Pixie Dust

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Chapter 10

I woke up the next morning in a great mood. I was so thankful to have the next three days off; I really needed some time to myself to figure my life out. My phone rang, disrupting my solitude. It was Vance calling, again. I let it go to voicemail and got into the shower. After some coffee, I decided to listen to it, even though I already knew it would say something to the effect of, ‘Karli, we need to talk. Blah, blah, blah.’

I pressed play. “Karli. It’s Vance. Again. I’m going to come over there if you don’t call me back. Call me.” Yeah, too bad I won’t buzz you in if you do!

Putting Vance in the back of my mind, I decided to go lay by the pool. After squeezing into my teeniest white string bikini, I headed out to the small, fenced area on the west end of my apartment complex. I covered my skin with tanning oil, put my ear buds in, and pressed play on my iPod, hoping Jack Johnson could sing my worries away. I was just about to flip over about an hour later when someone rudely blocked my sun. I opened my eyes to glare at the offender only to find Vance standing over me, wearing a white t-shirt and dark blue board shorts. He sat down on the lounge chair next to me and pulled out my ear buds.

“Hey, what the hell? What are you doing here?” I asked.

“You know why I’m here,” he replied sharply. “You won’t return my calls, so I decided to come over. It’s a lot harder to ignore me in person.”

“Watch me,” I said as I flipped over.

“Fine, I can wait as long as you want.” He pulled off his t-shirt and reclined in the chair.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I said.

“Afraid not,” he replied.

“Fine, whatever. Stay there as long as you’d like.” I put my ear buds back in place and put my head down.

We laid there in silence for about an hour. I was sick of playing this game so I stood up to go inside. Vance did the same. “Where do you think you’re going?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Where are we going?” he replied.

“Ugh! You’re impossible!” I yelled as I started stomping down the sidewalk towards my building.

“I can be just as stubborn as you can!” he shouted.

I unlocked the back door to my building and tried closing it behind me. To my dismay, Vance caught it and was hot on my trail. I ran up two flights of stairs and down the hall to my apartment door. When I stuck my key in the door I said, “You can’t possibly think I’m going to let you inside? You can’t just walk into someone’s house uninvited, you know.”

“Watch me,” he said, throwing my words back in my face.

I turned the doorknob and he pushed it wide open, forcing his way in. “You can’t do this! I’ll call the cops!” I cried.

“I am the cops, sweetheart,” he said. “I’m just here trying to get some more information for the investigation.”

“You are such a liar!” I screamed. “This has nothing to do with that and you know it. Why do you insist on pressing the issue?”

“Why do you insist on fighting me?”

“I’m taking a shower!” I yelled. I locked myself in the bathroom and turned on the shower. I took off my bikini, stepped under the spray and stayed in there until the water started to run cold. While drying off, I realized that I didn’t have any clothes in there. Goddammit! Wrapping the towel around my body, I crept out of the bathroom. I caught a glimpse of Vance in my kitchen, helping himself to my last Corona. Bastard!

I shook my head in frustration and walked into my bedroom, slamming the door. I threw on a blue tank top with some denim shorts, flopped onto my bed, and screamed into a pillow. “I can stay in here all day, you know!” I yelled through the door.

“So can I!” he replied. “At least I have plenty of food and entertainment out here to keep me busy.”

I sat there, contemplating whether or not I could safely drop from my bedroom window. I was guessing probably not since I was on the top floor. I thought about calling Erica to come to my rescue but I remembered that my phone was in the kitchen. Damn him!

I tossed and turned on my bed until I fell asleep at some point. I was awakened by the sound of the buzzer. I looked at my alarm clock and saw that it was a quarter before nine. What the hell? I moved over to the door and listened.

“Who’s there?” Vance called.

“Gino’s Pizza,” a man replied.

He ordered pizza? Who does this guy think he is? My stomach growled, reminding me that I hadn’t eaten all day. I heard Vance buzz the guy in. I realized this might be my only opportunity to grab the phone! As soon as I heard him open the door for the delivery guy, I ran to the kitchen. I grabbed my phone off the counter and ran back down the hall, locking myself back in the bedroom.

