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Episode 3

Episode Three

“You need this Eva. You need to get out of this room, oh by the way it smells in here, and you need to live” Isabel stated glancing around the small messy room, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

Evangelica hadn’t left her room in almost an entire week. Not after Elijah had kissed her, reopening the tortured wound.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow would be three whole weeks since she’d lost the will to live.

A werewolf’s life was based around their mate. Two souls connecting like a jigsaw puzzle, completing each other.

The idea of finding your mate had so much hype to it. All her life, everyone had ranted and raved, discussing romantic stories about meeting their one and only. Nobody had ever discussed the possibility of her mate not wanting her.

Wolves normally didn’t have post mate relationships because it complicated things when one wolf found their mate. Which was her current position.

“I can’t” she said curling farther into herself, pulling the large comforter tighter around her.
The air beneath the blanket stunk to high heaven, it had been a couple days since she’d showered. Her skin was crawling with the amount of grease and dirt that filtered across it.

Small hands gripped the edge of the blanket and tugged hard taking Evangelica by surprise. Acting quickly, she gripped the small piece of fabric she’d been able to grab and tugged back.

The girls went back and forth, tugging harshly, growls filled the small room as they played a quick game of tug of war.

Isabel smirked and let go of the blanket. A hard smack had her clutching her side as she let out a loud laugh.

Evangelica hadn’t been expecting her to let go, her fists that had been clenched around the blanket came back swiftly and she clocked herself in the face.

Tears sprung to her eyes and she groaned, clutching her mouth and bruised ego, “You’re such a-”

Isabel laughed harder.

“I hate you” Evangelica said pulling herself from her small one person bed and trudging into her small bathroom.

She stared at herself in the mirror and let out a groan, her mouth held a slight pink knuckled shape indentation. She’d gotten herself good.

Her eyes strayed to the rest of her and she cringed, she looked homeless. Her raven black hair looked like a home for birds, or worse, rats. Dark half moons lay beneath her green eyes.

The young woman who stared back at her held no life, no passion in her eyes, just complete and utter heartbreak.

Isabel was right. She needed to get out. She was going to die in this room if she didn’t.
She let out a long tired sigh and cringed, her breath could kill a small village.

“So... we’re either going to do this the easy way or the hard way” Isabel said staring back at her through the mirror.

“Fine” she said sighing, she waved her hand in dismissal, “I’ll take a quick shower”

Isabel shook her head feverently and reached up to plug her nose, “Eva please, please take all the time you need. Scrub, girl, scrub” she said letting out a giggle as she closed the bathroom door.

Her heart tremored as she removed her clothes, her stomach lurched as the warm spray washed across her skin. She stood beneath the spray for the first ten minutes, simply staring at the white tiled wall. Her mind continued on a rigorous loop, replaying the events of that day. Finally, after blinking out of her daze, she scrubbed, shaved and scrubbed some more before stepping out feeling like an actual person and not some dried up piece of mold on the floor.

Evangelica stepped out of her bathroom and froze. Her room was spotless. The weird smell had vanished and she could finally see her floor. Although her bed had been stripped of its sheets and comforter, the room looked liveable.

Her bedroom door opened and Isabel walked in smiling widely at her now clean friend, “Finally, you look so much better Eva”

“Did you clean my room?” She asked already knowing the answer.

Her friend shook her blonde head and eyed her handiwork, “Yep. It looks and smells so much better now”

Despite only wearing a towel, Evangelica pulled her friend into a grateful hug before stepping away. Both girls smiled gratefully at each other before Isabel walked over to Evangelicas small closet and began rummaging through her clothes.

She couldn’t have asked for a better, more caring friend. Isabel had been there for her from the time they’d ran around the yard together as pups ,to the time they’d stolen her father’s money from his wallet to buy candy at the human store, to the awkward teenage years and finally to the moment she’d fell apart at the hands of her mate.

“Here wear this” she said pulling out one of her newer dresses.

The bodycon dress was a sleeveless deep purple, it hugged her frame like a second skin. A deep rooted heat began to ignite in the pit of her stomach. Her heat was quickly approaching and the need to have sex was clawing at her to scratch that itch.

If her mate could do it why couldn’t she?

It wasn’t long before they’d exited the pack house. Evangelica set out to lose her virginity, it didn’t really matter who to, because she wasn’t looking for someone to wow her, she was simply looking for someone to ease an ache. She didn’t need to be in love for this act to be committed because she no longer believed in such a thing.

Love was supposed to blossom between her and her mate, maybe it hadn’t because it didn’t actually exist.

