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Chapter 10 - Tabby

Tabby studied Killian as he cleaned her wound. For a Fallen Angel, he seemed extremely relaxed. He took his time, and he worked carefully, making sure not to hurt her. His touch was actually warm, and she secretly loved it.

“So what’s changed since you fell?” she questioned him, in an attempt to distract herself. “From the way you handled that snake thing, I’d say your strength is equivalent to super man.”

Killian chuckled at her comment. “Nothing much has changed. Of course I don’t have my wings anymore, so flying is out, but I have retained all my other abilities,” he admitted to her.

“Like what?” she pushed, with a raised brow.

He put down the antiseptic wipes and smirked at her. “Well Kitten, you’ll have to stick around for a while if you want to learn my secrets,” he teased.

Tabby frowned at what he had said. “I don’t really have much of a choice now, do I?”

“No you don’t,” Killian agreed seriously. Then he proceeded to gently wrap her injury in gauze.

“Why didn’t you take me that night,” Tabby suddenly thought to ask.

As she watched, he silently put away the supplies, effectively letting her know he wasn’t allowing her look at his wound. Then he sighed and backed up. Killian leaned casually against the opposite wall and crossed his arms. She shivered as he concentrated on her. It felt like he was looking right through her, as he studied her.

“I have no idea,” he eventually admitted. “I was prepared to take you and had every intention of doing so.” He titled his head, and his eyes bore into her. “But something about you stopped me, and I couldn’t go through with it.”

“What?” Tabby asked curiously as she unconsciously leaned towards him.

“I don’t know,” Killian told her. “You reached out to me and then you called to me. You shouldn’t have even been able to see me. I’ve never heard of that happening before.”

“So it’s because of that?” Tabby asked, as she scrunched up her nose in thought.

“No,” he admitted, confusing her more.

“I’ve never felt before,” Killian explained. “When I saw you, I experienced feelings I’ve never even known exist in Angels.” He paused then, and moved to lean against the counter close beside her.

“I felt sad for what I was about to do. I felt anger at the man for hurting you. I felt pain for what you were experiencing. But I also felt a connection with you. It was almost as if your soul called out to me,” Killian tried to explain.

“So you think we’re soul mates?” Tabby whispered, as she held her breath and waited to see what he would say.

“I don’t know,” Killian said once more, frustrating her. “But I intend to find out. For some reason your injuries healed, and I’ve never seen that before. I’m assuming a lot of paranormals are going to want their hands on you. They’ll want some of that ability for themselves”

“Yeah,” she chuckled. “I’ve noticed that. So what do we do to stop them from wanting me?” she asked.

“I have no idea, but I’m gonna find out,” Killian growled. “I’m not the only Fallen, someone’s gotta know what the hell’s going on with you.”

“So how did you find me?” Tabby asked, deciding a quick change of topic was needed.

“I’ve been tracking you for a while,” Killian grinned. “But your smart, and you move fast. I couldn’t get a lock on you until now. I can always sense the area you’ve been in, and the longer I’ve been hunting you, the better that little sense has become.”

“So others can sense me too?” Tabby nervously asked.

“Maybe,” Killian admitted as he shrugged. “I honestly have no idea.”

“So can others sense you?” Tabby questioned instead. “Because if that’s the case, you’ll lead every paranormal right to me.”

Killian frowned then, and she figured he hadn’t thought of that. “Things are different for Angels. Most paranormals can’t sense them, and even though I’m Fallen, that should still ring true. But if for some reason they can, most won’t be able to figure out what I am because I don’t have my wings. I can guarantee that’s gonna work in our favour.”

“How?” she immediately shot back.

“Because they’ll underestimate me,” Killian smirked. “Fallen are one of the strongest paranormals there are. Not many can do what we can, or are as powerful.”

“So can I die?” she asked softly, not sure she wanted to hear his answer.

Killian reached out then and brushed the hair off her face. “That’s what I intend to find out. I touched you when it was your time, but it didn’t kill you. Although, usually I don’t touch my intended until after they pass. That could be it, or it could be something as simple as the fact that your time never came, and now it’s too late,” he said. “I’ve never heard of a case such as yours before. It’s baffling.”

“So now what do we do?” Tabby sighed.

“We get some sleep, and then go find ourselves another Fallen. There’s a bar not too far from here that I know for a fact one hangs out in. He used to be a friend,” he admitted. “If he’s close, that’s where he’ll be.”

“And what do we do if he’s not now,” Tabby said.

“Then things are about to get even more interesting,” he smirked.

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