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Secrets Unfold Part Two

The room became deathly quiet. Nobody made a move or a sound. We all watched as my mother took in what Alec had told her. I knew how she felt. The deal that was made was unbelieavable, something like that just didn’t happen anymore. Atleast it wasn’t supposed to. Everyone should be allowed to marry who they want, instead a debt was traded for the marriage.

“And you agreed to this?” my mother turned to Alec and planted her hands on her hips.

“Yes, there business was so far under i had to do something!”

Both of my parents shook their heads, my mother was the first to turn to the Bockmans, her irritated disgusted gaze traveled across each of them, ” I can not believe this!”

“I know!” Mrs. Bockman said her eyes once again blazing with renowned fury, “He was supposed to marry our daughter! Now do you see where the justification in my actions towards your daughter were?!”

i cringed and slunk further into the seat.

My mother let out a humerless laugh, Mrs. Bockman eyed her warily, “What i can’t believe is that you would be such a slime and to sink so low and trap a poor young man into a marriage he didn’t want for your own gain! Alec has been doing very well for himself and it’s no wonder as to why marriage was proposed! You and your family sicken me, how we associated ourselves with you is beyond me”

Everyone besides Mrs. Bockman stared at my mother wide eyed. She was never like this. My mother was the sweet woman who never raised her voice and not only had she slapped Mrs. Bockman but she’d scolded and shamed her.

“Why you old bitch!” Mrs. Bockman screamed. The family that stood in our front room was unrecongnizable to me, Sarah my once best friend was a manipulative gold digging attention whore and her mother who i once saw as a second mother was an old manipulative she devil.

“Get out of my house!” My mother screamed pointing at the door.

Sarah sprung from her seat and stepped towards my mother. This time it was my turn to protect my family. Sarahs hand almost slid across my mothers face, i caught her wrist just in time and pushed her away. She stumbled a second her expensive black heels before glaring at me and stomping towards me. Pregnant or not i was ready to do damage.

Alec stepped in halting her progress, she smirked and rocked back on her heel crossing her arms across her chest, “Oh that’s right, i can’t touch you... and why is that again?” she tapped her newly manicured hot pink nails on her chin, “oh yea your knocked up”

My parents stared at me in complete shock.

“Atleast I’m not spreading my legs for every man in town” i snapped back.

“No you just spread them for your best friend who was soon to be married”

It was a low blow and i could honestly say it did some emotional damage, not that i was going ot let her see that.

“Sarah stop being a bitch, you couldn’t keep your legs closed. The deal was broken, you and your family need to get over it” Alec spat pulling me farther away from her.

“Once again get out of my house” my mother gritted between her teeth. My father stepped forward ushering the Bockman family out but not before Sarah had a final say.

“You won’t make it. Your to small town girl for his big city life” she chuckled following her parents out of the door.

I knew better than to let her words get to me. But they sure hit home.

“Don’t listen to her Cas, she’s just jealous” Alec said kissing the side of my head. i snuggled into his embrace unware of the pairs of eyes on us.

My father cleared his throat and took a seat in his favorite chair, “So” he said trailing off. We all laughed and took a seat.

“You know if you would have just told us what you needed the money for we could have worked something out” my mother said taking a seat next to Alecs mother and patting her leg. Mrs. Shade smiled sadly and her husband wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

“So your pregnant?”

I looked over at my father and felt the rise of tears behind my eyes.
“Yes” I watched carefully as my mother and father took in the news. Mr and Mrs shade didn’t bat an eye, though they did look pleasantly pleased

“We wish you were married” my mother said, as a hot flash of fear and humiliation washed over me “but I’m glad that you’ve found someone you love and who loves you, that’s all me and your father could have ever hoped for”

I looked over at Alec and couldn’t help but smile at him as he smiled broadly.

At once Everyone was talking, the grandparents to be seemed to be excited. The love of my life had a wide smile that seemed to brighten the room, his gray eyes weren’t storming or filled with hidden emotion, they were light and carefree, they were full of love. My heart expanded and hope blossomed in my chest as I stared at my best friend. We’d made mistakes, told lies and made secrets and yet we’d still managed to find love in the most unexpected person and in the most unexpected way. I wouldn’t go back and change a thing.

“Cass are you ok?”

I blushed and peeked up at Alec, ” sorry I sort of spaced out” i glanced around the now quiet room, “where do everyone go?” I asked staring at the empty seats.

“Your mother went to go check on the dinner and your dad escorted my parents into the dining room”

I really had to stop spacing out, “Alec”


“Would you change anything about us?”

He stared at me puzzled before interlacing out hands, bringing them to his lips he kissed the knuckles of my fingers gently, delicately.

“Only that we’d ventured from the friend zone sooner”

We laughed and he helped me stand up from the couch.
I pressed my body against his inhaling his scent, looking up into his eyes I wrapped my arms around his neck and brushed my lips across his in a small butterfly kiss.

“I do to”

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