Sex, Secrets, Sins and Lies

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My body ,although still realing from the almost finishing act,had slunk against the wall.
There was a new light in his eyes, dangerous, seductive, and loving as he picked me up and carried me through the living room down the hallway and into my room.

My bed was still unmade, the purple comforter was askew half on half off the bed. The sun had set just as I’d gotten home so the room was dark and if Alec hadn’t been with me every light in the house would have been on.

“I love you Cassandra”

I looked up at, I could hardly see him but I knew he meant it.

“I love you to Alec” I kissed his mouth lightly

“Always” he said


He set me on my feet and my body fell forward onto the bed, the sheets were cool against my bare stomach and chest. My nipples hardened even more if possible from the chill.
I felt the warmth of his body against my back, his legs encased mine and his cock rubbed against the swell of my ass almost touching my wet pussy.

I wanted him so bad.

“Please Alec!”

I stared into the darkness, I was dripping as my body was bent over the bed his hand cupped my breast rolling a nipple between his finger tips. Oh god it felt so good. I pushed back into him just as he shoved forward, my slickness providing the perfect lubricant for him to slide inside. His cock stretched my Pussy, a familiar burning sensation flared on the brim on my vaginal lips.

“Oh god” I moaned arching back into him as he thrust forward again.

He impaled me over and over, driving deep bumping my cervix.
Feeling him inside me was one of the best feelings in the world, I craved him. Most times just the thought of him deep within stirred dark dangerous cravings.

I grabbed the sheets, tugging and yanking as the force of his thrusts shook me inside and out.
His breath was warm as it slid over my neck and his teeth grazed my sensitive flesh and bit down. I yelped and bucked back. He chuckled and licked the spot he’d nibbled. His hands found mine tangled in the sheets, he unclenched them and entwined our hands together forcefully holding them down as he rammed into me.

My body was pressed deep into the mattress and I felt his first shudder and i knew he was about to cum.
The tingling feeling arose within me again and I felt the need to release build and build.

“Now” he growled out as I squeezed my Pussy around him. He groaned and his cock pulsed as his seed shot from him into me.

The feeling of being weightless traveled through me and apart of me never wanted to move from this spot again.

He kissed the back of my neck and slowly pulled out.
I was going to be deliciously sore in the morning. I smiled into the dark extremely satisfied with the thought.

We made love and it was amazing.

So much for taking it easy as the doctor had suggested.

It had been worth it.

“Cas” he said gently flipping my body over, it was still dark and I could vaguely make out the outline of his body. Something warm was pressed between my legs and I felt him wiping.

“Thank you” I said as he cleaned me up.

“Your welcome” he said walking back out into the hallway. I crawled up the bed under the sheet and pulled the comforter over my body. I was so happy to be back in my bed and my bed seemed to hug me back.

The bed dipped and Alec slid beneath the covers beside me pulling me back against his chest.
“I’m yours Cas, all yours”

I thought I heard him wrong as I looked over my shoulder at him, still not really seeing him.

“You heard me” he said sensing my disbelief.

“H-how?” Hope and complete happiness burst within at the thought of me being his one and only. I hadn’t let my mind dwell on the thought before seeing as it had been impossible.
“I’m going to do anything and everything to get out of the contract I swear it. You and this baby are mine. I’ve been looking for a way to get out of it since we started this and now that your pregnant this may be the perfect way” his voice was full of confidence, I wanted to feel that way to but I still had lingering doubts that it would work.

“I hope it works” I said snuggling deeper into his chest.

“I do to baby.... I do to”

I woke the next morning expecting to wake up alone and missing the comfort of a warm body but to my complete and utter surprise I woke up in the arms of the love of my life. This being the first time I was ecstatic and instantly felt awake. I almost let out a squeal of happiness but tamped it down as I realized he was still asleep.

I feared moving and I laid there for awhile enjoying the simple things. The sunshine was warm on my face and the birds outside were calling to each other and someone was mowing their lawn all while I lay in the arms of my best friend.

I began to squirm uncomfortably, I tried to hold it off as long as possible and I instantly regretted it as I bolted from the bed and ran to the bathroom almost not making it. I almost moaned aloud at the relief of being able to pee.

“You ok?” His voice was thick and groggy.

“Yea” I called back hoping he’d stay in bed. He didn’t need to see me pee.

“Are you getting sick?” He questioned further sounding more awake.

“No I’m just going to the bathroom”

I heard him get up from the bed and footsteps sounded down the hallway away from the bathroom door. Thankfully.

Finishing my business I walked back to my room slipped on his shirt, a pair of underwear and my pajama shorts and walked into the kitchen.
Two empty pans sat on the unlit stove, the eggs were sitting on the counter along with a gallon of milk, shredded cheese and sausage links. Alec stood in the kitchen, his broad bare back was facing me and his jeans were riding deliciously low on his hips.

“I take it you feel better after relieving yourself?” He said chuckling as he took a small bowl from the shelf and cracked a few eggs. He added some shredded cheese and milk and whisked it together.

I blushed, “yes much”

“Your going to call and make the appointment right?”

“Yes but I doubt they’ll be able to see me right away I’ll probably have to wait a few days” I told him striding up to the counter, leaning back I hopped up and sat and watched the gorgeous male specimen that is mine cook us breakfast.

He moved around the kitchen, his hands easily worked the food, stirring flipping, whisking, he was a natural and I was surprised because I had no idea he was a master chef.
He noticed my surprise and smirked, “what?”

“You seem to know what your doing” I peered into the bowl he held in his hand as he stirred the tan mixture. The mixture moved like silk, there were no bubbles or pieces of unmixed floury substance.

The smell of the sausage links filled the kitchen and my mouth watered.

I could sit here and watch him all day.

“Call the doctor” he said handing me his phone.

“Yes sir” I saluted him and jumped down from the counter earning a disapproving look.
I sat on the couch after I made the call and began looking threw his pictures. He didn’t have many, he didn’t have any of Sarah, he didn’t have any of any other girl, other than a few pictures of myself. Pictures I hadn’t even known he’d taken, a few of me laughing in bed and a few of me sleeping there was also a picture of me from high school.

I returned his phone to him and I couldn’t seem to stop smiling.

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