartender obliged. He pushed the drink towards her and watched as she slowly lifted her head and through back the entire cup leaving the lemon behind.

He raised a brow, “what was the point of the lemon”

She shrugged, “I’ve always wanted to try it. I see other people do it. I wanted to know what the difference was” she said twirling the straw around the empty glass.

He cracked a small smile, “And was it any better?” He asked.

She shook her head.

“That’s because you have to squeeze the lemon into the water”

Her mouth formed a silent O before calling the bartender back and asking for another.

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