Sex, Secrets, Sins and Lies

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The Start of Something New

What a incompetent jerk! He’d stood me up again! That’s the second time in the last month he’d done something like that and then had the nerve to say i was the problem. What a joke.

I sat at the small bar in the Shades basement. The family dinner was still carrying on as if i wasn’t there, which i was perfectly fine with. My boyfriend of five months had broken up with me. My two bestfriends were celebrating their two week anniversary, and i was infatuated with one of them. How messed up is that? And to top it all off my mother wouldn’t stop bothering me about finding someone to settle down with. I tipped the wine bottle back with a small salute to my mother on finding the right guy and took a few big gulps.

“The first thing to do is admit you have a problem” came a voice from behind me. I choked on a big gulp of wine and it spewed from my mouth onto my pink lace dress and began to filter out of my nose onto the carpeted floor. Alecs throaty booming laughter had me ready to smack him over the head with the bottle.

“Seriously?!” i screeched grabbing a napking and wiping my face. I could feel the wine seep through my dress and onto my thighs. Just great.

“Sorry Cas, it was to great of a chance to pass up” he said still laughing. The idiot simply stood there watching as i tried to clean up the mess. Fuck, and i just stained his mothers nice carpted floor.

With his hands in his jean pockets, his red sweater broadcasted his muscular chest and arm. He looked good enough to eat and it only gave a green light to all the dirty thoughts i’d been holding back for years. Do not moan aloud, i told myself for the billionith time.

“Next time try to refrain” i stood up from the seat and once again glanced down at my dress. “shit, it’s completely ruined” i muttered aloud.

“Take it off” Alec said. My head snapped up and my thighs tigtneed togehther.

“What?” i was sure i didn’t hear him right.

“I’ll get you a towel and then i’ll go find one of my mothers old dresses for you or something” he said simply seeming unfazed with the idea of me being almost bare to his gaze. The room was half light by the small bar light so it was difficult to fully read what he was thinking but there was no way he saw me the way i saw him.

“Ok fine but hurry” i turned my back expecting him to walk away and go fetch a towel.

Muttering to myself and praying nobody else came down stairs looking for us i pulled at the end of my dress and swifly pulled it over my head. i cringed away as the wet frabic came close to my face and hair. i tried to fold the dress neatly and i set it aside on top of the bar.

a swift intake of breath a muttered curse was cast through the room and i spun on my heel and froze. Alec stood stiffly a few feet from me, his eyes traveled up my legs to the juncture between my thighs to my black lacey underwear, up my flat stomach to my bare chest. I hadn’t put on a bra, the dress wouldn’t allow one. A scorching heat seemed to fill the basement despite the small chill to the room and i noticed i wasn’t the only one panting slightly. My breasts felt fuller and my nipples hardened into peaks begging for his kiss. A dampness between my legs had me biting my lip and hoping like hell he would bring me a towel so we could get this embarrassing moment over with.

“Beautiful” he said stepping closer. The heat of his body had me drawing closer to him, like a moth to a flame.

“What?” i couldn’t believe my ears. My stomach flipped and hope surged through me.

His arm reached out and he cupped one side of my face, his thumb stroked my cheek softly creating a swift fire in its trail. “you’re beautiful Cas”

His head lowered and for a moment, one swift moment i knew i should pull away. That i shouldn’t be doing this especially with my best friend who is in a relationship with my other best friend. But that moment his lips touched mine and a surge of electricity sparked i also knew i couldn’t go back.

I pressed my mouth harder against his, tasteing him. He tasted devine, exotic. My mouth opened under the hard surge of his mouth and his tongue swept in clashing with mine. He moaned deep in the back of his throat and i felt us moving backwards until my back hit the small kitchen table that was across from the bar. The need to feel him, skin against skin was maddening. I needed this. I’d been wanting this for so long, i’d suppressed it for to long.

The urgency of the kiss was intensified and he seemed to read my thoughts as he drew his shirt over his head and kicked his pants off. In one swift motion i was picked up and my back hit the table, my legs spread automatically and he filled it. His bare body was pressed against mine, i could feel him between my legs, hard and thick.

“I’ve waited so long Cas” He said on a breath and for a moment i thought i’d misheard him.


“I’ve craved you for a long time Cassandra and now i mean to have you” he said kneeling. I stared at the ceiling, my mind was completely useless. The first touch of his lips against my ankle almost had me jerking off of the table.

Slowly he kissed his way up my leg, soft as a rose petal his lips brushed against my sensitive skin. When he came to my inner thighs he began to bite softly, nibbling and sucking his way towards my aching mound.

I prayed nobody came downstairs. This thrill of the possibility of being caught was exciting though.

He pulled my underwear down my legs and tossed them somewhere in the room. My hands immediately went to the top of his head as he landed his first kiss against my lips. Then his tongue swiped across the sensitive folds and he began his drawn out torture. The feel of him between my legs, licking and sucking was nearly my undoing. My hands tangled farther into his hair and he pulled back just as i tried to pull him harder against me. I was so close!

His body moved aboved mine and a satisfied sultry grin was spread across his face, “You taste exquisite Cas”

“You’re playing unfair” i let out a ragged breath. He laughed, the sound was rich and filled with happiness.

“You can’t finish without me” he said playfully. He ducked his head down capturing a taut peak between his lips. He rolled one between his teeth while his hand came up and pinched the other. The feeling sped straight to my pussy, juices flowed even more and i was almost embarrassed that i was practically leaking.

“Alec please” i gripped his shoulders drawing him upwards. His cock was erect, long and hard, it slid against my lips, teasing me.

“Say your mine Cas” he said dipping his head between my shoulder and neck, bitting and sucking.

I bit my lip hard to keep the loud house shaking moan from spilling out. Everyone was going to hear us and it was going to be all my fault.

His tongue swiped across the flesh that connected my neck and shoulder and i shivered, it felt like small sweeps of electricity, Nothing had ever felt like this before.

“Say it Cassandra”

“I’m yours Alec”

i lost my breath as he entered in one swift motion, the large width of his cock stretched me, filled me to the brink. My nails dug into his back and i wanted to let out a sound, any sound, so badly. This is what i had been waiting for. This felt right. i felt complete.

I love you Alec

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