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Episode 4

Episode 4

By the time they hit pack soil and pulled up to what she could only assume was their pack house, she was desperate to exit the vehicle.

She hadn’t noticed it at the club but Artemis gave off a very strong alpha male odor. He stunk of authority and aggressiveness.

Her wolf shrunk back into the dark depths of her mind, tucking her tail tight between her legs as she went.

Evangelica kept her head down and avoided eye contact the entire way. She couldn’t believe she’d stared straight at him and he hadn’t put her in her place.

Her status wasn’t necessarily bad, she wasn’t as low as an omega but she was nowhere near as impressive as even a simple beta. She doubted he could be an alpha, seeing as if he had he wouldn’t have been able to tolerate her disrespectfulness.

Artemis parked and Evangelica hopped out. She wondered if the alpha knew she was here, things could go very bad if he didn’t.

She turned him as he rounded the front of the truck, “Does your alpha know I’m here” she asked him.

“Oh trust me, he knows”

She looked up at him sharply, had he made a phone call that she wasn’t aware of? How did the alpha know so quickly?

His eyes scanned across her confused expression, “Lets go inside and we can talk in my room” he said stepping forward and placing his hand at the curve of her back. She shivered at the small contact.

Nobody but her mate had ever touched with intimacy. Her mate had gotten as far as kissing her and pulling her close, but other than that Evangelica was untouched.

As he ushered her up the wide concrete stairs into the large vast red brick pack building, Evangelica wondered why a high ranking wolf was housed in the pack house. As normally only low ranking wolves were placed there. At Least that’s how it worked in her pack.

“How old are you?” He asked following her up the large staircase.

She gazed up at the large chandelier that hung at the very top of the three story staircase, she nearly tripped on the step as she continued to gaze at it, “Nineteen” she murmured, knowing he’d still be able to hear her even as it came out as a small whisper. “What if it falls?” She asked pointing up towards the beautiful cluster of lights.

“I guess I’ll have to save you”

She laughed, “You’re to dark brooding to be a hero, I’d say you’re more like a villain”

She gazed away from the chandelier to look back over her shoulder at him and stilled when she saw the darkness that had entered his eyes, “What’s wrong?”

He shook his head, “nothing” he said ushering her further up the stairs.

Once they’d reached the top floor, he took her hand in his and pulled her along down the darkened hallway. They passed several doors, and several wall hangings before reaching the only double doors she’d seen down the hallway.

How had he managed to gain access to that?

He pulled out a key and unlocked the door ushering her with a hand at her back.

Artemis stared at the bewitching she wolf, Evangelica, with her soft dark long hair, the color was like a raven’s wing, a dark black with a blue tint. He couldn’t wait to wrap his hand around the long thick strands and pound into her from behind.

He had the feeling she was innocent, with the way she reacted to his small touching gestures. He’d bet his right paw, that when he kissed her she’d sport a cherry red blush.

His wolf was itching to find out, he found the she wolf fascinating.

Artemis himself wasn’t quite sure what exactly to think of her. It didn’t really matter though, because after tonight, after everything was said and done they’d never see each other again.

He opened the door to his suite, the single lonely area he barricaded himself in every day. Of course it was a mixture between his office and his bedroom seeing as he rarely ever went back to his actual house.

“Wow” she said looking around the wide room.

He couldn’t look at it as she obviously was. Sure the room was spacious. His full size bed was against the light grey wall , a single dark wood dresser sat against the wall in front of it, a small television he never used was placed upon it collecting dust. There wasn’t anything special about it except that it was tidy and clean despite the dust. The floor was spotless, the bed was made and everything on his desk was in order.

His desk faced away from the door, towards the four floor to ceiling windows he’d had installed. When he became too stressed he’d look up from his work and stare out into the depths of the multitude of trees that led deeper into the forest. It was calming and he needed calm on a daily basis.

He never allowed anyone in here anymore, any sort of discussions with the pack were strictly a dinner table discussion as on a few occasions he’d join his pack mates for dinner.

He shrugged, “it’s just a room” he said.

“Maybe to you, but this is twice the size of my room at the pack house including the small bathroom attached” she said as she strode forward further into the room. “Artemis” she called.

His head snapped up, his ears straining to hear his name from her lips once more, “Yes?” Clearing his throat he closed the distance between them, standing in front of her he inhaled her alluring scent. It was stronger and more potent than most females. He found it strange, but wasn’t exactly complaining.

She looked up at him with her big green eyes, he hadn’t noticed the small hint of sadness that lingered in their depths, “How old are you?” She asked.

“Twenty five” There was a six year difference between them. “Does that bother you?” He asked her as he leaned down, his lips inches from hers. If it bothered her, he’d show her how much it didn’t matter. He’d show her, it was simply a number.

His skin prickled with awareness as she inhaled sharply, her small pink tongue pushed between her lips as she licked them nervously, “Not at all”

He nodded pleased with her answer, before pressing his lips softly against hers.

He wasn’t going to lie and say he hadn’t been expecting to feel disgusted, not because of her, but because he was kissing another woman who wasn’t his mate.

What really took him off guard, was that he liked it. Immensely so.

