Pixie Dust

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Chapter 23

I pulled into the hotel garage that evening and got out of my car, all ready for work. I didn’t know why, but I was feeling very uneasy all of a sudden. Something moved to my right, justifying my suspicions. I squinted my eyes, trying to find the source, but nothing was there. God, my paranoia must really be getting the best of me. Just in case though, I started walking faster. Another noise startled me, causing me to drop my keys. “Shit!” I screamed. I looked around and still couldn’t see anything. I needed to get out of there. I bent over to pick up my keys as I prepared myself to run.

I stood up and saw a blur of something right before I was thrown backwards into the air. I landed on the concrete, hitting my head…hard. My brain ricocheted against my skull. Panicked, I tried to stand up but was slammed into the pavement again by an invisible force. Everything started to fade. I tried focusing on the fluorescent lights above but was slowly sinking into oblivion instead.

Suddenly, the wind was knocked out of me as a giant form landed on top of me, smashing me with its weight. It was huge, at least two hundred pounds and seven feet tall. It had red, scaly skin, long black claws, and a set of teeth that would make a piranha envious. I screamed out in terror, kicking and trying to get free, but I was no match for this thing. It bent down and bit me, sending a blinding pain through my upper arm. Omigod, this must be the Stryker demon! Why me? Why is it attacking me? I cried as it gnawed through my flesh. It had paralyzed me somehow from the neck down and I could no longer even attempt to fight it off. I cried as I felt every agonizing bite it took. I could see it tearing off piece by piece like a wild dog chewing on a raw steak.

It lifted its head to look at me with its soulless, yellow eyes. I made the mistake of looking down at my mutilated arm which appeared to have been put through a meat grinder. “Oh, God!” I cried as I choked back vomit. The beast began vibrating, shimmering with an energy that I couldn’t quite make sense of. It stilled, before it resumed tearing into my body, making me dizzy from blood loss. It continued eating my flesh for what felt like days. I remained there helpless, while I prayed for someone to come to my rescue.

My pleas with the heavens were finally answered when something swooped in, lifting the beast off of me. I could hear growling and fighting in between my bouts of total darkness. Blood splattered all over my face. I found myself hoping it belonged to the monster. I managed to turn my head to the side to catch a glimpse of my knight in shining armor. It looked like Leo, but a much more feral version than the one I was used to. His eyes were wild and he was covered in blood. He roared like an animal before launching himself on top of the beast and viciously tearing into its neck. He was a savage creature in his own right, completely untamed and unrefined. I would have been scared, but I lost consciousness again before I had the chance.

I woke up someplace different. After a moment, I realized that I was in Leo’s bed, wearing only my bra and panties. I still couldn’t move…and somebody was licking my arm. No, Leo was licking my arm. What the hell?

Gasping, I asked, “What are you doing?”

He pulled away after one more lick and sat up in the bed. “I repaired the wound on your arm earlier, but you bled out a lot.” He smiled. “I was cleaning up a bit.” Speaking of clean…he was pristine, not a hair out of place. What the heck?

“Oh. Thanks…I guess. What happened?”

“You were attacked. Do you remember anything?”

I winced. “Yeah, I do. It’s just you look…different. It must have been my imagination.”

“Different, how?” he asked.


He laughed. “I’d imagine so. I was quite a mess earlier. You’ve been out for a few hours. I showered once I knew you’d be okay. I didn’t want to scare you when you woke.”

“A few hours?” I exclaimed. “But I’m going to be okay? How do you know?” I tried moving my body again but it wasn’t cooperating. “I can’t move.”

“Your arm is healed but your blood has been poisoned,” he said. “That is why you are still paralyzed. The Stryker’s bite contains venom which is slowly working its way through your bloodstream. I would imagine that is rarely the cause of death in most of their victims, considering they usually dine on their hearts. Seeing that yours is intact, the poison would eventually do the job.”

Fighting back bile at the memory of that beast chewing my flesh, I whispered, “So, I’m going to die? Didn’t you just say I’d be fine?”

“Yes, as long as I remove the poison,” he replied.

“How are you going to do that?” I asked.

“I can suck out the infected blood.” His fangs lengthened, seemingly at the mere thought of it. “Once the poison is gone, you’ll need to drink some of my blood to replenish your supply since you’ve already lost so much. That’s why I had to wait until you regained consciousness. ” Okay, he looked a little too happy about that last bit.

“I don’t get it. Wouldn’t you get poisoned?”

“No,” he said. “All immortals are immune to toxins so it will have no effect on me.”

“Will I turn into a vampire?”

