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Episode 5

Episode 5

Evangelica placed her hand on his chest, his heart was beating wildly against her palm.

In that moment, all the pain from Elijah evaporated, as if it never existed. Her wolf felt at peace and she purred lovingly for this male wolf.

Biting down on her lower lip she slowly drug her hand down his chest to the defined ridges of his abdomen. As she ventured closer to the edge of his small happy trail, she heard him inhale, she peeked up at him hesitantly and was pleased to find his eyes on hers. Flecks of gold staring back at her, his wolf was present and saying hello.

She gave a small smile watching as they disappeared.

His body wasn’t overly buff, but he had just the right amount of muscle, subtle yet firm.

As she reached his penis, she hesitated and became embarrassed. What if she hurt him or did something he didn’t like?

“What’s wrong?” He asked noticing her hesitation.

“I’m, um, I don’t want to hurt you” she said completely mortified with herself.

She’d had been better off continuing to drink, he should have let her keep a bottle in her hand the entire time.

“Hey” he said, his thumb and forefinger lifted her chin up so her eyes met his, “Angel, you’re not going to hurt me, I can promise you that”

She blinked up at him, “Angel?”

He gave a curt nod, “Yes, Angel, Evangelica is to long to call out in the throes of passion”

Nobody had ever called her anything other Eva for a nickname. She actually liked his version better.

Without putting too much thought into it, she leaned up on her forearms and planted her lips firmly on his. She’d never taken the first step to kiss anyone before and as she moved her lips with his she had to say, she liked it.

She flicked her tongue out, teasing the seam of his lips before he opened for her.

He groaned and pressed his body forward until her arms gave out and she wrapped one arm around his neck before shifting, managing to squeeze her other arm between their bodies until her hand brushed his hard long length.

She had no one to compare it to but seeing as it was rather long and she couldn’t fully wrap her hand around it she’d say he was of great size.

She moved her hand up and down hesitantly at first, pausing as his hips bucked forward, when he reassured her she continued stroking him.

He let out a low moan deep in his throat.

Her body practically jumped off of the bed as he drew his hand down her chest, the tip of his finger swirled around her pebbled nipples, sending an electric zing straight to the area between her thighs.

She was already wet, the fabric of her underwear stuck to her freshly shaven skin.

Artemis moved away from her breasts, down her flat stomach to the fabric between her legs. He pulled her underwear aside, his fingers slid against her lips before dipping inside of her.

Evangelica forgot how to breath, nobody had ever touched her there. It felt wonderful, until he added a second finger, then it became slightly uncomfortable. As she adjusted and became used to it, he added a third and she winced but she was wet enough to take it.

He pumped his fingers inside of her as she pumped her hand around him until he pulled out of her grip, “I don’t want to finish yet” he said staring at her look of confusion with one of amusement before moving his fingers inside her once more.

Something extraordinary was building inside of her, something that had started to build deep down in the pit of her stomach the moment he’d touched her.

His thumb rubbed against her clit and she arched her back off of the mattress, undeniable pleasure coursing through her. She gasped as he sped up and a whole new wave of sensations washed over her, black dots spotted across her vision as her toes curls, her entire body gave out and sunk into the mattress.

She watched lazily as he pulled his fingers out of her, there was a slight soreness between her legs but the reason for it was well worth it.

She listened as the sound of a plastic wrapper filled in the stunned silence. She blinked her eyes open just as he rolled the condom down the length of his cock.

“Are you ok?” He asked as he positioned himself above her.

She nodded.

The head of his cock brushed against her sensitive core and she shivered, her eyes staring up into his.

She was seconds away from losing her virginity, she had thought she’d care that it wasn’t with her mate, she’d thought losing her virginity to a stranger would be a quick one and done. Instead, at the moment she couldn’t remember her mates name and this experience was better than she’d ever imagined it could be.

Because of him. Artemis.

She kept telling herself to keep her feelings out of it. He might be taking her virginity but it couldn’t be more than that. They’d discussed it already and agreed. She couldn’t and she wouldn’t go back now.

His lips captured hers as the head of his penis pushed between her pussy lips. She could feel how tight she squeezed him as he pushed into her, stretching her painfully.

She let out a shocked breath and kissed him back hungrily.

He surged forward with one thrust and she cried out as he ripped through her virgin barrier.

Her nails dug into his back, her back arched but her legs wrapped around his waist urging him on.

He thrust forward and back, drawing his cock up and down the sensitive walls of her pussy.

Evangelica was flooding with wet heat, the sounds of her sex and his bounced against the gray walls.