He watched her eyes flutter closed as she pressed against him, her small body fitting against his firm frame perfectly.

“This doesn’t mean anything, it’s just sex” he said between kisses. he needed her to know that. This was nothing for him, he couldn’t offer her anything besides a decent night of pleasure.

“Just sex” she mumbled against his lips agreeing with him as she licked the seam of his lips.

He deepened the kiss, his hands flying to her round perky butt. He’d been dying to get his hands on it since the moment he’d seen it sticking up in the air at the club. His hands gripped her ass, molding the flesh.

She gave a small sound of surprise.

His wolf came alive, he pranced around with his tongue hanging out wanting to be let out. He wanted to show her what a good boy he was.

Artemis kept him leashed. He wouldn’t let his wolf push him back, who knows what the beast would do.

Her arms came up hesitantly, first resting softly against his chest as his lips moved against hers, when he flicked his tongue against her lips, getting a small taste, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

The dress she wore lifted up farther with the simple movement, her milky white thighs were more exposed and the small globes of her ass almost visible.

He gripped the fabric ready to tear it up and off of her body, before he had the chance to pull the dress completely off, she pulled back and gave him a hesitant look. He had a feeling he knew what she wanted to tell him.

“Artemis...I really hope this isn’t a deal breaker... I know it’s strictly sex. I won’t ask for more, I don’t want more than what you’re giving me right now but ummm...” she looked away clearing embarrassed as the adorable pink tint tainted her cheeks, “I’m a virgin”

“I know” he said, watching her swollen kissed lips open in a small look of astonishment. “It’s very easy to tell you’ve never done any of this before” he stated simply watching as she drew back into her shell. He hated that, he didn’t want her hiding or embarrassed, he wanted her to unleash her passion, to show him how much she wanted this. How much she wanted him.

“Oh...” she said looking down at her heel covered feet, shifting them slightly.

He watched as she winced while she shifted, a frown fell across his face and he dropped to his knees before her.
She gasped and tugged at his shoulders trying to get him to stand back up. Her efforts were for nothing as he stayed at her feet.

He pulled one hand to his shoulder, so she could steady herself, gave her a look of determination and set about unbuckling her strap before pulling her heel off. Where the thin strap of the heel had been, there was a small red irritated mark.

He let out a frustrated growl, how could she do this to herself? “Does it hurt?” He asked switching to her other foot while letting her rebalance herself.

“A little”her answer was soft and as smooth as a whisper.

He shouldn’t care. He shouldn’t care. He shouldn’t care.

He did.

Taking off the other heel he threw it aside, he glanced up at her and locked eyes with her before placing a gentle open mouthed kiss on the irritated red mark on her ankle.

He could hear the soft pounding of her heart increase, the sweet smell of her arousal permitted the air. His balls tightened and his cock twitched, hardened beneath the rough layer of his jeans.

Her eyes darkened, small flecks of silver shining within before disappearing. Her wolf was making herself known, letting him know she approved.

He looked away from her, but continued to hold her leg as he trailed ghost touching kisses from her ankle, up her leg, to the softness of her thighs. Her skin was warm and seemed to flare beneath his touch.

His whole body thrummed to life, it had been years since he’d felt this alive and good.

He licked the warm flesh of her inner thigh, pushing the hem of the dress up as he went. Artemis could see the small red triangle that covered her mound, he could also see how wet she was for him.

So deliciously wet.

A strange purring sound rose from the back of his throat as he wasted no time burrowing himself between her thighs inhaling her addictive scent.

She let out a small yelp and began to fall backwards. He let out a small chuckle as he caught her around her waist. Standing up quickly he picked her up, before setting her swiftly on the bed, towering over her.

A small rumble left him. Her eyes were wide and watchful, her mouth slightly swollen from his kisses, her dress was still hiked up around her hips, so he was able to gaze upon her legs and the juncture between her legs. She was so deliciously breathtaking.

“Take off your dress” he demanded already yanking his shirt over his head.

Evangelica froze, her tongue came out once again to swipe her lower lip as she stared at him with a frenzied sexual hunger.

“Now” he barked as he pulled at the buttons on his jeans.

She scrambled to obey, the dress slipped over her head, he watched in mild amusement as her arms were stuck above her head for a brief moment before she righted herself. That pink blush darkened to a cherry red causing his cock to twitch.

He took in her red panty covered form, he loved that there was no bra in the way to shield his view of her beautiful rounded breasts, her light pink nipples were hard and pointing directly at him.

His wolf was panting, wanting a taste.

He was happy to oblige.

As he dropped his pants and boxers, kicking them aside, he stood in front of her letting her look upon him. He didn’t want to scare her, she needed to see him, if she wanted, he’d hold back so she could explore his body as he wanted to explore hers.

Setting his hands on the mattress on either side of her body he crawled over her.

Her chest rose and fell, he could smell the small scent of fear that clung to her skin but her desire easily overpowered it.

“Touch me” he said hovering above her leaning slightly to the side as to give her access to him. The only female in this moment he didn’t want to fear him was her.

Her eyes sparkled with want as she raised her hand to his chest, warmth from her hand speared his body and for a moment he felt at peace.

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