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Episode 8

Episode 8

Evangelica shivered with fear. The threat was solid. She and everyone else knew that if Elijah accepted, Artemis would tear him to pieces uncaring that he was taking a life.

Her eyes kept track of Elijah’s mate, Marissa.

She knew that Marissa would kill her if she had the chance. Evangelica slid closer to the two males Artemis had left her with.

The tall blonde frowned as he glanced down at her, he watched her eyes scan the crowd before he understood. He scooted forward letting her slide between the two before covering her.

Marissa wouldn’t be able to get to her, at least not tonight.

Alpha Zarek dropped his eyes, his growl was never ending but he conceded, “I do not challenge you” he said.

Artemis had the nerve to laugh, “Good. Should that answer change, you let me know”

Evangelica blanched, she couldn’t believe this male. He was asking for a death wish.
Artemis turned around and instructed them to exit. She didn’t dare look back.

His hand rested on the small of her back and she was reminded of the night those three weeks ago. He ushered them down the front steps of the pack house and towards his truck.

“Um, Artemis?” she said.

“Yes?” He replied.

“There’s only three seats in your truck” she stated.

The darker haired male, the one she’d been protected by, let out a long tired sigh.

Artemis smiled, although it didn’t truly reach his eyes, “I’m well aware of that Angel”

She didn’t say anything else, because he seemed irritated and she didn’t want to piss him off any further. She felt like cattle, being herded to and from places. Being sold off to new owners.

The dark haired male climbed over the trucks edge and sat down in the back.

She eyed him wearily. He was going to be freezing and she’d feel bad. Maybe she could run in and grab him a blanket...

“He’s fine,” Artemis said suddenly beside her. She gasped and looked up into his thunderous gray eyes.

A cold breeze picked up, easily filtering through the fabric of her dress. She began to shake and her teeth chattered.

“But you won’t be” he said grabbing her hand and tugging her towards the truck, “Come home with me”

She blinked up at him as he stopped beside the passenger side door, “is that an order or are you really asking me?”

“I’m asking you. I won’t force you to come back with me.” Suddenly he looked uneasy and he brought his hand up to scratch the back of his neck, “I’d like for you to come back with me though”

That caught her attention.

He wanted her to come back with him?
Not only that but he was asking, he wasn’t simply conforming to his nature and slinging her over his shoulder to drag her off, he was actually asking her what she wanted.

“I want to come with you,” she said.

Evangelica no longer believed nor did she want love but she did find herself caring for this male. This was the second time she’d seen him and he’d treated her better than her mate had within the last month.

He gave her a toothy grin, showcasing his Pearly whites, “Alright, let’s go then” he said helping her into the truck.

Sliding into the middle seat, her stomach flipped with nerves and anticipation.

Her wolf paced agitatedly in the back of her mind. She didn’t like the fact that she was leaving their mate.

She clutched her hands tightly in her lap and stared out into the dark black night as they began to drive.

Further into the ride, the blonde haired male seemed to relax a bit more and looked at her, “So you’re who our alpha has been troubled with lately” he said grinning, a mischievous glint in his blue eyes.

Evangelicas eyes widened and swung her gaze from the road, to blondies before turning to look at Artemis.

He clutched the steering wheel tight, tighter than necessary, she was half afraid he was going to break it, “Your nose has no business in my affairs” he snapped.

She tensed.

Blondie threw his head back and laughed, a deep rich sound, “It is when you walk around the pack smelling like another female” he said.

That earned him a grunt.

“So, if it’s alright with his majesty may I ask what your name is?”

“Evangelica” she replied.

“I see why he calls you Angel” he said giving her a playful smile.

Suddenly, the truck lurched forward as Artemis slammed down on the brakes hard. His arm came out to catch her as she flew forward. The blonde male wasn’t so lucky as the seatbelt dug into his flesh and he let out a hard mmph as he strained against the restraint. A hard thud hit the back window of the truck and she gasped, completely forgetting about the dark haired male.

The truck stopped in the middle of the deserted road.

Artemis turned to growl at blondie, the threat clear, “Don’t call her that. You call her Evangelica or Eva.”

She gaped at him, positively humorlessly gaped at him. This alpha wolf, who had wanted only sex, was becoming jealous and possessive of her.

Evangelica couldn’t believe it.

Blondie held up his hands in surrender, the smile wiped from his face.

“If you call her that again, you’ll be walking back to the pack land” he said as a hard series of knocks sounded on the small window behind her.

She turned and met the brown eyes of the dark haired male.

Artemis looked back at him, a small understanding nod exchanged between them before he put the truck in drive and continued on.

“So um, what’s your name?” She asked blondie.

“Clayton” he said.

She nodded, “and the dark haired one?”


Letting out an exhausted sigh she let her shoulders drop, ignoring the stiffness that settled there. She’d been practically gagged with testosterone tonight, even now there was a small battle going on between Artemis and Clayton.

She rolled her eyes, crossing her arms across her chest, “males” she thought to herself.

A few years ago, her mother had sat her down to half “the talk” and had warned her. Werewolf males were very, very, territorial, not only about land but about whatever they considered theirs, especially their mates.

Rule number one: never, ever come between a werewolf male and his mate. It will not end well.

Artemis had basically claimed her for the time being, he hadn’t claimed her as a mate but as a male interested in a female. Everyone would assume he would court her, as he considered making her his Luna.

But even she knew that wouldn’t be the case.

She was here strictly for pleasure, and she was just fine with that. She wouldn’t let the lack of connection bury beneath her skin.

Evangelica felt the hairs on her skin stir as they crossed his territory line. The dirt road kicked up gravel, clinking against the truck frame.

She shivered, but it wasn’t from the chill of the autumn air, it was for what she knew was to come.

Artemis parked the truck in the same spot as before. Clayton climbed out as Artemis did. The truck rocked back and forth as Malcom climbed out from the back.

She began to slide out until a hand was held out to her. She slipped her hand into his and Artemis helped her out, his arm coming around her waist. A shiver of pleasure coursed through her and she was embarrassed to admit that her panties were damp.

This male affected her without even really trying.

Maclom and Clayton parted from them going their separate ways. Artemis huddled close to her, his body blocked the chilly night breeze.
She found herself cuddling close to him to keep warm as they made their way up the familiar steps into the large pack house.

As they stepped inside, Evangelica peeked around, taking the time to look around, something she hadn’t had the time to do before.

The large entryway was vast and the walls were decorated with various pictures of pack members. Open entryways led into dark open rooms, she could only assume the rooms included the living room, kitchen and dining hall.

“You can explore tomorrow” he said his arm urging her forward towards the staircase.

She nodded and climbed the stairs with him. This time she didn’t look up,she didn’t want to trip. “I can’t believe you’re the alpha” her voice was quiet as they began the walk down the hallway. It was almost midnight, the pack was bound to be sleeping and she didn’t want to wake them by being too loud.

“Why is that so unbelievable?”

She hesitated a moment before answering, “Because... well I mean you live in the pack house, I don’t know of any alphas who live in the pack house seeing as they get their own home and another reason ... well when we met, I made continuous direct eye contact with you and you didn’t reprimand me or put me in my place like a normal alpha would”

He seemed amused by her answer, “I prefer the pack house to my own house for reasons that are my own and I didn’t feel as if you were challenging me in anyway, I don’t want you avoiding eye contact with me simply because you think I’ll “put you in your place” as you say. And if you haven’t noticed, I’m not normal, you’ll find that out rather quickly”

They stopped at his double doors before he unlocked them, swinging them open.

“I think I’ve already realized that” she muttered stepped in with him on her tail.

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