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Chapter 47 - Tabby

Tabby and Killian spent three blissfully uninterrupted days at the hut from hell. They cooked, they talked, and they made love for hours on end. Tabby would have called it a honeymoon if they had been anywhere else. The bond she felt with Killian grew as they learned new things about each other and explored each other’s bodies. It was absolutely magical.

By the third morning Tabby was completely healed, and that meant Killian was a lot easier to deal with. He was growly and tense when she was hurt, a healed wound meant he was easier to live with. By the end of the first day a thick scab had appeared. By the morning of the second day the scab was loose and lifting at the corners. And by the third morning it had fallen off. Tabby was left with a faint scar, so light in fact it was hard to see. It definitely wasn’t like Killian’s angry looking scar tissue, and for that she was grateful.

Today they were tidying up and getting ready to leave. With no belongings to pack, and the cabin being so small, there wasn’t much to do. Within an hour they were standing on the porch and shutting the door.

“What’s the matter Kitten?” Killian sighed as he took in her forlorn expression and pulled her against his chest. She wrapped her arms around his back and melted into him, before letting out a sigh of her own.

“I hate this place,” she declared, something she knew he was well aware of. “But I will miss it. It’s the one place I’ve felt safe, and it’s the only place we’ve gotten to spend any time together in.” Killian nodded indicating he understood what she meant.

“We’ll make a place of our own Kitten, and it won’t be in the middle of a god damned swamp. We’ll build a cabin somewhere quiet, a stream will be nearby, and we’ll be surrounded by trees.”

“No mosquitoes?” she questioned, as she smacked at one on her arm.

“No mosquitoes,” Killian agreed with a chuckle.

She tilted her head and studied him, trying to figure out what he had up his sleeve.

“It’s sounds to me like you already have something picked out,” Tabby declared. “Do you care to share?”

“Nope,” Killian smirked. “It’s a plan, but it isn’t set in stone yet. I don’t want to say until I have it sorted.”

“Cryptic,” she grinned, as she moved away and shot the bones a final glare. “So where to?”

“North,” he said. “We’ll travel on our own for a bit, then meet up with Mace and Kathleen.”

“You spoke to Mace?” Tabby asked in surprise.

“I did,” Killian grinned. “The pair are mates now and have been locked away in their own honeymoon of sorts.”

“I’m so happy for them,” Tabby announced as she clapped her hands. “So Kathleen isn’t returning to her pack?”

“No,” Killian sneered. “She refuses to even talk to her father, and I don’t know if she could anyway. Cade and the Enforcer’s had strict instructions to bring him and his second to the council for a disciplinary hearing. They may be executed for their actions.”

Tabby gasped and placed her hand over her heart. “That’s harsh,” she whispered.

“Not at all,” Killian disagreed. “Mates are sacred. It’s one of the few things that keep the wolves from losing their humanity. Mates restore balance, and they bring out a softer side that otherwise wouldn’t be present. They’re a blessing.”

Killian’s words were powerful, and she knew he was thinking about their own mating. There was no bite involved with theirs, but there was a connection she knew would never be broken. Getting close again, she stood on her tip toes and kissed him. He growled against her lips, then his hands buried in her hair, and he was deepening the kiss. It was a claiming kiss and one that had the power to drop her to her knees. Every time single time he touched her, she felt it deep in her heart. She never should have questioned she was his.

Killian broke away from her and his eyes were intense as he looked down at her. “You’re in your head,” he grunted.

I’m sorry,” Tabby apologized. “I should have never questioned our bond. I felt it the first time I saw you standing over me in the alley, and it’s only grown since then. I was never afraid of you, and that should have clued me in.”

A lot was thrown at you at once, and it was hard for you to process it all. You can’t fault yourself for having doubts. Besides, it’s in the past now. Don’t dwell on things you can’t change Kitten.”

Tabby nodded and placed her small hand in his much larger one. “Are we walking at a normal pace, or can you teach me how to move like the flash?”

“The flash?” He questioned as he chuckled. When she grinned at him, he grinned back. “Keep hold of my hand. Concentrate on your legs and push your body. It will take time to get the hang of this, but I promise I won’t let go.”

“Okay,” she agreed. “I can do this.”

Then he didn’t give her a chance to think about it, his grip on her hand tightened and he took off. She had no choice but to move with him, or risk being dragged the entire way. Tabby ran just as she normally would, but she concentrated on going faster. Her legs picked up speed with each step she took until the trees turned into a blur. It was the most exhilarating experience she’d ever had.

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