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Episode 6

Episode 6

Evangelica hadn’t seen or heard from Artemis in a little over three weeks. Despite what she’d agreed to, a part of her wanted him to contact her or go out of his way to find her. Another more persistent part of her, knew that what they’d agreed to was for the best. Whenever she found herself thinking about him and their time together, she’d chide herself and forced her thoughts away from the memory.

Isabel plopped down on the couch next to her, she smiled brightly ignoring the sideway glances the other pack members were giving them.

Evangelica wished she was more like Isabel, so self positive, and self assured. Her friend had no problem ignoring the gossip and whispers of those around her. She envied her for that.

Plucking the small tendrils of loose fibers from the plush warm blanket that was placed across her lap, Evangelica looked up at her friend wondering why she seemed a tad more hyper than usual.

“So, the alpha has invited all the other alphas around for a meet and greet to introduce our new alpha, they’re throwing this fancy shindig and the entire pack has been invited” she said squealing the last part.

Blinking back at her Evangelica blanched, she didn’t want to have to witness her mate waltzing around with his chosen mate on his arm. It was bad enough when she ran into them during breakfast, lunch and dinner, let alone having to endure an entire evening with them.

“I know where your head is at Eva and I think this will be the perfect opportunity to show that mate of yours exactly what he’s missing” she said softly.

She sighed continuing to pluck at the blanket, refusing to lift her eyes, she could feel the weight of the stares of the packmates that lingered in the pack house living room.

“I don’t know Izzy, this could end up being a complete disaster” she said even as her mind mentally searched her closet for something to wear.

“Nonsense, what’s the worst that could happen? We’ll go together, walk around and have some good food then we can leave. All he has to do is see you and that’ll be enough. Who knows maybe he’ll change his mind”

Feeling slightly pressured and overwhelmed, Evangelica sighed clutching the blanket in a tight grip, “Fine”

Isabel squealed, launching herself at her friend, gathering her in a tight hug.

“We’re going to have so much fun, I promise,” she said.

She highly doubted that.

Evangelica stood outside the pack house looking up at the bright and beautiful moon. The dark and intense blue and black night sky held the cluster of stars as they twinkled up above.

She shivered and rubbed her bare arms, she should go inside to warm up but she really didn’t want to face them yet.

She’d dressed up, as Isabel had pushed her to do. She’d thrown on her old prom dress, a simple light violet, strapless, silk, floor length gown. Isabel had encouraged her to find a new dress but she didn’t feel as though the occasion called for it.

She put a little more effort into placing soft waves into her hair, a small fake silver Barrett kept her eye length bangs out of her face, tucking them to the side. There wasn’t a lot she did for her make up as she rarely ever wore any, her lips had a small amount of gloss on them and her eyes were lightly made up with eyeliner and mascara but that’s as far as she went.


Turning on her small slippered feet she smiled wide as her mother strode towards her in awe and happiness.

The comforting arms of her mother wrapped around her and she almost broke down.

“You look so beautiful” her mother, Claire said pulling back and holding her at arms length, “I hope that mate of yours suffers. It’s his loss” she said sternly before giving her daughter a soft caring smile.

Evangelica let out a small laugh, her throat caught as she choked on the sob she was forcing herself to hold back.

“Oh hunny, it will be alright. You’ll find someone who isn’t a-” her mother looked around, careful as to not let any other wolves hear here, “an asshole” she said before leaning forward and kissing her daughter’s cheek.

“Thanks mom” Evangelica said stepping back to take in her mother’s appearance.

As her mother had only just passed her forty fifth birthday, Claire Roads had continued to hold her youthful looks, her light mahogany colored hair was slightly faded, holding only a few strands of gray hair while her face was wrinkle and blemish free. Her green eyes that were the exact replicas of her daughters were still so full of life. She was thin and a tad taller than her daughter and yet still shorter than Evangelicas father.

“Where’s dad?” She asked.

Her mother waved her hand toward the open double glass doors, “somewhere back in there talking somebody’s ear off” she said and they both laughed.

Her father loved to talk. Wherever they went, he’d end up chatting with someone, and it would take them hours to convince him to leave.

“Oh I almost forgot” her mother said, “Isabel is looking for you”

Evangelica let out a groan, of course she was looking for her, she wanted to prance Evangelica around in front of her mate like a show horse.

