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One Month To Forever Mine

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‘Done with checking me out??” and still he was just looking at me “And may I please know Mr. Sidhant Hans. What the heck are you doing here? Don’t you have some etiquette to knock at the door?" Just 677 miles away........ RIA PAULSON A bubbly, studious and independent Christian girl, she won everyone's hearts wherever she went, with that vivacious, vibrant and infectious smile! And a beautiful voice which makes everyone instantly love her. After 8 years, She is the CEO of a well established company in Seattle, USA. JUST BECAUSE OF ONE BREAK UP............She has changed into a ruthless, tyrant and cold person. Has everything in front of her in just a snap of fingers. She was her colleagues' and enemies' worst nightmare. Her employees feared her most. SIDHANT HANS A good looking cute Punjabi guy. Who fell in love with just one girl Ria but after their breakup he just locks up his feeling for her. Just for Ria's sake, though she always blamed him for the breakup. After 8 years, He is the CEO of HOOWORD INC. based in San Francisco, USA. Wants his Ri back. BUT....... NOW!!!! What will happen when they meet after 8 years at their friend Vihaan’s wedding? How will they react when they see the differences in each other as a whole? Will Ria let Sid come back into her life??? Enjoy reading the story of Ria and Sidhant in ‘One Month to Forever Mine.’ Join them...

Bella Rinto
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RIA's P.O.V.

’Ria hurry up. You will get late for your first class. And even Yashika is waiting for you’ my mom was yelling at me.

‘Yeah just 2 minutes I will be there’ I said. I was damn nervous as well as excited because for the first time I was going to join coaching class away from my house. I don’t know what is in store for me there but I hope Jesus Christ will save me. And with that thought I said my goodbyes to my family members and headed to my friend’s house.

‘Hey Ria you ready??’ Yashi asked me.

‘Yeah I am ready just a lit bit nervous and excited too. Hope everything goes good there’ I replied as we were finding an auto for us ( though we could walk also but still it was my first day so I avoided walking because I didn’t wanna get late for my first class)

Oops.... Sorry guys I forgot to introduce myself. I am Ria Paulson, the female protagonist of the story. I am a 17 year old Christian girl. Though by my looks and my personality people think that I am a Punjabi, which I am not.

I am a boxer by profession or you can say it is one of my hobby. I am in the last year of my high school.

Dancing, singing and craft are the things I love beside my love for boxing and novels, specially I love romantic novels. And yeah I am a waiting for my Prince Charming.

Though according to me I am not that beautiful, but according my boyfriend I am. According to him I am different from other girls because of my curly hair,my smile actually everything about me is different. Ugh confusing right??? Even I am.

So here we are at RSV STUDY CENTRE. While walking towards the reception my eyes caught someone, a boy in black specs with brownish hair. I don’t why but for the first time I wanted to know about someone, that to a “BOY”. And we had a brief eye contact though I had brake the eye contact as I heard Yashi calling me.

‘Ria see this is the reception and you need to get yourself enrolled here. Okay??’ she asked me.

′ Yeah thanks’ I replied back and with that we started heading towards the class where that black specs boy was sitting. And guess what we took a seat just behind HIM. It couldn’t have been better than this.

And then entered a boy who greeted HIM and Yashi. WOW!! Yashi knew HIM and didn’t even bothered to greet him. GOD!! do something about this girl. The boy who entered earlier, introduced himself as Raghav. With that they started talking about my mom who is a very popular amidst them as one of the most strict teacher in our area.

Listening to their talks even I couldn’t stop myself from laughing as by now I was used to such things so it wasn’t a big deal for me. Their expressions were priceless, when they came to know that I was her daughter they just shut their mouths fearing that I would kill them..

After sometime we were asked to shift to another classroom as our Economics class for today was about to start.

His face seemed familiar to me and I couldn't stop pondering about that fact. And then the realization hit me, Holy cow!! His looks are somewhere similar to my sister a.k.a my best friens’s boyfriend Saahil Gulati.

With that our class started. And I was introduced to the students who seemed least interested but some of them cheered for me. And that included HIM even!! I liked that thing about him.

I am back at my place but still I can’t stop thinking about HIM. Focus Ri!!
You already have a boyfriend. So stoping thinking about HIM. Just then my room was filled with Ellie Goulding’s voice, (Love me like you do my favorite song).

Holy cow!! That’s​ Jase a.k.a Jason Robert my boyfriend. Geez!! What a timing!!

’Hey Jase!!′ I said

‘Hey Princess!! How was your first day?’ he asked with a concern voice. I like it when he is concerned about me.

‘It was fabulous and the way Sir teaches is amazing, which was beyond my expectations. And yeah I made some new friends there. I kinda like that place. So hopefully I will be joining that Coaching Center only’ I replied back.

‘That’s great Princess!! Making friends is not a big deal for you. It’s very difficult for anyone to ignore you. Your voice and you yourself attract people.’ his reply made me chuckle a lit bit.

Jase see you don’t have to be insecure about anything I am not leaving you and going anywhere. And please stop making me blush. Still I am not used such compliments.′ I said

’Get used to it Princess because I just love making you blush. And yeah now go and rest it’s been a big day for you. Good night Princess. Sweet dreams. I love you and Take care.′ he said.

’Good night Jase. Sweet dreams. U too take care.′ I said.

I never said the 3 magical words because I never got the intense feeling of love towards him, the way he feels for me and I will never even say it to him till I mean each and every letter of those 3 magical words.

GOD!! Why is my life so messed up!!

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