“Angel” he groaned dipping his head down between her shoulder and neck. His tongue swiped out, licking the flesh. He nipped at her, giving her small love bites.

She felt it all the way to the tips of her toes. Those small bites were giving her immense pleasure.

She dug her face into his neck and returned the favor, her teeth scraped against his sensitive flesh before her tongue flicked out soothing it.

Her wolf purred, the sound slipped from her lips, earning her a low hungry growl from him.

“Artemis ” she cried as the familiar feeling of release was nearly at its peak.

He grunted and began moving fast. The headboard knocked against the wall, thumping loudly.She blushed, knowing the entire pack house could hear them.

The anxious feeling was short lived as the orgasm washed over her, her mouth opened in a silent scream.

With a few more strokes, Artemis threw his head back and roared out his release before collapsing on top of her.

He dug his face into her neck and settled in as she ran her fingers down his back in a soothing leisure course.

Evangelica woke up to the soft sound of snoring in her ear. Her body was pinned to the bed beneath her and for a moment she panicked, completely forgetting the night before.

As she blinked her eyes open and adjusted to the mornings rays of light, she realized she wasn’t at home, and the memories of last night came back to her.

Artemis was slumped beside her, his stomach pressed against the mattress, his head turned towards the wall, while his large muscular arm pinned her down.

If he woke up and she was still around, this would get awkward. It was probably better if she left before that happened.

Evangelica carefully maneuvered her way out of his hold and stood beside the bed for a moment gathering herself before she set about the room in search of her clothes.

She threw on the dress, she couldn’t find her underwear, but luckily found her heels and reluctantly put them on. As she tied the straps of her ankles, the previous irritated mark stung as it was once again being punished.

Glancing back over as she neared the door she took one last look before she exited.

Artemis, was a complicated wolf, but a great lover.


Artemis awoke to the sound of his seven o clock alarm ringing. He’d thought he’d turned it off yesterday knowing he was going to need the extra sleep, and boy did he need it.

Angel had been everything and more. She was beautiful, funny and sensual. He’d expected someone who was stuck up and power hungry but as he sat next to her at the bar, he realized she had no idea he was an alpha. She was so drunk, she hadn’t been able to feel the dominance and power that radiated off of him, not until she sat in the truck with him.

He rubbed his eyes before rolling over and suddenly sitting up.She was gone, the small space she’d occupied was still a little warm.

If he put a bit of pep in his step he might be able to catch her. But he didn’t move, because that was the point of last night wasn’t it? To scratch the itch and move on. No strings, no expectations.

Which was exactly what he’d gotten.

He should be happy, and relieved. He didn’t have to deal with the process of kicking her out, instead she’d left on her own.

He frowned as he sunk back down onto his pillow, why had she left without saying anything? She could have at least woke him up to tell him goodbye.

A small part of him knew, he wouldn’t have let her leave though. He would have seduced her back into his bed. His wolf would have pushed him back, he’d have had his way with her and would have told her to stay.

Then and only then would he give Artemis his control back, leaving him to deal with the complication.

His wolf bristled at him, clearly annoyed. He didn’t understand why Angel couldn’t have stayed. He liked her.

Artemis groaned and then let out a sigh, atleast now he could get back to work without the distraction of wanting sex.

He rose from his bed, and as he did so he’d gotten a sudden whiff of sickly sweet copper. Glancing back, he stared at the small patch of virgin blood.

Something primal surged forward and he had to put everything he had into staying put. His dominant possessive side wanted him to go run after the female, claim her as his, and shout to the world that he was her first and only.

She’d been pure and untouched.

But no longer, Artemis had, had his hands on her and his cock inside of her. His scent was on her, in the back of his mind ,despite his protests, he considered her his.

Three weeks, it had been three weeks since he’d last seen Angel.

He hadn’t expected her to cross his mind as often as she did. He often wondered how she was, what she was doing and if she missed him as much as he missed her.

He shoved the ear buds into his ears before taking off at a slow jog towards the woods, near the small familiar path that his office overlooked.

The path that led to the most loved and unwanted memories. As his feet thundered against the forest floor, he jumped over a fallen trunk, the smell of pine and autumn leaves whirled around him creating a safe haven as he moved closer to the home.

The soft smell of his mate still clung to the wood, but he didn’t dare step inside. He’d lose it and end up putting even more holes in the walls.

He averted his eyes as they strayed towards their bedroom window.

Sometimes if he stared at it long enough, he could see her. His Emily, standing there holding their pup in her arms, smiling at him in complete and utter happiness.

Today, like the many days before this, he hadn’t stopped he’d simply run around the property and head back.