Her mother threw her head black and laughed, she knew how Isabel was, that only caused her mother to love her daughter’s friend more.

Her mother’s arm slipped through hers and she tugged her inside.

Her skin instantly heated as a wave of body heat from the crowded guests prickled her skin. As they walked forward into the crowd, various eyes looked on curious as to how she was going to handle tonight.

The smell of their scents intermingled nearly brought her to her knees. Her heart ached and her stomach rolled.

This was not a good idea.

“Eva” her mother called to her.

She stood there in the middle of the floor surrounded by various packs unable to move. Her wolf didn’t understand why her mate would choose another, her soft pitiful cries could be heard in the dark depths of her mind.

“Eva” her mother snapped coming to stand in front of her. They were drawing attention, heads began to turn looking on at the scene, “You have to breath Eva”

“I-i can’t. All I smell is...” she trailed off, a single tear streaking down her face. She couldn’t do this, she shouldn’t have let Isabel push her into this.

“I know Eva and I’m sorry but you can’t let him see this. You need to hold your head high and appear strong, even if it hurts. Even if you’re breaking.”

She glanced up at her mother and gave a curt nod, pulling everything back and tucking it somewhere deep down. She’d open it later, when there weren’t eyes upon her.

“That’s my girl” her mother said smiling. There was a sadness in her eyes as she knew her daughter didn’t deserve this. The moon had made a dire mistake.
Her mother walked away just as Isabel walked up, both of them shared a knowing sympathetic look.

That was one of the looks she hated, why others thought she didn’t notice them sharing sympathy and pity for her was beyond her.

She wanted to be free of this mess. She wanted that peaceful feeling again, that feeling of comfort, the feeling she had that single night three weeks ago.

Afterwards she’d been a complete mess, her heat had pushed her overboard and thanks to Elijah she’d felt as if she’d dishonored her mate. He’d been able to smell her the morning after her deflowering at Artemis’s and he’d gone completely berserk. His beta and other higher ranked wolves had to hold him back until she was able to shower and change.

He’d spoken some harsh words but as her heat had come around, he’d nearly tore her mother’s house apart trying to get to her. To ease her pain. Her wolf had wanted him, she’d called for him. His wolf had responded and had been very close to killing her mother had her father not intervened.

After a week of being locked away in the basement waiting for her heat to pass, Evangelica finally had been able to step out into the world again. Her surprise at the damage her mate had left was shattering.

That had been the one and only time he’d fought for her, and that was merely because of the hormonal scenes seeping from her skin calling to him.

“You look so beautiful Eva” Isabel said.

Evangelica surveyed her friend and gave her a welcome smile, “Thanks, you look just as beautiful, if not more so”

Isabel’s blonde hair was piled in curls on top of her head, her peach lace gown reached the floor in thicker waves. She always seemed to over due her make up when in reality she truly didn’t need any. She was naturally beautiful.

Isabel looped her arm through Evangelicas and leaned in close enough so that no other wolves could hear them, “So are you ever going to tell me who that mystery wolf was at the bar?” She asked with a sparkle in her eye, “You know, the one who took care of you”

Isabel laughed merrily as Evangelica blushed a deep crimson red. She’d told Isabel she’d gone home with a male, and had told her she’d given herself to him but she’d never mentioned names nor did she give her dirty details.

Those were for her, and her alone.

She did however tell Isabel about their agreement.

She shook her head feverishly and then the soft scent of someone she’d never thought she’d see again wafted into the room.
Her eyes went wide and her green eyes searched, quickly landing on his tall built frame as he walked through the crowd.

Just as she turned, her skin pricked with awareness. He was looking right at her. Despite the chatter around them, she could hear his deep growl and she knew he was coming for her.

Their agreement had been mutual, so why was he breaking it?

She wiggled through the crowd. Knocking into wolves here and there, earning grunts and glares. She paid no heed as she dodged and ducked.

A hand shot out, wrapping their fingers around her wrist. She gasped and turned, then let out a breath of relief as she stood staring back at a confused Isabel.

“What happened back there?” She asked her.

“H-he’s here” she said her eyes searching the room again even as she knew he wasn’t following her anymore.

“Who’s here?” Isabel asked, she let out an irritated impatient puff before tugging Evangelica back into the crowd, “Nevermind that. You can tell me later. We’ve got to get to the front, the alpha has called everyone to attention, he’s getting ready to enter with, her”

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