Sex, Secrets, Sins and Lies

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Three bestsfriends, throw in a splash of secrets, a gallon of sex, a dash of sins and a cup of lies. A love triangle that has more to it than what meets the eye.

Romance / Drama
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The Beginning

Senior year

The warmth from the fresh summer sun was making this next step into adult hood very difficult. We were all sweating, at least I knew I was. Everyone's faces were red and the heat from the sun hit our backs as we sat on the metal fold out chairs on the large patch of grass that was the high school football field. The birds sang, the clouds were a pristine white and the smell of freshly grown flowers made the day even more spectacular. A small stage was set up in front of the few hundred of students that sat in the chairs watching and waiting. Bleachers were pilled behind the rows of students, families were watching and listening as their loved ones were called up to the stage to accept the next step in life.

I watched as one after one my friends were called up to accept that next step. People I'd known all my life and some I'd even just seen in the halls were called, bright thankful smiles were plastered on each of their faces.

Anxiousness and readiness overwhelmed me, I didn’t want to leave behind the best years of my life but I was also ready to see what the world had to offer.

My best friend Sarah was called, she looked amazing. Her long dark hair was braided into one simple thick braid down her back, her blue gown was long and touched her ankles showing off her sparkling silver heels. She shook the hands off the principle, grabbed her diploma and stopped smiling brightly at the crowd as her mother and father cheered her name. I knew my parents and Alecs' parents were cheering as well. We were a close knit group. All of our families were.

“Cassandra Joy”

My heart stopped and then sped at an unbelievable rate. It was my turn. I smiled and hoped the heat from the sun didn’t ruin my make up as I'd spent quiet awhile getting ready. My shoulder length chestnut colored hair was crimped and Sarah had helped me with a small braid at the side of my head. My strappy black heels clicked across the stage as I walked closer to Principle Hacker.

“Congratulations Cassandra” he said smiling.

“Thank you” I smiled back and excitedly took my diploma from him. I looked into the crowd and I knew I looked like a tomato. Not only was my face red from the heat but from the blush that stole its way up my neck into my face. My parents were snapping photos and cheering as was Sarah's and Alecs' parents.

I walked off stage but not before getting a picture taken by the photographer that stood waiting by the exit.

I strode back to my seat and watched as more students were called. Alec was called shortly after. He looked confident and handsome, he looked untouchable. Girls had always been crazy about him, and he’d always been crazy about them. Just not me and Sarah. The three of us were bestfriends and would never cross that line. He walked across stage with his blue gown and cap, our parents cheered and so did his girl fan base. Between him and Brian Holtz, I wasn’t sure who was worse. Brian was the schools Number one Jock, the football captain and quarter back, and he went threw a number of girls. He wasn’t what you’d expect out of a football player though, he was sweet and compassionate. He wasn’t an asshole.

Alec wasn’t into sports, he wasn’t a bad boy either. He was just a guy. A very good looking guy and that was enough for his fan base.

Principle Hacker stepped forward after everyone had been called up, he was a tall man possibly almost reaching seven foot, his jet black hair was slicked back, it had started to gray our sophomore year. His black suit was clean and straight. His ever knowing brown eyes scanned the crowd, a sad smiling forming across his face, “Four years ago you all began a journey, each one of you has experienced more than anyone will ever know no matter what it was, now today you’re ending that journey and beginning another and I'd like to say how proud I am of all of you today. I’ve gotten to know you all and I know you’ll all do wondrous things out in the world. So congratulations class of 2013 you did it!”

Shouts of approval and happiness filled the air around the football field. Students threw their caps up and the feeling of complete freedom seemed to fill my body. My entire being seemed to tingle, we did it. We were done.

I wasn’t sure why but I felt sad at the same time.

Students began to disperse and find their families and friends. The blinding flash of cameras were going off in all directions. My heels were slightly sinking into the earth as i walked over to the massive group of people that were my parents and friends family.

“Oh I'm so proud of all of you!” my mother, Mrs. Shade and Mrs. Bockman shouted at the same time causing us and even the husbands to laugh.

Sarah came forward and I held my arms open and she ran into them. She was heading off to school in a few months and i was going to miss her. Just thinking about losing my best friend brought tears to my eyes.

“I’m going to miss you Cassy” she said, her voice was thick with emotion. She’d practically read my thoughts.

“I'm going to miss you to Sarah” I whispered into her shoulder. How was I going to survive without my bestfriend beside me everyday?

“Well I’m not going to miss anybody because I plan on seeing both of you every weekend!” Alec said. Sarah and I separated both turning to look as Alec strode towards us. His arm was currently wrapped around Jessica Meeles shoulders. I tamped down the flare of irritation and plastered a smile on my face.

“I hope you stay true to that because I can’t lose my bestfriends” I said walking into his arms as he detangled himself from Jessica. Sarah came forward laughing and we hugged each other. Alec spicy smelling cologne almost had me closing my eyes, I was going to miss that smell.

I was going to bawl like a baby. I could feel the tears coming forth.

“I-I-I’ll be right back” i strode quickly away before anybody could stop me. i headed towards the school knowing the door to the gym would be unlocked in cases of emergency. And i declared this an emergency, a female emergency.

I walked into the gym and sank against the wall, the cool tan colored brick felt amazing, instantly starting to cool down my overheated body. The Schools blue and white Blue jay logo was painted on the gym wall. Banners of wrestling wins and competitions were hung form the ceiling. Most the time i hated this place, but now i was going to miss it. I was especially going to miss seeing my friends everyday.

It didn’t take long for someone to come find me. And the one person i didn’t want to find me, found me. Alec. We’ve been bestfriends were a long time and as of late i’d started to develop a small crush on him, but i mean what girl at East brook high didn’t? But the longer i was around him the harder i started to fall.

The gym doors closed behind him and he leaned against the wall next to me, “What’s wrong Cas?”

“Nothing” i said standing up. i took a step towards the door but my arm was caught and i walk halted backwards to face him. His dark gray eyes shinned down at me, warning me to lie to him again.

Sighing i gave in, “I’m going to miss you guys, i’m going to miss seeing you both everyday.” wow did that sound extrememly stupid out loud.

“I’m not going anywhere Cas. The furthest away i’ll be is the city and i’ll always come back” he said stroking my cheek. My face flared betraying me. I looked down hoping he wouldn’t notice. He didn’t. He pulled me into a hug, his arms were strong and comforting. His body molded itself to mine and i felt protected. I relaxed into him and hoped he was right.

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