Pixie Dust

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Chapter 17

Vance lived outside of Vegas, in nearby Henderson. Around six, I threw a six pack of Corona into my car and hopped on the Beltway, driving east. There was this great little pizza place only a few miles away from his house so I went into Mario’s to grab a large pepperoni then proceeded on my way. I pulled into the maze of Spanish-styled homes that lined his neighborhood and found his house. He had a modern, single level home with stucco siding and a tile roof. His yard was well maintained with the standard rock landscaping that you’d find anywhere in the desert. I don’t know what I’d expected but it certainly wasn’t this. Vance lived in textbook suburbia, a place where you raised a family and coached little league. I had pictured him as more of a small bachelor pad condo type of guy. This was definitely going to skew my perspective. Hmm.

I parked in his driveway and took a moment to breathe before getting out of my car. I walked up to the front door, setting the beer down so I could ring the doorbell. He opened it a moment later and nearly took my breath away. He was wearing a pair of well-worn jeans that hugged him in all the right places. His deeply tanned chest was bare, except for a small towel that hung around his neck catching stray droplets from his wet hair. I forgot why I was there for a sec and just stared at him like an idiot.

“Hi. I see you found the place okay.” He nodded towards the pizza. “Can I grab that from you?”

“Um, yeah, that’d be great. Thanks.” I handed him the box, then watched him as he bent over to grab the beer. Oh my, I got a perfect view of his amazing ass. I reached out to grab it but came to my senses before he noticed me.

“You okay?” he asked. “You seem distracted.” Yeah, distracted by your delicious body.

“Yep, I’m fine,” I lied.

“Come on in. Let me set this in the kitchen.”

He led me through the foyer into an oversized, great room. Standing in the archway, I glanced around. The living room had vaulted ceilings with brushed gold tiled floors and a large area rug. The walls were painted a spiced gingerbread color and had several, well-placed abstract paintings. There was a corner fireplace with a TV mounted above it. Against the wall was a large sofa table covered with framed photos of various sizes. Some of them looked antique. A beige leather sectional with a coffee table sat in the center of the room. Wow, definitely not what I was expecting.

The kitchen was just as impressive. The golden granite countertops matched the Travertine below. There were dark cherry cabinets with stainless steel appliances throughout. You had your choice of two dining areas: a large, rounded breakfast bar with four iron stools or a dark cherry dinette set towards the back. I could easily picture a family of four sitting at that table getting ready to meet the day.

“Wow. Nice place you have here.”

“Thanks.” He put the beer in the fridge. “You want one?” he asked, holding up a bottle.

“Yeah sure, thanks,” I replied.

He handed me a beer and gestured for me to have a seat on the couch. He took the towel to his head. “I just got out of the shower,” he said apologetically. “I’ll be right back; I need to throw on a shirt.” I couldn’t resist the urge to check out his ass again as he walked down the long hallway.

When he returned, he was wearing a white t-shirt that displayed his pecs beautifully. I checked my lower lip for drool. He went into the kitchen to grab the pizza and napkins before joining me on the couch. Handing me a plate, he asked, “So what did you want to talk about? You said you’ve been feeling different. How so?”

Okay, I needed to choose my words carefully here. The last thing I needed to do was to tell him that I was lifting warm and fuzzy feelings from Leo’s brain the night before. Let me think. “Well, I feel like I might be tapping into my psychic abilities,” I finally said. “Like maybe I was sensing other peoples’ feelings? You know, around the bar.” Phew! I got through that with no mention of hot vampires.

“What did it feel like exactly?” he asked. Oh, I don’t know. Absolutely wonderful! Nope, couldn’t say that.

“Um…it’s kinda hard to explain,” I replied. “I guess it felt more like an instinct, rather than just reading someone’s body language. Like, I knew without a doubt that I was feeling other peoples’ emotions. What do you think? Is that possible?”

