Sex, Secrets, Sins and Lies

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The Deal

“You’re going to be ok Cas” his voiced called to me.

I wasn’t, he of all people should know that.
He put me here, this was his fault. The darkness continued to draw me in, I felt safe here, I felt less stressed and less anguish.

A strong hand gripped mine, “I’m so sorry baby” moments later the hand was gone.

“You just couldn’t stay away could you” I knew that voice, Sarah.

“Fuck off” Alec sounded very angry.

Silently I was rooting for him.

“A deal is a deal Alec, you promised me and my parents and now you have to live with it till death do us part” I’d never heard this side of Sarah before.

“Not yet I don’t you manipulative bitch”

She laughed and then a door slammed shut.

“Fuck!” Alec roared, something crashed and the door opened again.

“Is everything ok in here?” A voice asked.

“Yea fine” the door closed.

The sounds of shoes squeaking across the floors became annoying and I itched to yell out and tell them to cut it out.
The door opened again and the squeaking stopped.

“What are you doing here?” Alec asked

“I’m here to see Cassy, move” Brian.

This was not going to end well. I wasn’t ready to come back yet, I was ok listening from the other side but fate had to be difficult. My fingers were the first things to move, my hand felt odd. My arm almost didn’t feel like it was fully attached to my body.
I blinked my eyes open, squinting from the harsh rays of the sun that was currently streaming through the large open window. I tried to rub my eyes but a sharp tug on my arm stopped me from doing so. An IV line was attached to the inside of my elbow.
I felt so tired, I could easily go back to sleep.

I watched the two figures at the door, Alec looked ready to swing at Brian but Brian didn’t look like he was going to back down.

Throat dry and scratchy I managed to get out a whispered , “hey”
A set of blue and gray eyes snapped to me and they both charged forward. Both of them looked like crap, though I doubted I looked any better.

“Cas...oh god baby you scared the shit out of me”

“Cassy your not allowed to do that ever again”

I looked at them both unsure as to what had happened, “water” I croaked.

Both of them practically shoved each other aside as they both ran to get water, Alec came back first handing me a small Dixie cup, I drank greedily and easily gulped down the second cup Brian handed me.

My throat no longer felt like the Sahara desert, I looked around. I wasn’t sure how I’d ended up in the hospital...

I looked at Alec, “what happened?”

“The doctor said you stressed yourself to much” Alec said.

“Speaking of doctor, I’ll go get him” Brian took off out the door.

The room was full of tension, so many things unsaid.

“Cas I am so sorry, I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I love you cas I’d never intentionally hurt you” Alec said grasping my small hand in his.

“What about Sarah?” I said recalling what I’d heard earlier.

“Fuck, I... I don’t know” he muttered looking away ashamed.

“ don’t know?!” He blinked at me seeming surprised I’d raised my voice, “I don’t understand why you won’t break up with her! If you truly loved me you’d leave her!” I knew I was getting loud, at this point I didn’t care.

“It’s not that simple” he argued.

“It was pretty simple for you to do it to me so why can’t you do it to her?!” I yelled. The beeping of the machine beside me began to quicken.

“You think that was easy?!” He roared causing me to flinch back, “it wasn’t! It was absolute hell”
“Then why is it different with her!?”

“Because we have a deal” he screamed just as the doctor walked through the door sending angry looks at Alec and concerned ones at my monitor and me.

“Miss.Joy its good to see your awake, my names Dr.Phillips, I’ll need to check your vitals so if the two of you will exit the room we can begin” Brian who had entered behind the furious doctor slipped back out and Alec reluctantly followed.

Blood work, blood pressure and oxygen levels were checked. Dr.Phillips looked into both of my eyes and asked me a series of questions. He said I was lucky the young man had caught me or I could have hit my head and caused serious damage.
“Everything checks out, I’m going to give you the okay to go home tomorrow, tonight we’ll keep you under close observation to make sure everything is indeed intact fine but I see no cause for you to worry. However I would advise you to either seek counseling or take a few days every now and then to relax, stress is not good on the body and though it is near impossible to live without it you can still try your best to manage it”

I nodded plucking at the covers nervously, I had the white coat syndrome, doctors made me very very nervous.
“Good I’ll check back tomorrow before you go home” he smiled kindly before walking out of the room.

I waited a few for the two guys to come back in but they didn’t. So I turned on the television and ordered room service, I was starving.
By the time the food came the guys still hadn’t shown up.
I was in the middle of taking a bite of scrambled egg when the door opened and Alec strode in, I glanced behind him but nobody was there. Catching my look Alec frowned, “He had to get to work”

“What about you?” I asked swallowing.

“I called off, they’ll manage without me” Alec was a big league business associate, they hired him for the sole purpose of his persuasion skills. If his company wanted to buy another and the other company didn’t want to give up their ownership they sent Alec in to do the dirty work.

I sliced off a piece of sausage and poped it into my mouth.

“Breakfast? It’s past noon” he chuckled eyeing my plate of scrambled eggs, sausage links, toast and orange juice.

“You can eat breakfast at any time of day” I said taking a drink.

He hummed and we both stared at each other. He broke the silence first, “I take it you want to know about the deal?”

“Not at all, keep it to yourself” I shot back sarcastically.

He rolled his eyes before shoving his hands deep into his pockets letting out a large exhale, he leaned back on his feet and rocked forward, “Fine, a year ago my parents business went so far under not even I could pull them out” that was a big deal because Alec made quite a bit “they couldn’t go through a bank because their credit had gotten so bad nobody would take out a loan for them so they did the next best thing, they asked your parents and Sarah’s parents, your parents turned them down flat telling them they couldn’t afford to give out that much cash but Sarah’s parents being the big wealthy people they are gave them a condition, they could have the money but they wanted me to marry Sarah”

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