Guilt ate away at him. He’d slept with another she wolf. He’d dishonored his mate.

The worst part?

He couldn’t stop thinking about it and he was rearing to do it again. Except he only wanted Angel.

Sweat dripped down his forehead and back as he pushed himself harder, further away from the house.

A new scent caught his nose and he stopped, waiting for the male wolf to catch up to him.

Clayton came around a set of thick evergreens, his expression was one of amusement and excitement.

Artemis arched a brow at him, sometimes he found him to be funny and a complete spaz, “Clayton, can I help you?” He asked formally.

Clayton straightened, Artemis liked that he made him antsy, because it gave him more power, wolves feared him. Word had spread fast about the alpha wolf who had gone berserk after the loss of his mate, they’d whispered how he’d shred the doctor and nurses apart. There were even rumors that he kept some of the remains in glass jars to gaze upon.

Artemis found it amusing.

Wolves were drama.

“We’ve received an invitation to meet the new Alpha and Luna in the Western region.” He said handing him the formal card.

Artemis scanned it before pinching the bridge of his nose in agitation, he hated these things. He hated socializing. He just wanted to run his pack and be left alone.

Why other packs insisted on trying to contact him was something he’d never understand.

“Tell them we can’t make it” he said pulling out his ipod to choose a new song. Something more upbeat, to keep him wanting to move.

“Alpha, its required”

Artemis snarled, “required? By who?”

Clayton cleared his throat, keeping his eyes locked onto the ground, “by the new alpha. He’s demanding every alphas presence. I assume he wants to show off his title and strut his new mate around like a trophy”

Snapping his teeth at Clayton, Artemis let out a displeased snarl, “Then tell him to get his ass down here and ask me personally if he wants to strut his tail around like he’s some big bad wolf”

The silence that followed was full of tension and unease.

If he didn’t go, it would look bad on his pack. All the other packs would assume he was withdrawing and it could be considered an act of war or a declaration of a challenge.

Artemis didn’t want nor did he need another pack to take care of.

“Fine” he snapped at last, “we’ll go” and with that he sprinted back the way he came.

Artemis was a very irritated and angry wolf.

He’d expected this meet and greet to be in a week or two, when Artemis was more prepared and less pissed off.

Instead he’d had two days to find something to wear and to find some way to calm down.

He’d found his old black tux that had been stored away, but he hadn’t managed to find a way to calm down.

After tonight he was going to need a long run, maybe a night around the small pond wouldn’t be such a bad idea either.

So there he sat in the passenger side of his truck as Clayton drove him and his third in command Malcolm to the western region, about an hour away from his eastern region pack grounds.

He felt cramped in his small truck with two other men.

He gazed out of the truck’s window, his eyes locked onto the moon as it watched him, he kept his chin resting in his hand and cursed the moon once again for its cruel ways.

Clayton hit the gravel road at a quick pace, causing pebbles to fly up and knock into his already abused truck. Artemis held back a wince, he’d been putting off fixing it for about three years. It would fall apart on him soon if he didn’t do something about it.

They passed by several nice houses before a large gravel circle connected the pack house and other various pack buildings.

“Let’s try and not shed some blood tonight ok boss?” Clayton said, giving him a side glance.

Artemis gave a shrug in response, he’d make no promises he wasn’t sure he could keep.

All three men exited the truck, drawing eyes immediately towards them. Clayton and Malcolm seemed to soak up the attention while Artemis shoved his hands deep into his pockets and scowled at various wolves daring them to say something.

Looks of fear washed across several faces as they realized who had just entered the gathering.

They walked up the short flight of steps into the grand entrance of the pack hall.

The area was open and the ceilings were high, chatter and the clinking of glasses were loud and overbearing.

As he turned to look for this new alpha, Artemis caught sight of the ravens hair. Angel.
He’d never seen anyone with hair such as hers and he doubted he’d find another so soon. It had to be her.

As he followed the dark head of hair as it bobbed in and out and around of party goers he almost tripped over his own two feet before catching himself and pushing his pace faster.

He caught her subtle scent, it wasn’t quite as strong as it had been before, and that confused him.

“Alpha!” Claytons voice followed him as he continued forward. Artemis didn’t look back as he continued to push around people.

Suddenly he stopped, she’d disappeared. He swung around in a circle unable to find her. Her scent disappeared as well.

“Alpha!” Clayton appeared at his side, “Alpha Zarek is getting ready to make his entrance.”

His wolf paced with agitation in the back of his mind as Artemis turned on his heel growling beneath his breath and followed his beta.

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