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The Billionaire's Revenge

By Samreen Anjum All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


"I will never marry you." I said in a low voice filled with venom. He moved close. His hands moved to my waist. His hold was firm. His face was so close that his nose touched mine. I shut my eyes tightly. "Stop being so difficult for once, Aanya." He whispered. "Let go of me, Hussein." I said and pushed him with all my might. Hussein didn't expect this from. He stumbled back but quickly balanced himself. I quickly moved away from him and was about go out when Hussein grabbed my elbow and roughly pulled me back. He pinned me to the wall and placed his lips on mine. He started to kiss me roughly. But this time I didn't give in. I didn't kiss him back.

Chapter 1


“Annu....! Wake up beta, it’s already too late”, I heard my mom yelling at a distance. But instead of waking up I snuggled deeper into my blanket.

I was about to doze off to my dreamland when someone barged into my room and the next moment I find myself shivering because my mom snatched the blanket from me and said “Aanya, wake up. How many times should I call you? It’s 9′o clock already.”

“Okay ammi, I’m up, I’m up, please stop shouting..!” I snapped at my mom and I immediately regretted it.

“Why are you so grumpy today Aanya and where are your manners? Is this the way you talk to your mother?” my mom said.

“I am sorry ammi. I won’t repeat it again.” I told my mom and she went away saying I should freshen up and meet her at breakfast.

The very first thing I did was to brush my teeth. I hate opening my mouth before brushing my teeth. And then I jumped into the shower and thought that my Mom was right I’m really grumpy today. Because I couldn’t sleep last night. Why? Simple. I was thinking about the guests who were coming to visit us today.

My aunt who lives in USA is coming to visit us today. And my cousin, Alina, will obviously tag along with her. They are here to host a party in their newly built mansion.

I’m really nervous to meet them. It’s really been a long time since we met. I kept tossing throughout the night thinking about this meeting.

It might not be a big deal to others but for me, it is. I’m really a shy person and I don’t like attention at all. I am not a confident girl. I just want to be left alone with my books and lots of chocolates.

So, basically I’m an introvert where as my cousin, she is an extremely out going personality. She is very confident. So, it’s obvious that I’m very nervous about this meeting.

After what felt like hours I came out of the shower and got dressed. I cleared the knots and braided my hair. Gosh, my scalp burns. What can I say waist length hair come with some disadvantages as well. Giving myself a last glance on the mirror, I headed towards the dining hall.

“Assalamualaikum papa and ammi.” I greeted my parents who were waiting for me.

“Wa alikum assalam beta, come have your breakfast, it’s already cold” my mom said.

On hearing the word breakfast, I guess my stomach got a life and rumbled as if I didn’t feed it for decades. My parents laughed at me and I blushed and thought what a great way to start my day.

“Aanya, your aunt will be arriving today. Did you clean your room?” My mom asked me.

“Haan ammi ( yes ammi), I cleaned it yesterday itself. And I prepared the bed as well just in case they want to stay for the night”. I replied to her.

“Very good beta. I’m sure Alina would love to spend the night here. And I can see you are very excited to meet them.” Said my mom. Only if you knew maa, I sighed internally.

After breakfast papa went to his office and mom and I started to prepare lunch for the guests. I baked some cookies. I just love baking. My friends say I should open my own bakery. And just by the I always dreamt of having my own bakery. I love it when people grin like children when they see cakes and cookies. And as for the children, they have the cutest expressions on there faces when they see cakes. It’s one of the main reason why I want to open a bakery. So maybe one day in sha Allah.

After one hour I was done with everything and my mom told me to take some rest. So, I went to my bedroom and started reading my book.

I was so engrossed in the book that I didn’t even realise that it was time for my zuhr Namaaz( namaz which is read in the noon). As soon as I heard the azaan I closed the app and did my wuzu (ablution) and started praying.

While reading the Namaaz I heard our door bell. And, ladies and gentlemen, here comes the moment I dreaded the most. My aunt has arrived with her family and my mom was calling me. Even though I am done with my prayers now, I just stayed rooted to my place. I was so nervous to go down.

Come on Aanya, they are not going to eat you, they are not aliens, you can do it, I prepared myself and descended downstairs.

“Assalamualaikum aunty and uncle. How was your flight?” I asked my aunt and uncle. They greeted me as well and said that their journey was great. And then they started talking with ammi (mom).

I turned towards my cousin who immediately hugged me, very tightly I might add, I was taken aback at her gesture. I knew that in USA people greet each other in the same way but still I wasn’t expecting that from her. Nonetheless, I returned the hug.

“Aanya, darling, how are you? It’s been so long since we met. And congratulations on your graduation and I heard you got third rank in your masters exam. We are gonna celebrate your victory baby.” A very excited Alina exclaimed. As I already said she is an outgoing person.

“I’m good, Alina. How about you? And thank you so much. I hope we will get enough time to celebrate my victory considering that you guys came here with a purpose to finish.” I replied her.

Even though I was proud of myself for not stuttering while talking, I knew my face gave away everything. She said that she was fine. After that I met my other cousin, Ahad who is the second eldest amongst the cousins. My brother is the eldest of all the cousins.

My mom asked me to take Alina to my room. And I obliged. As soon as we entered the room she jumped onto the bed and sighed. I was just standing there not knowing what to do. I think Alina guessed I was nervous so she started the conversation.

We talked the about random stuff for sometime. Now I was feeling much better and got comfortable. Then Alina suddenly asked if I have a boyfriend. I blushed crimson red. But I said I have never had a boyfriend.

“What..?! Are you serious? You never had a boyfriend..?” She asked me.

“Yaa, but what’s the big deal in that..?” I told her but she looked at me as if I grew two heads suddenly.

But she dropped the topic after I said that I’m a very shy person and never thought about a boyfriend which is obviously true. She said something about living life. But, before we can continue our conversation my mom called us to come down.

We had our lunch and aunt and uncle congratulated me. And my aunt asked about my future plans. Before I could answer them, my mom said that they were going to look for alliances to which I didn’t know how to react. I was saddened by that, not because I didn’t want to marry but I just think I am too young to get married. I’m just 20 for crying out loud. But my parents think I am old enough to get married. The thought of marriage itself makes me cry. I sighed internally and remained quite.

Alina looked at me as if she was silently asking me what’s wrong. I just smiled at her.

Rest of the day went in blur. We discussed about the party. I came to knew that many business tycoons will be attending it. I grew more nervous about this party. But Alina was more excited.

After my eshaan prayers ( Namaaz read at night) we went to have our dinner. As I expected Alina stayed the night here with me. We talked about almost everything. She was also single but was ready to mingle. Even though she is rich she is down to earth.

I am from a middle class family but Alina never let this thing to come between us. Very soon we got tired and called it a night but not before I thought of tomorrow’s party. I just hope everything goes well. Thinking about this I slipped into deep slumber.

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