The thump of the bass vibrated up through the wobbly bar chair and into her ass. The dark club room was lit only by a few flashing lights, the air was heavy with the smell of sweat and alcohol. Bodies withered together on the dance floor and pushed closer towards the bar as everyone attempted to buy a drink.

She was drunk, and she’d been trying to stay that way. Until the Greek god of the underworld had walked up to her instructing her to drink water.

Ha, water! She needed something stronger. Her heart needed something stronger. Her life was plummeting again. Would she be able to pick up the pieces this time? Probably not.

Most wolves killed themselves when they lost their mate if they didn’t have another wolf to lean on.

Evangelica had pushed herself, she wouldn’t end her life over that one decision. She wouldn’t say it hadn’t crossed her mind though.

“That’s because you have to squeeze the lemon into the water” he said near her ear. The hairs on her arms stood on end and goosebumps broke out across her pale skin.

This male was handsome, extraordinarily so. Even her mate didn’t quite compare to him, so what the hell was he doing talking to the likes of her?

Her mouth formed an O and she called the bartender over asking for another. She grimaced as she tasted the lemony water. It was nothing like she expected.

A chuckle from beside her startled her, she’d almost forgotten he was there, “Are you ok?” He asked.

She nodded, the fog that filtered around her brain was clearing, the intoxication she’d been feeling was slipping away every minute she sat without a true drink pressed to her lips.

“Where did Isabel go?” She asked glancing around the dark and crowded area. The smell of arousal from those around her helped to cover up the subtle smell of her upcoming heat. If it hadn’t, she’d have been in big trouble.

Her mother was instructed to lock her away next week, if she didn’t, males would try and mount her. It wouldn’t matter if she wanted it or not, the smell of her heat would call to them, inviting them to ease her pain, to take care of her.

“I believe she left with the two males she was trying to introduce you to” the reply came out bitter and she tilted her head at him, her curls falling down her bare shoulder.

Evangelica held her head in her hands and groaned, “I wish she would have” she muttered.

“Why?” He asked.

She shrugged her shoulders.

“Why?” He asked again with a little more force.

She sighed and drug her hands down her face dramatically, “because I-” she hesitated, was she really that drunk to say what she truly wanted to say?
Yep, she was. “Because I want to have sex. And they were probably good candidates”

She peeked at him from behind her fingers and burst into laughter at the look he was giving her. He stared at her like she was crazy.

“Are all females this... outspoken?” He asked her.

She shrugged, “I don’t know about other females, usually I’m not, but tonight is different” she said yelling the last bit raising her glass high in air. The people around her cheered her on and she threw her head back and laughed. She’d never had so much fun in her life. She’d never let loose like she was tonight. Tomorrow she’d rethink tonight’s actions and be completely horrified and embarrassed. Technically she wasn’t even supposed to be in here, at only nineteen going on Twenty she could get into big trouble for sneaking into the club, even a human club.

Isabel had encouraged her by telling her she needed to live a little. Which is exactly what she was doing.

He frowned as his eyes surveyed her, “why is tonight different?”

She sat forward in her seat, her eyes drinking him in, “Because I’m different”

In that small moment, as they stared at each other a silent understanding passed between them.

He held out his hand and she slipped hers into it. His grip was tight and he helped her from the stool before barging his way through the crowded floor with her in tow.

Evangelica watched the humans and paranormal alike stare at the large muscular man in annoyance as he made a path. She giggled and tried her best not to trip.

The moment they stepped out into the cool autumn night, Evangelica took a deep breath inhaling the nights wonderful soul calming scent. The stars were shining down, winking at them. The moon watched them as the male wolf tugged the female to his old light blue truck.

She watched amused and amazed as he opened the door for her, he had manners. Something most males no longer had.
With his help she slid into the seat of his old 1965 chevy. She couldn’t help but feel a hint of disapproval at how poorly it was being taken care of.

Her dad was a huge car person, he loved fixing up old cars and if he saw the shape of this thing, he’d flip his lid.

As he slid into the drivers side, he turned to her and frowned, “What’s your name?” He asked.

How could they not have exchanged their names inside?! She wanted to slap herself, she was being foolish.

“Evangelica” she said.

“That’s a mouth full” he said before starting his truck.

She had to agree with him. When she’d started school, it had been one of the most difficult things she’d ever had to spell. It had taken her forever to learn how to spell her own name.

“And yours?” She asked leaning against the door to stare at him.

He pulled out of the parking lot, “Artemis” he said heading away from the human town and heading in the opposite direction of her pack.

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