“You want some pizza?” he asked through the door. “You can have some if you come out and talk to me. It looks really good.”

I sat on my bed ready to call Erica. Shit! How would she get in? There was no way that Vance would buzz her in. It wasn’t like she was strong enough physically or magically to force her way through. Suddenly the proverbial light bulb went off over my head. Oh, this is too good! You wanna play , Vance? I’ll show you dirty….

I called Pixie Dust and Roxy answered the phone. I asked her to connect me with Leo. “Hello, my sweet. This must be my lucky day. I was just thinking about you,” he said in a husky voice.

“Hi, Leo. I need your help.” Nothing like getting straight to the point.

“Anything. What can I do for you?”

“Well, to make a really long story short, I’ve been locked in my apartment all day with Vance because he insists on having a conversation that I really don’t want to have. He refuses to leave so I’ve barricaded myself in my bedroom. I haven’t eaten all day and I really need to get out of here. You’re the only person I could think of who could help.”

“Oh, my dearest Karli, I would not miss this opportunity for the world. I’ll be right there.” Wow, I could practically see his shit-eating grin through the phone.

“Wait, Leo, there’s one more thing. I’m not sure how you’re going to get past the locks. There’s one on the exterior door to my building and a deadbolt on my front door. My keys are out in my living room with Vance so I wouldn’t be able to toss them down to you. Do you have any ideas?”

“The locks will not be a problem,” he said confidently. “I’ll be there as soon as I can get someone to cover for me here.”

“Thank you, Leo,” I said before hanging up. I packed an overnight bag while I was waiting, just in case. I think I was just starting to wear a hole in my carpet from pacing when I heard a scuffle in the living room.

“What the hell? What the fuck are you doing here, asshole?” Vance shouted. I listened carefully, waiting for confirmation of Leo’s arrival.

“Karli called me. Do you really think such obscenities are necessary, Vance?”

Yes! There it was! I walked out of my bedroom with my overnight bag on my shoulder. I grabbed my purse and keys from the living room and stood next to Leo. “I asked him to come get me,” I said in my most surly tone. “I told him I was being illegally imprisoned in my own home.” Ha! Take that, jerkface!

“Can I take your bag for you?” Leo asked with a big smile.

“Sure, that’d be great. Thank you, Leo.” He took my bag and put his arm over my shoulder.

Vance took a step back and stared at me in shock. He looked at Leo, then back to me, and back to Leo one more time. “Karli, wait, you don’t know what you’re doing. Please, just stay here,” he pleaded.

“Hey buddy, you brought this on yourself,” I snapped.

Turning to Leo I said, “Ready?”

Still smiling he replied, “Of course. After you, beautiful.”

I stepped out the door and looked back at Vance. I may have felt a pang of guilt when I saw the look on his face. Oh well, it was too late to turn back. I continued down the hall to the stairs that would lead us out of the building.

We got to the parking lot and Leo stopped in front of a brand new, silver Porsche 911 Turbo. Of course this would be his car! This car was my wet dream! There’s nothing sexier than a vehicle that can handle its power with effortless composure. At 500 horsepower, this baby could get you from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds flat! I could only dream of getting behind the wheel of one of these!

He opened the door for me and I sank into the buttery soft red leather seats. I almost lost it when I traced my finger over the six-speed gear shifter, impatiently anticipating the vibrations from the powerful engine. The plush, two-toned interior had every gadget imaginable, perfectly complimenting the exterior. Yeah, vampires definitely had a taste for the finer things in life and right then I was incredibly grateful for that.

“Wow,” I said, my cheeks flushed. “Nice ride you have here.”

“Buckle up,” he said with a wink.

As soon as my seatbelt was fastened, he shifted the car into gear and took off. I was glued to the seat from the second we left. We were driving at a speed well over the legal limit. I don’t know how he did it with Vegas traffic but we were at the hotel in half the time it would normally take me to get there. He pulled into the garage and drove up to the valet. The attendant opened my door and offered his hand, helping me out. Leo grabbed my bag and tossed him the keys.

“You ready to go upstairs love?” He asked.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

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