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Blood Hounds

I let out a shaky breath, my hand was placed firmly on my still flat stomach and I lifted my eyes up to watch the small digital screen count up. Each red number making the journey to his apartment harder.

I bounced lightly on my toes, the sharp point of my black strappy heels lightly thumping against the rich carpeted gray floor of the elevator.

I wrung my hands together and ran a finger beneath my eye hoping my makeup hadn’t smeared.

Tonight was Alec’s big night. He’d pulled in a large corporate sale that he’d said his partners had viewed as impossible. But he’d done it. There was no stopping Alec when he wanted something.

I let out a nervous laugh.

If that isn’t the truth I’m not sure what is.

I still couldn’t believe we were an actual couple, after everything we’d gone through. Tomorrow was exactly a week since we’d told my parents about the deal, about the affair and about the baby.

Smiling softly I continued to hold my stomach. It was such an odd thing, being pregnant. At first nothing really changes, you feel the same, you look the same but then one day everything just gets twisted into a giant tornado and you land in a different world. I hadn’t gotten to that point yet, but I’ve read both good and bad stories.

The silk of the long gown I wore was soft, and was a rich green. Normally I’d say green wasn’t my color, but today it definitely was.

Alec had spent the night last night and when I woke up this morning he was gone, in his place laid out across the bed was this magnificent looking dress. It was simple and elegant. The neck line was low and curved, the straps were thin and slightly bunched and the bottom flared out into a mermaids design. Even I had to admit it hugged my frame rather nicely. The heels were my own, thank heavens because I hate shoe shopping.

My mother surprised me and treated me to a salon day. The stylist had upswept my long chestnut hair, added loose curls, two small braids and left a few tendrils of hair to frame my face and around the masterpiece that was now my hair. To bad it wouldn’t last for the week. Tomorrow I’d be looking like the troll that lived under the bridge.

The elevator dinged and the silver doors slid open. Soft elegant music drifted into the elevator as I stood there wide eyed. I’d never been to any formal event, ok well except for prom. But this was something entirely different.

People in fancy suits, cocktail dresses and gowns stood about the room chatting in small to large circles.

The dark wooden floors were shiny and looked freshly polished. I cringed as I stepped off the elevator and heard the first click clack of my heels.

I really hope these don’t scratch his nice floor

I couldn’t help but stare at the vast wide open mansion my boyfriend called an apartment.

The elevator entered right into the living which was lavish with royal red high seated chairs and Victorian style couches. A large red decorated rug was spread out in the middle squaring off the area.

I eyed the fireplace, how in the hell did he get a brick fireplace in here? Never the less here it sat next to one of the couches.

No one noticed me, I was invisible. I walk on the outskirts of the crowds, taking in the place around me. Never in a million years had I pictured him to live in a place like this.

When Alec had said he was rich I assumed his place would look completely modernized but I was so wrong. Everything was hard dark wood. The floors. The walls. Even the winding stare well that led to the second floor.
I loved it. I honestly thought I would hate it, but I love it. It’s a style you don’t see often, it’s a style I’d always loved.

I walked around a bit, my eyes continuing to search for Alec.

Tonight we were officially going public, at least in his world.

Back home, thirty miles south, the entire small town of EastBrook knew about our relationship including all the drama that had come along with it.

That’s when I felt him. My skin prickled with awareness and a flush feel across my face.
A strong arm settled itself around my waist, the smell of his cologne and the firm grasp of his grip giving him away. My body melted into his side, knowing it’s companion.

“You look radiant Cas” his lips brushed softly against the tip of my ear and I couldn’t hold back the small shiver that had my shoulders doing a small twitch.

I turned my head, my eyes connecting with his. He looked like he belonged here, as if dealing with these high class sophisticated people is what he’d been doing since birth instead of being stuck in a small town where people filled their truck beds with water to create a small pool.

His black and white suit was neatly pressed, the expensive looking watch on his wrist flashed when he moved his hand and his shoes looked freshly polished. He looked like he belonged, because he did.

I wasn’t so sure about myself yet.

The moment his arm came around my waist, people turned and stared.

Their scrutinizing gazes fell across me from head to toe. It was obvious they weren’t sure what to think of me.

“Thank you. You look amazing” I said and without thinking I leaned closer and planted a small kiss on his cheek.

That was all it took for the blood hounds to begin the chase.

A large group, a mixture of men and women formed around us. Alec smiled widely and he began explaining who I was.

I’ve never seen Alec work a room, I’ve heard him tell a few boring stories but seeing it in person is entirely different. He seemed to glow and become more attractive under the attention. Even as he told the blood hounds I was his girlfriend, that didn’t seem to stop a few woman from edging closer to him, even while I was standing here.

The back of my neck began to sweat, my mouth felt dry and everyone around me seemed to be closing in. This was not good. My stomach turned and twisted and I fought back the bile that threatened to rise. I couldn’t do this to him. I refused to have a panic attack at his party and embarrass him.

I leaned farther into him and he leaned back offering a silent support.

“So you’re his new flavor of the month huh?”

My eyes cut away from the men Alec was address and I turned still holding onto my anchor and faced the woman whose voice those words belonged to.

Bright blonde hair and dull blue eyes greeted me. Her small purple lace cocktail dress was plastered to her curvy form and her long tan legs were delicately placed in white pumps. She was breath taking with natural beauty and instantly I knew I paled in comparison.

“I’m not a flavor. I’m his girlfriend” I said finding my voice, I hated how it wavered.

She smirked, I could tell by the sharp look in her eye she knew I was weak, ” for now until he has a craving for someone sweeter” she stated bluntly.

Alec seemed to be oblivious to our conversation and truth be told I tuned out his a long time ago.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Trish Greene” she stated, her eyes roamed my form just as everyone else had been doing.
Agitation and jealousy sparked within as her eyes shamelessly roamed Alec’s form.

Gritting my teeth I forced a smile, “were you a flavor?”

She giggled leaning back on her heels, “No, I’m the flavor. When Alec gets tired of women like you he always comes back to me. We’ve been doing this for almost three years. I’ll be the one he keeps around. You’ll be the one that gets thrown away just like every other one of his toys”

I froze.

She twiddled her fingers in a goodbye smiling sickly sweet before sawshaying her way around the people towards the elevator.

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