Sex, Secrets, Sins and Lies

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Secrets Unfold Part One

My parents driveway was yet to be filled, all that sat there were my parents two cars. So finding a place to park was easy. Alec insisted we arrive together, I didn’t think that was such a good idea but he wouldn’t listen. So here we are pulling up to my parents house in his red sporty car, my stomach was in knots, I’d been getting sick all day. My yellow spaghetti strap sundress and jean jacket was the only thing going for me at the moment. my hair was up in a sloppy bun with tendrils of hair escaping and I had bags under my eyes and I was sure I looked like death with only a small amount of eye liner on.

“You look beautiful cass” Alec said eyeing me as I peered at myself in the small mirror.

“Yea right” I muttered, the longer I stared at myself the more I loathed myself. Slamming the visor closed I unbuckled and slid out of the car. Alec got out and walked around the car. I backed into the car as he came closer. His arms caged me in and he leaned in, his lips brushing ever so softly against mine. Sparks flew and my stomach turned.

“Your beautiful Cassandra Joy” he whispered against my lips pressing me harder against the car, “And you’re all mine”

I groaned as our lips smashed together, his tongue plunged into my mouth. His sweet exotic taste was almost more than I could bare.

“If this wasn’t your parents house, i’d take you right against my car” he said grunted pulling back sounding a little winded. He ran a hand through his hair looking away and then looking back at me.

I bit my lip and blushed, if this wasn’t my parents house i’d probably let him take me against his car.

“Lets go before I make it happen” he growled out storming away.

smiling to myself I walked behind him to the front door and knocked.

the door swung open and both of my parents faces fell slightly as they looked from me to Alec.

“Where’s Brian?” My mother asked looking not so subtatly behind us.

“He’s not coming mother”

I didn’t give her a chance to respond, i pushed past them and stepped into the front room. The nicely decorated house sometimes made me cringe. It held both good and bad memories here.

“Alec always a pleasure” my father said shaking his hand.

“Everyone should be arriving shortly” my mother said absently playing with her pearl necklace, “You know when i called them both to invite them over Alecs family seemed very hesitant and Sarah’s seemed almost insulted that i’d invited them”

Shit. This is not going to go over well.

i simply shrugged my shoulders.

“Oh look dear, both families have arrived” My father said looking out the front door. My mother paced over to the front door and smiled widely, her smiled dropped slightly when she noticed everyones sour mood.

Alec walked over and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, “It’ll be fine”

“Sure” i muttered watching the front door open. My parents stepped back and Alec and i both watched as the two other families stepped through the door and into the front room. My parents stood in obvious shock as Mrs. Bockman strode towards me, her face set in a deep angry expression with her palm open. Her intent was obvious. So obvious that my dad, my mother and Alec stepped forward to stop the hard swing she through at me.

I squeezed my eyes shut real tight and waited for the stinging pain.

Nothing came.

Tentativly i opened my eyes and was just as surprised as everyone else. Mrs. Shade had Mrs. Bockmans wrist in a tight grip, her eyes were murderous.

“You will not lay a hand on this girl” Mrs. Shade snapped.

“This whoring home wrecker took my daughters future husband! i have a right to-” Mrs. Bockmans loud shrill shouting was quickly cut off followed by a loud stinging slap. My mother stood in front of her now, holding her own now red hand.

“If you ever say such vile disgusting things about my daughter again i will do more than slap you” my mother said. Everyone stood in shock, my father didn’t seem to understand the situation however my mother must have quickly caught on. Sarah stood beside her surprised father, she glared at me probably silently praying for me to burn in hell.

Alecs father came to stand beside his wife and took her into his arms.

“Now would somebody like to explain what the hell is going on here?” my mother shouted still holding her red palm.

“Mom let me get you some ice” i said making a move to stand.

“No honey, sit down, i’ll get it.” my father said looking at his wife in wonder. with that he left the room. I wish I could have followed him.

“Your daughter has been sleeping around with Alec behind Sarahs back!” Mrs. Bockman screamed. The side of her face was still red and i silently hoped it hurt like hell.

My mother turned towards me, her eyes went from Alecs arm wrapped once again around my shoulders to my hand on his thigh. Her eyes warmed and her eyes that were so similar to mine looked at me in understanding and reassurance. That was something i’d longed to see and hadn’t thought i would.

“Cassandra is this true? Have you and Alec been having an affair?” my mother questioned.


Even though the entire room knew about it, gasps from almost everyone was still heard.

“Why Cassy?” my mother once again questioned me.

“Because i love him” Saying it aloud in front of all the parents, it made it seem like such a stupid childish reason to cause such a giant ordeal.

“And i love Cas” Alec said, causing Sarah and her family to spill out a series of curses. i looked up at my mother, she smiled at us both softly as she stroked her chin thoughtfully. She didn’t seem the least bit surprised. Which in turn surprised me. Why wasn’t she as surprised as everyone else?

“Alec if you loved Cassandra then why were you in a serious relationship with Sarah? Why couldn’t you just end it?” my mother was becoming a detective and a damn good one. All she needed was a trench coat, a pipe and a notebook.

Mr. and Mrs. Bockman shifted on their feet as did Mr. and Mrs. Shade. The rooms atmosphere quickly shifted from angry and hostile to akward and something i couldn’t quite put my finger on.

My father came back in and placed a small blue ice pack on my mothers hand.

“Don’t i get one?” Mrs. Bockman asked pointing to her red cheek and glaring at my mother.


i was shocked. i let out a loud laugh and quickly choked it back as all heads turned towards me. Score one for my father.

“So is anyone going to answer?” my mother pushed eyeing the two families who stood glaring at eachother.

Alec stepped forward stuffing his hands into the front of his jeans, “My parents went into a very bad debt. Not even i could pull them out of it. They asked both you and Sarahs parents for money. You turned them down so when Sarahs parents offered them a deal, they simply couldn’t refuse and at the time, Cassandra and i weren’t a thing. So i agreed to go along with it”

My mother looked from Me to Alec to the families, “Along with what?”

“I had to marry Sarah”

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