Sex, Secrets, Sins and Lies

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“Sir can you please go wait in the hallway or the waiting room? I need to talk to my patient and it’s confidential” Doctor Phillips said. I was stunned and scared. One of the biggest news of my life had just been told to me, normally if things were different it would have been a happy occasion and yet it wasn’t.

Alec looked half dazed as he nodded and backed out of the room closing the door behind him.
The doctor turned to me and gave me a reassuring smile. I wish I could say it helped but it didn’t.

“I take it this wasn’t a planned pregnancy?” He asked. I shook my head no, my throats felt tight and my mouth didn’t seem to work.

“I know it’s scary and it’s going to take some time to get used to but I think you’ll be just fine. After you leave you’ll need to call your Gynecologist and set up an appointment to see an obstetrician. They can help you set everything up so that you can see and hear your baby and make sure you and your baby are getting all the nutrients you both need” I didn’t even notice him walk out of the room. I sat on the small plush chair staring blankly ahead, my mind kept repeating the same words. I was pregnant. My baby. You and your baby.

My palms began to sweat and I wiped them on my dress.

This was one big mess.

I needed to get home, I wanted out of this hospital.
I was thankful I’d taken a shower and gotten dressed earlier, this made leaving so much easier.
The older brunette nurse who had been over seeing my stay smiled as she walked in,“I have your discharge paperwork and the doctor wanted me to remind you to take it easy, get plenty of rest and make that appointment as soon as possible” she said she seemed like a genuinely nice person.

“Thank you and I will” I smiled softly taking the papers from her.

As I left the hospital I didn’t see Alec.

He knew I was pregnant and he’d probably run for the hills. He’d run right back into Sarah’s outstretched greedy serpent like clutches. And Brian was at work and I obviously didn’t drive myself here so I had to call a cab service to come take me home.

The drive was slow and I actually felt my mood lighten as we drove the small ride through town and into the neighborhood. My house was a one bedroom which meant i would have to move at some point before the baby was born.

Pulling into the driveway I parked and sat in the car sending a quick text message to Brian.

“Hey butthead I was released from the hospital. Got a ride from a cab. Rain check on the ice cream ?I’m exhausted"

He didn’t respond so I assumed his mother had him working extra hard at the shop since they were short staffed. I made a mental note to call her tomorrow as I got out of the car and walked into the house. I didn’t make it far from the door when someone knocked on it.

Groaning I debated whether or not to ignore it. The person knocked again sounding louder and more persistent. Brushing a few brunette locks away from my face I headed Back towards the door and threw it open ready to tell the person standing behind it to please go away.

Those steel gray eyes were dark as they traveled across my figure from head to toe, accessing me. His appearance was disheveled from his wrinkled shirt to his dark hair that stuck out at all angles. He’d obviously been running his fingers threw it. He looked adorable.

Damn it.

“Hey baby girl”

Yep, I was mad at him and yet he spoke and looked so delicious my pussy was practically weeping with joy.

“ I guess come in” I said stepping back and letting him pass. “I kind of figured you ran for the hills”

We stood facing each other, and he took a step forward, his hand came up and he very lightly grazed my stomach with his fingers. He stared at my stomach as if he could see the baby inside.

“Are you really pregnant?” He whispered. I almost couldn’t hear him. I was interested and yet afraid of his reaction.

“Yes, at least that’s what the doctor says. I’ll have to call tomorrow to make an appointment. I mean I still can’t-”

I was cut off when his lips pressed against mine. My heart jumped and my stomach filled with a familiar fluttering, he was the only one I felt this way with. Any past boyfriends never had this affect.

Our lips moved in synch, his were soft and demanding. His tongue scraped my lower lip silently asking to be let in.
Smiling into the kiss I parted my lips and granted him access. He groaned and fucked my mouth mercilessly with his tongue. I never got tired of the taste of him, fresh mint and a today I got a small taste of whiskey.

I pulled away breathlessly, “how much did you drink?”

“Not a lot, hardly any really” he mumbled before slamming his lips back against mine.

The hand that had hovered over my flat stomach skimmed its way to the bottom hem of my dress, he pulled away from the kiss and pulled my dress over my head, I watched it hit the floor before looking back at him.

I wouldn’t let myself think of this as a mistake even after everything was said and done I would not regret this.

His beautiful eyes appraised my body and a satisfied smirk, one that I’d seen all to often, appears on his handsome face. I was completely bare to him.
“Beautiful, absolutely breathtaking” his arm shot out and he grabbed my waist pulling me closer, I was flush against his hard muscular body.

“No fair” I pouted pinching a piece of his shirt between my fingers and tugging, “you can see all of me but I can’t see you”

A satisfied smile plastered itself on my face as I watched him strip, baring his glorious god like body. He was perfect, well portioned in every way. His shirt, pants, socks and shoes hit the carpeted floor and I stood before him drinking him in.

“Better?” He was cocky and he had a right to be. The large tent in his boxers only fueled the fire and my juices were practically dripping from my freshly shaven lips.

“I can practically smell you” he growled closing in on me.

This time I attacked first, wrapping my arms around his neck I slipped my body against his, the tightness of his abs pressed against my stomach and my breasts pressed against his chest.
I was practically purring, I loved his dominance.

He backed me up against living room wall and kissed me hard, moving my mouth against his I heard him hiss in a breath as his hand had skimmed up my naked thigh and he’d put a hand at the juncture between my legs, he cupped my pussy and skimmed his fingers across the wetness.

It only served to turn me on more.

I arched my neck as he trailed his open mouthed kisses down my neck to the valley between my breasts, down my stomach and the cool breeze that blew on my pussy had me moaning. He placed a chaste kiss on my mound, my heart rate picked up as I watched him.

He grabbed my right leg and lifted it over his shoulder settling it there. I felt open and exposed to his greedy sexual gaze.

His hot breath on my pussy was only the beginning, he delved in and devoured me as if I were a five star Dessert. He was skilled, his tongue dipped and twisted scrapping against my sensitive flesh inside and out. My hands tangled in his hair, my back was arched almost painfully and I seeked more of his mouth. My chest was rising and falling rapidly as if I’d run a few miles. I was so close I could feel myself building. My toes curled and he must have felt it to because he pulled away and stood up.

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