“I think you’re right. It does sound like you’re tapping your powers. Usually you would have to focus on reading someone though. Being an Empath would be quite debilitating if you couldn’t turn it off. Did it happen just once? What were you doing when you noticed it?” Oh shit, how am I going to get myself out of this one?

“Uh, I don’t really remember exactly what I was doing at the time. I was at work so I’m sure it was something related.” Hey, my apartment is close enough to being at work, isn’t it? “I think it just happened once though. It was really just a quick flash of something.”

“Hmm. Well, from what you’re telling me, it sounds like your immortality is coming sooner rather than later.”

“What does it feel like? The change?”

He grabbed my bottle and took a sip. “It depends, I guess. You go through several stages throughout the better part of a year before your body chemistry fully changes. People react differently to each phase. Each segment does not necessarily occur in the same order or independently. You may experience several at once or none at all.”

“What are the stages?”

“Well, there are four,” he replied. “There are the heightened senses, which are tied into the empathy. You’ll also probably experience flashes of telepathy at some point. Then you could go through a period where you feel extreme exhaustion and another of insatiable hunger, like you can never get enough to eat.”

“Great, so I’ll need to hit the gym seven days a week because I can’t stop pigging out?” I asked.

He smirked. “No, Karli, you won’t. Your body is just trying to store fuel for the upcoming change. The process has already started. You will be frozen forever in time looking just as you do now.” Damn! Why couldn’t I have lost that extra five pounds?

“So what’s the fourth stage?”

“Um, the fourth stage is by far the most…interesting.”

“Interesting, how?” I asked.

Smiling, he replied, “The fourth stage is an overactive libido. Like extremely hyperactive. Worse than any thirteen-year-old boy you could imagine. You get certain…cravings that are very hard to ignore.”

Okay, we can check that one off the list. I couldn’t imagine it getting much worse than it was right then. “Oh,” I said as I feigned extreme interest in my slice of pizza.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Karli. We all go through it.” He reached out and placed his hand on my knee, giving it a little squeeze. “It can even be fun if you let it.” And right on cue, there goes that damn libido of mine! Cripes, all it took was a hand on the knee? Oh boy, I’m in trouble.

“Look, Vance, I uh---”

“What is it, Karli?” he asked as he removed the plate from my lap, placing it on the table. Oh God, he’s like a lion stalking its prey!

“I…um…I really think we should talk some more…you know…about the fairy stuff?”

“We have plenty of time for that later,” he said in a husky voice, still inching closer.

“Look, I uh---” I was cut off when his lips took possession of mine. He thrust his tongue into my mouth impatiently, pushing me down on the couch. There was nothing tentative about his actions, which sparked a similar reaction from me. He was purely animal right then, kissing me while his hands greedily roamed my body. He pulled my legs around his waist, picked me up, and carried me down the hallway while he continued his assault on my lips.

We ended up in a large bedroom and he gently threw me down on the king-sized mattress. He tore off his shirt and tossed it on the floor. He lifted my arms over my head and did the same for mine. Good thing I’m wearing a cute bra! Oh God, are we really going to do this?

“Christ, I missed you.” He appraised my body with a smile. “Karli, you are stunning.”

He leaned over me, crippling me with his body before I had the chance to respond. Sensing my discomfort, he lifted himself up a little. His arm muscles were bulging from supporting his weight as he looked deep into my eyes. I started feeling his emotions as if he were willing it; a mixture of desire, appreciation, and something so profound it was difficult to define. It hit me like a sneaker wave, making me a little dizzy. I had a sudden need to reciprocate his feelings. I wrapped my body around his, rolling him onto his back. With him pinned beneath me, I began kissing his neck, making my way down to his chest. I playfully nipped at his navel while I unbuttoned his pants. Vance sucked in his breath as I reached for his zipper. I slid it down slowly, licking my lips in anticipation. I pulled his pants and boxers down together, leaving him completely exposed beneath me. I paused for a moment to enjoy the view. He was flawless. Completely flawless. From the broad expansion of his chest, to his lean waist, all the way down to his muscular legs. I bit my lip in satisfaction as my gaze focused on the center of his body. He was huge. I’d had some idea from our previous encounters, but this was…awe inspiring.