“The poison hasn’t been in your system long enough to spread very far; I’ll probably only need to take a small amount. You’ll be fine, maybe a little tired at most. My saliva will heal the bite wounds and my blood will help your body repair any internal damage. Besides, humans are the only species that I can change.” Yeah, not exactly accurate. “And I am certain you are not one of those.” Okay, he had me there.

I thought about the excruciating pain when the demon had bitten me. “Do you have any liquor to numb the pain?”

“Of my bite?” he asked.

I nodded. “Yes. I think I’ve had all the pain I can handle for the evening.”

Giving me a wicked smile he promised, “I assure you, my dear, you will feel no pain at all.”

Gulp. “How did you know I was in trouble? And how did you find me?”

“I could sense it,” he replied. “I’ve had your blood before which allows me to sense your location and your emotions.”

“From that far away? At all times?”

“Yes, my love. Anywhere and at all times.”

“Well, that little talent was something you failed to mention.” Grrrrrr!

“A man has to keep some mystery.” He smiled.

I had another flashback and winced. “Oh my God, please tell me you killed that thing,” I begged. “Please tell me that it will never be able to hurt another person again!”

“Unfortunately, I cannot,” he answered. “I heard your heartbeat slowing and saw you faint. You became my priority so I abandoned the fight to check on you. It simply disappeared while I was distracted. I still sensed it but couldn’t see anything. To the best of my knowledge, a Stryker demon does not possess any abilities other than brute force. I think we are dealing with something quite unique.”

“Everything is so fuzzy,” I said. “I know that I saw the demon start to shift back right before you came, but I can’t piece it together.”

“Well, rest assured, your mind should regain its clarity soon after the poison is gone. We should really start removing the infected blood now before it has a chance to spread any further. Are you ready?” he asked.

Am I ready? No. Do I have a choice? No. “I guess.”

I tried sending a message into his head using my newly discovered powers. God, Leo, please don’t prove me wrong by going into bloodlust. I have no choice but to trust you not to hurt me. If he got the message, his face didn’t give anything away. Did it only work on other Fae? I made a mental note to ask Vance when we were on speaking terms again.

I braced myself as he came closer. He cupped my face and said, “Look at me, Karli.” I did as he commanded, and saw that flash of sparkles in his eyes again, followed by instant calm. He took his shirt off and leaned over to grab something out of the nightstand. It was a large dagger.

“What’s that for?” I asked. I probably should have been panicking but Leo’s mojo was working pretty damn well.

“You’ll get blood the fastest from my carotid artery,” he said. “The dagger will work better than your blunt little teeth.” He smiled eagerly. “You ready?”

I nodded as he leaned over me, fangs fully extended. I felt a sharp prick as they pierced my skin, followed by a powerful suction. Wow, he was right; this didn’t feel bad at all. This actually felt…good. Oh God, really, really good! My limbs starting working within seconds so I used them to wrap my arms around his shoulders, pulling him into me. I clutched the back of his head, shoving him into my neck even further.

“Harder, Leo!” I cried. “Oh God, suck harder!”

He wrapped his arm around my waist as he stretched his body over mine. I spread my thighs in open invitation, wrapping them around his hips. I could feel his cock stiffen beneath his black slacks. He made a guttural sound which rumbled deep into my bones. He drew blood from me with an increased intensity as his hands became more demanding. One was cupping my backside, pressing me into his hardness, as the other began teasing my nipples, into tightened buds, over my lacy bra.

I had never felt anything more erotic in my life. I could feel the crest of my release coming at any moment. The delicious friction that his tongue was creating was making me dizzy with desire. I wished we were naked. I wanted to feel him pounding into me with no mercy while he suckled at my neck. Oh God, that image sent me over the edge. The pressure kept building and building until I was violently quaking inside. This was so far off the Richter scale that I felt as if my body were shattering into a billion pieces. I cried out in bliss, as the most intense orgasm I’d ever felt hit me in wave after delectable wave. I would’ve never thought my body could feel this good but I was reminded that it was possible three…more…times.

Leo retracted his fangs and sealed the twin holes with his tongue. I grieved for the loss of that wonderful sensation and tried pushing him back into my neck. He sat up while licking his lips and said, “Patience, my love. There will be plenty of time for that later. It’s my turn now.”

He sat back on folded legs and pulled me into a straddling position. He reached for the dagger but I blocked him with a kiss. My lips were so needy, so urgent that he had no choice but to reciprocate. I could taste my blood on his tongue and feel a hint of fang against my teeth which only made me hotter. It reminded me of the immense pleasure that he had just given me over and over again. His lips soon traveled down my neck, making me wanton. I reached behind my back to unhook my bra and threw it behind me. I then began unfastening his pants, wanting desperately to feel him inside of me despite the extreme dizziness I was beginning to feel. If I could just get the damned things off, then only a thin scrap of fabric would be keeping me from my goal. Leo grabbed my arms, stopping me dead in my tracks.

