Sex, Secrets, Sins and Lies

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Shedding Some Light

I looked at him in shock and confusion. It didn’t make sense why would they want Sarah to marry him? What would they gain from it?

“But what would she get out it?” I asked aloud.

He chuckled, “only you would ask that” he sighed then sat himself on the bed next to my legs, “I’m rich cas, when I’m not in this small town I’m in the big city, people know my name I’m a big league I even get paparazzi following me from time to time”

I couldn’t believe it, I had no idea, he’d never said anything about him being rich and famous. I mean I wasn’t blind I knew he had money I just didn’t know he was as loaded as he says he is.
“So your parents debt must have been pretty bad if even you couldn’t pull them out” I said.

He snorted, “they were at the bottom of the Atlantic when they came to me”

“So Sarah wants you for your riches?”

“And fame, Cas there’s a lot you don’t know. Sarah got kicked out of school, she failed everything. She wanted so badly to be a publisher, but she couldn’t cheat her way through it like she did in high school. The classes she took were harder than she thought they’d be. Her parents told me the teacher had caught her cheating on a final exam and then a week later another teacher caught her doing the same. They kicked her out, she can’t go back. That was the same time my parents asked them for money, her parents wanted her to get somewhere in life, it didn’t matter how so long as she rose to the top.” He said taking my hand in his entwining out fingers.

“And Sarah wanted this?” I asked, the Sarah I knew wasn’t like this at all. She was sweet, shy and very smart.

“She begged for it, she loves the lime light. She wants to be my wife for the money and fame.”

How could we all be such horrible best friends?

I leaned back against the bed and stared at my friend, my lover, my heartbreaker. Was he telling the truth? Was he lieing?
Hell who wasn’t lieing these days?

“I-I’m not sure I can believe you” I whispered. The tale he spun sounded like the truth, it sounded real but it couldn’t be.

“Cas please you have to believe me, I love you Cas with all my heart ever since I punched that boy in the face at lunch for picking on you. You’re mine Cas, only mine.”

“Then you’re mine” I shot back already knowing what he was going to say.

“I-I can’t be, I have a deal, I signed a contract. In a few months I’ll have to... I’ll have to marry her. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep continuing on. I can’t give you up, I just can’t”

“I think...I think you just did” my lower lip wobbled and tears filled my eyes. That place in my chest hurt again and I wanted to rip it out, I didn’t like this feeling. Alec looked at me so heartbroken I almost took back what I said but I didn’t “get out” I whispered closing my eyes.
I felt his presence there longer than I’d anticipated then the sound of the door closing had my eyes shooting open and tears spilled over.

My two best friends were soon to be married.

I was in love with one of them

I hated them both at this moment

I hated their parents

I didn’t know what to do anymore besides cry my heart out and it seemed like that’s all I ever did lately.

My parents stopped by shortly after, my mother fussed over me, my father seemed lost in his thoughts even as he hugged me. Brian didn’t come back until later and I told him everything. He stayed quiet and listened as I raved and cried and raved and cried some more. Finally once I was done he left the room and shortly after came back with two tubs of chocolate ice cream.

“Where did you find those?!” I squealed holding my hands out impatiently ignoring the sharp tug I received from the IV line.

He smiled crookedly, “I bribed the food lady down in the kitchens”

“You bribed her?” I practically snatched the spoon from his hand and began to dig in, moaning around the first few bites.

“Wow, it’s like feeding a baby dinosaur, for a moment there I thought my hand was going to be bitten off”

“Sorry” I said around a mouthful of chocolate ice cream.

He looked at me like I was crazy before taking a small bite of his own, “anyways I bribed her with twenty bucks told her I had a depressed friend in need of an ice cream binge”

“I can’t believe she let you have it” I should slow down before I get a brain freeze. I shuddered at the thought, worst pain Ever.

“Um well she didn’t I left the money where the ice cream had been sitting and sort of walked off with it”

My spoon froze halfway from the carton to my mouth, it hovered for a few second before a took the bite, he watched me in amusement “stolen ice cream tastes so much better than regular ice cream”

“It’s not stolen, I totally paid for it!” He said glaring at me.

“Without her permission, if she spots you around she’s going to whoop your butt” I said laughing.

“Ha ha” he said taking another bite.

We sat and enjoyed our stolen ice cream while watching reruns of different shows, Brian passed out first in the chair next to me and I followed shortly after but not before I thanked the stars for sending me such an amazing person and friend.

“Miss. Joy wake up we need to do a check” a voice said as I was being shaken awake.
I did not like being woken up, but honestly who did?

“I’m so tired can we do it later?” I asked rolling onto my side trying to find another comfortable position.

“I’m afraid not, doctors orders” a young female voice said.

I groaned snuggling deeper under the covers.

A male chuckled next to me, “you are not a morning person cassy” I nearly growled in response, “if you want to go home you have to let them do this...I’ll stop for more ice cream”

I blinked my eyes and a pair of bright blue eyes and a sarcastic smirk had me screaming, if it wasn’t for the nurse I would have fallen out of the bed, then I would have killed him.
“You jerk! Why would you get in someone’s face like that?!” I yelled getting myself situationed again.

“Your awake now aren’t you?” He said rolling his eyes. As a mature adult, I stuck my tongue out at him earning a laugh from both him and the nurse.

Another vile of blood was drawn, blood pressure and oxygen level was once again checked after Brian left the room.

“Hey I have to get to work, mom is swamped at the shop I’ll be back later to take you home ok?” He said striding in after the nurse had left.

“Ok” I muttered slightly pouting , I was going to miss the company.

Three hours later I was bored stiff, I got up took a shower with the nurses permission through on the two day old dress. I had no underwear or bra so I was going bare. I sat in the chair looking out the large window of my suite when the door opened and the doctor walked in. I smiled, I was so ready to be released.

“Miss.Joy nice to see you up and about, the nurse tells me everything is looking great and your clear to go home” the best news I’d heard all day.

“Thank you!” I said smiling wider.

“However I do encourage you to see a doctor after this, and I’d like to give congratulations as well” he said his brown eyes blinking at me.

“Your pregnant Miss.Joy, I’d say about four weeks along”

I sunk into the seat behind me.

“Oh shit”

The doctor turned and I peaked around him. Alec stood holding the door open, gray eyes wide.

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