With a wicked grin, I leaned forward, grabbing the base of his cock. He gasped as I began stroking him up and down. I dipped my head to lick the bead of moisture that was leaking from his tip. I then took the head into my mouth and resumed stroking him into bliss.

“Oh God, Karli!” he cried as his hands clenched the duvet.

I continued like that for quite a while, devouring his salty goodness. He unexpectedly jerked his body away from me when I moved down to his sac. Taking my head into his hands, he guided me back to his mouth.

Breaking from our kiss, he said, “I have a lot of control, Karli, but you’re really pushing it. I think it’s time to test your limits.”

“What do you---”

He flipped me over without warning and removed my shorts with one fluid pull. He kissed and licked every seam of my lace panties before pulling them down with his teeth. He didn’t waste any time getting to his target once I was exposed as well. He teased my folds open with his thumb, and sank one long finger inside of me.

“Mmm, so wet,” he moaned. “But not wet enough. I think you need a little more encouragement.” Is he crazy? Omigod, I am about to explode! He bent down to replace his thumb with his tongue and I shivered in response. He began licking me frantically while his finger plunged deeper. I screamed out in delight as he added another and continued moving them up and down. “I want to taste you as you come for me, Karli. Let it go.” Oh God! I had no choice but to obey as he returned gently sucking on my clit, pressing that little nerve bundle to the roof of his mouth. My climax was so strong that I thought I had died and gone to Orgasm Heaven. My body shuddered violently as one wave after another consumed me entirely. I had his poor head in a vise grip that I couldn’t release for several long breaths.

Smiling, he lifted his body and returned to my lips. His tip was poised against my entrance, teasing me relentlessly. I pressed down, trying to impale myself on his body but he pulled back. “Nope, not yet,” he smiled. “We’re going to savor this, Karli.”

“Holy fuck, I’m going to kill you if you don’t ravage my body right now!” I screamed.

With a chuckle he kissed the tip of my nose. “Trust me. It will be worth the wait.” He began moving down my body again to resume his oral torture. Just as he got back into a wonderful rhythm, his phone rang.

“Vance, your phone’s ringing. Do you need to get that?” I asked, trying to catch my breath.

He paused for a moment with a grin and replied, “Nope, I’m rather busy here. Let them leave a voicemail.” He picked up where he left off, returning me to ecstasy. When I was just about to reach the point of no return, his damn phone started again. Ugh!

“Maybe it’s important,” I panted. “I think you should at least check it.”

Reluctantly, he moved off the bed and started searching through his jeans for the phone.

He checked the caller ID. “Damn! It’s the station.” He hit the call button. “Yeah?” Wow, he wasn’t trying to hide his irritation in the least. “Are you sure? Christ, yeah, I’ll be there in a bit.” He ended the call and began pulling on his jeans. “I need to go to work. There was another attack and they think it’s related.”

I sat up. “Are you serious? Oh my God. Is it one of the girls?”

“I don’t know,” he said as he pulled his shirt over his shoulders and grabbed a pair of socks. “They didn’t say. The body was found in a dumpster on Tropicana but the wounds look the same. I have to get over there.” He leaned over me and gave me a soft kiss. “Look, Karli, stay here and I’ll be back as soon as possible. Will you do that for me, please?”

“Um, yeah, I can do that,” I replied.

“Great, I’ll see you soon.” He kissed me on the forehead and walked down the hall. I heard the front door open and then close seconds later.

Throwing myself back on the bed in frustration, I let out a big sigh. Imagine that. I was sitting there all hot and bothered with no man in sight. This is starting to be a very disturbing trend.

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