Sex, Secrets, Sins and Lies

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It Never Is

Alec had left a few hours later, he said he was going to make this right. I’d called the shop and told Mrs Holtz I’d be in first thing tomorrow, she was sweet and pleasant as always.

After checking my phone and seeing all the messages Brian had left I decided to call him.
Unfortunately I sat and listened to it ring and ring and ring until finally going to voicemail.

Sighing I dropped the phone into the couch and began the everyday task of doing laundry.
My life wasn’t glamorous, but Alec’s seemed to be.

Brows furrowed I started the dryer and began throwing in the next set of clothes.
Alec’s life was full of money, chicks and a top of the line business and he made it sound like he went out every other night.

What the hell was a gala? A fancy word for a party?

My life was full of dirty dishes, Saturday dinners with the family and day to day buisness at the shop. I made ends meat and I was ok with that, I liked my simple life style.

Could I handle the day to day craziness of Alec’s life? What if Sarah was right and I couldn’t hack it?

Slamming the lid on the washer shut I picked up the laundry basket and walked out of the small laundry room and into the kitchen.

I was a small town girl who liked the small town life.

But I loved Alec and I’d try anything for him.

With my mind still whirling and grappling to make sense of the situation, I folded the clothes and put them away.
Hair tied in a knot, baggy t shirt on and a pair of sweat pants I started to clean. I couldn’t stop for to long or I’d start to panic, I had to keep myself busy. So for the next two hours that’s what I did, I cleaned the house.

The afternoon flew by and the sun started to set. My body was aching, my feet felt swollen and I was covered in dust and sweat, and I still answered the door when someone knocked on it.
Blowing back a small strand I pulled the door opened and let out a sigh of relief. Dressed in dark jeans, a black pull over hoodie and a bright smile, Brian stood on the front step.

“Hey, so instead of calling you back and playing phone tag I figured I’d come over instead... unless your busy” he said glancing behind me into the empty house.

“No I just finished cleaning” I opened the door wider and stepped back to let him in.

“That would explain the sudden blast of lemon citrus smell I just got” he said chuckling.

“Yea” I followed him into the livingroom and we both took a seat on the sofa.

“Are you doing ok?” He asked reaching out to place his warm hand on my knee. The action didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable, I took it as a caring gesture.

“Yes much better” I cleared my throat and brought my eyes to his “Brian I found something out at the hospital”

“Let me guess” he laughed, his eyes lightened with humor, “your pregnant”

My eyes widened and a coldness overtook my body, how’d he know?

His smile disappeared and the laugh vanished as he took in my reaction, “wait, are you?”

“Um, well yeah” I don’t know why it felt so difficult to tell him or why I suddenly felt guilty. He was my fake fiancé, my friend and co worker.

I shouldn’t feel this way, but I do.

“That stupid fucker knocked you up!” He sprang to his feet sending me a murderous look.

“Hey!” I yelled, this was not the reaction I wanted or thought I’d get.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a harsh breath, “he’s keeping you a secret, he’s engaged to your best friend and he lives a completely different and wild lifestyle and now your pregnant with the bastards baby and you know cass you seem pretty ok with all of this!”

I wasn’t. Was I doing such a good job at pretending I was that both men thought I was ok with it all?

Everything Brian stated were the very same thought topics that ran through my brain every second of the day.

“I’m not ok with it Brian”

His glared intensified and sent shivers down my spine, ” you could have fooled me.”

“Damnit, it wasn’t supposed to be this way!” I cried.

“It never is!” He snapped back.

“I love him!” I screamed suddenly feeling exhausted and worn out. I felt truly and completely done.

“Get out” said a thunderous voice from the front door.

My head whipped around and I instantly shrank back into the couch. Alec stood in the door way, eyes blazing with unabashed fury, his hands were clenched tight, his jaw was clenched and he looked ready to commit murder.

“Your one slick son of a bitch, you get the rich up tight whore and on the side a sweet sample of a small town girl who’ll love you no matter what” Brian sneered walking towards the door that Alec currently occupied. I’d never seen this side of Brian, hatred and anger rolled into a giant ball of mass destruction.

“You know nothing.” Alec had the audacity to smirk, “however I had a rather enlightening run in today at your so called rich uptight whores house”

Brian’s face faltered and he seemed to freeze.

What the hell was going on?

“You know if your going to accuse someone of playing someone else you should probably make sure your hands are clean before you go around pointing your dirty fingers at other people you hypocritical bastard” Alec and Brian now stood toe to toe.

“Alec, Brian” both stood stock still staring at each other, not once glancing my way.

“What the hell is going on!?” I shouted standing up from the couch.

Alec smirked and Brian paled.

Secrets. More and more secrets. How could so many of us have so many secrets that involved one another?

“I think your lying, trying to weasel your way out of telling her that your relationship to Sarah is final” Brian said seeming to pick himself back up.

Alec didn’t falter, his cockiness stayed in play and he didn’t look away.

“You tell her what I saw or I will, either way by the end of the day she’ll know” Alec said leaning against the door frame.

The front door was still wide open, not only letting bugs in but letting the neighbors listen to every word being said and getting their daily gossiping in.

“Your a piece of work” Brian sneered before barging past Alec.

I stood in the living room confused. Alec closed to door and walked towards me, he cupped my face in his warm hands and brought his lips to mine. My body ignited and warmed and my toes curled.
Backing away I gave him a stern look, he had to keep his distance, I wanted to know what was going on.

He chuckled staying where he was, “you wanna know?”

“Yes” I said exasperated.

“I went over to Sarah’s today to speak to her parents with my lawyer in tow and not only did we find Sarah but we found Brian”

I gazed at him quizzically, completely dumbfounded.

“They were fucking like rabbits on her kitchen counter”

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