“Noooo, come on, Leo,” I whined. “Why?”

He laughed. “Because, my sweet, you need blood. I’m afraid that will not happen if you distract me any further.” He held my gaze as he took the dagger to his neck. I gasped when I saw him press the tip into his vein which started a steady flow of crimson down his beautiful olive skin.

I instantly flushed at the reminder, once again, of him feeding from me. I reached out cautiously to touch the wound. He was watching me intently as I explored. His blood was so warm, so tempting. I put my wet finger into my mouth for a sample. It was sweet, very similar to apricot jam. Definitely not the coppery taste I was expecting. The blood trickled down to his chest and I suddenly felt compelled to clean it up. I bent down to his torso, extending my tongue in anticipation. He hissed as I licked all the way up to the source of his sweet nectar.

I paused for a moment in awe but Leo mistook it for hesitation. He placed his hands on the back of my head, firmly pressing me into his neck. “Drink, Karli,” he demanded.

He didn’t need to tell me twice. I began lapping at his wound impatiently with my tongue, coaxing it for more. Finally it obeyed, filling my mouth with hot, tingly ambrosia. I sucked greedily while moaning in pleasure. I felt myself getting stronger with every swallow. Every nerve ending in my body was humming with electricity.

Leo shouted something in his native tongue. I lifted my head up inquisitively, and he gently shoved it right back down again. “No, it’s a good thing. Don’t stop, my love. Please don’t stop,” he begged.

I resumed sucking with renewed vigor, pleased by his reaction. He placed his hands on my hips, pushing me down into his lap. I remembered my previous goal of removing his pants and lifted my body just enough so I could accomplish said goal. His button was still undone so I grabbed the zipper and quickly pulled it down. Oh, I had forgotten Leo was a commando guy! Even better! I reached inside his fly and firmly grasped his length with my hand. He sucked in a breath as I began pulling from his vein and stroking his shaft in one, steady rhythm.

His hands began moving downward, but not fast enough to quench my craving. With my other hand, I led him to my wet core, silently giving him permission. I began stroking and sucking faster when he moved the thin fabric of my panties aside. His thumb easily slid through my slick folds, torturing me with need. Two long fingers entered me without warning, making me gasp. My surprise was short lived, as he began moving them in and out, matching my pace and then some. My walls soon began clenching around him as he wrung yet another mind-blowing orgasm out of me. My climax prompted his own, as we simultaneously screamed in pleasure.

I pulled back from his neck and licked my lips. “Wow,” I said, nearly breathless.

“Wow, indeed,” he said with a huge smile. He briefly put his fingers into his mouth, making me blush a little as I realized he was tasting me…down there. He gathered saliva from his mouth and sealed his wound. I watched his skin knit together in a matter of seconds.

“Well, that’s a pretty neat trick,” I said as I trailed my finger where the hole used to be.

“It comes in handy,” he said as he moved his hands down my naked back. His gaze centered on my breasts and I could feel his penis jerk in response. Suddenly feeling very exposed, I made a lame attempt at covering myself. He laughed and said, “It’s a little late for modesty, my dear.”

“Look, Leo,” I said, feeling a little embarrassed about releasing my inner vixen, “maybe we should talk about what just happened.”

“What’s there to talk about?” he asked as he dipped his head to take one of my nipples into his mouth.

“Oh, wow…um…wait, Leo, stop. I’m serious.” He moved over to do the same to the other one. I felt his fangs prick my areola right before he began sucking gently, drawing out tiny droplets of blood. “Oh God, okay, you really need to stop now. I’m not going to be able to think straight in a second.”

“And that would be a bad thing?” he rasped.

“Yes!” I screamed as another orgasm began cresting. “No!” Geez, this man has a very talented tongue! “Leo, please take me seriously!”

With a groan, he finally pulled back and sealed the little wounds on my breast. “Yes, my love? What would you like to discuss?”

Before I had a chance to answer, his phone started ringing. He grabbed it off the nightstand. “Yes?” He paused, listening to the voice on the other end. “And where is he now? Okay, tell him I’ll be there shortly.” He closed his phone and turned to me. “I need to go downstairs and check on a problem at the bar.”

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Nothing I can’t handle.” His stood up, tucking himself back into his pants. He went over to the closet to put on a thin pullover sweater. After giving me one long, appreciative gaze he said, “I’ll be back soon and we can…pick up where we left off.” He gave me a quick kiss and rushed out the door.

He was talking about picking up our conversation, right?

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