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Killian is an Angel of Death. When he refuses to take the soul of a beautiful girl he is cast out of heaven and becomes a Fallen. Now he is on a mission to find her and make her his! Killian is an angel of death. His assignment is to amass souls and take them to heaven. He isn't allowed to let the humans see him, and he isn't allowed to determine their fate. When he heads out to collect a soul, and encounters a beautiful girl being attacked and beaten, he can't help but step in and save her. Because of his interference, he is cast out of heaven, and plummets to the earth. A month later, he locates the girl, but she's being hunted. Her time was up, and now other paranormals have descended to complete his task. Killian makes it his mission to protect her, risking everything. Will a fallen angel be powerful enough to save the girl he loves? Or was her fate sealed from the beginning?

Romance / Fantasy
Megan Fall
4.9 140 reviews
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Chapter 1 - Killian

Killian glided on the tails of the gusting wind. His massive wings shot straight out from his sides. The black feathers shimmered in the setting sun, as its golden rays bounced off them. He was dressed only in black leather pants, and his massive chest was on display. His powerful muscles were decorated with intricate swirling patterns of black ink. His dark hair hung in messy waves to just below his shoulders, and blew wildly around his chiseled face in the strong wind.

Killian circled the area as he flew out of view overhead. He scanned the alleys below, peering into their dark depths. He was an angel of death, and his target was somewhere below. He was given her name by the council, and once he had it, an image of her instantly formed in his mind. She would die tonight, and he would be there to safely take her soul to heaven.

Killian turned quickly, tilting his massive wings and cutting through the wind to dip down. He could sense her, and knew she was close. The area repulsed him and was somewhere he would never normally traverse. Bars littered the streets, and the smell was horrid. Music pumped from their darkened depths, and intoxicated patrons stumbled from their doors.

Killian caught movement in one of the narrow alleys, and immediately knew she was there. He flew straight for it, flapping his giant wings and stirring up the rotten garbage below. The humans looked up, and they stumbled in the wake of the violent gust of wind he produced when he flew past them. He wasn’t worried, they couldn’t see him. The girl would be the only one that would be able to, and that was only after she had taken her final breath.

Killian finally spotted her at the far end of one of the alleys. It appeared as though a man had physically dragged her back there, and the dumpster they were behind hid them from view. He understood the man was up to no good, and it didn’t sit well with him. The girl was thrashing and sobbing as the man rained blow after blow on her tiny body. Her long brown hair lay in a tangled mess around her, and Killian could see her clothing had been torn.

Death angels didn’t have any feelings, but something penetrated his frigid heart as he watched the disturbing scene below. He almost felt sorry for the pretty girl. Her death wouldn’t be an easy one, and it would be painfully drawn out. No one on the street could hear her screams, she wouldn’t be getting any help. That thought was unsettling to him.

Killian dropped to the ground directly beside them, breaking the concrete underneath his bare feet. He hated landing, the ground could never withstand his weight. His arms lowered, and his wings closed as they tucked in close to his back. He moved closer to the scene in front of him and silently studied the pair. The girl wasn’t struggling as hard now, and her screams were beginning to quiet. It wouldn’t be long now before she was released from this world.

Suddenly his whole body tensed, as the girl looked directly into his unforgiving eyes, and begged him for help. He was stunned as he stared back at her. She shouldn’t be able to see him. No human had ever seen an angel of death before they passed. But sure enough she could, because she reached out with her tiny bloodied hand and aimed it towards him.

Killian’s attention was drawn to the assailant as he moved off her and went for his belt. It was clear to him that the man now intended to rape her, before delivering the final blow that would end her life. The girl whimpered, and tried to drag her broken body towards him. She moved slowly, and blood coated the ground beneath her, leaving a crimson trail.

Killian watched her, his mind reeling. He’d never cared about any of his targets before, but for some reason the thought of the man violating her that way infuriated him. A violent rage began to build in him and he unconsciously balled his fists. He took a step towards the girl, then stopped. He had explicit instructions never to interfere, and he always obeyed without question. Once again she looked up at him, silently pleadingly. When he didn’t react her hand fell limply to the ground. He watched as a river of tears leaked from her eyes.

The man had his pants undone now, and was bending to push them out of the way. He sneered at the girl as she cowered before him, her tiny body shaking violently. The man took one step towards her, and as if on autopilot Killian took one step towards them. The girls eyes had been trained on her attacker, but they snapped back to him as they caught his movement.

“Please,” she whispered to him, as the man bent over her once more.

Killian knew the dress she wore had been beautiful at one time, but now it was destroyed, as the man grabbed it in his greasy fists and tore it down the middle. Her lacy white bra glowed in the darkness and drew his attention. She looked so innocent wearing a colour so pure. The man began pawing and scratching at her breasts in his excitement.

Killian’s heart stammered, and his fists were clenched so tight his knuckles turned white. He glanced at the tiny girl once more. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, in an attempt to block out the man, and her face was scrunched up in pain. Confused, he looked back at the man. He was now pushing her dress up and tearing at her white panties.

Killian had seen more than enough. He roared so loud the ground shook, as he flew at the man. He reached out with his massive fists and hit the man’s chest as he kept up his forward momentum. The man smashed into the brick wall behind him and dented it, as his body was crushed from the impact. Discoloured bricks flew, and blood poured from the man’s mouth, as he looked up at Killian in horror. Then his eyes closed, and he crumpled to the ground. Killian knew immediately that he was dead, and for the first time in his life he smiled.

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